Monday, 16 May 2022

Hotel Valkane Construction in Pula Causes Issues for Local Government

May the 16th, 2022 - The announced construction of the five-star Hotel Valkane, with the investor being a Serbian media mogul, has caused quite the reaction among locals in Pula, with the local self-government unit there now torn between giving it the green light and saying a resounding no.

As Morski writes, the construction of a 5-star, 7-storey hotel on a popular promenade by the sea has raised a real storm in Pula and shaken up the city government. Does the city need another huge hotel or not, and is the lungomare (the city's promenade) really the right location for that? The reactions are as strong as they are mixed.

Hotel Valkane's investor, otherwise a Serbian billionaire and media mogul, wants to build the aforementioned hotel which would be worth half a billion kuna. The mayor has given the idea a thumbs up, but Pula locals are allegedly less than thrilled about the idea.

''We sincerely hope that Hotel Valkane will be completed within the next three to four years. There's no talk of deforestation, causing damage to the promenade or anything of high value. On the contrary, the ''hole'' that was once used should be returned to function,'' said Zoran Kostic, the project manager of "Hotel Valkane".

Pula's city councilors are generally not opposed to the idea of the construction of Hotel Valkane, except for those from the political party Mozemo (We Can!)

''Mozemo! has already initiated the third changes to the urban development plan of the promande, which can remove the hotel or reduce its size,'' the president of the Pula City Council Dusica Radojcic told HRT.

Most of Pula's local residents are allegedly not happy at all about the construction of this massive hotel

''It's not that it shouldn't be built, but maybe not in this place, maybe we'd rather build a sports centre or something like that here, use it a little better, build a better stadium, than build another hotel here. It's just a little too big, that hotel, in my opinion the two floors above should not protrude over everything as they would do,'' are just some of the comments of Pula's residents.

Despite the apparent dissatisfaction of the local residents he represents, Pula's mayor sees no issue...

''This is an excellent development project, the first five-star hotel that will be environmentally sustainable, one that won't touch any of the trees in the forest and has all the predispositions to be a new development point in the City of Pula and preserve the space we're in,'' said Mayor Filip Zoricic.

Mozemo is currently insisting on a referendum on building Hotel Valkane. They've warned that the entire part of the Pula coast has been privatised in a murky way and are as such calling on state institutions to do their jobs and investigate this matter more deeply.

With Pula's residents and Mozemo apparently vehemently against the hotel's construction, but with the mayor and the city government willing to give it a green light, will a referendum be held in which Pula's citizens might say no to the hotel, or will the investor get a location and construction permit and start building it? Time will tell for Hotel Valkane's fate.

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Friday, 13 May 2022

Croatian Company Valamar Turning to Solar Power for Hotels

May the 13th, 2022 - The Croatian company Valamar, which is huge and very well known in the tourism sector, is turning more and more towards solar power to provide electricity to its hotels by the year 2025.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Darko Bicak writes, the development of tourism in Croatia must be sustainable and be guided by the principles of the benefit of everyone and the environment, not pure profitability. This and more could be heard at the presentation of the cooperation between the Croatian company Valamar and E.ON recently in Porec.

It was emphasised that energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are one of the most important focuses of this principle.

SaIvana Budin Arhanic, a member of Valamar's Management Board, explained that they have been investing in renewable energy sources for years now, and currently they produce about about six percent of their own electricity. Over the past four years, Valamar has invested a total of 400 million kuna in energy efficiency projects.

"The amount of total electricity produced from RES corresponds to consumption on the island of Sv. Nikola in Porec and the tourist resources located here are completely covered from that source. However, the Croatian company Valamar, as a corporation, exclusively buys green energy, which in turn allows us to maintain the highest environmental EU standards,'' said Budin Arhanic. Alen Benkovic, Valamar's senior vice president for technology, pointed out that the 2nd and 3rd phases of the RES development project in Valamar are already being prepared.

