Thursday, 24 September 2020

Minister Beros Confirms Downward COVID-19 Trend in Croatia, Delnice New Hotspot

September 24, 2020 - Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros confirmed a downward COVID-19 trend in Croatia, while he is worried about the state of Delnice as a new hotspot. reports that Health Minister Vili Beros said on Thursday ahead of the government session that epidemiological data still indicate a downward trend in the number of people infected with the coronavirus, while data on 266 people in hospital show no signs of overloading the health system.

Beros: There are no signs of overloading the health care system; I am worried about the jump in the number of patients in Delnice

"Today we have 232 infected; if we compare with last Thursday, when there were 250, it is still less. Last Thursday, there were 291, so the trend still shows a decline. Today, 266 people are hospitalized, 23 were admitted, and 30 were discharged, and still, there are no indications of overloading the health care system," Beros told reporters in front of Banski dvori.

However, he is worried about the jump in the number of patients in Delnice, among the users of the elderly home.

"This is what we say all the time, to monitor the epidemiological situation and to try to respond to any such micro-hotspots with adequate epidemiological measures," Beros said.

Minister Beros also spoke about the current situation with coronavirus at the government session.

Namely, Beros also told a government session that the number of people infected with the coronavirus had fallen for the third week in a row, while the rate of new infections had fallen by 5.2 percent in the past seven days.

"In Croatia, the number of newly infected people has fallen every week for the third week in a row. The rate of newly infected people in the last seven days is lower by 5.2 percent compared to the previous week," Beros said.

Of the total number of hospitalized, 9.71 percent are on a ventilator, up 1.71 percent from last week. The percentage of deaths relative to the number infected since the beginning of the epidemic is 1.68 percent.

With the arrival of autumn, the number of respiratory infections increases, so Beros called on citizens to adhere to epidemiological measures and timely vaccination against respiratory infections as the most effective prevention measures.

Current COVID-19 data in Croatia

There are currently 1,200 active patients with COVID-19 in Croatia, and 266 patients are in hospital.

In the past week, 219 patients were admitted, 23 were placed on a ventilator, and 223 patients were discharged. The average age of the infected is 49.2 years.

In the past week, 73 new coronavirus cases have been reported among healthcare workers, and 426 employees are in self-isolation.

Beros reported that the guidelines had been revised to shorten the isolation time for asymptomatic individuals. Thus, those with a mild or moderate clinical picture will now self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days.

Also, health care institutions should not condition the admission of patients who require hospitalization or conduct diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours, especially in emergencies or when the delay may cause health deterioration. Recommendations were forwarded to family physicians and pediatricians.

The directors of hospitals have been informed that to reduce the waiting list for certain services, when issuing approvals for additional work, doctors consider the performed obligations in the home institution, said Beros.

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Monday, 3 August 2020

Delnice Becoming More Interesting, Attracting American Investors

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 2nd of August, 2020, while it is always good - and especially in this strange age dominated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic - to be careful in planning and predicting the future, it is hard to disagree with the claim that the future of Delnice looks very interesting, promising and we might even dare to say impressive at the moment, much more than it has for many years.

This way of thinking has been encouraged by the recently published news about the serious interest of foreign investors, particularly American ones, thanks to which a hotel that will be part of the world-famous American hotel chain Marriott should appear in no less than Delnice next year, according to a report from Novi list.

But even if it doesn't end up showcasing the internationally respected name of Marriott, it will be a hotel, and that, in itself, is an enormous plus for the typically overlooked Delnice, especially considering the way in which serious investors were initially reached.

With the aforementioned hotel, the vision of the City of Delnice in the next year, year and a half, will be further changed for the better.

In September, a business and shopping centre should appear on the site of Delnice's former mill and bakery. The construction of its elements are finished and their installation will begin in September, which means that this year Delnice will have an even better trade offer than it does currently.

Furthermore, for mid-October, the opening of the newly renovated Delnice City Library has been announced, which is already finished and which will be not only aesthetically pleasing but an excellent functional unit. In addition to book lovers, there will be places for everyone who enjoys different forms of culture there.

Additionally, if the promises of the Government of the Republic of Croatia are to be believed at all, the large Retirement Home will certainly finally be completed next year, for which part of the funds were provided from the legacy of Janet Majnarich. All in all, Delnice - despite the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis that has ensued as a result of it and a number of other details which plague the area - is becoming an increasingly interesting and high-quality living environment.

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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

World's Biggest Welcome in Croatia: Day 6 - Opatija to Delnice (Foot, Bike)

April 2, 2019 - Putting Croatian adventure tourism on the map, with the biggest welcome in the world. Day 6 of this incredible adrenaline trip from 2011 covering 2,500 km along the Croatian coast. 

The World's Biggest Welcome, an ambitious adventure tourism project in 2011 in Croatia enters Day 6 of this 2019 appreciation of one of the finest tourism promotion projects ever in Croatia.  

The plan? To showcase the diversity and fabulous offer of adventure tourism in Croatia by following a GPS route the length of the Croatian coast in the shape of the word 'Welcome' - thereby creating the biggest welcome in the world from a hospitable tourism country. 


Day 6 moved on foot and by bicycle from Opatija to Delnice.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 07.34.41.png

65 kilometres for the day: 25 km bicycle ride from Opatija to Podkilavac, followed by 15 km on foot from Podkilavac to Crni Lug, before heading north once more on the very final part of the first letter (W of Welcome), with another 20 km of cycling from Crni Lug to Delnice.


On the road above Klana - Elvis Kalcic completing the "W" shape for "Welcome". Darija Bostjancic and Marija Kalcic were the only girls in the team this day.


Forrest Gump and his followers in a green forest.


The Sv. Rok tunnel, and Daniel Lacko ahead of the thirsty gang.


Somewhere under Platak.


Gomance ruins. 


The road to Platak covered with snow.


They decided to leave the bikes and carry on by foot towards Risnjak.


The final push to Risnjak.


Risnjak, 1528m up.




A mandatory break to eat. 


A quick departure from Risnjak to ensure they make their arrival time in Delnice. 


Through Crni Lug, which is just a bit longer onto Delnice...


And finally, arrival in Delnice in front of the hotel Risnjak. The first letter is now complete - only six more to go! 

A key part of the project was promoting tourism, and the official website has details of the key places visited during the day.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 07.43.59.png


Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 07.44.17.png


You can see the entire project on the Welcome website, as well as much more of Luka Tambaca's stunning photography on the Welcome Facebook page

While the group has a day off next, tune in tomorrow for Day 8, as Lacko moves from Malinska to Senj.

To follow the whole project from the start, follow the dedicated TCN page

Friday, 2 March 2018

Springtime at -16 °C

All you need is snow, some talent and good will!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Government to Help Snow Hit Areas

ZAGREB, February 25, 2018 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Sunday the government would help the town of Delnice and its people who have been dealing with heavy snowfall for several days, helped by the army to remove it.