Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Football for Peace: Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk Playing Friendly Match at Poljud

April 26, 2022 - Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk will play a friendly match on Sunday to raise money for Ukrainian war refugees. 

Under the theme "Football for Peace", Hajduk and Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk will play a humanitarian friendly match at Poljud on Sunday, May 1. The goal of the match is to raise funds to help children left without parents in war-torn Ukraine who now need accommodation in the Republic of Croatia.

"HNK Hajduk has already given its training grounds to coaches, staff, and over 80 Ukrainian children who were taken care of in Split, and we are especially glad that they will be able to watch their first team players again during this match," said Hajduk on its official website

The Hajduk - Shakhtar match is scheduled for Sunday, May 1, at 3 pm, and the unique ticket price is 30 kuna. In addition to buying tickets, you can also help by calling a special donor number, which will be published a few days before the game.

Tickets can be purchased at the following points of sale:

- Online at ulaznice.hajduk.hr

- Membership Department at Poljud - every working day from 8 am to 8 pm

- Hajduk Fan shop Joker

- Ticketshop outlets (Tisak Media)

- Ticket booths around the stadium on the day of the match

The first of two humanitarian matches to be played in Croatia will be played in Zagreb between Dinamo and Dynamo Kyiv on Thursday, April 28, starting at 6 pm. Maksimir Stadium will be open to spectators in the west lower and north lower stands. GNK Dinamo will play in the combined lineup of the first and second teams.

Ticket prices for the Dinamo - Dynamo Kyiv humanitarian match: tribune north lower 50 kuna and tribune west lower 50 kuna.

All proceeds from the tickets will go to the Kyiv club, which will distribute the money to Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian nationals who are in Croatia due to the war and want to come to the match can pick up their free ticket by presenting an ID. 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Hajduk Tops Dinamo 1:0 at Poljud, Stays in Fight for Croatian Championship Title!

April 20, 2022 - Hajduk and Dinamo met in the biggest Croatian derby at Poljud Stadium tonight in Split, the makeup 9th round match which was meant to be played at the end of last year. Hajduk's 1:0 victory tonight keeps them in the fight for the Croatian championship title! 

Hajduk and Dinamo met tonight for the third time this season, making up the 9th-round match scheduled for the end of last year. In the 18th round, Hajduk won 2:0 at Maksimir, and in the 27th round at the end of March in Split, it ended 0:0. These two rivals will meet again in the last 36th round at Maksimir on May 21. 

The stakes in today's game were exceptionally high for Hajduk, who needed a victory to stay in the race for the Croatian championship title. Defeat would leave Hajduk 10 points behind Dinamo, which was at the top going into the match with 66 points. Hajduk was in third place with 59 points, while Osijek has 64 points.

Hajduk sold 29,000 tickets by Tuesday, and more than 2,500 Hajduk fans gathered at the Poljud training ground on Monday to announce their support for the Split club.


HAJDUK: L.Kalinić, Mikanović, Ferro, Elez, Melnjak, Vuković, Krovinović, Fossati, Mlakar, Livaja, N.Kalinić

DINAMO: Livaković, Theophile, Šutalo, Lauritsen, Ristovski, Mišić, Ademi, Petković, Gojak, Emreli, Oršić


Dinamo was the first to attack with a corner in the 2nd minute, which Kalinic saved. Emreli went down in the penalty area from the play, which brought the game to a halt for nearly 5 minutes. 

Tensions were high in the first 10 minutes, with loud shouts to the ref from Hajduk fans. A dangerous free-kick was awarded to Hajduk in the 10th minute, which Krovinovic took just outside the box. However, Dinamo's defense was solid to clear it. 

Nikola Kalinic pressured Livakovic in the 13th minute, which forced him to clear the ball. Hajduk got their first corner a minute later. After back and forth in front of Dinamo's goal, it eventually ended in Livakovic's hands. 

Hajduk fans were constantly whistling against the ref, who seemed to be calling more for Dinamo in the first 20 minutes. Dinamo pressured Hajduk's defense in the 21st minute and was awarded their second corner of the match. Hajduk's defense cleared it.

