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12 Croatian Companies on Deloitte's List of Growing Companies in Central Europe 2022

November 27, 2022 - Deloitte reported the results of their latest contest of the fastest-growing technology companies for the Central Europe, and 12 Croatian companies found themselves on their lists.

Companies from 9 countries found themselves on the prestigious list, assembled for the 23rd time by the consulting giant Deloitte. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe lists 17 Polish companies, 13 from Czechia, 8 Croatian companies, 4 Slovakian, 3 Hungarian, 2 Bulgarian and one each from Lithuania, Romania and Serbia. The software companies dominate the list, with 33 companies being from that field, however, the first three positions were taken by companies from fintech and life science (FTMO, PayPo and Multiplex DX). X).

The eight Croatian companies on the list are: Aircash, placed fourth, with a growth of almost 6 percent, Devot Solutions placed 19th, Netgen 28th, Uprise 35th, CircuitMess 40th, Amplifico (Parklio) 41st, Async Labs 42nd, and Cinnamon 46th.

The additional category "Companies to Watch" includes: Firefly Studio, Identity Consortium, Brightdock, and Hivetech.

The special category "Impact stars", started last year, includes three Croatian companies: Axilis, Notch and

Interestingly, six out of the eight Croatian companies on the Technology Fast 50 Central Europe are newcomers on the list. Async Labs were on the list last year as well, and CircuitMess was on the Companies to Watch list last year, and made their way to the main list this year.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe is a Programme that ranks 50 fast-growing technology companies, public or private, based on percentage revenue growth. Winners are then selected by ranking their revenue growth over the four years from 2018 to 2021. In addition to the Technology Fast 50 ranking, Deloitte Central Europe ranks companies that show great potential but are too young to meet criterion for the main Fast 50 category.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Nine Croatian Companies on Deloitte's List of Fastest Growing

The overall winner is the British company Revolut with a growth rate of 39,754 percent, but nine Croatian companies have managed to find their places on this prestigious list of the 500 fastest growing companies.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 30th of July, 2020, the UK-based Revolut is at the top of Deloitte's ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region, which includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 ™ EMEA was created by Deloitte’s global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Division, and has been running for nineteen years.

Taken as a whole, this year’s list of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region included winners from 22 countries, with an average revenue growth rate of 1258 percent, up from 969 percent recorded in 2018. The revenue growth rate of the companies included in the scale ranged from 157 to 39,754 percent.

"This year, there are nine Croatian companies ranked on the list of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA, which is four more than last year," said Zlatko Bazianec, head of the Croatian office and a partner in Deloitte's business consulting department.

"I'm pleased to note that we've remained the leader when it comes to the number of companies placed in our regional environment. We'd like to congratulate the Croatian companies and we want to encourage and invite other technology companies to apply for our competition, in order to continue to maintain the position and reputation we've gained over all these years,'' he added.

Revolut, from the United Kingdom, took first place in the ranking of the 500 fastest growing companies in the EMEA region in 2019 with a growth of 39,754 percent. Revolut is a fintech company that has created an application for business and trading cryptocurrencies.

The top five are rounded out by OakNorth, which is also from the UK, with a growth of 30,706 percent, the German Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH (21,474%), DivideBuy (19,572%), also from the United Kingdom, and FINEWAY from Germany with a growth of 16,594 percent.

Central Europe and Croatia

This year, 80 companies from Central Europe were placed on the list of the 500 fastest growing, which is an increase compared to 51 last year. Most of them are from the Czech Republic, with 24 companies, followed by Poland with 21 companies, then Croatia with 9, Lithuania with 7, Slovakia with 7 6, Romania with 4, Bulgaria and Hungary with 3, and Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Estonia with 1 company each.

This year, nine Croatian companies have been placed on the list, which is four more than last year. In addition to the companies that were on the list last year: Q Software, Infinum, and Microblink, this year (Follow Me/Prati Me doo), AG04 Innovative Solutions, Arbona, IPS doo, Serengeti doo and Lemax d.o.o. were placed on the list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the EMEA region., with 39th place and growth of 2,821 percent, achieved the best placement, and it is interesting how Infinum has achieved placement on the EMEA 500 list as many as six times since 2013.

