Friday, 17 June 2022

Discus Queen Sandra Perković Wins Diamond League Oslo!

June 17, 2022 - Two-time Olympic winner and Croatian discus throw record holder Sandra Perković won the Diamond League Oslo, throwing 66.82 meters! 

Sandra said after the rally in Eugene twenty days ago that she knew how good she was and how much she was worth, and that she hoped that would be seen in the next competitions. And we all saw it - Sandra Perković came to her 45th career victory in the Diamond League Oslo, leaving behind Olympic winner Valarie Allman for the first time this season, reports Sportske Novosti

After heavy rain at the Bislett Stadium, the best Croatian athlete threw 66.82 meters, which was unattainable for all rivals. Sandra Perković finally defeated the Olympic winner, American Valerie Allman (65.91), after she was second behind the American in Birmingham and Eugene.

After Allman was better than Sandra in both Birmingham and Eugene, Sandra was quick to point out that the season is long and that she has time to catch Allman. What she announced, she achieved, and she has the opportunity for a rematch on Saturday in Paris in a new Diamond adventure. After three chillier rallies, a heat wave has been announced for Saturday in the French capital, with temperatures over 30 degrees. 

The main clash between Perković and Allman is reserved again in Eugene at the World Champs on July 15. Allman will be at home, but Sandra's eventual victory will be even sweeter if she manages to knock down her rival in her backyard. 

The Croatian record holder opened Diamond League Oslo with 61.91 and took first place, while Allman recorded a faulty throw. In the second series, Perković threw 66.82. The American failed to overtake her with 65.67, just like in the next two series, in which she threw 62.06 and 65.21, and Sandra entered X twice.

In the fifth attempt, Allman once again crossed the 65-meter mark (65.53), again insufficient to overthrow Sandra, who this time threw 64.92. In the last series, which includes only the top three, they were joined by Olympic runner-up, German Kristin Pudenz.

Sandra threw first in that final and hit the net, offering Allman to overtake her in the finish but the American could not go further than 65.91. Pudenz threw 63.00 in that last attempt, so her best shot was from the third series (63.31).

All in all, a great victory for Sandra, already the fifth in her career in Oslo. There aren't that many at any other Diamond League rally, but she could also reach 5 in Paris. Throwing 66.82 is her second-best second result of the season, as she threw further only in Birmingham (67.26).

Allman has the best of this season in the world and a personal record (71.46).

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Monday, 2 August 2021

Sandra Perković without Medal in Tokyo, Finishes 4th in Olympic Discus Throw

August 2, 2021 - 'Discus Queen' Sandra Perković is without a new medal in Tokyo after finishing 4th in the Olympic discus throw final on Monday. 

After winning the gold in London and Rio, Sandra Perković was after a new Olympic medal in the discus throw in Tokyo on Monday. 

Perković made the final after she was third overall in the qualifiers with a 63.75-meter throw. The best in the qualifiers was American Valarie Allman, who threw 66.42 meters, while Indian Kamalpreet Kaur was second with 63.97.

German Kristin Pudenz threw only two centimeters less than Sandra in Group A, Dutch van Klinken was fourth (61.15), and a big surprise was the poor performance of Cuban Deine Caballero, who was only 22nd with 57.96 meters.

But in the final on Monday, Sandra failed to win her third medal at the Olympics, finishing just outside the podium in 4th instead. 

Her best throw flew to a distance of 65.01 meters, and the medal required 65.72, which was thrown by the bronze Cuban Yaime Perez. The silver medal was taken by the German Kristin Pudenz, who threw the best result in her career (66.86), while American Valarie Allman won the gold, throwing 68.98 meters in the first series.

Sandra opened the final with a score of 62.53, which was the fifth result of the first series, hit the net in the second series, and then there was a break due to a heavy downpour at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

The break lasted almost an hour, and Sandra returned with a score of 65.01, breaking through to fourth place. Unfortunately, her fourth series saw her throw below 60, and she hit the net in the fifth. In the last attempt, she threw 63.25, which was not enough for a medal.

"I can't say I'm proud; I wasn't on the level. It was a tough competition; that’s no excuse. I'm sorry about the first throw; the disc was full of water, the second shot - you don’t throw like that. Then it started to rain; I came back in the best possible way. We warmed up, cooled down. The circle was not good," Perković began after the final. 