Melnjak and Lauritsen had a nasty collision during the corner, which ended in bandaged heads for them. The match finally resumed after another 5-minute injury break. 

After another collision between Livaja and Petkovic, Melnajk decided he could no longer continue, and Colina was brought on as Hajduk's first substitution in the 31st minute. 

Foul after foul, the match slowly went on.  

Hajduk picked up the intensity in the 36th minute and almost had a chance on Dinamo's empty goal, but Livakovic made it back in time for the save. 

Dambrauskas' assistant Skinderis was sent off with a red car for mouthing to the ref in the 40th minute. To say that tensions were high at this point would be an understatement. 

With so many fouls, there was hardly any rhythm in the game for either team. As a result, ten minutes of stoppage time was added to the first half. 

Hajduk was awarded a corner in the 4th minute of stoppage time, but Krovinovic ultimately shot wide of the far post. Dinamo attacked in the next play, which was cleared out for a throw-in by Hajduk's defense. 

Livaja nearly had a one-on-one with Livakovic, but Dinamo's defense double-teamed him to stop the attack.

The first half ended 0:0 with 50/50 possession and Hajduk's 2 shots on target to Dinamo's 0.

The second half started without any changes. Vukovic had two shots within a minute which were both cleared by the Dinamo defense. Mlakar shot at Livakovic minute later. 

Dinamo attacked in the next play but Emreli shanked over the goal. Dinamo subbed on Ivanusec for Gojak in the 54th minute. 

Hajduk had another brilliant chance in front of the goal in the 55th minute. Livaja sent the ball into the near post but it was saved by the Dinamo defense. 

Petkovic and Orsic were essentially neutralized by the Hajduk defense in the match so far. 

Orsic tried shooting from 30 meters but hit high over the post in the 61st minute.

Hajduk was hungrier this half which ultimately ended in a goal. Nikola Kalinic hit a far-post rocket into the back of Dinamo's net for 1:0 in the 63rd minute! 

Dinamo made another sub in the 66th minute - Spikic was subbed on for Ristovski. 

Dinamo picked up the pace in the 5 minutes that followed. Kalinic's fingertips saved the day from Dinamo equalizing in the 69th minute, sending it out for a corner. 

Dinamo subbed again in the 74th - Tolic came on for Misic, and Hajduk subbed off Vukovic for Sahiti. 

Livaja shot wide of the far post in the 77th minute, as did Tolic for Dinamo one minute later. 

In the 84th minute, Hajduk subbed off Colina for Simic and Nikola Kalinic for Lovrencsics. Dambrauskas was making a defensive decision with 5 minutes left. 

Livaja was shown a yellow card in the 88th-minute meaning he'll miss the next match against Belupo.  

Six minutes of stoppage time was added to the end of the match. Dinamo had a dangerous chance in the next minute with Kalinic's save going out for a corner. 

Livaja was one-on-one again with Dinamo's last defender and sent the ball to Mlakar who shot over the goal. Neither team was able to score in the time that remained...

The match ended 1:0 for Hajduk! 

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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Dinamo 2021 Financial Report: Impressive Figures for Croatian Football

March 15, 2022 - The Dinamo 2021 financial report was released before the Eternal Derby against Hajduk last weekend, with nearly record-breaking revenues. 

Last weekend, Dinamo published its annual financial report ahead of the derby against Hajduk. As all eyes were on Poljud, this news went under the radar -  but the figures are interesting, even historical, reports Gol.hr.

Namely, for the first time, Dinamo's expenses broke through 60 million euros; more precisely, they reached 62.4 million euros (472,631,751 kuna).

Revenues amounted to 478,998,976 kuna, so Dinamo in 2021 ended up with a surplus of around 6.3 million kuna. 

These figures are spectacular for Croatian conditions. While the revenues are not record-breaking, they are not far from the record.

Dinamo earned more in 2016, or 492,723,273 kuna, but only 389,075,780 kuna was spent. In principle, this is the only year in which a larger amount was saved, but even those hundred million kuna "surplus" went to waste the following year, when the minus was 113 million kuna.

