Thursday, 10 June 2021

Croatian Football Federation Statement on Kneeling ahead of EURO 2020

June 10, 2021 - The Croatian Football Federation statement on kneeling was released on Thursday ahead of EURO 2020. 

The Croatian Football Federation statement on kneeling before EURO 2020 matches was released on Thursday. Recall, England, Belgium, and other national teams have decided to take a knee before kickoff in the fight against racism.

The news that Croatia would not kneel before their matches appeared in the English media yesterday, specifically The Daily Mail.

You can read the full statement from HNS below: 

"The Croatian Football Federation and the Croatian national team strongly condemn any and all forms of discrimination. We also respect the right of every individual and every organization to select the circumstances and the manner in which they will take a stand against racism and/or other forms of discrimination. 

The Croatian Football Federation believes that the players have a right to their own opinion on these topics, and that they also have a right to choose whether they want to engage in any activity. The players of the Croatian national team jointly decided ahead of the friendly match against Belgium that they will not take the knee, and they respectfully stood in silence during the kneeling of their Belgian colleagues. The Croatian Football Federation respects their stance on this and will not impose taking the knee as an obligation for Croatian players, as this gesture does not hold any symbolic ties to the fight against racism and discrimination in the context of Croatian culture and tradition.  

In general, we believe the most important thing is the fact that Croatian internationals have conducted themselves respectfully throughout their careers and that they have shown through their behaviour that they respect all individuals, opponents, and teammates, regardless of race, religion, social status, ethnicity, or any other characteristic, which is a value that is also promoted by the Croatian Football Federation."

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Saturday, 5 June 2021

Works Continue on Long-Awaited New Poljud Pitch (VIDEO)

June 5, 2021 - Good news for Hajduk fans - works are currently underway on a brand new Poljud pitch that will soon crown the beloved Split stadium! 

Hajduk announced that installing the new hybrid lawn on the main Poljud pitch is in full swing. In accordance with the planned deadlines, the first planned phase of works, removing the lawn and preparing the substrate in cooperation with the company Jadro, has been completed.

In addition, 11 centimeters of old quartz sand were removed for better drainage, and the base for laying new quartz sand was leveled. Among other things, the grass surfaces of the warm-up area and the entire surrounding part outside the tartan track are being renewed.

The field was taken over by the Croatian Football Federation on Friday together with the contractor. In the next phase, they will lay the new pitch! 


The latest generation hybrid lawn will eventually cover the current field sand, and Hajduk will soon get the national team-worthy pitch it deserves.

Hajduk's new coach, Jens Gustafsson, will gather the team on June 14 and lead them at the beginning of preparations for the new competitive season.

Hajduk will train until June 17 in Split, when they will head down south to Konavle for three trainings before the first preparatory match. Hajduk will be guests at the 100th-anniversary celebration of HNK Slaven Gruda on June 19 at 5 pm at the Gnjila Sports Center playground.

After visiting the Dubrovnik surroundings, Hajduk will return home to train at Poljud until June 23. The team will then leave for fifteen-day preparations in Slovenia. This year, Hajduk's expedition will stay and do a series of training in the new preparation base in Zreče.

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Thursday, 13 May 2021

Borna Sosa's Statement for HNS: "I Made the Wrong Decision"

May 13, 2021 - Borna Sosa's statement for the Croatian Football Federation has been released. 

The young Croatia national team player Borna Sosa sent a statement to the Croatian Football Federation, the media, and the public, which TCN transmits in its entirety.

"A lot has happened in my life in the past few days that has left its mark on me, especially on my sports career.

I will not shy away from my own responsibility for the situation I have found myself in, although, at the time I decided on my national team career, I believed I was doing the right thing.

I made the wrong decision and turned out to be naive.

Like any athlete, as a child, I dreamed of performing in big competitions. I still dream of them, without thinking about money or other material values, and of course, I also dream of performing at European and World Cups.

But even in that dream, I have no illusions that many will not understand me, and I do not blame them for that. The responsibility for this situation is mine alone, from the misunderstanding of what the Croatian Football Federation communicated to me to the decision I made, obviously motivated to reach the goal in another, perhaps shorter way.