"Allman opened the competition great; that's how it's done. You throw and let them catch you. When it rained, she couldn't do anything either. Congratulations to Germany. Something has bothered me here in Tokyo from the beginning; it’s not up to anyone; it’s up to me. I saw from the beginning that it would not happen."

"The first throw slipped out of my hand, the second was savage, and in the fourth series, water dripped from my discus. That’s not the reason; the season was full of trials for me; I survived them all, I came here. I didn't make this. Paris in 2024 will be different. This is not how any cycle ends, not even mine. I hope it will be better there," she added and continued:

"I don't like fast and stupid laps. These were ridiculous distances; a medal was offered. These are not excuses; it's my fault. Fourth place isn’t bad, but it’s not me. I have to concentrate, go home and move on."

"I wanted 68 meters in the first set. But, unfortunately, the whole season was difficult, the Games were postponed, you have to focus again, look for zeal," she said and concluded:

"I fought as hard as I could. Better luck next time."

It was Sandra's 13th grand final, and only the second she was left without a medal. She celebrated at nine, and so far, the only major competition in which she did not win a medal was her first World Championships in Berlin in 2009. She won gold at the Games in London and Rio.

Croatia had another representative in the women's discus, but Marija Tolj was left without a final by only four centimeters.


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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Discus Queen Sandra Perković Qualifies for Olympic Final on Monday!

July 31, 2021 - Croatian athlete and Discus Queen Sandra Perković set the best result of the A group of discus qualifications at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and the third overall to place in the final, which is scheduled for Monday. The second Croatian representative, Marija Tolj, missed the final by four centimeters.

Discus Queen Sandra Perković is looking for her third consecutive Olympic title in Tokyo after London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016. With a throw of 63.75 meters, Sandra was third overall in the qualifiers. The best was the American Valarie Allman with 66.42 meters, while Indian Kamalpreet Kaur was second with 63.97, reports HRT.

Sandra already threw. 63.75 meters in the opening, which was only 25 centimeters shorter than the qualifying norm. The Croatian champion was in an excellent mood at the Olympic Stadium; she even danced after her successful throw. However, she had faulty shots in the second series and the third.

"I am happy that I threw almost to the norm in the first shot. I thought it was probably 64 meters, and that's why I danced, but it's still enough. The circle is slippery and not exactly what suits me; I hate them the most because I'm not a savage but a technician. But, I'm so ready I could throw on the ice. The other two shots were underhand," said Sandra, who also complained about the organization.

"It's awful. 130 people train on just one lap in just an hour and a half. So I threw only seven shots in training, and in normal conditions, I throw about a hundred shots. And they didn't even let me into the stadium for the first few days due to quarantine. We complained, of course, that they did not satisfy us. And Americans go to training every day, the four of them go to a special area and have all the time in the world. But it doesn’t matter. I will wait until Monday night," said Sandra, who is awaiting her third Olympic final and hunt for her third consecutive Olympic gold on Monday.

German Kristin Pudenz threw only two centimeters less than Sandra in Group A, while Dutch Jorinde van Klinken threw 61.15, taking 14th place, leaving her without the final in which the 12 best were placed. A big surprise is the terrible performance of Cuban Deina Caballero, who was only 23rd with 57.96.

"Van Klinken threw 70 meters without any problems, and there is barely 61. I am sorry for Caballero; I love her, even though she took my title in 2015. These are the qualifications; I do not want to fail anyone. It is easier to throw at a rally in Pusca Gora than to throw at this huge and empty stadium at the Olympic Games," said Sandra.

Unfortunately, no other Croatian representative in the final after Marija Tolj took the unfortunate 13th place. With 61.48 cm, she was only four centimeters behind the 12th Brazilian Isabel da Silva. In her first Olympic appearance, Orebić threw 54.76, in the second 61.48, while the third shot went to 60.63 meters.