In 2020, the revenues of the Maksimir Club amounted to 381,940,537 kuna and expenditures to 379,132,303 kuna. However, in April of the same year, the pandemic resulted in the termination of cooperation with Nenad Bjelica and a reduction in the salaries of Dinamo players. The reason given was savings due to financial problems caused by the pandemic. Then, the policy of permanent cost-cutting was announced.

However, in the end, it turned out that Dinamo spent about 13 million kuna more in that year than the previous one when there was no pandemic. That information was published at an Assembly without the presence of the media.

It is pretty clear that Dinamo earned a hundred million kuna more than the previous year, made several lucrative transfers, and went far in the Europa League. Still, it is unclear how there was such a sharp turn and change of course in light of the announced cost-cutting policy. 

Most of the increase in spending went to players' salaries and the working community. About 35 million more was spent on this segment than the previous year.

The total amount to salaries is 300,780,887 kuna or about 40 million euros. If we assume that most of the amount goes to the player's wages, at least three quarters, including both the first and second team players on payroll, it turns out that the average is more than half a million euros a year per player.

Since it is easy to assume that most go to the first team from the cost of players' salaries, it can be concluded that the average is well over half a million euros per player. Gol.hr reveals that their sources say that the highest-paid is Mislav Oršić, who has a salary of one million euros net per year according to the new contract.

Premiums and bonuses need to be added. When everything is added up, Oršić does not earn significantly less in Dinamo than he would earn in Burnley, which wanted to bring him in the last winter transfer window. According to Gol's sources, he would have a salary of around 1.3 million euros at that English club.

It turns out that the smallest part of Dinamo's expenses goes to compensation for reinforcements. Dinamo has spent 5.4 million euros on incoming transfers from July 1, which is when transfers for this season are calculated. Last season, until June 30, 2021, Dinamo spent 12.4 million euros on new reinforcements.

It will be interesting to see last year's financial reports for the remaining top members of Croatian football. Dinamo regularly had a bigger budget than Osijek, Hajduk, and Rijeka combined in previous years.

For example, in 2020, Osijek had total expenditures of around 115 million kuna, of which about 40 million kuna went to players' salaries. 

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Friday, 25 February 2022

Dinamo Europa League Earnings Revealed After Elimination from Sevilla

February 25, 2022 - After being eliminated to Sevilla in the playoffs, the Dinamo Europa League earnings have been revealed. 

Dinamo was knocked out of the Europa League on Thursday night. Although they beat Sevilla 1-0 at Maksimir, they failed to make up for the two-goal deficit from the first Europa League play-off match. Recall, Sevilla won 3-1 in the first leg last week and went on to the next round with a 3-2 aggregate. 

Despite the relegation, Dinamo has reason to be pleased, which is the state of the club's coffers. Thanks to good performances in the Europa League, the Zagreb team earned a hefty amount that will give them a significant boost in the fight for the First HNL and Europe next season, reports Gol.hr.

By losing to the Sheriff in the Champions League play-offs, Dinamo earned 5 million euros. In comparison, they made a slightly smaller amount for placing in the Europa League group stage - around 3.6 million euros.

For every point won in the Europa League group stage, Dinamo earned several hundred thousand euros. Specifically, the Croatian champion won ten points as the second-placed team in the group and thus earned 2.1 million euros. That is 210,000 euros per point.

By securing a place in the second round of the Europa League, UEFA rewarded Dinamo with another million euros.

But that's not the end.

Thanks to the excellent coefficient in European competitions, Dinamo earned an additional 3.7 million euros.

When everything is added up, Dinamo has earned close to 15 million euros, or 14.6 million euros this season in Europe. This considerable amount will surely grow even more when the money from television rights enters Dinamo's account.

Dinamo will now fully dedicate themselves to the fight for the First HNL title. The first exam awaits them this weekend in the 25th round of the First HNL against Osijek at City Garden Stadium. 

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Thursday, 24 February 2022

Dinamo Drops Out of Europa League, Sevilla through to Next Round

February 24, 2022 - Dinamo drops out of Europa League, and Sevilla moves forward with a 3:2 aggregate after the second leg was played at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. 