I made my debut for the younger Croatia national teams in 2012 and played 56 games. There were better and worse performances, but I am proud of every game I played in the Croatia jersey.

The decision I made was wrong, and I have to take responsibility for it myself. If the Croatian Football Federation and coaches believe that despite everything, I can contribute to the success of our national teams, I will respond to their invitation and make myself available.

Finally, I sincerely apologize to the Croatian (sports) public, the fans of the Croatia national football team, and the Croatian Football Federation, whom I thank for the patience, understanding, and correctness they showed me in this situation."

You can read more about the Borna Sosa saga HERE.

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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Croatian Footballer Borna Sosa Switching National Teams?

May 8, 2021 - Borna Sosa, one of the most talented young Croatian football players and a member of the U21 national team, received German citizenship in a secret operation of the German Football Federation and is expecting an invitation from the coach Joachim Löw for the European Championship.

As finds out, the German federation has been following the 23-year-old Stuttgart left-back for a long time and is preparing the ground for him to join Germany. Sosa was eligible for a German passport because his mother, Vesna, was born in Berlin.

Croatia could thus lose a great talent that has excelled in the Bundesliga ever since he arrived from Dinamo in 2018 in a transfer worth six million euros. Three years later, Sosa is one of the best offensive defenders in Europe. This season, he played 26 games for Stuttgart and recorded as many as nine assists. Ahead of him in that category is only Cuadrado from Juventus, who shared ten assists. According to Transfermarkt, Sosa is worth 12 million euros, and a transfer to Bayern is planned for the summer.

Croatia has not had such a player in the left-back position for 20 years. And it could be lost in the blink of an eye. 

When Sky Sport first published the news about the German Federation operation and Borna Sosa, the Croatian Football Federation had not been informed. The first HNS operative Marijan Kustić read the news in the media, the U21 national team coach Igor Bišćan said he knew absolutely nothing about it, and Zlatko Dalić sounded resigned.

"Everyone has the right to choose whether to play for Croatia or wherever they want," Dalic told Index, announcing that the official position of the Federation would soon be published on the web.

“We are following Borna, he is on a wider list, and we want him to continue with good games for Stuttgart to get even closer to the A national team,” HNS briefly reported.

Meanwhile, the German Bild announced that Sosa is already on the wider list of Germany for the Euro. When the legendary German striker Oliver Bierhoff, today the German national football team director, spoke up, it became clear that he had been negotiating with the young Croatia national team player for a long time.

"We know who he is, and we have been following him for some time. We believe he has the qualities and potential to play for our national football team. We are always looking for solutions in advance. That means we are thinking about him for the European Championship," Bierhoff said. 

Sosa himself confirmed that he is in negotiations with the German Football Federation (DFB) about possibly playing for Germany.

"Yes, I spoke with the director of the national team Oliver Bierhoff. We talked about everything, not only about the European Championship but also about my future if I play for Germany," said Sosa.

Zlatko Dalic included Sosa on the wider list for the first time before the World Cup in Russia. Still, only this season was the young player a serious candidate for the A national team. In Stuttgart, he missed most of the first season due to injuries when the club was relegated to the second division. During the two seasons, Sosa played only 24 games. He had problems with his pubic bone, back, adductor, ligament rupture in the knee joint, concussion, and edema in the knee. He missed the final of the championship in which Stuttgart expressly returned to the first league, and such was the progress of the defender whom the Stuttgart sports director called the new David Beckham. At the end of 2020, he signed a new contract until 2026.

"In the almost two and a half years since I came to Stuttgart, the club and the city have grown close to my heart. Positive things are happening in sports as well, so I hope we can continue to develop together in the future," Sosa said when signing the contract.

He was a standard member and occasional captain of the young national team, for which he played 19 games and won a place at the Euros. Due to a red card he earned in the qualifying match against Scotland, he had to miss the first two matches of the U21 Euro, and coach Igor Bišćan was counting on him for a key match against England.

Index adds that coach Zlatko Dalic told Sosa that he would debut for the A national team against Malta at the beginning of the qualifying cycle for the World Cup in Qatar. The dates coincided with the U21 national team at the Euro, and Bišćan asked Dalic to give him Sosa, which he needed in the crucial match against England. That was the turning point.

