Friday, 25 February 2022

A Taste of Croatia at London’s Borough Market

February 25, 2022 - Croats in London: are you after the familiar delicacies of Croatia, whether it'd be cheese or ajvar? Trying to introduce your friends or acquaintances to the food of your country? Look no further than Taste Croatia, the dedicated stall of Croatian food at drink at London’s Borough Market.  

Located in London Bridge (just outside the tube station of the same name), the market has a number of stalls selling different types of British and international food. Among these is Taste Croatia, a family-owned deli company established in 2010 by Ana Maria and Chris Stewart, sourcing quality products from some of Croatia’s finest food productions and presenting them to the UK.


Image: Vivi Albert

The market offers everything from Croatia’s famous cheeses like Paški sir (sheep’s cheese from the island of Pag), to prosciutto from Šibenik, olive oils from Istria, and preserves from Split, including honey, fig and orange jam, and more. Among the available foods are also a variety of truffle products, including cheese, oil, chips, butter, and mayonnaise, Bajadera chocolates, and Croatian wines like Dalmatia’s Plavac wine. And of course ajvar, the classic Croatian spread made from pickled red peppers, and the condiment Croatians are known to pair with every food ever. 

Because these are upmarket food products imported from abroad for a small business, they come at a higher price, so be sure to budget if you plan to pay the stall a visit. But that comes down to the hard work of the stall owners, who aim to provide a bit of everything from different corners of Croatia, from Istria to Dalmatia to Slavonia. They aim to represent their country in the best way possible, ensuring their regular and new customers have the finest Croatian products all year round. And their effort has clearly paid off - their roasted pumpkin seed oil and dried fig & lavender jam won Taste Croatia two Great Taste Awards in 2017.

Taste Croatia also has a stall at Primrose Hill Market, as well as an online shop for those located elsewhere across the UK.

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Friday, 8 May 2020

Market vs. Social Distance? Đurđevac says: Market With Social Distance!

May 8, 2020 - Markets are sources for many people when it comes to fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, and much more. So, how is the market in Đurđevac coping in the second week of reopening?

Visiting markets is a part of the weekly, maybe even daily routine for a large number of people. While many markets needed to close their gates due to measures, people were left not only without fresh food but maybe without the familiar faces of their favorite sellers.

The market in Đurđevac used to be open every Thursday, and as one of the locals said: "This must have been difficult for them during this period of the pandemic, especially because the beginning of spring brings many more customers that buy plants for their personal gardens."


Joubert Loots visited the market in Đurđevac and told us information about every measure this market took. Besides the fact they had dedicated entry and exit points, the number of people inside was monitored - just like in every other store lately.


Most of the stalls had sneeze guards installed for added safety so you can sanitize your hands on every corner.

Maybe one of the best indicators that people from Đurđevac were missing their market was a long queue outside the market area. 



Although most people are still equipped with masks, gloves, and sellers with a partition between them and customers, life is slowly returning to normal.

Many thanks to Joubert for the submission. You can check out his portfolio of photography here.  

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