Dinamo Zagreb did not manage to secure a spot in the Europa League round of 16. After the return match of the Europa League playoffs on Thursday, Dinamo defeated the six-time winner of this competition - Sevilla 1-0 (0-0). However, as Sevilla won 3-1 in the first leg last week, they went on to the next round with a 3-2 aggregate. 

The match's only goal was scored by Mislav Oršić in the 65th minute from a penalty after Acuna played with his hand in the 16th minute.

The first half was overall unexciting. Dinamo opened it briskly and energetically, but Sevilla successfully repelled all attacks. Mišić had an attempt in the 20th minute from twenty meters though it missed the goal. 

In the middle of the first half, Sevilla took possession and control of the match, but in the 34th minute, Dinamo created a solid opportunity. After a great breakthrough, Tolić found Gojak, who fell in a duel with Diego Carlos. Unfortunately, the ref did not point to the penalty spot as expected. Sevilla sent several shots towards the Dinamo goal by the end of the half, none of which were dangerous.

Sevilla opened the second half much better and had two good situations in front of Dinamo's goal, first in the 48th and then in the 51st minute. However, Livaković managed to defend both times. After that, Kopić made four changes - he introduced Bulat, Bočkaj, Špikić and Emreli, and took out Tolić, Štefulj, Ristovski and Petković.

Bulat was responsible for Dinamo's lead in the 65th minute. Sevilla's left-back Acuna played with his hand in a duel with the Šibenik player, and the referee immediately awarded a penalty. Mislav Oršić scored for 1-0. 

Dinamo was even more motivated after scoring the goal. After 75 minutes, Bočkaj got through on the left and was close to equalizing but couldn't get the shot off. A minute later, Menalo shot after Špikić's cross, but Sevilla's goalkeeper was ready again.

By the end of the match, numerous attacks by Dinamo followed. Oršić had a superb strike in the 89th minute after a long ball through the middle, but it went out for a corner. Delaney earned his second yellow card in the first minute of extra time, forcing Sevilla to play with a man down for the last three minutes. Dinamo tried to attack after two interceptions, but Sevilla defended and has advanced to the round of 16.

Source: Index.hr

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Thursday, 17 February 2022

Europa League Playoff: Ivan Rakitić and Sevilla Top Dinamo 3:1 in First Leg

February 17, 2022 - Captian Ivan Rakitić and Sevilla top Dinamo 3:1 in the first leg of the Europa League playoff on Thursday in Spain. 

In the first match of the Europa League playoff, Dinamo Zagreb lost to Sevilla 1:3 at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium. The return match is on February 24 at Maksimir Stadium.

As a reminder, eight winners of the Europa League groups won a direct place in the round of 16, while eight second-placed teams, including Dinamo, entered the play-off round against the eight third-placed teams from the Champions League.

Dinamo was second in Group H behind West Ham, while Sevilla was third in Group G of the Champions League behind Lille and RB Salzburg. The better of this pair will win a place in the Europa League round of 16.

Sevilla took the lead in the 13th minute with a penalty scored by former Croatia player Ivan Rakitic. Mislav Oršić equalized in the 41st minute, though the host turned the score around with two goals by the end of the first half. Lucas Ocampos scored in the 44th for 2:1, and two minutes later, Anthony Martial scored for 3:1.

Dinamo welcomed the visit to Sevilla with a series of seven consecutive victories, while Sevilla celebrated only once in the last five matches before Dinamo. However, Sevilla had lost only once in 15 home games - to Lille in the Champions League.

Željko Kopić could not count on Josip Mišić due to yellow cards, while Dino Perić and Emir Dilaver suffered injuries. Unfortunately, Luka Ivanušec dropped out last minute due to an adductor problem.

Captain Ivan Rakitic led Sevilla on Thursday night.

"It was strange to see Livaković in goal," said Rakitic with a smile after the match. 

"We are happy and proud; we achieved a victory against the fantastic Dinamo. It was not easy; we played an interesting game and deservedly won," Rakitic added.

