Monday, 21 February 2022

2023 World Cup Qualifications: Croatia Basketball Gathers before Sweden Game

February 21, 2022 - On Sunday night, most of the Croatia men's senior basketball team gathered in Zagreb ahead of the 2nd round of 2023 World Cup qualifications. 

On Friday, February 25, at 18:30, the Croatia national team will begin the second qualifying round for the 2023 World Cup, played in Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with a match against Sweden. It will be the official debut of coach Damir Mulaomerović, who gathered most of the national team on Sunday, just one day after the Krešimir Ćosić Cup final, but also Cup matches across Europe.

"The situation is not great, but I'm glad to see you guys," said the honest coach and continued:

"Tomorrow, we will complete the evening training. The most important thing is to mobilize in this short time. The guys are all in the training process of their clubs, and all are in good shape. I hope for that in these practically three and a half training sessions, and for the rest, I don’t care. I know everyone will give 100%. We have a tough match ahead of us on Friday, both mentally and physically. My job is to prepare them mentally, and we will go physically to the maximum."


Marin Sušić/HKS

Thirteen national team members gathered in Zagreb on Sunday evening, and the arrival of Željko Šakić and Matej Rudan is expected on Monday. Only 12 national team players will play against Sweden. The list of 24 national team players can change for the match that will be played three days later in Norrkoping, Sweden. 

National team list for Zagreb preparations

Roko Badžim – Szolnoki
Danko Branković – KK Cibona
Filip Bundović – KK Cedevita Junor
Mateo Drežnjak – KK Cibona
Goran Filipović - KK Cedevita Junior
Lovro Gnjidić – KK Cibona
Filip Krušlin - Dinamo Sassari
Pavle Marčinković – KK Zadar
Karlo Matković - Mega Mozzart
Ivan Ramljak - Slask Wroclaw
Roko Rogić – Twarde Pierniki Torun
Matej Rudan – Mega Mozzart
Sven Smajlagić - Nevezis
Željko Šakić - Avtodor
Tomislav Zubčić - Tofaş S.K.

2023 World Cup qualifying matches, 2nd cycle
February 25, 2022, at 18:30 Croatia - Sweden (KC Dražen Petrović, Zagreb)
February 28, 2022, at 19:00 Sweden - Croatia (Norrkoping)
*Tickets for the home match against Sweden are on sale at and both matches will be broadcast live by SportKlub. 

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022

New Croatia Basketball Coach Damir Mulaomerović Presented in Zagreb

January 26, 2022 - The new Croatia national team basketball coach, Damir Mulaomerović, was presented at a press conference held on Tuesday at the Aristos Hotel in Zagreb. 

The president of the Croatian Basketball Federation, Stojko Vranković, the vice-president, Nikola Rukavina, and the general secretary, Josip Vranković, were also present at the conference.

"Congratulations to the coach Damir Mulaomerović and I thank him because it is not a great situation in terms of results. However, knowing Damir, not only as a player but also as a man, knowing his character, I think he will do his best to do a good job and get good results," said HKS president Stojko Vranković in the introductory speech.

HKS vice president Nikola Rukavina, as well as the president, congratulated the new coach: "I would like to wish Damir and the entire Federation success in the coming period, and I hope that we will return basketball to some more successful paths. Damir, congratulations, and I wish you much success!"

General Secretary Josip Vranković also joined the congratulations: "I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Damir on his new position at this difficult time. At the same time, I would like to clarify a few technical details. As you know, the Federation has always insisted in its ranks, given all the circumstances, but at this point, we had to respect the current situation. Thus, Damir will continue to work as the Cedevita Junior coach at the same time as the Croatia coach. This is not the first time - and last year, when Zadar was in a specific situation, there was understanding, and HKS met Zadar in a certain way. However, on this occasion, the situation went in the opposite direction." 

Coach Damir Mulaomerović thanked the media representatives for the great response, as well as the HKS leadership for the opportunity and trust, and continued: "I must also emphasize that Veljko's decision should be respected and he should be thanked for what he did. We will try to mobilize and do what is best in exactly one month until the games against Sweden. I have already started some conversations with the players, and I think it will be quite good. I know there will be a lot of questions, there will be people for and against, that is normal. However, you all more or less know me as a player and now as a coach, and you know that I am a man of character and that I will do my best for the best possible results."

Asked if he was hesitant when the call came, coach Mulaomerovic replied: "The conversation went quite well. It was a logical sequence given that I know the material and the players, and I must emphasize that I am thrilled that these people sitting here believe in me and what I do. It would be ungrateful to leave them, especially in this situation, I think it is clear to everyone.

We will all do everything in our power to win these two games and restore hope and everything after that. The deciding factor was that I know these players best since most of them will be from the domestic championship; we are all aware of the problems with the players. Of course, we will try to get players from outside, talk to everyone."

"As for the players' response, we will call everyone, give everyone a chance to express themselves. We are interested in players who want to play, who will be there for Croatia, especially in moments like this. I think we all need to forget what happened and get the best out of it for what we have.

Another thing, look at the situation in handball with COVID-19; we have to take care of that as well. I want all the players healthy. As for the game itself, I do not doubt those guys. They will be asked to do their best. I will try with my knowledge and energy to create a good atmosphere and for the guys to come out and show everything they know. First of all, we are focusing on that first game, which is the most important at the moment."

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Money Talks: Zagreb Basketball Teams Win In Dalmatia

In the first leg of the Croatian Basketball League semi-finals, Cibona won in Šibenik, and Cedevita beat Split