"I am not disappointed; I am satisfied because I threw over 60 meters at my first Olympic Games. A little trepidation took my toll on the first shot, but I’m happy with 61.48 in the second. I didn’t miss the audience because I love when there’s no one; I’m that type. So everything is fine for me; the only thing is that I managed to break the cardboard bed in the Olympic Village, it tilted to one side, so I had to collect it. Yes, I am alone in the room," 21-year-old Tolj said with calm and, apparently, not at all disappointed.

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Friday, 11 June 2021

Discus Queen Sandra Perković Records 43rd Career Diamond League Victory!

Jun 11, 2021 - Great news for the Discus Queen Sandra Perković, who recorded her 43rd Diamond League win in Florence on Friday. The celebrated Sandra is back on top just 40 days before the Olympic Games in Tokyo! 

Sandra Perković returned to the winning track she knows well in the discus throw with a triumph at the Diamond League rally in Florence, reports HRT.

Perković threw the longest shot of 68.31 meters in the second series, but the victory came thanks to a throw of 66.90 meters in the sixth series, considering that according to the new rules, the winners are decided by the first three shots in the sixth series. Sandra reached 67.70 meters in the first series, and she also had three offenses.

About 40 days before the start of the Olympic Games, the Croatian discus thrower is obviously getting back in shape after a break due to a pandemic and injuries. She will be looking for her third consecutive Olympic gold in Tokyo.

Second place in Florence was Cuban Jaime Perez (66.82 m), who was first at the Diamond League rally in Doha, where Perković was only third. Third place in Florence was taken by the German Kristin Prudenz (64.42 m).

The second Croatian representative Marija Tolj came in fourth with a distance of 63.28 meters achieved in the third series.

Croatian record holder in the shot put Filip Mihaljević took fourth place at the Diamond League rally in Florence.

Mihaljevic threw 21.39 meters in the last fifth series, and he also had a shot of 21.28 meters.

A few days ago, Filip broke the Croatian record, which is now 21.94! 

New Zealander Tom Walsh (21.47) celebrated in Florence with a better shot in the sixth series than the Serb Armin Sinancevic (21.60). 

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Friday, 24 May 2019

'Discus Queen' Sandra Perković Announces Potential Departure from Croatia

At a press conference ahead of the start of the summer season and the Diamond League in Stockholm, Croatia’s best female athlete Sandra Perković revealed that her coach Edis Elkasević received an excellent financial offer to work abroad, which he is ready to accept. This would leave Perković without a coach for the next Olympic year, as she believes no one can replace Elkasević, reports HRT on May 24, 2019. 

“Edis Elkasević has received a great offer from abroad, so there is the possibility that in 2020 he will not be my coach. In these few months, we have to see how and what we can accomplish, what will be the continuation of our career - because of the financial resources he receives in Croatia, the man has decided, and I do not blame him, to look for his destiny elsewhere. In agreement with the sponsors and my other team, we are trying to keep Edis in Croatia,” Sandra Perković said during a press conference held in Zagreb on Friday to kick off her premiere performance in the Diamond League this season,  which will be held on Thursday, May 30 in Stockholm.

When asked if anyone could replace Elkasević, Perković answered briefly and clearly:


Perković had announced that she could follow Elkasević.

"My whole world is facing the Olympics in Tokyo and there is a great possibility that I could leave after it, which would not be good for him, for me, nor the whole of Croatia.”

Perković did not wish to reveal which country the offer for her coach came from. Elkasević and Perković have been working together since 2012.

“If we do not realize what we are planning in the next few months, you will be informed about it.”

According to the rules of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF), coaches do not have national restrictions on engagement in other states, while competitors wishing to change their nationality must wait four years to be able to perform under the flag of another country. 

Sandra Perković has pointed to the financial problems in her sport for years, in which she and her team have worked hard to change. However, the improvements are insufficient and slow.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

'Discus Queen' Sandra Perković Returns to Zagreb After Historic Success

Sandra Perkovic, the world's best discus thrower, became the first athlete in history to win five consecutive gold medals at the European Championships.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sandra Perković Writes History: First Athlete to Win Five Consecutive European Championship Titles!

Sandra Perković, the world's best female discus thrower, became the first athlete in history to win five consecutive gold medals at the European Championships.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Sandra Perković Aims to Make History Tonight in Fight for Fifth European Title

Can Sandra write European Championship history?