"It was important that we reacted quickly after Oršić's goal. Then, in the second half, we controlled the result. This is a good result, but open. We know how important Europe is; you must always be at the highest level," concluded the Croatia midfielder.

Source: HRT

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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Rakitić Returns to Maksimir: Dinamo and Sevilla to Meet in Europa League Knockout Round

December 14, 2021 - Dinamo and Sevilla will meet in the Europa League knockout round playoffs in February after the draw was held in Nyon, France, on Monday. 

Dinamo Zagreb will play against Sevilla and Ivan Rakitić in the Europa League round of 16 playoffs. The draw was held at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon on Monday. 

Sevilla will host the first match on February 17, 2022,  and the return match will be played a week later in Zagreb.

After being relegated from the Champions League, Sevilla has hopes to win the Europa League as they will host the final and have been successful in this competition in recent years. Namely, Sevilla won the Europa League in 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2020.

"We have difficult matches ahead of us, but I hope we will learn something from playing in the Champions League," said former Croatia national team player Ivan Rakitić on Tuesday after being knocked out of the Champions League.

"We will play again in the Europa League, a competition that we are good at and will enjoy," added Rakitić, who is the captain of Sevilla until the injured Jesús Navas returns.

Sevilla is currently the second-placed team in La Liga and will be a tough rival for the Croatian champions, who were threatened by other greats in the draw, such as Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund.

"What to say about the draw? I am delighted and proud; it will be two big and difficult games. It is nice on the one hand to play against our club, against Dinamo, but also difficult because I have to fight against our club. I would like it better that we see each other in the quarterfinals or semifinals, not now. I am happy to come to Croatia for the first time in the club competition against our club, and it will be exciting in any case," said Rakitić after the draw. 

"We will have to play our best football, quite clearly, because Dinamo is a great European team that knows how to play such games. I know them very well; there will certainly be a lot of conversations with the coach and the club about the game; I am happy to come home and play at my Maksimir. It will be nice, but also strange, for the first time as a guest, but it will be a very nice and emotional experience for sure."

He was asked what kind of welcome he expects at Maksimir as a former national team player.

"Let it be however they want it to be. I hope for a very nice and good welcome; everyone knows how much Croatia, our football and our clubs mean to me. That is why I am very sorry that I have to fight against Dinamo. I can't wait to be home again, in Zagreb and Maksimir, and I believe that everything will be good and positive; I can't wait for the game."

The most exciting playoff pair is Barcelona and Napoli, and Dani Olmo and his RB Leipzig will play against Real Sociedad.

The Croatian champion is among 16 clubs in the second round of the Europa League. The winners of the groups Lyon, Monaco, Spartak, Eintracht, Galatasaray, Red Star, Bayer Leverkusen, and West Ham won a direct place in the round of 16. At the same time, eight second-placed teams (Dinamo, Rangers, Sociedad, Napoli, Olympiakos, Lazio, Braga, and Betis) play in the playoffs against third-placed teams from Champions League groups, namely Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Red Bull Leipzig, Porto, Atalanta, Sevilla, and Zenik St. Petersburg.









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Thursday, 9 December 2021

Dinamo Beats West Ham 1:0 in London for Spot in Europa League Playoffs

December 9, 2021 - Dinamo beats West Ham 1:0 in London in the last round of Group H, thus securing second place of the group and the Europa League playoff round in the spring. 

Mislav Oršić secured the victory for the Blues with a fantastic goal in the 4th minute. The Croatian champion had many more opportunities to increase the score against West Ham, which played with a rather mixed squad, and only two permanent and two other occasional first-team players, among them former Hajduk Split star Nikola Vlašić.

Rapid's away victory against Genk (0:1) also helped Dinamo, but this result would only matter if Dinamo drew or lost. 

Dinamo secured either the Europa League or Conference League even before the match against West Ham. West Ham had secured first place before the match against Dinamo, and the Blues needed at least one point in London or for Genk to lose at home to confirm second place. 

The Europa League playoff matches are on February 17 next year, and the return matches are played seven days later.

