Saturday, 1 May 2021

The Story of Lady, Who Still Waits for Her Friend in Vodnjan

May 1, 2021 - Everyone knows the story of Hachiko, the dog who waited years for its deceased owner. But the story of Lady, from Vodnjan, is just as sweet and heartbreaking.

When we talk about dogs, the first thing that comes to mind is their unmatched loyalty. It is well known that dogs do not take long to show their affection to younger children or that they are often inseparable from their owners. Stories like those of Hachiko, the famous Japanese dog who, even after the death of her owner, never lost faith to one day meet him again.

Another that would prove that dogs indeed love forever, is the story of Lady, from Vodnjan.

As reports, Lady is a 16-year-old dog who immediately fell in love with all of her family when she arrived in their lives. However, as said by Marijan Kancijanić, her real love story happened when she was five.

That great love was with her neighbor, Salko. Why? No one knows, but the two of them loved each other endlessly. His house was about 80 meters away from hers, in a parallel street. Close enough to go to him every day. The world has never seen such love.


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''She followed him to the garden and the store every morning for an hour or two. They had their own timing. If she didn't show up one day, because she would be with us in the olive groves, he would definitely come that evening or the next morning to ask if she was okay. Also, when she came home with us, she would walk away for at least a minute to see him or at least sniff in front of Salko's house. I don't know exactly why, I guess to see if he is well, because he was a kidney patient'', says Marijan.

She was once trapped under the wheels of a car, so she was not there for a couple of days because she was recovering at home. Salko came to visit. He was crying, worried about the little one, and her tail would start working like crazy when she saw him. Sure, everything hurt, but when she saw him, everything was a little better.

''It didn't take long. About a year and a half after they connected, Salko passed away. As he left, part of her spirit disappeared with him. That was a full four years ago. From then until today, every morning and afternoon, Lady is constantly waiting in front of Salko's door'', explains Marijan.

And so, today, every day, regardless of rain, sun, or snow, Lady goes to Salko's house two or three times a day, at a time known only to her, depending on the season. She lays down on the sidewalk, her head facing the entrance, her sad gaze fixed on the door: waiting for him to appear. It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t appeared in four years, time is a human invention anyway and means nothing to dogs.

She understands that the sun has risen and set many times since her friend is gone, but she knows he will return. One day, Lady will come to the door and he will open it for her, hug her, give her a nice biscuit, and then the two of them, together, will slowly walk to the store, through their favorite streets, talking. Salko will tell her what is bothering him, and she will understand him in her canine way. And it will be as it used to be. One man and one dog, for a time beyond human comprehension, the discovery of two kindred spirits in this vast universe.

''I know she hopes to see at least one more time the man who took her everywhere with him, shared meals with her, talked to her... The late Salko entrusted his wife to take care of Lady for life. On his deathbed, he asked: "Is Lady coming?". Several times, when we would meet on my doorstep, he liked to hear the verses of Dino Dvornik's song from the Ballad of Shark: "Because a man is a man, and a dog is a dog, it's worth it for everyone, but not for us...", concludes Marijan.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Petition Against Chaining Dogs Signed by More Than 40,000 People

ZAGREB, 9 March, 2021 - The Friends of Animals association said on Tuesday that its petition, launched to ban chaining dogs, had so far been signed by more than 40,000 people and that its initiative had also been supported by associations of veterinarians. 

The NGO said that it had sent a letter to the government calling on it to urgently amend the Animal Welfare Act and that it expected a positive response.

It said that its initiative had been supported by the most important veterinarian associations, including the Croatian Veterinary Chamber.

In a letter of support for the campaign, Croatian Veterinary Chamber head Ivan Zemljak says the campaign will contribute to raising the standards of animal protection and welfare in Croatia.

Veterinarian Tatjana Zajec has said that dogs are social animals so their long-term confinement or chaining can cause serious damage to their physical or psychological well-being.

Dogs that are chained lack sufficient play and activity, are not taught to happily co-exist with other animals and humans and are therefore frequently dangerous for everyone around them, veterinarians warn.

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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Big Fines Await Croatian Dog Owners Who Fail to Microchip Pets

March the 4th, 2021 - Whether a dog does a disappearing act accidentally or is horribly dumped, Croatian dog owners could face considerable fines if they neglect to have microchips implanted into their furry friends.

In addition to mandatory vaccinations and the like, Croatian dog owners must now absolutely microchip their four-legged pals if they want to remain on the right side of the law and avoid fines of up to 6000 kuna. 

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, a petition was recently launched to finally making keeping dogs (and indeed cats, although the former is more commonplace) tied up on properties by chains, ropes or leashes. Now the emphasis is being placed on Croatian dog owners and the need for microchipping.

A dog which has decided to scamper off too far following the trail of a cat or a squirrel and become lost, or indeed a dog who has been cruelly abandoned by uncaring humans can be more easily dealt with, as can their owners in the latter case, if they are properly microchipped. The animal can have its chip read at the nearest veterinary clinic, making it easier to return the dog home or indeed make a case against a negligent owner more solid.

Here in Zagreb, the Department for the Supervision of the Keeping and Treatment of Animals of the Communal Police is in charge of supervising the chipping of local dogs. The fines for non-compliance with this rule for Croatian dog owners range from 2,000 to as much as 6,000 kuna, and for legal entities those figures climb much higher, ranging from between 10,000 to a massive 30,000 kuna.

¨It is reasonable to expect that by increasing the number of microchipped dogs, less of them will end up abandoned, so this is a useful measure. By avoiding this, the consequences and costs of irresponsible dog ownership are borne by the community. Every veterinarian knows that after receiving a dog that was found somewhere, they must first check the identity of the animal before beginning any sort of procedure,¨ Lea Kreszinger, president of the Department of Veterinary Practice in Croatia, pointed out for Vecernji list.

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