"The plan is that by the year 2025, 20 percent of our consumption will come from our own sources. It's clear that there are many administrative and technical obstacles, but the goal is ambitious and we really do hope we manage to achieve it. It's more and more about respecting the environment and about ecology, but also security of supply and the price itself,'' said Benkovic.

Vedran Belamaric, Director of Energy Solutions at E.ON Croatia, pointed out that the project with the large Croatian company Valamar launched 2.5 years ago was very logistically demanding.

"This is a very innovative business model that includes a kind of ESCO, or BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model, so that at first the power plant is ours, until the sale of energy pays off, and then becomes the property of Valamar. It's a technically very demanding project that includes 26 locations with 68 facilities, installed capacities of 3.5 MW, which means about 5 GWh of electricity produced per year,'' explained Belamaric.

He added that they have significant problems, both in Istria and in the rest of Croatia, with bureaucracy and there are a number of solar power plants that have been built, but due to "paperwork" still can not be put into operation. Some of them have been waiting to be put into full function for more than a year now. The situation is almost the same with investments made by companies as with power plants installed by people themselves.

E.ON has implemented or is implementing about 50 projects across the Republic of Croatia for business users with a total installed capacity of 40 MW solar power plants, and they also have a large number of households in their impressive portfolio. Andreas Rorig, President of the Management Board of E.ON Croatia, pointed out at the aforementioned recent event in Porec that solar energy has the most significant growth potential in the coming years in Croatia.

"Istria and Dalmatia have 40 percent more insolation compared to, for example, Munich, creating the same percentage of earlier return on investment. By installing home solar power plants, we've helped our customers achieve energy efficiency and independence, and we're continuing to develop smart and diverse energy solutions tailored to the needs of modern households. Together with our business customers such as Valamar Riviera, Pliva, Zito Group, Bauhaus, Gavrilovic, Atlantic and other industry leaders and sustainability leaders, we're working hard in order to realise the solar potential of the Croatian market and shape that market together.

Throughout 2022, we're going to invest at least 12.5 million euros through BOT models with energy purchase agreements (PPAs) with our customers. In addition, we expect more than 25 million euros to invest in other solar projects that we're currently working on,'' concluded Rorig.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Renovated Hotel Diadora Zadar to Boast Underwater World

April the 12th, 2022 - The renovated Hotel Diadora Zadar will boast some spectacular new facilities aimed at promoting the interest of children in marine biology. A new ''underwater world'' will undoubtedly make this Zadar hotel stand out from the rest.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, the Family Hotel Diadora in the Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala has received a fifth star, and this summer the first guests have more than 1250 m2 of space waiting for them. This huge area will be primarily for children's entertainment, new children's playrooms, dormitories for children, multimedia and cinema halls, renovated rooms and spacious suites, the new Acquapura SPA wellness world, numerous sports fields and a swimming pool with slides, the company announced.

“The project of reconstruction of the existing four-star Hotel Diadora Zadar required a very specific approach, with an emphasis placed on design and content adapted to children. All 230 rooms and suites, as well as all the surrounding spaces and playrooms, are specially adapted for families, from sizes to decorations. The playrooms, rooms and other spaces are filled with interactive entertainment for children, and the goal was to create the most fun family place on the entire Adriatic,'' stated Otmar Michaeler, the CEO of the Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group.

''The main theme of the renovated Diadora Hotel Zadar is the truly unique and innovative underwater world, this interesting concept of marine biology will allow children to explore the underwater world with the Falky mascot, through games and entertainment, and at the same time educate children and adults about the importance of preserving the underwater environment and maintaining our seas and oceans,'' the company said when explaining the philosophy of this ''edutainment'' concept. In 2023, a large Aquapark will also be built as part of the wider resort.

The company as yet isn't disclosing the amount of investment in this reconstruction.

