Friday, 31 July 2020

760,000 Tourists Currently in Croatia, No 'Ferragosto' this August?

July 31, 2020 - According to e-visitor data, there are currently 760,000 tourists in Croatia, of which 126,000 are domestic. Most are from Germany, said Kristjan Stanicic, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, on Thursday.

T.portal reports that in addition to Stanicic, the coordination meeting of the Croatian National Tourist Board, with the tourist boards of Split-Dalmatia County, was attended by the director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Josko Stella, and 34 representatives of tourist boards of cities and municipalities from Split-Dalmatia County.

"Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties are the most affected because air traffic has decreased because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am glad that we currently have intensified air traffic. I believe we can be more optimistic in the coming weeks, as we will intensify marketing campaigns in certain markets and do our best to do this tourist season the best we can," said Stanicic.

He pointed out that marketing campaigns are underway in Germany, Austria and the UK. "Currently, we record the most guests from our most important markets - in the first place is Germany, followed by Slovenes, Austrians, Czechs, Poles and Hungarians," said Stanicic.

When asked how he commented on the negative campaign towards Croatia from some European countries, in which Croatia is placed on the list of undesirable countries for the arrival of guests, Stanicic said that it was part of the market competition because some competing countries had significantly lower tourist traffic than Croatia this year.

"We react to negative PR promptly and immediately through the network of our representative offices and publications in foreign media. We react with concrete, continuous positive campaigns and try to mitigate negative signs about Croatia. This is all the context of market competition by our competitors, which are below ten percent of this year's tourist traffic compared to the same period last year, while Croatia this year is cumulatively at 45 percent compared to the same period last year," said Stanicic.

Referring to 'Ferragosto', during which a large number of Italians traditionally come to Croatia, Stanicic said that given the situation in Italy, it is "irresponsible and unserious to expect" that Italians will come to us in numbers this year as before. "We must be aware that the situation in Italy is not good," he added.

The director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Josko Stella, pointed out that in July this year, the number of overnight stays was 53 percent compared to 2019, and that there is a tendency to increase if the epidemiological situation remains stable.

He also said that there were almost as many Germans in the county as last year, i.e., 96 percent compared to last July. "Almost all Germans who were in Split-Dalmatia County last July came this year as well," he said.

Responding to a journalist's remark that the British, who have been the most numerous guests in the Split area in recent years, are almost non-existent this year, Stella said that marketing actions had been taken in the British market to encourage them to come to Split-Dalmatia County.

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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Croatia Recording 40% of Last Year's Traffic, Says National Tourist Board

July 23, 2020 - The director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB), Kristjan Stanicic, said on Wednesday that Croatia was a hit tourist destination and that tourist traffic was already recording 40 percent of last year, and they hoped for further growth. At the beginning of the corona crisis, they did not expect numbers greater than 30 percent.

Vecernji List reports that the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board held a coordination meeting with the director of the Zadar County Tourist Board, Mihael Kadija, and 28 representatives of the county tourist boards of cities and municipalities at the Kolovare Hotel.

On that occasion, he pointed out that in this time of crisis, they focused on the nearest markets - Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, given that the Croatian coast is mostly an auto destination, which is an excellent thing at the moment.

"We conducted several promotional campaigns in foreign markets, and given the epidemic, we focused on the nearest markets in our area. The proximity of these markets to Croatia, and especially to Zadar County, is now a big plus for us. Growing figures show that Croatia is a hit destination. At the same time, we are ready to respond to articles in foreign media that are focused on keeping domestic tourists within the borders of their countries," Stanisic said.

When asked by the press how he commented on the fact that the Netherlands put Croatia on the orange list, without concrete data on how many people have been infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks, he said that it is difficult to give any estimates for the season to continue.

"I believe that the situation will change soon, because every 14 days the list is updated, and the number of infected in our country is declining. I also believe that in good communication and the epidemiological situation, we will return to the green list. As for the criteria, they are not unique for all countries," said Stanicic and emphasized that this is only a recommendation of the Netherlands that their citizens go into self-isolation upon their return from Croatia.

Stanicic also presented the promotional activities carried out by the Croatian National Tourist Board to position Croatia as a safe tourist destination in the current market circumstances and future activities, which will, among other things, include the adoption of new bylaws and regulations that will further improve and regulate tourism processes. The director of the Zadar County Tourist Board, Mihaela Kadija, pointed out that the Zadar area is still a hit destination, and the numbers are much better than what experts predicted in March.