Dalic could not reject Bišćan.

Sosa was not at the camp before the match against England on March 31, in which the young national team fought for a historical placement in the quarterfinals. He sent a medical report and a certificate of injury to Bišćan. Croatia went further with Bradarić's goal, and the scenes of celebrations between Bišćan and the players toured Europe. Sosa was not a topic, although only four days later, he played for Stuttgart against Werder, played 90 minutes, and recorded an assist. He also played in the next round for 90 minutes against Borussia Dortmund. He then paused for the next three games in the championship due to injury.

Bišćan did not suspect that there was a problem, but everything became clear to Dalic. Sosa was never promised a spot at the Euros, but Dalic let him know that he is seriously counting on him and that he will have a place on the wider list where he can show his worth.

Dalic already has a complex list for the Euro, but will the possibility of losing Borna to Germany change that now? Only time will tell. 

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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Vedran Corluka to Become Croatia National Team Assistant Coach!

May 5, 2021 - Croatian Football Federation president Davor Suker has confirmed for Russian media that Vedran Corluka will work alongside Zlatko Dalic as the Croatia national team assistant coach! 

Sportske Novosti reports that Vedran Corluka is returning to the Croatia national team, confirmed the Croatian Football Federation president Davor Suker for the Russian Sport24 ru. The former Croatia national team player will replace Ivica Olic in the position of assistant coach in Zlatko Dalic's coaching staff. 

"Vedran had a phenomenal career with the national team. That is why we decided he would be an assistant to Zlatko Dalic at the European Championships. It is our joint decision. I am very happy that Vedran will be with the team. I am sure that a person like him will unite the team and will help young players," Suker said.

Corluka has been in Russia since 2012, where he plays for Lokomotiv Moscow, and announced that he would say goodbye to that club at the end of the season. He did not say what he would do next, but joining the Croatia coaching staff suggests he has coaching ambitions. Is this the end of his playing career or will he continue to play after the Euros? We will probably get an answer soon. Corluka retired from the Croatia national team after the 2018 World Cup.

Recall, before Russia, Dalic brought on Ivica Olic as an assistant, mostly to be a link with the players he competed next to not long before. Dalic also wanted Darijo Srna to join his coaching staff.

Thus, the idea of Corluka joining the coaching staff is not so surprising. Olic took over CSKA Moscow in March, leaving Dalic with a hole to fill. We are still waiting for the coach to decide exactly who will make up his coaching staff at the Euros and whether there will be even more new names.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

HNS Stands with UEFA Against Super League

April 20, 2021 - HNS stands with UEFA against the proposed Super League, including clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, and Real Madrid

HNS reports that representatives of 55 national federations and members of Uefa voted at today's 45th Congress of the umbrella European football organization, a declaration in which they condemned the proclamation of the so-called "Super League."

The participants of the UEFA Congress are united in the claim that the closed "Super League" opposes the very concept of what Europe must be: united, open, supportive, and principled in sports values.

"Uefa and its members believe in a true European model based on open competitions, solidarity, and redistribution to ensure the sustainability and development of football for the benefit of all, as well as the promotion of European values ​​and social outcomes.

The conspirator clubs have obviously turned a blind eye to the fact that the status they enjoy today is not the result of an isolated case but part of a dynamic European system in which one’s successes and failures are equally influenced by large, medium, and small clubs. Their assumption that they have the right to "separate" and claim the right to build a legacy built together is an insult to European values ​​and sporting merit.

Uefa, its members, and all those who love football will strongly oppose it and fight against the moves of the owners of these clubs and all those who support them. In a moral sense, we know very well what is behind everything, and in that sense, we will protect football from a selfish clan that does not care about the game. We are European football. They are not," the declaration reads.

The Croatian Football Federation was represented at the 45th Uefa Congress by the president, Davor Šuker, also a member of the Uefa Executive Board, i.e., the executive director of the HNS, Marijan Kustić, and the head of the international department and licensing, Ivančica Sudac.