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Friday, 8 April 2022

ALH to Transform Cavtat's Hotel Supetar into Boutique Hotel

April the 8th, 2022 - Cavtat's Hotel Supetar is set to be transformed into a small boutique hotel under the Adriatic Luxury Hotels (ALH) brand.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, this summer, Adriatic Luxury Hotels (ALH) will bring a hotel brand in the segment of small luxury boutique hotels to Croatia's southernmost town, under which the newly renovated Hotel Supetar will operate.

The investment worth almost two million kuna per room includes a thorough renovation of Hotel Supetar, which had three stars before its reconstruction, but is located in a top location in Cavtat. The hotel will join the luxury offer developed by ALH, mostly in nearby Dubrovnik, and this is also the largest investment of this hotel group this year.

As reported by the ALH earlier this week, the renovation of Hotel Supetar in Cavtat is proceeding according to plan, and after a complete and extensive reconstruction of the hotel, this summer will see the openening of a completely new look as a high category heritage hotel.

“As part of the investment, cooperation with one of the world's leading brands is planned in order for Hotel Supetar to be placed on the prestigious list of exclusive boutique hotels, combining historical charm, respect for rich cultural heritage and modern luxury designed for the most demanding clientele that values ​​privacy and exclusivity. By investing in the thorough renovation of Hotel Supetar, Adriatic Luxury Hotels is continuing with its business policy of continuous investment in the quality and repositioning of their hotels, and thus raising the value of the destination,'' they stated from the company.

Complete restoration

Although they aren't yet ready to name this mysterious global brand they're bringing to Cavtat, their Dubrovnik hotels Excelsior and Bellevue are known to be part of the worldwide chain of independent hotels Small Luxury Hotels (SLH), which has about 520 hotels across more than 90 countries.

Hotel Supetar is located on Cavtat's beautiful and serene waterfront, in an original three-storey private villa from the 1920s, overlooking the open sea and Cavtat bay. After this complete renovation, Hotel Supetar will have 16 elegant and individually designed rooms. It will be built in a typical traditional style, with lush Mediterranean gardens and airy, spacious areas, and the interior will be an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and eye-catching architectural and art deco details.

The new hotel will also have a swimming pool located in the southern part of the hotel surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean garden, as well as a lounge bar. Special attention will be paid to the gastronomic offer, meaning that the hotel will have a restaurant with Mediterranean specialties where authentic dishes will be served in a romantic al fresco setting with an outdoor terrace, and a newly opened Wine Club will offer a selection of the best wines with a selection of selected specialties.

Of the additional facilities, Hotel Supetar will offer a complete 24-hour concierge service.

''Dream Collection''

This will be one of the 5 ALH hotels operating within the portfolio of the so-called "Dream Collection", namely Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik, Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, Hotel Supetar, Villa Agave and Villa Orsula.

ALH is developing two more products, within the "Escape Collection" are Grand Villa Argentina, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik, Hotel Croatia Cavtat and Villa Glavic, and Hotel Odisej Mljet is the only one in the "Unwind Collection". In addition to membership in SLH, Excelsior, Bellevue and Kompas are members of the global travel club Mr & Mrs Smith, and the Vapor restaurant at the Bellevue Hotel has been recommended by a Michelin guide for 4 years.

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Saturday, 2 April 2022

New Sukosan Hotel and Campsite With 1000 Bed Capacity on Horizon

April the 2nd, 2022 - A brand new Sukosan hotel and campsite is ''brewing'', with a 1000 bed capacity and high hopes for the tourist season.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in the area of ​​Tustica, just outside the settlement of Sveti Petar towards Sukosan, a brand new hotel and campsite with a capacity of 1000 beds will be built, along with various beach facilities, a promenade, one berth and mooring availability for 200 boats. The above was published on the official website of Sveti Filip i Jakov.

“The new urban development plan (UPU) of the catering/hospitality and tourist zone is extremely important for the residents of Sveti Petar, on which we've been working intensively for the past couple of years. After getting the green light from the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property, UPU was unanimously accepted by the Council, which will significantly affect the better standard of local residents, especially when it comes to demographic renewal,'' said Mayor Pelicaric in conversation with Slobodna Dalmacija.