"Our figures are excellent. We planned to reach 30 percent and realized 67 percent of last year's tourist traffic, of which 60 percent is commercial traffic. As for events, we appealed to partner tourist communities to agree with their organizers a customized program with adherence epidemiological measures. Everyone is of the same view, and that is that we must be responsible," Kadija said.

The coordination meeting also discussed the development of the system of tourist boards with an emphasis on tasks and roles at the local and regional levels and the nautical segment, and announced a performance at the WTM tourism fair to be held in London in November.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

In First Half of 2020, Croatia Achieved 30% of Last Year's Tourist Traffic

July 1, 2020 - The Croatian National Tourist Board announced the latest tourist numbers for the first six months of 2020, which show that Croatia has achieved 30% of last year's tourist traffic.

In June this year, 892,000 tourists who came to Croatia realized 4.8 million overnight stays, which is 32 percent of the overnight stays realized in June 2019. This shows that in June and across the first six months this year, overnight stays have dropped about 70 percent, announces the Croatian National Tourist Board.

"Given the circumstances around the world and in Croatia, we can be satisfied with the realized tourist traffic, which is in line with our estimates. It is important that out of 1.6 million tourists who have stayed in Croatia since the beginning of this year, we have not had any cases of infection in tourists," says Croatian National Tourist Board Director Kristijan Stanicic.

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In the first six months of this year, domestic tourists achieved the most overnight stays, which once again confirms how they've been rejected, especially this year. Of course, about 2 million domestic guests cannot replace the 20 million arrivals of foreign tourists, but they certainly can and should be a great base for the pre- and post-season.

On the contrary, domestic tourists are the bearers of tourism in the interior of Istria, and thus saved the season for various facilities in commercial accommodation, holiday homes, restaurants and wineries in inland Istria.

Thus, domestic tourists in the first half of this year accounted for 31 percent of total overnight stays, which is the highest among all markets and a rarity in the last more than ten years.

Foreign tourists accounted for 69 percent of total overnight stays, with most achieved by Slovenes (26 percent), followed by Germans (25 percent), and Austrians (9 percent), and tourists from BiH and the Czech Republic (7 percent each).

By type of accommodation, most overnight stays or 73 percent was realized in commercial accommodation, of which 30 percent in household facilities, 20 percent in hotels and 16 percent in camps. Twenty-four percent of the total six-month overnight stays were realized in non-commercial accommodation, and 3 percent in the nautical charter.

In the continental part of the country, 12 percent of total overnight stays were realized, most of them in Zagreb, which is the leader among all destinations in Croatia, ahead of Rovinj, Vir, Medulin and Porec.

Adriatic counties are still leading with a total of 88 percent of overnight stays in the first six months, and among them, most overnight stays or 25 percent were realized in Istria, followed by Primorje-Gorski Kotar with a share of 21 percent and Zadar and Split-Dalmatia County making up 15 and 13 percent in total overnight stays.

Announcing that tourist demand and traffic are expected to increase in July and August, especially from Central Europe, Stanicic adds that these are the markets of Germany, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, and that stronger demand for hotels is expected.

"Although the epidemiological situation at the global level is constantly changing, tourist flows have started and people have started to travel following new circumstances and are adhering to epidemiological measures. Croatia is partly favored over the competition, because it is accessible by car from major European markets, offers a diverse structure of accommodation, and still has a favorable epidemiological situation," said Stanicic.

All things considered, Stanicic estimates that at least a third of last year's record result can be achieved in Croatian tourism this year, but he also expects further recovery of tourist flows and gradual strengthening of traffic within Europe, while accustoming citizens to changed circumstances in which they travel and spend their holidays, as well as the adaptation of the tourism industry to the circumstances of the pandemic and the establishment of better air connectivity of major markets and destinations.

"We hope for good results in the off-season, in September and October, when we could achieve results better than a third of the turnover of the same period last year, and if circumstances allow, the first wave of tourist travel from distant markets could begin at the end of the year," said Stanicic.

