Saturday, 10 July 2021

Obuljen Koržinek Praises Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme

ZAGREB, 10 July 2021 - Culture and Media Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek said on Saturday that the organisation of the challenging programme of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival during the present health crisis and great uncertainty deserved all the praise as it continued the most beautiful festival tradition.

Speaking at a formal session of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival Council, Obuljen Koržinek recalled the exceptional circumstances of the organisation of the festival.

"I hope the audience will see how much effort and expertise it has taken to have such a programme," the minister said.

She added it was not easy to keep cultural institutions in Croatia open during the pandemic, unlike in other European countries.

"It was not easy for us who tried to ensure financial support. But also for artists who often demonstrated in situations that posed a risk to their health that art was their life, and for us art is a vital need. That is the message we sent to Europe and the world. I am proud of the artists but also of the audiences who attended cultural events," said Obuljen Koržinek.

She said there was no artistic life without interaction with the audience and called on people to get vaccinated.

"Amazing things took place online, but we were all touched when we could come to theatres and cinemas. The more citizens get vaccinate, the more cultural events will be able to be organised as before," Obuljen Koržinek said.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival director Dora Ruždjak Podolski said the greatest value of the programme was the insistence on their own theatrical performances, noting that this is what makes the festival stand out.

She added that the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the first in Croatia to get the opportunity to open to the audience with performances of international stars.

Director of Dubrovnik Summer Festival public institution Ivana Medo Bogdanović said the institution was ready to support this year's rich programme in the technical, organisational and logistical way.

"We are also prepared in the epidemiological sense because last year we proved that we can cope with those challenges and I hope everything will go well," said Medo Bogdanović.

The 72nd edition of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival starts on Saturday evening with an opening ceremony in front of the Church of St Blaise. Nearly 70 drama, music, dance, folklore and other events will take place at 15 locations in 47 days of the festival by 25 August.

The budget of this year's festival is nearly HRK 8 million, which is HRK 1.5 million more than last year.

The audience will have to wear face masks and maintain physical distance of one seating space.

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