"Once again, we have sent a clear message to European football, showing solidarity united against the selfish interests of the richest clubs and their owners. The great thing is that we are unique in our attitudes and efforts to keep football as it should be, accessible to everyone, not just elites. The congress was very successful; Uefa kept the same course, everything it did before. I am delighted that my former teammate Zvonimir Boban has become Uefa's head of football, increasing the number of Croatian officials involved in various bodies of Fifa and Uefa. I believe that by acting together, we will contribute to even better treatment of Croatian football on the international stage," concluded Davor Šuker.

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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Football Legends of Croatia and Slovenia Play for Petrinja

March 13, 2021 - Football legends of Croatia and Slovenia played a charity match in Petrinja on Saturday, initiated by the president of the Croatian Football Federation and a member of the UEFA Executive Board, Davor Suker, and UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, to help the areas affected by the devastating earthquake late last year.

HNS reports that on behalf of the umbrella European Football Federation, Aleksander Čeferin presented a donation to the Croatian Red Cross for 50 thousand euros. HNS President Davor Šuker handed over the donation to the Sisak-Moslavina County Football Federation, intended to reconstruct football infrastructure in earthquake-affected areas, for 200 thousand kuna, while the Football Federation of Slovenia donated 5 thousand euros to the Football Club Mladost.


Drago Sopta/HNS

"When I found out about the tragic earthquake in Petrinja and its surroundings, I talked to Davor Šuker, and we started thinking about how we could help. Football is solidarity, football is friendship, and we agreed to organize this match and for UEFA to donate. We were joined by the Croatian Football Federation and the Slovenian Football Federation led by Radenko Mijatović. I am glad that this humanitarian event was a success," said UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin.


Drago Sopta/HNS

"At the moment when the tragedy happened, the president of UEFA, Alexander Čeferin, and I got in touch, and in the first second we agreed on the match in Petrinja, we were only looking for the most suitable date. I want to thank President Čeferin and the UEFA Executive Board, who voted for this donation. As the Croatian Football Federation president, I am glad that we were able to help the Sisak-Moslavina County Federation. The ball will always roll, the most important thing is that people in this area get a roof over their heads as soon as possible, and everyone who can help is welcome. The least important thing is who won on the field, all of us who were in the service of humanity won," said the president of the Croatian Football Federation, Davor Šuker.


Drago Sopota/HNS

"It is nice that we are all together in Petrinja, and that time has served us. We gladly accepted the joint idea of Aleksandar Čeferin and Davor Šuker, the Football Federation of Slovenia responded to this initiative, I believe that we will make life at least a little easier for people in this area and the local football club in this difficult period," said the president of the Football Federation of Slovenia, Radenko Mijatović.

"I thank all the participants, the players of both national teams, the president of UEFA, Aleksandar Čeferin, and the president of HNS, Davor Šuker, this was a top football spectacle, but, unfortunately, in the earthquake-stricken area. However, this is the day when the history of Petrinja will begin to be written again. The atmosphere was fantastic; I'm sorry that the spectators could not watch this match live, but, in any case, thank you all for helping the City of Petrinja and Sisak-Moslavina County," said the President of the Sisak-Moslavina County Football Federation and a member of the Executive of the HNS Committee, Davor Ivić.


Drago Sopta/HNS

"Sport, and especially football, has a special power to unite us. All athletes have been with us since day one, helping the affected population in various ways. We thank UEFA, HNS, and SNS for deciding to organize such a magnificent sports event and increase it by donating financial aid that will be sent through the Croatian Red Cross to the earthquake-stricken population. We are proud that the Croatian Red Cross is part of this sports humanitarian action," said the executive president of the Croatian Red Cross, Robert Markt.


Drago Sopta/HNS

The meeting of Croatia and Slovenia football legends is a continuation of fostering good neighborly relations between the two national federations, which also organized a friendly match in Brdo near Kranj in September last year when the hosts celebrated (3:2). Slovenia celebrated a "close" victory on this occasion, even though Croatia took the lead with a penalty kick by Davor Šukerr. Still, Slovenia reversed the result thanks to the goals of Milivoj Novaković and Milenko Aćimović. The role of the Croatia coach was taken over by the senior advisor to the HNS president, Zorislav Srebrić, and the Croatia team was led by the current coach of the Vatreni, Zlatko Dalić, former coach Miroslav Blažević, and Dinamo legend Marijan Vlak.