He also expects that in July and August, when numerous airlines operate, positive tourist trends will show throughout Croatia, with an emphasis on destinations in central and southern Dalmatia, because most flights are announced by airlines for the summer to Split and Dubrovnik airports, and to Zadar, Pula, Zagreb and Rijeka.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Croatian Tourist Board Office in Great Britain Comments on British Interest in Croatia

June 30, 2020 - Darija Reic of the Croatian National Tourist Board Office in Great Britain comments on the air bridge and British interest in Croatia. 

Over the last few days, the media has been talking about negotiations between Great Britain and specific European destinations on the so-called "air bridge", including Croatia. On Sunday, the story received additional media focus, as well as concrete official outlines.

Namely, Priti Patel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Dailymail that negotiations are underway with individual countries, regarding the establishment of an air bridge without quarantine, and that the ministry is working "overnight" to achieve them.

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Most importantly, there is a great demand, and travel agencies from the UK are overwhelmed by the demand for travel to Europe, as well as Croatia.

As Patel points out, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to enable Brits to go on vacation to the safest destinations without quarantine for 14 days, and it is expected to come into force on July 6.

HRTurizam spoke with the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Representation in Great Britain, Darija Reic, about the possible air bridge as well as the interest in Croatia from the UK market.

When asked about the interest in Croatia in the British market, Reic pointed out that Croatia ranks high as a safe destination, since the beginning of the pandemic, and even today.

"In the last two days since the news was announced about the categorization of destinations to which it will be possible to travel from Great Britain without the need to quarantine on return, there has been increased interest in Croatia, which has been ranked high as a safe destination since the pandemic. Airlines operate their programs in accordance with the decisions and recommendations of the Government, and we already have flight announcements from the beginning of July to Pula and Rijeka, and from mid-July to Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. The representative office in Great Britain also records high interest and increased number of inquiries from the public, especially last weekend," Reic points out.

As for the negotiations on the air bridge, they are conducted at the state level, and the CNTB office in London, as Reic points out, continuously communicates that we are open to British tourists and that Croatia is a safe destination, ready to receive guests.

Considering the corona situation, but also the economic crisis, the question is how much it has left a mark on the financial power of British tourists who are known as guests with high consumption. According to the research Thomas Summer 2017, tourists from the United Kingdom are right behind tourists from the USA in terms of the highest daily consumption per person - 139 euro. And in the past few years, consumption has certainly grown even more, thanks to the large number of young British tourists who have visited festivals on the Adriatic.

Reic points out that the British are extremely careful about the value of money, and logically, as well as their reduced travel budget, following COVID-19. "Britons traditionally like to get more for their money, and in light of the pandemic and weakened economic power, it is to be expected that price will be a strong motivator in choosing a destination."

What is important at the moment is concrete negotiations at the state level, not just media speculation, and there is great interest in Croatia from the UK market. More official positive news can be expected in the coming days around the air bridge between the UK and Croatia. 

To better position itself on the UK market, Reic points out that the CNTB campaign is underway in the UK market, and that the British will currently look for smaller tourist locations or "hidden gems" that are very common on the Adriatic coast and islands.

“Split, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and the Neretva Valley are traditionally the favorite regions of the British. What many certainly want to experience is, for example, a visit to Dubrovnik without the usual crowds. In light of the pandemic and social distancing, tourists will look for smaller tourist locations and 'hidden gems', which are very common on the coast and islands, and they should be given special attention to communication activities. Well-known specialized travel magazines have authority and weight, and national newspapers mostly have sections dedicated to travel that serve as an inspiration to readers, with a huge reach, especially online. Nowadays, when we really spend a lot of time on mobile phones and laptops, online communication is crucial, and interactive content such as video ads attract special attention," Reic concluded.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

HTZ: Most Flights to Croatia Announced from Germany, Benelux and France

June 4, 2020 - The Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) announced that Croatia has positioned itself as a safe and desirable tourist destination thanks to its excellent epidemiological situation, which is confirmed by numerous airline announcements.

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, which still has a strong impact on international tourism trends, Croatia has additionally positioned itself as a safe and desirable tourist destination due to its excellent epidemiological situation in the international market. This is confirmed by numerous announcements of airlines that will connect Croatian destinations with key markets during the main summer months. According to information gathered by the Croatian National Tourist Board through its representative offices, most flights have been announced for the second half of June and early July for the airports of Split and Dubrovnik, as well as for Zadar, Pula, Zagreb and Rijeka. Most flights to Croatian destinations were announced from the markets of Germany, Benelux and France.