''When we launched the Bazzar platform, we had a clear vision and a goal that is increasingly being achieved every day of us doing business. The opportunities offered by e-commerce in this part of the region are still in the development stage, so being listed on Deloitte's list of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region only confirmed that we're well on our way to realising the potential of e-commerce. Growth of over 2000% is great, but for us it's just the beginning and marks a spring in our step, so we'd like to invite everyone to apply, because such recognitions in business are an immeasurable springboard,'' pointed out Tana Zimmermann, CEO of

The ranking of Croatian companies

39. (Follow me d.o.o.) Media and entertainment 2821%
149. Q Software Software 927%
247. AG04 Innovative Solutions Software 551%
313. Microblink d.o.o. Software 403%
372. Arbona Software 297%
378. IPS d.o.o. Software 289%
381. Infinum d.o.o. Software 281%
403. Serengeti d.o.o. Software 251%
464. Lemax d.o.o. Software 186%

The top 10 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region

1 Revolut UK Fintech 39754%
2 OakNorth UK Fintech 30706%
3 Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH DE Environmental protection 21474%
4 DivideBuy UK Fintech 19572%
5 FINEWAY DE Software 16594%
6 Hazelight Studios AB SW Media & Entertainment 14144%
7 WOLT ENTERPRISES OY FI Software 10381%
9 Electric Mobility Concepts GmbH (emmy-sharing) DE Environmental protection 9303%
10 Flightgift / Hotelgift NL Software 7628%

By country

The United Kingdom, with 98, has the highest list of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region, while the second is the Netherlands with 70 companies, followed by others from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Finland and Portugal.

UK 98
The Netherlands 70
Germany 47
Sweden 46
Belgium 35
Finland 34
Portugal 31
Czech Republic 24
ROI 23
Turkey 21

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Monday, 2 March 2020

AD Plastik, Air Traffic Control, Lidl Win Deloitte Green Frog Awards

ZAGREB, March 2, 2020 - AD Plastik, the Croatian Air Traffic Control, and Lidl Croatia have won the Deloitte Green Frog awards for the best sustainability report, progress in reporting, and originality in reporting in 2019, Deloitte Croatia announced.

The AD Plastik Group won the Green Frog Award 2019, awarded by Deloitte Croatia for the best sustainability report, and this year the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) and Global Compact Network Croatia joined the jury as full members.

The award for progress in reporting was also presented, and it was won by the Croatian Air Traffic Control. Also, the award for originality in reporting was given for the first time, and it was won by Lidl Croatia.

The awards ceremony was held at the "Employment with impact" conference, organised by Deloitte, HUP, and Global Compact Network Croatia.

The Deloitte audit director and head of the Green Frog Initiative Ivana Turjak Čebohin pointed out that the social accountability, environmental and human rights awareness was increasing.

"These trends on the contemporary market have caused positive changes in Croatia, and the number of companies publishing non-financial reports is growing every year. Non-financial reporting is beneficial both to those companies which are legally obliged to do it, and to those who are not," emphasised Čebohin.

The advisor for sustainable development and socially responsible business in HUP and Global Compact Network Croatia Executive Director Vali Marszalek said that companies were becoming more aware of the fact that, in order to maximise benefits and create long-term value for their business, they had to take into account not only shareholders' expectations, but also the expectations of suppliers, employees, buyers, consumers, and local communities.

"The subject of this year's conference, the employment of disabled persons, is extremely important for the business sector, especially as we are talking about the enormous potential of billions of people across the globe who, due to their circumstances, have to develop skills such as persistence, problem solving, innovative thinking, and readiness to experiment in order to adapt to the world around them," emphasised Marszalek.

On behalf of the AD Plastik Group, the award was accepted by the chair of the board for socially responsible business, Zoja Crnecki, who said that socially responsible business was a part of the company's business model and one of the most important components of its development policy.

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Rising Star: Ivan Mrvoš and ‘Include’ Named Fastest Growing Company of Central Europe by Deloitte 

October 13, 2018 - Solin innovator Ivan Mrvoš of smart bench fame and his company ‘Include’ have won yet another award - and this time they’ve been recognized by the prestigious Deloitte. 

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Seven Croatian Companies on List of Fastest Growing in Central Europe

More Croatian companies go from strength to strength!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Split Company Among 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in Central Europe

They are also the first company from Split to ever make this prestigious list!