CROATIA LEGENDS: Marijan Mrmić, Stipe Pletikosa, Davor Šuker, Zvonimir Boban, Aljoša Asanović, Ivica Olić, Petar Krpan, Dario Šimić, Darijo Srna, Daniel Šarić, Niko Kranjčar, Igor Bišćan, Boris Živković, Silvio Marić, Mihael Mikić, Nenad Pralija, Tomislav Dujmović, Robert Špehar, Marko Babić, Željko Pavlović.
SLOVENIA LEGENDS: Robert Volk, Aleksander Čeferin, Primož Gliha, Miran Pavlin, Milivoje Novaković, Milenko Aćimović, Boštjan Cesar, Mišo Brečko, Radenko Mijatović, Aleksandar Radosavljević, Goran Barišić, Tomaž Vesel, Silvo Vrhovec, Andrej Vrhovec, Robert Beguš, Tomislav Čizmić, Mladen Džanan, Branko Ilić, Mitja Sojer, Jože Prelogar, Robert Beguš.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Croatia and Slovenia Football Legends to Play Humanitarian Match in Petrinja

February 23, 2021 - Croatia and Slovenia football legends will play a humanitarian match in Petrinja next month, during which UEFA will hand over a donation to the Croatian Red Cross to help the earthquake-damaged areas. 

Immediately after the earthquake rocked the Petrinja area on December 29, 2020, UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin spoke with HNS President and UEFA Executive Board member Davor Šuker about ways to help the earthquake-affected areas, reports HNS.

At their initiative, a humanitarian match between Croatia and Slovenia football legends will be played in Petrinja on March 13, during which the umbrella European football federation will hand over a donation to the Croatian Red Cross to help areas affected by the devastating earthquake.

"Our thoughts are with the people of Croatia in these difficult times. We hope that the help of the football family will help them overcome the challenges caused by this devastating earthquake and that it will contribute to the recovery of the Petrinja region," said UEFA President Alexander Ceferin.

On the same occasion, the Croatian Football Federation will hand over a donation to the Sisak-Moslavina County Football Federation, intended to reconstruct the football infrastructure in the earthquake-affected areas.

The co-organizer of the humanitarian match will be the Slovenian Football Federation (NZS), led by President Radenko Mijatović, who will also join the action with a donation.

"We are once again witnessing great solidarity and friendship within the European football family. I believe that UEFA's help will reach the right addresses through the Red Cross and that our help to the county federation will facilitate the return of football in the county.

I am convinced that football is one of the best ways to bring smiles back to people's faces, especially children, so let this game be a sign of a return to normal life," said HNS President Davor Šuker.

The friendly match between Croatia and Slovenia football legends will be played on March 13, starting at 13:00 at the Mladost Stadium in Petrinja.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

HNS Sacks Entire Croatian Football Referees' Committee?

February 10, 2021 - For the second time in four years, Damir Mišković has allegedly managed to overthrow the Croatian Football Referees' Committee. 

The Referees' Committee of the Croatian Football Federation is being abolished, and a new one will be formed, which is the epilogue of yesterday's HNS meeting, according to numerous Croatian media, including Sportske Novosti, and HRT

The Referees' Committee, consisting of Ante Kulušić (president), Domagoj Vučkov (member and head of VAR education), Draženko Kovačić, Ante Vučemilović-Šimunović Jr., Vlado Svilokos and Igor Pristovnik thus ceases to exist, and a new Committee will be formed later.

Namely, five regional centers, Split, Rijeka, Varazdin, Zagreb, and Osijek will nominate candidates for the new Committee, and the Executive Board will appoint the new Committee probably in March. That is the plan at the moment.

The meeting was convened by the executive director of the HNS, Marijan Kustić, and the decision to dissolve the Committee was accepted by all present, except Ante Vučemilović-Šimunović, the first vice president of HNS, who demonstratively left the meeting, Sportske Novosti writes. The executive board members must also state officially by 3 pm today whether they are in favor of dissolving the Committee, but it seems that this is just a formality.

"There's not much to say that you don't already know. The executive board has to confirm the decision by 3 pm, but there won't be any problems from that side. It's just proof that a lot is changing in the Federation and that we really want to have healthy football. This is just the beginning of the necessary changes," a source from HNS told Index.

