Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Croatian Luxury Tourism Becoming More and More Popular

May the 17th, 2022 - Croatian luxury tourism is becoming more and more popular with visitors from across the globe owing of course to Croatia's stunning coastline, but also because of one other important factor.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Eastern European agents now consider rich and untouched nature, as well as fresh clean air a huge advantage when it comes to luxury tourism and what those with deeper pockets are on the lookout for. Croatian luxury tourism is, as a result, very much on the radar globally.

The segment of so-called luxury tourism has proven to be the most resilient to the crisis which the unprecedented global coronavirus pandemic caused. Although it occupies only a small share in the total traffic, the revenues from this type of tourism are very noticeable, as reported by HRT.

"We noticed that not only Dubrovnik but the whole of Croatia is becoming increasingly popular as a place for luxury holidays. We realised that this is the right time to promote it as a luxury destination,'' said Alexander Vanyukov, the organiser of the Adriatic Luxury 2022 event.

"For this luxury segment, we're still not an expensive destination, we're still cheaper than Italy, I don't know, Sardinia, Spain, the French Riviera, we're still cheaper than all these destinations," said Iris Domazet, the owner of a travel agency in Dubrovnik.

"Safety, comfort, good service, this is what our clients most often ask for and they can find it all in Dubrovnik. In addition, Azerbaijan has its own sea, but it is completely different from this beautiful one here,'' said Rufat M. Hajiyev, President of the Board of the Association of Travel Agencies in Azerbaijan.

Back in pandemic-dominated 2020, a significant increase in the number of Ukrainian guests was recorded in the Republic of Croatia, especially those with higher purchasing power. Clients of Ukrainian agencies may have now left the war zone that Ukraine has tragically become since February, but not the habit of travelling.

"Most of them, mostly women and children, have now left Ukraine. They found accommodation elsewhere in Europe. Certainly, when the school year ends, they will want to go somewhere on holiday somewhere because this is something which is completely normal for all of them during the summer,'' said Anastasia Netrebchuk.

Meetings of hoteliers and travel agents as part of the Adriatic Luxury 2022 conference, which will be held in Istria next year, could soon open some new markets to see Croatian luxury tourism as a lucrative segment for the future.

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Saturday, 29 January 2022

Tesla's Nest: Luxury Lika Resort Construction Began, As Did Problems...

January the 29th, 2022 - Tesla's Nest, a luxury Lika resort which was due to spring up in Croatia's green heart, more precisely in Lovinac, encountered issues as it was being constructed. A true Croatian tale of red tape suffered by well-known investor Goran Strok.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Tesla's Nest in Lovinac was supposed to be the a luxury Lika resort owned by investor Goran Strok. Construction began almost three years ago and envisions an investment totalling 15 million euros in luxury wooden houses on an artificial lake was planned. Construction halted halfway through. The project is still hampered by financial issues, but also by a problem that was far from actually expected, according to a report by HRT.

The biggest problem of this colossal tourist investment in Lika's potentially excellent elite tourism sector was the artificial lake that was losing water. Several project changes have sucked up millions, the end is still far away, but the people of Lovinac aren't losing hope for this luxury Lika resort.

''If everything was done properly, I don't know if there would be anything better than that anywhere in Europe,'' pointed out Vojo from Lovinac.

''We and our children would have a place to work and that would mean a lot to us,'' added Ankica, also from Lovinac.

This luxury Lika tourism project envisages seventy larger and smaller villas with two restaurants, all of which would be maximally sustainable and powered by green energy. Seventy employees, mostly local people, would find work there, but everything got stuck in the complex process of closing the new financial structure.

''Unfortunately, we've approached the figure of 25 million euros and now those five million pose a problem. I think that HBOR has lost its appetite with us,'' said investor Goran Strok. Regarding the potential of this project, but also to help complete it, Strok addressed the Lika-Senj County Prefect.

''Of course, we still stand behind that project and we think it should be realised in this area, we'll become lobbyists for every positive investor,'' Prefect Ernest Petry stated.

If HBOR will not stand by the investor, it doesn't mean Strok or his luxury Lika tourism project which would revitalise this shamefully overlooked and abandoned but gorgeous part of the country will be shelved.

''I've never lost in my life, neither in sports, nor in business, nor during my 40 years spent in England, I've been married for 53 years, I'll push this project through, even if I die doin it,'' claimed a doggedly determined Goran Strok.

He did however point out that this is one of the most difficult projects in his career in which he started eighteen hotel houses, but he believes that by the end of the year, if all of the funds are raised, everything should be built as planned.

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