Friday, 5 November 2021

Hungarian Olympic Swim Coach Ivan Petrov Cooperates with Croatian Swimming Federation

November 5, 2021- Top swimming coach Ivan Petrov, who led the national team of Hungary four times at the Olympic Games, signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Croatian Swimming Federation.

Ivan Petrov will transfer his knowledge and experience to Croatian swimming coaches as well as to swimmers, reports T.portal.

The first joint activities have already been done at the preparations held in Pula, as well as at the first Grand Prix competition Jadran GP, which this year was held in Šibenik instead of Split.

Petrov is currently with the Croatia swimming team at the European Swimming Championships in Kazan, Russia.

As the coach of Hungary, Petrov participated in the Olympic Games four times (2008, 2012, 2016, 2020). Behind him is a celebrated coaching career, numerous World and European Championships, and other international competitions, in which his swimmers won the world and European medals and broke the world and European records.

In addition to working with the national team since 2013, Petrov is the head coach of the Gyori Uszo SE club.

His work has been recognized by the World Swimming Federation (FINA) and the European Swimming Federation (LEN) which have included him as a member in their Coaching Boards.

The cooperation with Petrov is one in a series of activities of the Croatian Swimming Federation that are being undertaken to return Croatian swimming to the top of the world swimming scene.

T.portal reported earlier this week that the president of the Croatian Swimming Federation, Vladislav Veselica, with the help of his closest associates and the World Swimming Federation (FINA), the umbrella world water sports organization, has launched several great projects that should produce new medal winners at big competitions.

"I can already announce that FINA will train Croatian swimming coaches in its educational centers," explained Veselica for T.portal, and announced the development of a Croatian swimming strategy.

"The strategy will cover several key areas of development, but they are all aimed at bringing together a community of athletes and professionals around swimming, from those entering the pool for the first time to the Olympians, who will build the sport together, but also the whole society we live in. We want to look up to Budapest, the city of a hundred pools, and cover the whole of Croatia with top swimming facilities, Olympic pools, and not semi-solutions in which it is not possible to train well and hold competitions. The long-term goal is to build a national swimming center," revealed Veselica's ambitious plan.

"But it's not all about building infrastructure, we will invest in coaches, their expertise, as well as in modern technological solutions that are used today by swimming superpowers, and are not yet used in our country. We will also dedicate an important part of the strategy to educating athletes about nutrition and training."

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Friday, 2 July 2021

Two Croatian Swimmers Secured Their Spots at OI Tokyo 2021

July 2nd, 2021 - Croatian Swimming Federation announced the two swimmers who qualified for this year's Olympic Games in Tokyo, Croatian swimmers Ema Rajic and Nikola Miljenic! 

Both swimmers have had a busy year of training and meets from the European Aquatics Championships in Budapest to the Croatian Nationals to qualify for the Olympics. 

Ema Rajić gained the right to perform with the achieved Olympic B norms result, with a 1: 08.17 in the 100m breaststroke and 25.96 in the 50 m freestyle. As no other Croatian swimmer qualified for the Olympics with the A norm, Ema Rajić gained that right as the swimmer with the most FINA points won this season. In an interview with TCN, Ema stated her next goal is to qualify for the Olympics 

Ema Rajić was born in 2000 in the States and is a student at Berkeley University, where she studies genetics and genomics. She has dual American and Croatian citizenship and has been swimming for the Croatian national team since 2019. Her home club is the Dubrava Swimming Club from Zagreb.

Croatian swimmer Nikola Miljenić, a member of PK Medveščak, swam the A Olympic norm in the 50 meters freestyle and secured a spot to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Miljenić, for the first time in his career, went under 22 seconds in the 50 meters freestyle, which secured him a ticket to Tokyo. The Olympic A norm is 22.01, and Miljenić swam 21.95, improving his personal record by 27 hundredths, on the last day of the Golden Bear meet. 

Nikola Miljenic (23), born and raised in Zagreb, is a student at the University of Southern California (USC) majoring in international relations. He has been a part of the Croatian Swimming Federation since 2015. 

Earlier this week, the Croatian Swimming Federation has announced that, unfortunately, Franko Grgic and Marin Mogic will not be joining Ema and Nikola in Tokyo this summer due to injuries. 

We wish Ema and Nikola the best of luck in Tokyo this summer! 

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