"Most tourist traffic in Croatia is realized through road traffic, i.e., through arrivals by car, which, with a share of about 75 percent, is the most common way to come to our country. However, in recent years, Croatia has positioned itself as an air destination, and this is especially important in the current circumstances in which our offer, safety, but also transport accessibility we have to fight for our share in the tourist market. Awakening air traffic again will help Croatian destinations, especially Dubrovnik and Split, to be more accessible to many travel enthusiasts," said Croatian National Tourist Board director Kristjan Staničić.

Among the announced routes to Split are Austrian Airlines flights from Austria, Luxairtours, Transavia and easyJet from Benelux, Transavia and easyJet from France, Condor and Eurowings from Germany, easyJet and Wizz Air from Great Britain. Confirmed is also a Croatia Airlines flight that will connect Split with Rome from mid-June. Austrian Airlines flights from Austria, Luxairtours, TUI, easyJet, and Brussels Airlines from Benelux, Transavia and easyJet from France have been announced for Dubrovnik, as well as flights from Germany, Hungary, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

According to the announcements, Ryanair, Luxairtours and easyJet will connect Zadar with the Benelux market, while Ryanair will also connect this Croatian destination with German destinations, including Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe and Cologne. According to the announcements, Pula will be connected with Ryanair, Luxairtours and easyJet flights to the Benelux market, and flights from Paris, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and London have also been announced. Flights from the markets of Germany, Great Britain and Benelux have been announced for the airports of Rijeka and Zagreb.

We would like to remind you that Croatia Airlines, in addition to the existing international routes from Zagreb to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Zurich, will also offer flights connecting the Croatian capital with Brussels, Munich, Sarajevo, London and Rome from June 15, from Zagreb to Dublin on June 16, and to Vienna from June 18.

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Monday, 1 June 2020

Croatian National Tourist Board Tempts Future Guests with New Promo Video

June 1, 2020 - The Croatian National Tourist Board is conducting a large promotional campaign titled 'The Vacation You Deserve Is Closer Than You Think' in seven European markets - Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

Dalmatinski Portal writes that the campaign will be active during June and July, and is carried out by intensive advertising on Facebook and Instagram, advertising on YouTube, placing ads through the most-watched TV channels, most read portals and newspapers in each market and through outdoor advertising on billboards, city lights and digital panels.

Promotional materials and ads created for advertising are adapted to all six language variants and include tourist products that are best accepted in certain markets and are the motive for the arrival of guests at this time of year, namely the sun and sea, nautical tourism, natural beauty, active tourism through cycling and camping, but also the cultural offer. As part of the campaign, a new promotional video of 30 and 15 seconds was created, which will be used for advertising on online and offline channels in these markets.

"The first reactions to the launched campaign are extremely positive and we believe that they will encourage our traditionally loyal guests from the surrounding markets to spend their holidays in our country. Along with the campaign we are conducting, on a daily basis, we communicate to numerous partners, tour operators, agents and tourists through the network of our Representative Offices the latest information on the possibilities of crossing the Croatian border, the readiness of accommodation facilities to receive guests, and epidemiological guidelines on beaches, swimming pools and restaurants. With each new day, optimism is slowly awakening and I believe that in the end our tourist traffic during June, July and August will be much better than we hoped a month ago at the height of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic," said CNTB Director Kristjan Stanicic, noting that when good epidemiological conditions and a positive atmosphere for travel are created, the same campaign will be launched in the markets of Italy, France and the Netherlands.

Markets that are primarily air destinations for Croatian tourism, such as Great Britain, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, are targeted through the campaign 'Enjoy The View From Croatia', in which all stakeholders can participate with their photos and videos.

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Monday, 25 May 2020

Croatian National Tourist Board Launches New Campaign: Enjoy the View from Croatia

May 25, 2020 - Following the #CroatiaLongDistanceLove campaign, the Croatian National Tourist Board launched a new communication platform titled 'Enjoy the view from Croatia' to promote Croatian tourism further.

"Welcome to 'Enjoy the view from Croatia', where you can enjoy the countless unique beauties of Croatia in one place. The past months have been challenging. For the sake of each other, we stayed in our homes and thus showed togetherness.

Although distant, here we are together, united in love for the crystal-blue Adriatic, sun-soaked beaches, centuries-old customs, and cheerful people who make every holiday special.

