Sunday, 26 January 2020

VIDEO: How Driving on New Zagreb Roundabout Looks as of Today

The Zagreb roundabout (Remetinec roundabout) has been a major issue in the City of Zagreb for a while now. After being closed to the public for thirteen long months, the finishing touches to the lighting and electricity are complete and the roundabout is finally now open for traffic.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 26th of January, 2020, on Sunday morning, traffic was allowed to enter and drive on the finally reconstructed Zagreb roundabout, as well as along the tunnel underpasses and along all of the access routes from Remetinec road (Remetinečka cesta), Dubrovnik Avenue (Avenija Dubrovnik) and Adriatic Avenue (Jadranska Avenija) as well as the Adriatic Bridge (Jadranski most), and by early May this year, there will be new tram lines, walking and cycling routes.

The head of Zagreb's city transport office, Dinko Bilic, stated that the implementation of the Zagreb roundabout project had to be defined through two usable units, which had to be divided into parts of the construction that required a temporary thoroughfare and works that could be performed only after the temporary thoroughfare had been removed.

"On the basis of such distribution, an amendment to the main design was made in which it was determined that approximately 95 percent of the works would be performed before the removal of the temporary thoroughfare, and that the works to be performed in the positions of the temporary thoroughfare would be performed after the commissioning of that unit and after the demolition of the temporary roads,'' explained Bilic.

Therefore, today saw the very first operational unit put into service this morning, which includes roads whicn run along the reconstructed Zagreb roundabout, the tunnel underpasses and all access road routes from the aforementioned directions.

The completion of the second unit is planned by the beginning of May this year, the city transport office announced.

Watch the video of a drive along the newly reconstructed Zagreb roundabout by Matija Habljak below:

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Saturday, 18 January 2020

Zagreb Roundabout Complete, New Tram Lines on Horizon?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 18th of January, 2020, the Zagreb roundabout (Remetinec roundabout) is now complete and the last little bits of work on the lighting are now coming to an end, the final opening is expected, and when things are already ''stuck'' in good shape, why not continue working immediately to the west of the large Zagreb roundabout?

That's the idea of the councilors of the City District of Novi Zagreb - West, who sent the City of Zagreb an initiative for a new tram line to Lanište and Blato.

"So far, the priority in the area of ​​our neighbourhood has been a new roundabout that will solve the problem of traffic jams in that part of the city, but more residential buildings are planned to be built in Lanište, which will increase the number of cars going on the Zagreb roundabout. A tram is a much more efficient solution,'' says Jadranko Baturić, adding that the tram line would run 150 to 200 metres from Arena Zagreb, which would relieve traffic during concerts and would also benefit residents of Brezovica, Ježdovac, Hrvatski Leskovac, Botinac and Odra, whose residents could leave their cars at the starting station and travel further to their destinations with the use of public transport, Vecernji list reports.

"The city district is ready to participate in the works, and given that a tram line is the most environmentally friendly solution, I'm sure we could get money from the European Union, which co-finances 80 percent of projects which are having an environmental impact," says Baturić, adding that he will also discuss the initiative with Mayor Milan Bandić, who, he points out, will surely speed up the whole procedure as he will recognise it as a big plus for the capital city.

"Novi Zagreb - West is the fastest growing quarter in terms of population, our numbers have increased by 40 percent in the past ten years, there are currently 79,000 of us," Baturić says.

The new tram line, which should be between five and six kilometres long, is also important for the future Blato Hospital, and would also raise property prices.

"In any case, we sent a letter to the City of Zagreb and we were told that the project was being prepared. It may be that they're waiting for the start of the construction of residential buildings and the completion of work on the hospital to start the tram line, but it must be done before," Baturić says.

However, the conceptual design and implementation of the project documentation and the construction of the tram line extension to Lanište, according to the head of the Office for Construction Dinko Bilić, can only come about when the exact position of the tram turning point in the Blato area is defined.

"This solution will create the preconditions for the extension of the tram network along Jadranska avenija (Adriatic avenue) to Lanište, and a good connection of the western urban areas with the southern bank of the Sava river is planned with another line to the future turning point in Blato, ie, via the extended Vrapčanska, Jarun bridge and the future Vatikanska street,'' concluded Bilić.

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