Amendments to the UPU were made by the company Volat from Posedarje, and the brand new zone will include micro-destinations (Babac, Rastane Donje, Rastane Gornje, Sikovo, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Sveti Petar na Moru and Turanj) which will thus be able to develop in a far better way in terms of tourism. The building land includes the northeastern part of the catering/hospitality and touristic area near the Adriatic Highway and a recreation zone with a mooring and a beach in the southwestern part.

"The new Sukosan hotel and the campsite are being planned to be within the economic zone for catering/hospitality and tourist purposes, while in the recreation zone, a well-kept sea beach and mooring availabilities are being planned. The catering/hospitality and tourist zone also includes a unit for the construction of a new hotel with a minimum of four stars in the western part and a zone for the construction of a campsite in the eastern part, while the accommodation capacities of the catering/hospitality and tourist zone is 1000 beds in both hotel and camp facilities.

In the T1 hospitality and tourism zone, at least 70 percent of the accommodation units must be within the new hotel building, and a maximum of 30 percent in the annexes. Within the zone covered by the plan, it is mandatory that we build an intersection and two underpasses for the needs of public pedestrian access to the coastal part and the planned road access to the port," he stressed.

In addition to all of the above, within the spatial unit T3, the construction of a new campsite is planned, and all of the necessary facilities for the complete provision of services in that spatial unit must be realised on the planned building plot.

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Sunday, 6 March 2022

Jadran Crikvenica Investments to Result in Welcome Employee Pay Rise

March 6th, 2022 - Jadran Crikvenica investments which have been being pumped into this hotel company will now finally result in pay rises for employees.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, the company Jadran Crikvenica will increase its staff salaries by 12 percent from April the 1st this year, as was agreed between the social partners of the Trade Unions of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia and STUH with that company's administration.

In addition, workers in hotel operations for the most intensive period of the season, ie from June the 1st to September the 30th, will have their net salaries increased by six percent, and all workers for the months of June, July and August will be paid an additional bonus of 1,000 kuna per month, or, depending on how well the season goes, payment is possible for September as well. The move follows intensive Jadran Crikvenica investments.

Recognising the concerning continuous increase in fuel prices, it was agreed to increase the transport fees, and in addition to workers with a contract of indefinite duration, the right to additional health insurance, which includes an annual preventive systematic examination (with any needed treatment), will now be exercised by permanent seasonal workers. as well as workers with an employment contract lasting one year or more.

Depending on the course of the season and the results achieved, by the end of the year, Jadran Crikvenica investments will result in additional sums of cash being paid out, such as Christmas bonuses, holiday pay, kids' bonuses and so on.

As was pointed out in a recent announcement from the Trade Union, with such an increase in salaries and other agreed material rights of workers, Jadran d.d. Crikvenica has approached the salary amount of workers in major tourism companies across the Republic of Croatia, after years of stagnation due to bankruptcy and a period of recovery after bankruptcy, when the greater focus was primarily placed on investment in facilities and less in staff.

"If it weren't for the coronavirus pandemic, we're convinced that workers' salaries and working conditions would be even better. At SIKD, we're satisfied with the agreement reached, especially due to the new circumstances which have arisen in Europe. We expect that the tourist season will be good, and we believe that this is just the beginning of a step forward in a significant increase in wages and other material rights, and that the Jadran Crikvenica has finally become a recognisable and desirable company, not only for tourists but also for workers,'' they said from the union.

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Friday, 14 January 2022

Seven Croatian Hotels Hold the ''HolidayCheck Special Award''

January 14, 2022 - The largest independent travel web portal in Germany, HolidayCheck, has recognized seven Croatian hotels with the HolidayCheck Special Award for their top-quality offer, service, and great reviews from guests.

