Monday, 16 November 2020

8th Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference Held Virtually for First Time

November 16, 2020 - The eighth Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference was held on November 12 and 13, for the first time virtually and in English. Visitors followed the discussion of Croatian and international health experts through a special mobile event application, YouTube, and Facebook channels.

HRTurizam reports that the Crikvenica Health Tourism Conference was successfully organized again this year by the Crikvenica Tourist Board and the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, and the co-organizers were Thalassotherapia Crikvenica and the Terme Selce Polyclinic.

The conference has traditionally been supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Health, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Kvarner Tourist Board, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Crikvenica.

"Croatia's strategic focus is on the further development of our health tourism, which has great potential for contributing to year-round tourism. In addition, Croatia has all the important comparative advantages for this form of tourism that we will use in the period ahead," announced Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac, welcoming all organizers, sponsors, and participants of the eighth conference on health tourism.

The first two days of the conference achieved over three thousand views.

“It is imperative to promote the possibilities and quality of health tourism in Kvarner, but also in the whole of Croatia, through such international conferences. I believe that in the future, health tourism will become one of the most profitable branches of tourism in Croatia," said Professor Ivan Đikić.

The focus of this year's conference was on how the pandemic affects health tourism, i.e., the current market situation, new practices and opportunities in the field of health travel, and the field of promotion and communication, as well as what can be expected in the future, that is, in the so-called post-COVID period.

"We are glad that the conference has grown beyond the national framework through this way of presentation, and that we have brought the conference, but also Crikvenica as a health destination, closer to the world. What we knew, and what we have now confirmed, is that it is necessary to work on connecting at all levels, from national to local, for Croatia to become a recognizable destination for health tourism. Emphasis should always be placed on the quality of health services and the certification of health institutions, especially in this COVID and post-COVID time, which many panelists emphasized at CIHT. Also, we need to work on branding Croatia as a destination for health tourism, which should then rely on local brands," concluded Marijana Biondić, director of the Crikvenica Tourist Board and with great optimism, invited all participants to the ninth CIHT conference in Kvarner, in Crikvenica, from November 4-5, 2021.

You can watch the video of the first and second day of the conference below:



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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

From the UAE to Zagreb and Croatia for Medical Treatment

For a long time now, we've been trying to show and tell people that Croatia is far, far more than just the sun and the sea. Sure, the sparkling Adriatic and the warm climate is of course a big draw for many who take to Croatia's beautiful coastline every summer, but those who think that's all that this incredible little country has to offer are sadly mistaken.

I'm not just talking about the more encouraging numbers of tourists starting to uncover continental Croatia, Eastern Croatia and the country's various hidden gems, but about the Croatia which lies outside of the tourism bubble entirely, well... almost.

Tourism makes up a large part of Croatia's GDP and there's no denying that it is by far the country's strongest economic branch, this is not always a particularly positive thing and owing to it, Croatia has been plagued by enormous seasonality in terms of the economy and the labour market. Unemployment traditionally drops quite suddenly and by a significant amount during the run up to the bustling summer tourist season, especially on the coast, and then rises once again come the end of October thanks to the attempted lengthening of the tourist season, if not before.

Now a victim to a demographic crisis, mass emigration thanks to the country's membership of the EU's single market and a strange paradox in which there are no jobs but plenty of would-be employees but also many jobs and nobody who wants to do them, it's becoming more and more obvious that despite it being the country's strongest economic branch, relying almost entirely on tourist money might not be the best plan. 

So, what else does Croatia have? It has some excellent doctors and nurses and many truly outstanding medical facilities. As Croatia tries to position itself as much more than ''just sea and sunshine'', medical tourism, or perhaps better to say ''health tourism'' has begun to take off, and with some promising results. Just recently, Donald Trump's first wife, Ivana, was in Zagreb for eye surgery at the well known Svjetlost clinic, where she underwent a procedure to restore her vision to normality and afford her a life without glasses and/or contact lenses. People like Ivana catch people's attention, and she's just one of many who have found their way to Croatia for a procedure of some sort.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes on the 29th of April, 2019, tourists from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are increasingly travelling to Croatia and love luxury hotels and villas, and the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) is set to present Croatia's rich tourist offer at the ATM Arabian Travel Market in Dubai on May the 1st, 2019.

In the scope of the above, HTZ Director Kristjan Staničić met with media and partners such as WEGO, Medical Ozone, AVIAREPS, Jordan's Tourism Organization, Meetin and Think Strawberries.

"Presenting Croatia on this market and cooperation with the UAE has multiple effects for Croatian tourism and for the economy, and the direct air link between Zagreb and Dubai with Emirates has led to an increased demand from business travellers, as well as tourists from East Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and then even Australia,'' he said.

There are also high expectations from the new Fly Dubai line, which will link Dubrovnik and Dubai from June the 2nd to October the 13th.

Citizens of the UAE realised 25.5 thousand overnight stays in Croatia last year, and most of them came to Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. They are typically demanding guests who love a touch of luxury and are travelling more and more.

In addition to HTZ, there are seven co-exhibitors, TZ Zagreb, TZ Dubrovnik-Neretva County, NP Plitvice Lakes, HUP, Amathus Travel Croatia, Abacus Tours and Jung Sky.

Zagreb will be presented in Dubai as a city break, as well as a health tourism destination.

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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Ivana Trump Undergoes Successful Eye Surgery in Croatia

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 26th of April, 2019, Ivana Trump, President Donald Trump's first wife, has been staying in Zagreb over the past few days, and one of the main reasons for her visit to Croatia is for her to undergo eye surgery that has now been safely and successfully performed at the Zagreb's well known Svjetlost Clinic.

Owing to the intervention of Svjetlost Clinic, the first wife of Donald Trump has permanently resolved her vision problems.

Ivana Trump is an internationally known public fiture who decided to entrust the health of her eyes to Croatian experts from the Svjetlost Clinic, more specifically to prof. dr. sc. Nikica Gabrić, who personally operated on her.

''I was told about the top ophthalmic clinic in Zagreb by friends from New York who had already had their operations here. With them, I noticed that their operations had totally raised their quality of life,'' said Ivana Trump after surgery.

Ivana Trump visited Zagreb's Svjetlost Clinic last year when she arrived in Zagreb to participate as an honorary guest of the Miss Universe Croatia competition. Then, she underwent an examination with Professor Gabrić, who advised her to install Symfony intraocular lenses to solve her vision problems. Back then, she couldn't undergo the surgery due to obligations she had, but that's why she visited Zagreb again to get rid of the need to wear glasses forever.

"The operation was fast, painless, and I can see today without any problems without glasses. I have a completely different and glorious view of the world I'm going to discover again,'' added a satisfied Ivana Trump.

"With the arrival of patients like Ivana Trump, the perception of Croatia is beginning to change as a country that offers guests just the sea and the sun. Such events create the story of Croatia as a desirable destination for health tourism and the country where the most demanding patients can get top medical services. The Svjetlost Clinic crossed over the borders of Croatia long ago and has become a brand known out there in the world, and this can only be achieved if you have modern technology, top-notch experienced specialists, but also a special approach for every patient,'' stated dr. sc. Nikica Gabrić.

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