Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Croatian Travel Festival Celebrates Its 10th Edition in Šibenik

June 8, 2021 - The tenth edition anniversary of the Croatian Travel Festival will be held in Šibenik from June 10 to 13. Dino Rađa and Ivan Pažanin will be guests at the festival for the first time, who will be in the beautiful ambiance of St. Michael's Fortress.

As reported by HRTurizam.hr, the Croatian Travel Festival celebrates its tenth edition this year, and on behalf of the organizers, the travel agency "Croatian Travelers Club", the director and initiator of the festival, Nikola Baraka, said he was proud that this unique concept has grown from year to year and became recognized as a meeting place for travelers and travel writers with an audience that gets to know the world by listening to their stories and watching photos and videos.

"The Croatian Travel Festival has managed to include the city of Šibenik in the travel calendar of many of our famous travelers and travel writers, many of whom return to it from year to year, and this, given how much time these people spend outside Croatia, is a great success, and a great promotion for the destination", concludes Baraka.

This year's edition of the festival will traditionally open with talks with the people of Šibenik on Thursday, June 10. Nino Rak, Darko Gulin, and some klapas from the famous klapa Šibenik, will be the first guests of the festival, on the lawn in front of the club Azimut, which will be the location of the opening, but there will also be other gatherings during the four days. At the same location, Mija Dropuljić, Željko Garmaz and Maja Sajler Garmaz, Tomica Kristić, and the company from the "Putoklinci" platform will tell their travel stories in a conversation with the presenter Vlatka Vužić, and also a couple of people already known to the public: Jurica Galić Juka and Goran Blažević, both of whom will return to the festival with new stories.

On Friday, on this most beautiful stage, Croatia's great basketball player Dino Rađa will share his impressions from traveling during a successful sports career, but also from traveling the world on a motorcycle. On the same evening, the audience will find out what "Love around the world" looks like. This story will be brought to Šibenik by the famous Croatian travel writer and photographer Davor Rostuhar, who, wanting to answer the question "What is love?", Spent his "honeymoon" on the road with his wife.

On Saturday, June 12, the guest at the fortress is the playwright and nomad Jasen Boko, well known to the festival audience since the first edition of the festival. This year, he brings a touch of India to Šibenik, but also impressions from his numerous other travels, which he incorporated into travel books. Chef Ivan Pažanin, who is visiting the festival for the first time, will discover how travel affects his "gastronomic expression and creations". Talks with all of them will be led by journalist legend and travel lover Goran Milić, a guest at the festival's first edition.

The festival will also host the eighth award ceremony of the "Dijana Klarić" award, in five categories: best travelogue, best travelogue photography, best travelogue film, best project, and traveler of the year.

You can follow all the detailed information about the festival program, events, and tickets on the social networks Croatian Travel Festival and the Croatian Travel Club (Facebook and Instagram), while you can see the program of the Croatian Travel Festival here.

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Friday, 24 May 2019

Croatian Travel Festival Taking Place in Šibenik

The Croatian Travel Festival is a project started by the Croatian Traveller's Club in 2012, which aims to bring many of the travellers and travel writers in Croatia to one place, to talk about their travels to among themselves, but also to share their experiences of their adventures with the audience. This year, the festival will last for a full week, from May the 20th until the 26th, in four different locations in Šibenik.

33 lecturers will hold 23 lectures about their travels, there will be a food workshop, an eco-workshop, a travel book fair, a screening of a well-liked travel documentary, a travel pub quiz and a concert by a famous Croatian band Pavel - and many other activities will be organised during the week of the festival.

On the first day of the festival, on Monday, it all got started with the beginning of group action of cleaning the seabed in the bay around Šibenik, which will go on for two weeks - longer than the Croatian Travel Festival itself, and an evening discussion of how to protect the world's seas and oceans from microplastic. On Tuesday, the lectures were about diving and global heating.

For the first time, Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish will present his RokOtok project (which we've already written about) on Friday evening, and on Saturday, the highlight of the festival is taking place: one of the most famous Croatian journalists and travellers, Goran Milić, will interview the star guest of the festival, British writer and documentarian, best known for his documentary Walking the Himalayas, Levison Wood.

That will happen on one of the most impressive stages in the world, at the Fortress of St. Mihovil. Tickets for the evening can be purchased here. On Sunday, you'll be able to hear from a Croatian couple who travelled to North Korea, as well as take a free guided tour of Šibenik.