Friday, 17 May 2019

Split Police to Approve Placement of New Surveillance Cameras

Big Brother may well be watching you in and around the wider Split area as local police approve a significant number of brand new surveillance cameras in numerous locations within that aforementioned area of central Dalmatia in the name of heightened security.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 17th of May, 2019, the Croatian police in Split-Dalmatia County will issue their approval if all of the necessary conditions for the placement of the new surveillance cameras are met, and if they deem that the setting of the new video surveillance system will positively affect the level of general security of people and property.

The Split Police Administration has stated that approvals have already been issued for the installation of new surveillance cameras in the nearby areas of Trogir and Solin.

As Slobodna Dalmacija reports, as of the beginning of 2019, the Split Police Inspectorate has issued two approvals for the placement of video surveillance systems in Trogir in 23 locations and in Solin in a further 10 locations. Before the new approvals came, Solin had received police approval for three cameras, and this year Solin requested a police review of locations where the administration could set up three times as many such devices.

Should local police give the green light to the new surveillance camera locations and agree that their placement would be beneficial to the area's overall safety and security levels for both people and for property, then all of the approvals will be given. In previous years, licenses were granted to Split for fifteen different locations, Solin received approval for three locations, Makarska got the green light for six locations, Hvar was okayed for twelve locations, Sinj was approved for one and the Lovreć Municipality received approval for four locations.

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Monday, 25 March 2019

Police Help Tunisian Illegal Migrant Mistakenly Believed to Be Pregnant

ZAGREB, March 25, 2019 - Police found in the Plješivica Mountain area on Sunday 15 persons from Libya and Tunisia who had illegally entered Croatia, including a Tunisian illegal migrant woman who they claimed was pregnant, and transferred them to Gospić – the woman to the hospital because of her poor condition and the rest to the police station.

In the evening, the hospital notified the police that the woman was not pregnant.

Speaking to Hina on Monday, hospital head Sandra Čubelić said the woman was born in 1985 and that she was brought in for emergency treatment because she was exhausted and mildly dehydrated. The woman was released after receiving intravenous therapy, she added.

Lika-Senj County police spokeswoman Maja Brozičević told Hina the 15 migrants had illegally entered Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina. "They will probably be deported, unless one of them says their life would be in danger upon returning to the country of origin and applies for asylum in Croatia."

Asked if the information that the woman was pregnant had been a misunderstanding or a deliberately false report, Brozičević said the border police in Korenica was notified around 1.30 p.m. on Sunday about several persons in the Plješivica Mountain area, including a heavily pregnant woman.

The police, she said, found "13 men, one child and one woman and the migrants were shouting and repeating that the woman was pregnant, and later we heard that she was wrapped in several blankets. Pregnant or not, we helped them all and are acting in line with national and European legislation."

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Fortress Europe: Video Interviews with Croatian Police, NGOs, Migrants

There have been several allegations of Croatian police brutality against migrants attempting to enter Croatia from Bosnia and Hercegovina in recent weeks. Redfish media interviews the Croatian police, migrants and NGOs in an on-site documentary, released on November 18, 2018.

The recent report by The Guardian alleging Croatian police brutality against migrants on the border with Bosnia and Hercegovina (you can read more about that and the police response here) brought the issue of migrants trying to enter the EU into the international spotlight. A second, more detailed look at what is happening on the ground has been released by redfish media, a documentary report which talks to all sides of the problem - migrants, NGOs and the Croatian police, as well as asking if the tactics allegedly being used on this EU border are part of an agreed policy by the EU. redfish introduces the video, as follows:

"Everyone seems to have forgotten that refugees are still trying to find a safe home in Europe. Its borders are heavily fortified, and even when refugees manage to get in, more and more people are reporting that European border police are torturing, beating and illegally deporting refugees back out of the European Union. Meanwhile, the mainstream media and politicians deflect attention to "problems" caused by refugees inside the borders of the EU..

"redfish travelled to the border between Bosnia and Croatia to meet those victims of Fortress Europe for whom nobody seems to speak up anymore."

About redfish:

We started redfish to create a platform for the people who are at the heart of their own stories and to acknowledge that those stories are always part of a big picture which connects us all. - Visit the redfish website to learn more.

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