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PHOTOS: Beautiful Locations of Active Šibenik's Sports and Recreation

September 22, 2021 – From cycling and kayaking to hiking and an epic zip line, see the fantastic natural landscape that holds active Šibenik's thrilling offer.

When temperatures ease off, the Croatian coast welcomes a whole different type of guest. Spring, Autumn and Winter is the favourite time for sports enthusiasts and fitness fans to visit. And, few places on the Mediterranean have an offer complete like active Šibenik.

Outside of the peak season, the stunning nature that surrounds Šibenik is free from the bustle of visitors. Cyclists and runners speed by unobstructed. Maybe they'll pass a couple of hikers enjoying the same trails and spectacular views?

St_Nicholas_Fortress.jpgSt Anthony's channel, St Nicholas Fortress and the cycle and walking path that reaches it via an island © Šibenik Tourist Board

In the evenings, during their rest time, active Šibenik's guests have the city's best hotels, restaurants and charming Old Town almost to themselves. They share the cafe, bar and restaurant terraces only with Šibenik residents, relaxing once more now the city is returned to them.

Key to Šibenik's year-round appeal for fitness and sport fans is the city's unique landscape. No place in Croatia has natural assets like Šibenik. It is surrounded on all sides by a remarkable and startlingly varied topography.

Firstly, between Šibenik city harbour and the open Adriatic is a long waterway – St. Anthony's Channel. It is bordered on either side by two huge stretches of wild nature. Then, at the rear of the town, elevated up from sea level and next to Barone Fortress, the area of Šubićevac. Here, the entrance to the vast Šubićevac Forest Park, much of it an untamed, natural landscape. Thirdly, the vast Krka National Park, which lies just 10 kilometres north-east of Šibenik

Active Šibenik: St Anthony's Channel

SibenikfromAnthony2.JPGSailboats and speed boats sharing St Anthony's channel © Marc Rowlands

An epic 2000 metre long waterway, St Anthony's Channel is both a gateway to the open sea and the entrance to the city for anyone sailing into Šibenik. It is 140 – 220 metres wide and is bordered on each side by near untouched Dalmatian nature. On one side, sheer cliffs for one wall of the channel. At the top, dense pine forests, walking, hiking and cycling trails. Also, the famous recreation site of Martinska.

cyclepathsib.JPGCycle paths of Šibenik © Marc Rowlands

On the opposite side of the channel, a very different layout of the land. Here, the pines are much lower and closer to the channel. Between the two, idyllic beaches - the best in Šibenik – line a pathway designated for running, walking and cycling. Those on bicycles drop down from small hills on the interior. After following the path at the side of the water, their ultimate reward is the spectacular St Nicholas' Fortress. On both sides of St Anthony's Channel you'll see incredible views of Šibenik, its harbour and the side opposite.

_MG_9430rygujtkr45.JPGCycling across a section of St Anthony's channel © Marc Rowlands

For those who prefer recreation on the water, St Anthony's Channel is perfect to explore by kayak. It's also one of the easiest ways to discover all of Šibenik's best beaches. Sticking close to the pine-sheltered coast, beautiful sailboats pass you in the centre of the channel, on their way to or from the city.

Active Šibenik: Šubićevac Forest Park

2019-07-24_1627_1.jpgView over Šibenik, with Šubićevac Forest Park at the rear of the city © Šibenik Tourist Board

To visitors, Šubićevac Forest Park is the least famous of all Šibenik's recreational areas. A huge stretch of forestland, much loved by city residents, it rises above the city near Barone Fortress. The section of forest closest to the Šubićevac is designated as a city park. Within this part, you'll find a children's playground, specially designed to be accessible to all, including children with special needs.

jusosibenik3.jpgEasily accessible section of Šubićevac Forest Park © Javna ustanova Športski objekti Šibenik

Throughout this section, designated paths for cycling and walking. Running to the southeast, a much larger area of near untouched forest. Here, a wilderness ripe for runners or hikers to explore. It's worth seeking out the tiny Church of St Michael here.

jusosibenik2.jpgPaths through forest wilderness © Javna ustanova Športski objekti Šibenik

Residents say the very best views of Šibenik come from Šubićevac Forest Park. Certainly, they are breathtaking.

jusosibenik1.jpgThe best views over the city? It's a tough one to call - Šibenik has many contenders © Javna ustanova Športski objekti Šibenik

Active Šibenik: Krka National Park

otok-visovac.jpgIsland in Krka National Park © Šibenik Tourist Board

A series of wide pools, fed by cascading waterfalls, Krka is one of Croatia’s best known and most spectacular National Parks. Famous water features like the unforgettable Skradinski Buk dominate the park's postcard images. You'll find it near the park's most southerly entrance, very close to Šibenik. But, beyond this eye-catching introduction lies a further 109 square kilometers of spectacular National Park to discover. The best way to experience it is by walking, hiking or cycling.

vidikovacgoris02jpg.jpgCountless captivating viewpoints © Krka National Park

Hiking and walking trails of Krka National Park

lozovac01jpg.jpgWalking and hiking trails © Krka National Park

The park's hiking and walking trails give you the most thrilling views of this epic landscape and its wealth of flora and fauna. At the side of the trails, educational panels detailing the plants and animals you pass.

kljucica05jpg.jpgEpic landscape © Krka National Park

There are three circular trails: Skradinski buk (1900 m), Roški Slap (1360 m) and Krka Monastery (2100 m). A walking/cycling trail also leads to Skradinski buk from the Skradin bridge (3400 m), while from Lozovac, it is possible to take a forest trail (875 m) down to the park's longest waterfall.

roskislap10jpg.jpgWalking over waterfalls © Krka National Park

The shortest trail is 300 m long and leads to Bilušića buk, while the longest trail is Stinice-Roški slap-Oziđana pećina and covers 8.5 kilometres. In total, there are 7 spectacular waterfalls to find as the river Krka descends through the park.