HolidayCheck provides reservations based on guest reviews, as well as up-to-date information on destinations around the world.

All hotels have to meet a series of strict criteria in order to enter the competition for the award. One of the stricter conditions for winning this award was the high level of recommendations of hotel visitors, which exceeds 90 percent. The survey was conducted based on 360,000 reviews of 2021 vacations, and a total of 619 hotels in 27 countries boast this recognition.

According to HrTurizam, seven Croatian hotels that have been recognized with the "HolidayCheck Special Award": Hotel Plaza Duće, Miramar in Opatija, Valamar Padova on Rab, Bretanide Sport & Wellness Resort in Bol on Brač, Valamar Parentino in Poreč, Aminess Maestral in Novigrad, and in seventh place is the Plaza Hotel in Omiš.

“This award is a great achievement for the entire team of the Aminess Maestral Hotel, without which such success would not have been possible. We want to provide our guests with an unforgettable holiday experience and service at the highest possible level at all times. We are proud that our guests recognized and rewarded it. Each of their praises encourages us to be even better", said the director of Aminess Maestral Hotel Mateo Žiković and added that with this important award, the travel company Aminess and Aminess Maestral Hotel once again confirmed that their service guaranteed to every guest is extremely high.

Aminess facilities have won a number of prestigious awards and recognitions that testify to their top-quality offer, service, and high guest satisfaction.

Under the Aminess brand, there are hotels, campsites, and villas of high category in Novigrad in Istria, Krk, Korčula, Pelješac, and recently in Makarska. It is a total of 13 hotels, 4 camps with more than 450 mobile homes, 92 apartments, and 80 villas, which can accommodate more than 13,000 guests daily.

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Sunday, 19 December 2021

Croatian Hoteliers Seek NYE Concessions Amid Pandemic Rules

December the 19th, 2021 - Croatian hoteliers are seeking concessions from the National Civil Protection Directorate as epidemiological rules remain in place, limiting their time of operations to midnight on the clock. They're after ''wedding rules'' in which they can remain in operation until 02:00.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, unlike back on New Year's Eve 2021, in which celebrating was practically banned for Croatian hoteliers and others in the catering and hospitality sector due to then then very strict epidemiological measures, a welcome to 2022 is on the cards for many Croatian hoteliers, with great interest shown so far from guests.

However, this year isn't really going very smoothly either, because according to the current measures of the National Civil Protection Directorate, gatherings are still allowed only until midnight, so unless something alters, it won't be possible to test that glass of champagne we all enjoy without the risk of a penalty. That's why the Croatian Hotel Employers' Association appealed to the Directorate back in November to set out some different, more relaxed business conditions which are in force at the moment for weddings only one night, and that the party should be allowed to go on until 02:00, confirmed Bernard Zenzerovic, the director of the aforementioned association.

"We conducted a survey among the members of our association and it turned out that a little more than 200 hotels will be opened for the New Year festivities, and we hope that there will be more guests here than last year. But when it comes to organised New Year’s Eve parties, we have an operational problem because we don’t know how we can work, and guests want to know what awaits them when they arrive at the hotel. Our proposal to the Civil Protection Directorate is to organise that one night according to the ''wedding regime'', to make it possible for people to enter with valid covid certificates, to report the gatherings to the Civil Protection Directorate and to be allowed to work until 02:00. We believe this is a reasonable and rational proposal given the context. We're in contact with the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and the Civil Protection Directorate, and we have information that the decision on this matter will be made next week,'' explained Zenzerovic, adding that since the beginning of the pandemic, Croatian hoteliers have proved themselves as very responsible.

Currently, Croatian hoteliers are advertising what their offers are differently, most of them aren't clearly defining how long they intend to keep things running, but the programmes typically show that they are counting on ''wedding regime'' working hours. Many have live music, a late breakfast offer, and some even communicate quite openly that the fun will continue after midnight.