Let's forget about the worries. Let's swim in the virtual waves of Croatia and enjoy the flavors and aromas that we have transferred to the screens in the hope that the hardest is behind us and that we will see each other as soon as possible!

Dear hosts, we would like to add your photos or videos to our gallery. Send us the most beautiful scenes from where you are and together, we will show the world that Croatia is waiting for you, more beautiful than ever and ready to create new memories!" writes the Croatian National Tourist Board about its latest campaign.

vidikovac-makarska-optimizirano-za-web-vjeko-begovic - #_0.jpg

Namely, HRTurizam reports that the Croatian National Tourist Board invites you to participate in the project by sending photos or videos, which will be included on the CNTB platform. The photo or video should be sent to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you use Instagram, you can send the photo/video to the enjoytheview_fromcroatia profile, use #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia or mention @enjoytheview_fromcroatia. You can also share your photo or video on Facebook and Twitter using #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia.

The Croatian National Tourist Board especially invites hosts to send a picture or video to their guests via the inbox of the booking service they use, and write #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia in the message. Also, the CNTB advises adding a private message if desired (example message: We hope you are well, our vacation is not the same without you!) In the message, share the link to the website so that they too can enjoy the most beautiful Croatian views. If there is a story behind your photo or video that you would like to share, feel free to add a short description.

More information about the Tourist Board's new campaign HERE

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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Leading German Tour Operators and Airlines Want to Bring Germans to Croatia

May 13, 2020 - Leading German tour operators, including TUI, are interested in achieving part of the season in Croatia, which is among the destinations that could be booked for the summer, with airline arrangements, according to the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Noting that the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) and its German representative offices are constantly and proactively communicating with the German market and partners about the possibilities of cooperation and the arrival of German tourists in Croatia this summer, HTZ Director Kristjan Staničić said that Croatia was mentioned in communication with the leading media in that market as a possible destination for summer vacation, primarily because of the excellent results in preventing the spread of coronavirus and as a destination that can be reached relatively quickly by car.

Apart from these trips, there is interest in "air bridges", i.e., the arrival of tourists by tour operators and airlines, however, for any travel from Germany, warnings for travel abroad will first need to be lifted in that country. This is expected in mid-June, and according to some information for some destinations, planes could be ready around June 10. Still, it will all depend on the epidemiological picture in Germany and the countries where tourists would travel.

According to Staničić, the President of the Management Board of TUI, Fritz Joussen, believes that it is necessary to distinguish destinations with conditions for receiving guests from those that are still out of reach, marking Croatia as a destination that meets the requirements.

"Assumptions and interest of TUI and other German tour operators for the arrival of German tourists in Croatia certainly exist, as well as to realize part of the season and minimize their own losses. Interest is also present among individual German tourists, with whom we also constantly communicate through networks and offices," says Staničić.

However, how, when and with which transport these trips will be realized is still being negotiated. As specific destinations will undoubtedly be out of the reach of organized tourist traffic through agencies and tour operators, Staničić believes that there will be enough air capacity to provide charter flights or regular airlines to individual destinations. Without presenting plans to invest in that market in the new circumstances, Staničić reminds that for years HTZ has been cooperating with leading German tour operators and airlines (TUI, FTI, ID Riva, RSD, Eurowings, Condor and others), and believes that some projects can be achieved.

"These companies use our communication messages all the time, as well as the new #CroatiaLongDistanceLove concept, and as soon as adequate conditions are created in the German market, we will conduct a targeted online campaign for certain groups of tourists and residents of the southern German provinces, which start at the end of June and the end of July, depending on the individual German province," reveals Staničić.

He adds that in Germany, as well as in other markets where they plan to carry out promotional activities, they will certainly use the current image of Croatia as a safe and 'corona free' country.

Asked about estimates and expectations from the most important market for Croatian tourism, the HTZ director believes that we could achieve up to 30 percent of last year's record turnover, when Germans could travel abroad again after June 14.

TUI and other major German tour operators are currently showing similar interests for Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and Austria, whose governments, according to information from German tourist circles, are negotiating with the German government on the possibility of establishing air tourist bridges after the Germans are allowed to travel.

These circles also claim that this should be agreed or negotiated at the government level, and Croatian Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli said earlier this week that Croatia had begun negotiations with Germany on tourism.