In the end, West Ham won the group with 13 points, Dinamo is second with 10, Rapid is third with six and goes and will play in the Conference League in the spring, while Genk is at the back with five points.

West Ham as the winner of the group goes directly to the round of 16, Dinamo will play in the Europa League playoffs against one of the third-placed clubs in the Champions League, while Rapid moves to the Conference League playoffs. 

The Europa League playoff draw is on December 13 in Nyon at 1 pm. The Zagreb club could face RB Leipzig, Porto, Borussia Dortmund, Sheriff, Barcelona, ​​Atalanta, Sevilla and Zenit St. Petersburg.

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Thursday, 2 December 2021

Damir Krznar Sacked as Dinamo Coach After Croatian Cup Elimination

December 2, 2021 - After Rijeka won in the Croatian Cup quarterfinal on Wednesday, the coach of the Croatian champion Dinamo, Damir Krznar, has resigned.

Krznar took over Dinamo in mid-March this year after being assistant to former coach Zoran Mamić. Recall, Mamić had to leave the Dinamo bench due to a final conviction. Krznar led the team in a 3:0 victory against Tottenham in the Europa League round of 16, reported HRT.

Dinamo has been in a crisis and lost 1:3 to Rijeka under Krznar's leadership in the Croatian Cup on Wednesday. 

Dinamo on Sunday expects the eternal derby against Hajduk in the 18th round of the First HNL and in eight days a visit to West Ham United in the last, 6th round of Europa League. 

Krznar took responsibility in a statement after the relegation in the Cup, 

"The fact that the result was not obtained, that the result was not delivered, both in the Cup and in the championship - we are limping. We have an extremely tough game against Hajduk; we enter it shaken. My moral act is to do everything for the team. Dinamo has always been in the first place. It is the team that comes first. I assess that at this moment, the team needs a positive shock. Maybe it is a good opportunity, as I address our fans, to thank them for their support, those who gave their support, and to apologize to those who did not have enough and who are dissatisfied with the reason. Right now, I may still be a little hot, but I don't think the situation will change tomorrow either. I am resigning from this position for the team to make one positive step, one mental shock, which is needed. I wish luck to the new coach; I wish luck to Dinamo," said Krznar.

Who will lead Dinamo in their next two key games will be known today after an 11 am press conference.

Željko Kopić, the head of Dinamo's football school and the most experienced of the remaining experts employed in Maksimir, should lead the team in the derby on Sunday. But, depending on that outcome, he may end the winter season on the bench.

Dinamo's management is expected to appoint a new head coach during the winter break, but more will be known after today's conference.

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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Europa League: Dinamo and Genk Play 1:1 at Maksimir

November 25, 2021 - Dinamo and Genk played 1:1 at Maksimir stadium on Thursday night in the 5th round of the Europe League Group H, securing at least a spot in the Conference League in the spring. If Dinamo does not lose to West Ham in the last round in London, they will play in the Europa League knockout phase. 

Dinamo and Genk met in the 5th round of the Europa League at Maksimir stadium on Thursday. A victory or a point would have brought Dinamo to the next stage of a European competition, meaning the Zagreb club would secure at least second place in the group with a new victory tonight. However, even with a defeat, the Croatian champion would not fall out completely. 

Looking only at the result of the first match against Genk, Dinamo was the absolute favorite tonight, defeating Genk away 3:0 in their first Europa League meeting at the end of September.

While both sides had their fair share of chances in the first half, Dinamo took the lead with a goal by Luka Menalo in the 35th minute. Thanks to a long ball by Theophile, Krznar's joker withstood pressure on his back to tap the ball into the back of the net for 1:0. 

Unfortunately, in the last seconds of the first half, Ugbo's crossbar shot went over the goal line to equalize at 1:1.

While there were a few close calls for both teams in the second half, neither team was able to score to keep the result even at 1:1. 

West Ham and Dinamo will face off in the final round in London on Thursday, December 9. If Dinamo does not lose to West Ham in the last round, they will play in the Europa League knockout phase. If they lose, they will move to the Conference League. 

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