''Liburnia invites you to an unforgettable party in Opatija, announcing that the big celebration and New Year's Eve will be held in a spectacular place with the most beautiful view of the Mediterranean, with a five-course menu and live music,'' reads one such tempting offer.

Welcoming in 2022 with Maja Suput...

That offer might work as an instant way to turn some people off, but still... the luxurious Maistra Grand Park Hotel is also announcing a 5-course dinner, New Year's Eve with live music, and after midnight a party and late snacks in the Viva Eufemia lobby bar. The New Year's Eve 2022 party at the Olympia & Olympia Sky hotels is announced with a performance from Maja Suput, and a replay of the welcome is even planned one day later. Valamar's website clearly states that their programme of events in Porec is subject to changes in accordance with the epidemiological measures that will be in force at the time of the event, and currently each event seems it will definitely end at midnight.

It will also offer a New Year's Eve programme at noon, intended for families with small children, and the Spinnaker restaurant will host a New Year's Eve dinner with 7 courses, with a glass of champagne for a toast at midnight.

So far, the agencies are selling New Year's arrangements well and aren't currently recording cancellations, but everything is still on a slippy surface and depends on the epidemiological situation.

"We've noticed a great level of interest from both the organisers and guests for the New Year's packages and so far there have been no cancellations, but we are aware that there could be if the situation with coronavirus becomes more complicated. This weekend there was unofficial information circulating around that Istria is canceling things, but we called the hotels there and no one is planning to do so yet. We received a number of packages from the hotel that we can sell as a welcome, the rest can only be sold as accommodation if there are free rooms left. In this way, Croatian hoteliers have limited the number of people gathered at the New Year's celebration itself,'' they said from Azur tours.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Croatia is Key Market for New Sustainable Quartz Inn Hotel Chain

November the 23rd, 2021 - The Republic of Croatia is a key market for the new Quartz Inn hotel chain, and the move could finally kickstart Croatia's more sustainable ambitions as a tourist destination, as this chain places an emphasis precisely on that.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, after the recent official presentation at the London Tourism Fair WTM, a new European hotel brand will be launched in around one month, the new Quartz Inn Hotel chain for independent sustainable hotels, and one of the main markets they plan to expand to is Croatia, where they're already negotiating with facility owners.

The was confirmed to the above-linked publication by Ignacio Merino, the co-founder and director of the Quartz Inn Hotel chain, revealing details of the expansion to at least 100 hotels across Europe. Quartz Inn Hotels Ltd. was founded by Spaniard Merino and Dutchman Alexander Zawadzki, both of the men have extensive experience in the hotel industry, as well as with online travel agencies and travel startups.

“We're the first sustainable hotel brand for independent hotels in Europe, our goal is to connect sustainable accommodation from all European countries, while preserving the authenticity of each facility. We're helping hotels become ''green'' and creating a more sustainable tourism industry. By joining our brand, hotels gain greater international visibility, which leads to higher revenue and more direct bookings,'' explained Ignacio Merino of the business idea that came to him in the midst of a global pandemic, partly as a result of the crisis it caused.

"Independent hotels have been hit hardest and don't have the same resources as larger chains do in order to properly overcome this situation. We talked to many people and decided to form a community that will support them. Through our partners, we provide them with the latest technology to manage things for them, covering all commercial areas, such as OTA distribution, connectivity, marketing, online reputation, online sign-up, additional sales, reservations and revenue management, to optimise hotel prices and maximise benefits,'' he explained.

They also offer members a free academy for hotel owners and their staff. It will focus in particular on direct bookings to bypass online platforms and expensive commissions, ensuring more revenue for hotels and a better deal for guests. Hotel owners aren't charged a fee to enter the Quartz Inn Hotel brand and they promise the lowest commission on the market, depending on the services the hotel wants to provide. In addition, the goal is for each property they're associated with to become a brand shareholder.