Cycling routes of Krka National Park

vidikovac.jpegBreathtaking views on the cycling and walking routes © Krka National Park

Bicycling through Krka National Park is a journey of endless enjoyment. If your perfect cycling route offers stunning landscapes, then this is the place for you. But, if you're curious to learn about the park's cultural and historical heritage, then cycling also helps you unlock these park secrets.

mostrokislap.jpgCycling © Krka National Park

No less than fourteen cycling routes crisscross the park. They are divided into three types:

Road route - perfect for racing bikes and dedicated cyclists

Trekking & family route - a mixture of paved roads and gravel paths, perfect for city bikes, mountain bikes, families with children and cyclists of any age and ability.

Mountain biking route – a mixture of gravel paths and unarranged forest paths, with sharp ascents and descents, designed for mountain bike enthusiasts in good physical condition and with advanced cycling skills.

tonkaijaskradin.jpegCycling above Skradin © Krka National Park

Šibenik zipline

On the northeast corner of the park, stretching across an epic canyon, one of Croatia's most thrilling ziplines. Flying from cliffs hundreds of metres above, so vast is the canyon that you can barely see the thrillseekers at the end of the first line. And, after that, there are still another two to go!

For more information and/or booking any of these activities, visit/contact Šibenik Tourist Board here

For more on great things to do in Šibenik, be sure to check Total Croatia News's dedicated pages here

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Stari Grad: Cycling Through History June 11!

On June 11, Stari Grad is hosting a cycling event, Cycling Through History, to help celebrate the 2400 years of Stari Grad's foundation! 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tour of Croatia Stage Three from Makarska to Šibenik Goes to Giacomo Nizzolo

It is his second stage win after he won the first leg from Osijek to Varaždin

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tour Of Croatia Stage Two Goes to Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish took the overall lead in the Tour of Croatia by sprinting to a comfortable stage two victory in Split.

Friday, 18 March 2016

All Cyclists to Klis on Sunday for the Atrium Spring Trophy

The Cycling Association of the Split-Dalmatia County in cooperation with the BK Spalatum organizes a mountain biking race XCM Atrium Spring Trophy. The race will take place on Sunday, March 20, 2016 in Klis (starting from the Klis fortress).

The race format is XCP (XC marathon) - circular track of 34,3 km. Categories of the race are: ELITE M, ELITE W, SPORT, VETERAN A and B, JUNIOR, VETERAN C, VETERAN D, AMATEURS, ML. JUNIOR.

Applications to be sent at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The whole entry-fee and sponsoring money will be donate to the SRCE NGO from Split.


1st place for women - weekend package for two at the Hotel Atrium Split

1st place for men - weekend package for two at the Hotel Atrium Split

For more information follow the FB page of the Cycling Association of the Split-Dalmatia County.

Here is a short trailer for the Atrium Spring Trophy event:


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Beautiful Nature of Inland Dalmatia - Be Natural, Be Active (Video)

(photo: Screen-shot from the Be Natural, Be Active Video)

There is so much, Inland Dalmatia has to offer in terms of outdoor activities and sports. From hiking and cycling to climbing and wild river sports, there is everything a heart of a true nature-lover longs for. A new video from the Sunce Association (NGO) - "Be Natural, Be Active", co-financed by the Croatian government and from EU funds, will give you a better idea about the endless possibilities of this region.

So, be natural and active, use the existing paths, don′t leave any garbage behind, listen to the sounds of nature - just enjoy its beauty.



Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cycling through Inland Dalmatia and Beyond with the Bicycle Club Vlaji Sinj

(all photos: Biciklistički Klub Vlaji Sinj)


It must be coming from the heart. They would otherwise not spend hours and hours in that weird positions on two wheels in rain and burning sun, through hills and mountains. Guys from the Bicycle Club Vlaji Sinj are one of the best promoters of the beauties of cycling through Inland Dalmatia and they are very kind to share their experiences and precious moments at their FB page. Here is a short overview of their last year. For more, follow them on Facebook..

Monday, 22 June 2015

Up to the Source of Cetina River in Pictures

The 4th Cycling race "Up to the Source of Cetina River" took place on Sunday June 21, 2015 and 300 cyclist from the Cetina area, but also from Split, Šibenik, Solin, Omiš, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Livno and Mostar cycled the route from Sinj town all the way to the Source of Cetina River and back to Sinj. No competition, just getting together to cycle along the beautiful Peruča Lake and through lavender fields and magic roads of the Cetina river area.

This area (as many others in Inland Dalmatia) is just absolutely perfect for cycling and other outdoor activities and I am amazed by the amount of work and enthusiasm of the organisers (Cycling Club Vlaji-Sinj) and participants, who started this tradition four years ago and are passionate about cycling in Sinj region and beyond. They live what they love. You don´t get much better promotion of cycling in Inland Dalmatia than this. Sinj tourist board is aware of that and is supporting and promoting the race by any means they can. These stunning pictures were made by Ivan Alebić for all of us to enjoy.

This is how a normal road in Inland Dalmatia looks like - cyclist on one side, horse-back riders on the other..


And there is always time to make a picture at the Peruča Lake, or a selfie for that matter..

..and to have a friendly conversation while driving..

..and for some sightseeing.

Finally there - hope everyone got to be in the picture, the Cetina Source looks too little for this years participants. Looks like there was enough food for everybody, though.

Some evening fun with live music and band Stella waiting for those cyclist to get back.

The picture below was taken from the Dinarides Trails website - which offers a variety of cycling trails in Dalmatia for everyone to explore.

Great event, wish you many more to come!!