Monday, 16 May 2022

"Croatia Volunteers" Campaign Involves Young People in Tackling Present Crises

ZAGREB, 16 May 2022 - The "Croatia Volunteers 2022" campaign took place on 11-14 May as part of the European Year of Youth, focusing on the potential of young people in tackling the challenges of current natural and social crises, the Croatian Volunteer Development Centre (HCRV) said on Monday.

The campaign involved 200 organizers and several thousand volunteers in over 90 towns across the country who carried out over 300 activities benefiting the local community. Its aim was to promote the importance and benefits of volunteering for social development.

"This year we wanted to emphasize the potential and strength of the systematic involvement of young people in tackling the challenges of climate change, COVID-19, violence, wars, and the large influx of refugees," HCRV said.

Organizers believe that the unity and solidarity of young people speed up the process of recovery during and after crises, and hope that young people in rural areas will also join their campaign.

Volunteers carried out educational and creative workshops targeted at different societal groups, provided social services, carried out activities aimed at vulnerable groups, took care of animals, promoted environmental protection, and organized scout meetings.

The campaign was carried out in partnership with the Croatian Red Cross, the Croatian Youth Network, and the Croatian Scouts Association.

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Thursday, 24 September 2020

160 Voluntary Activities will be Held, Says VL Daily

ZAGREB, Sept 24, 2020  - In a campaign being held under the slogan "An Important Social Network" until Saturday, as many as 160 voluntary activities will take place all over Croatia, and citizens of Zagreb are helping Cucurje, which had suffered extensive damage in the earthquake, the Vecernji List daily said on Thursday.

The campaign is being led by the Croatian Volunteer Development Centre as part of the "Croatia Volunteers" project, and it encompasses 160 voluntary activities taking place until September 26 in the entire country.

Zagreb volunteers have chosen Cucerje, a suburb located near the epicenter of the earthquake.

The Cucerje Primary School was badly damaged in the earthquake and has been renovated since, and to the delight of its pupils, volunteers from Zagreb have painted the fences, planted fruit trees, and painted a mural on the school building.

"We have been here since April, and when we just arrived, it did not seem as if the earthquake did a lot of damage, but when we entered the houses, we realized that the people had lost everything, which shook us. Some families are still living in container houses and caravans in their gardens, so we are trying to make things easier for them as much as we can," said Jela Prgic Zrnika, head of the Volunteers' Centre Zagreb, as carried by the Vecernji List daily.

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