“Hotels make up our brand, so they deserve to own part of the Quartz Inn Hotel chain itself. Depending on the number of shares and the length of the cooperation agreement, we will determine the amount of shares that we'll assign to each owner,'' said the co-owner of the brand whose name is inspired by the mineral quartz, which has is very hard and is claimed to purify energy.

In addition to hotels, guesthouses and holiday villas are also welcome to join the chain. So far, they have dozens of contracts signed across Europe, and in 2022 they plan to conclude with at least 100 facilities in the Quartz Inn Hotel chain. Although they say their focus is primarily on sustainability, the propositions for members don't seem too strict, the main goals sound rather generic - to reduce energy and water consumption and eliminate the use of disposable plastic in rooms, all while encouraging sustainable healthier eating habits and contributing to local culture and economy.

That said, if a certain facility doesn’t meet the criteria, they can still work with them, and they'll be helped and provided with technology to grow and aid them in becoming much more sustainable. Once they reach the sustainability standards of the Quartz Inn Hotel chain, they incorporate them into their portfolio. Chain members get keep their names, but are free to add a brand name to it should they so wish. They're completely focused on Europe, and Croatia is one of their main markets, they consider it an attractive coastal destination and a paradise for nature lovers.

“I visited Zagreb for the first time back in 2009, and learned more about Croatia while working in a hotel in Munich with several Croatian colleagues who were proud of their country and recommended many places to me. Since then, I've visited not only places on the coast, but also many national and nature parks. We want to offer our guests a wide selection of conscious and sustainable accommodation. We're currently in talks with several hotels from Istria and Dalmatia and I sincerely hope that Croatia will soon become part of our hotel family,'' concluded Ignacio Merino.

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Thursday, 30 September 2021

October Looking Promising for Croatian Hotels, Vital Segment Revived

September the 30th, 2021 - The month of October in Croatian hotels looks extremely promising indeed, in some cases exceeding the pre-pandemic period. One vital segment for Croatian hotel business at this time of year is also making a comeback.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, the autumn occupancy of Croatian hotels this year will, as stated, exceed the pre-pandemic period, and this has been well and truly confirmed by the Bluesun Hotels & Resorts group, whose hotels are open due to demand almost until the end of October. They also report a strong return of congress guests and events.

"With the arrival of September, due to the beginning of the new academic/school year, the structure of our guests changes, and there is a change in the motive for coming, it's not just the sea and the sun anymore. These are guests who require much more additional content, are much more active, much more mobile, more inclined to explore their destinations, the hinterland, the interior of Croatia... They're also usually more involved in sport, more dedicated to themselves, and therefore more into exploring local gastronomy and using the wellness facilities,'' said Stjepko Sosic of Bluesun Hotels & Resorts.

As such, the company put the offer of sport, gastronomic and wellness facilities and packages in the foreground, and in their promotion they addressed couples and individuals, who are the most represented in this period of the season because they want to avoid the biggest crowds and the brutal Croatian summer heat.

In addition to the above, regardless of the fact that the whole of Croatia has been on the ECDC red list since the beginning of September, it seems few people pay attention to it and new reservations are still coming in on a daily basis. "In some terms for the end of September, we had to stop selling due to lack of capacity. Considering that the weather was very nice through September, a large part of the guests extended their stays by a few days compared to the period they initially booked,'' added Sosic.

Currently, in Bluesun's nine open hotels, six of which are on the Makarska Riviera, and one campsite, in addition to an increasing number of individual guests, are sports and fitness groups.

"At the end of September and through October, we have numerous MICE (meetings, incentives, congresses and events) events in our hotels with congress facilities. MICE is much stronger this autumn than we expected and there's been a strong demand from the corporate environment, and we're especially pleased with the recovery of this sales segment, which is extremely important for the extension of the season. These are working meetings and mostly Croatian companies from the field of medicine, the IT sector and the pharmaceutical industry,'' revealed Marija Benjak, the head of direct, group and MICE sales for the company.

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