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

HTZ: Belgian TV and Paris Vogue Recommend Croatia for Summer

May 7, 2020 - Belgium VTM television and Paris-based fashion magazine Vogue have recommended Croatia as an ideal summer destination.

The Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) reports that one of the most-watched commercial Belgian television companies, VTM, published a two-minute bit in Tuesday evening's news highlighting Croatia as a "corona free" destination.

The video states that some countries, such as Croatia, Greece and Portugal, have an excellent situation related to the coronavirus pandemic, which was accompanied by images of the Croatian coast and islands from the latest Croatian National Tourist Board communication concept #CroatiaLongDistanceLove.

"Former Belgian Genk footballer Frane Bućan commented on the current situation in our country for Belgian television, pointing out that Croatia organized excellent defense against the coronavirus and that Croats were extremely disciplined in implementing all prescribed measures," said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Office in Belgium, Ivan Novak.

They also point out that the well-known fashion magazine, Paris Vogue, published a photo of the diving board at the Kolovare swimming pool in Zadar on its Facebook profile, which is followed by more than five million people, with the description "a sunny afternoon in Croatia sounds ideal". The author of the photo is famed photographer Cameron Hammond, who described the creation of this idyllic photo as follows: “Many ask me if the scene was directed. My wife Rachel and I visited Zadar for the first time and watched the children jump into the sea for hours. Rachel went for a swim and stopped to get a better look at the diving board, and I just caught her with my camera."

Croatian National Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic is satisfied with the recent announcements about Croatia in prestigious foreign media.

"Positive announcements greatly contribute to the image of our country as a safe destination and increase the visibility of Croatia on the tourist map of the world. We hope for the positive trends to continue, but also for the arrival of guests in our country when all the necessary conditions are met," said Stanicic.

The Croatian National Tourist Board reported this week that they had prepared four new videos for social networks on the topic of gastronomy, natural beauty, active tourism and culture, through which they continue to implement the new communication concept #CroatiaLongDistanceLove. The first video published on social networks was on the topic of natural beauties in Croatia.

The #CroatiaLongDistanceLove concept has so far been viewed by more than 1.5 million users, with the most views and comments in the markets of Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

The video has been viewed more than 40,000 times on YouTube, while the #CroatiaLongDistanceLove tag has been used more than a thousand times on Instagram.

The number of fans on 'Croatia Full of Life' channels has been growing in the last month. For example, in April alone, they reached almost four million people Instagram, more than nine thousand comments, 740,000 likes and more than 5,000 new fans, said the Croatian National Tourist Board.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Croatian Tourist Board Publishes 4 New #CroatiaLongDistanceLove Videos

Coronavirus has seen Croatia close its borders to everyone except citizens and legal residents with addresses they can prove they have in the country. The tourist season is in question, and this segment is Croatia's strongest economic branch, accounting for almost 20 percent of GDP. While it is currently not possible for foreign tourists to visit, the Croatian Tourist Board has launched the #CroatiaLongDistanceLove campaign, which allows you to admire Croatia from afar until travel is made possible.

As Morski writes on the 5th of May, 2020, the Tourist Board (HTZ) has prepared four new videos on the topic of Croatian gastronomy, natural beauty, active tourism and culture, through which it continues to implement the readily-accepted new communication concept of #CroatiaLongDistanceLove. Promotional activities in the next period will take place in the four aforementioned segments.

The first video published on social media was on the topic of Croatia's incredible and diverse natural beauty. You can watch it below:

''I'm extremely glad that our communication under the label #CroatiaLongDistanceLove is achieving excellent results, which is evidenced by the great level of interest of our followers on social networks, but also the American, German, Austrian and Hungarian media who shared it to their viewers and readers.

We've started with the second phase of the concept, within which we're working to especially promote certain segments of the Croatian tourist offer for which we're known far and wide, such as Croatia's natural beauty, cultural heritage, and also gastronomy. Through these one-minute videos and their accompanying content, we'd like to remind our followers of the exceptional beauty that Croatia has to offer and let them know that they are welcome in our country as soon as the time comes that they're able to plan a trip,'' stated the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Stanicic.

Follow our travel page for more on the online activities of the Croatian Tourist Board, Croatia's amazing destinations along the coast and in the continental part of the country, travel updates, flight news, and much more.

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