Ivan Novak will continue to delegate referees for First League matches, and from now on he will also appoint VAR referees, which was done by Ante Kulušić as the head of the Committee. It will be up to Kulušić to send controllers to the matches until further notice.

Thus, for the second time in four years, the President of Rijeka, Damir Mišković, managed to overthrow the Referees' Committee. After the Rijeka-Šibenik match at Rujevica, which ended in a 2:2 draw thanks to a VAR debacle in the final minutes, Mišković called out the refereeing organization, attacking the VAR referee Goran Gabril from Split. The president of Rijeka announced changes, and it seems that he succeeded.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Hajduk and HNS Discuss Relations Moving Forward, Poljud as Primary Croatia Stadium

November 25, 2020 - The presidents of Hajduk and HNS met on Tuesday in Zagreb to discuss several topics and open issues that directly and indirectly concern the Split club and Croatian Football Federation.

The President of the Management Board of HNK Hajduk, Lukša Jakobušić, met with the President of HNS Davor Šuker at the headquarters of the Federation in Zagreb. The meeting lasted an hour and 20 minutes, and the two discussed a number of topics and open issues that directly and indirectly concern Hajduk and HNS.

"This meeting is a logical sequence of what I announced in my inaugural speech. I want to talk about everything and for a start, I choose the most difficult topics which, understandably, are of most interest to Hajduk, but also to the wider football public. I think that the context and issues of the relationship between Hajduk and the Croatian Football Federation are well known to everyone. The president of HNS is the one who represents the Federation and who has the power to resolve the open issues and problems we discussed today. I met him and repeated things that bother not only Hajduk, but the entire football public because I have the impression that some attempts at positive changes on our part were rejected only because of the way they were presented," said Jakobušić after the meeting.

One of the topics discussed was hosting Croatia national team matches at Poljud.

"If Poljud will be the primary home of the Croatia national football team in the next few years, given the condition of Maksimir, then it is logical for HNS to invest in infrastructure. I am thinking especially for the new pitch."

Representatives of HNK Hajduk currently do not participate in the work of the HNS body.

"Regarding the presence of Hajduk representatives in the bodies of the Federation, we first want to focus on the football federation of Split-Dalmatia County where Hajduk must be the bearer and leader of positive vibes, choose the right people, renew and strengthen relations with clubs in Dalmatia, and only then participate in HNS. And we want to be ready and equipped for the HNS elections that are scheduled for next year. My personal focus is Hajduk, but Dalmatia must have representatives in HNS who are familiar with Hajduk."

What Hajduk will continue to strongly insist on is the transparency of work within HNS and the moral credibility of all persons who represent HNS or are in any way involved in its work.

"I emphasized once again how important transparency is for the HNS institution itself. The key is what I emphasized at the inaugural press conference, and that is that people who are legally, and in the case of HNS, illegally convicted, have no place within the Federation. This is primarily important for HNS, and indirectly for all clubs, to change the climate of the general impression and restore confidence in the umbrella football institution.

We will not and do not want to run away from all these challenges, we want to confront all stakeholders with them and now, using chess vocabulary, it's the Federation's move. Maintaining the status quo suits only those who benefit from it," concluded Jakobušić.

"We spoke openly about everything, I hope that we will roll up our sleeves as soon as possible and do a lot to benefit Croatian football. We care that Hajduk is strong, competitive and that, in football jargon, it has power. The Croatian Football Federation will not interfere in the work of the Football Federation of Split-Dalmatia County, which must be independent. I would like Hajduk to be the main conductor there and an important factor, everything that its leaders must show by acting through that institution in order to enter the HNS Assembly, is important and they have my support in this matter. It is very important to us that Hajduk continues to create quality young players and that Croatia continues to draw football talents from all over Dalmatia. The national team is coming to Split again in March, and we have to do everything to provide Modrić, Perišić and the company with excellent conditions for the game. We have already made a decision on the reconstruction of the field in Varaždin, Velika Gorica and Šibenik, and my proposal at the next session of the Executive Board will be to fix the Poljud stadium pitch," concluded Davor Šuker.

Source: HNK Hajduk website, HNS wesbite

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