Saturday, 10 October 2020

Cromaris Fillets in Skin Packaging Stands Out as Innovation of Year

As Novac writes on the 9th of October, 2020, Cromaris, which operates within the Adris Group, is the sixth company in the world in terms of the cultivation of gilthead sea bream and sea bass. This year, it won the Labo de l'innovation competition from the renowned French specialised magazine Produit de la Mer, winning the Innovation of the Year award for its sea bass, gilt-head bream and fillets in skin packaging.

The expert jury awarded the unique packaging with an attractive appearance that preserves the freshness and exceptional taste of the product which won the highest marks in the competition of the world's leading producers of fish and fish products, Cromaris announced.

''Cromaris is recognised for its freshness, the highest quality, and also the innovativeness of its products, in which we're already market leaders. High value-added products, ie processed products for easier and faster preparation, are a key element of diversity in relation to competition in the domestic, but above all in challenging export markets that are the main foundation of our growth,'' said Goran Markulin, the director of Cromaris. The share of revenue from differentiated products stands at almost 50 percent.

''Following the trends in the food industry and the needs of our consumers, at the end of 2019 Cromaris presented sea bream, sea bass and fillets in a new skin package which, as a practical and healthy product ready to be prepared in just a few minutes, quickly found its way to customers, and this recognition given by the profession is an additional confirmation that we're on the right path of development based on top product quality and innovation,'' concluded Markulin.

After Cromaris, despite the continued unfavourable circumstances caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, achieved record sales during the summer months, the positive trend also continued throughout September. 829 tonnes of fish were sold, which, compared to the previous year, represents a growth of 20 percent. Price growth of two percent and revenue growth of 22 percent were also achieved. If we look at the first nine months of 2020, 7,665 tonnes of fish was sold, which represents a volume growth of five percent and revenue growth of almost seven percent when compared to last year.

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Saturday, 8 August 2020

Ante Gotovina's Company Sees Growth, Plans New Investments

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes on the 7th of August, 2020, the Zadar-based company Pelagos net farma, co-owned by Croatian General Ante Gotovina, as a major tuna exporter, is also coming into focus due to its investment-related plans.

Ante Gotovina's company claims that it hasn't really suffered as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the devastating effect it has had on the global economy. Given the company's annual report, it seems that despite this new situation in which we all find ourselves and in which many companies are struggling and even going bust, they are in fact facing a new wave of investments, which, in addition to the well-established tuna business in the Balabra farm near Murter, intends to expand into the area of ​​blue fish.

According to the annual report of the Management Board for 2019, signed by President Nenad Horvat and member of the Management Board Leo Mandic, Pelagos net farma will continue to modernise its business throughout the remainder of the year 2020, with the aim of increasing efficiency and improving the achieved results, regardless of the difficult economic situation that has taken hold.

However, in addition to new investments in the continuation of the modernisation of business processes, additional investments are planned regarding the purchase of new ships for Ante Gotovina's company.

While one vessel will be used for mariculture work, the other will be involved in catching small blue fish. The amount of investment in question isn't specified in the report, so it remains to be seen in practice the pace of investment as well as the relationship with the plant that the company already has for processing anchovies with a maximum capacity of 1000 tonnes.

Former General Ante Gotovina's company is doing well and boasts a respectable number of employees - there were 106 at the end of 2019, and at the same time, the company is reaching its maximum profit levels, thus achieving close to 8 million kuna in net profit, which marks an encouraging 10 percent growth when compared to the previous year. Back in 2019, the company realised impressive total revenues amounting to 74 million kuna, ie 35 percent more than was realised in 2018.

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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Cromaris: Croatian Fish Farmers Receive Highest Recognition for Quality

As Novac/Jozo Vrdoljak writes on the 5th of June, 2020, Croatian fish farmers are worth their weight in gold, and Cromaris, which operates as part of the Adris Group, has received recognition for the top quality of its products - the Superior Taste Award.

The aforementioned award is the most prestigious award in this food segment in the world, and has been being awarded by the International Taste Institute in Brussels since 2005. Cromaris is the winner of the Superior Taste Award 2020 for all three of its registered products: sea bass, sea bream and meagre.

The products are evaluated by the method of blind testing based on appearance, smell, texture and taste, and the judges selected from the most prestigious European culinary associations are not aware of the brand or origin of the tested product. Cromaris sea bass received a maximum of three gold stars this year for its exceptional taste and became the only product from the fresh fish category to win the Crystal award. For its exceptional taste, both gilthead sea bream and meagre were rated as excellent, meaning that Croatia's very own Cromaris is the only winner of the award for sea bass, gilthead sea bream and meagre among Mediterranean white fish producers.

''Top product quality is our imperative. We offer our consumers only fish with impeccable freshness and a superior nutritional composition and taste, which was recognised by the expert jury this year as well. Today, Cromaris is recognised on the market as a leader in quality, which, along with consumer trust and numerous certificates, is further confirmed by such recognitions,'' said Goran Markulin, CEO of Cromaris.

Cromaris is certified according to ISO standards 9001, 14001, 22000 and IFS Food for quality, environmental management and food safety. It also holds GlobalG.A.P certifications among other things. In addition, Cromaris believes in organic production, which is a growing trend across the world and is in line with the growing health awareness.

Organic sea bass and gilthead sea bream are grown with the application of very strict ecological standards, as evidenced by their certificates for organic production: the European eco-certificate, Bio Siegel, Agriculture Biologique and Naturland. Cromaris is also the holder of the ASC certificate, the most demanding certificate in the industry, which confirms the sustainability of its production, the regulation of environmental impact, social relations in the company and the like.

Today, Cromaris is the fastest growing and most export-oriented company. Cromaris fish is present in all major European markets, and the share of exports accounts for more than 80 percent of sales. The main export market is Italy.

Adris has invested more than a billion kuna in the development of the company since its founding back in 2009, resulting in a strong growth of all business indicators. The company grew an average of 22 percent per year, and sales increased almost tenfold with numerous technological and production innovations.

In 2019, Cromaris achieved sales of 9,557 tonnes of fresh fish, marking a significant increase of eight percent. The total amount of products sold comes to 8,761 tonnes and is seven percent higher than it was last year. Volume sales in export markets increased by seven percent, most of them in the Italian and Austrian markets.

In line with the growth of quantities and prices in 2019, sales revenue increased by eight percent. Revenues from the sale of various products, primarily freshly cleaned and packaged fish, increased by 23 percent. High value-added products currently account for 44 percent of Cromaris' total sales, up five percentage points from the previous year.

Despite the global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Cromaris notes that they are doing well. In the first quarter of this year, it achieved sales of 1,830 tonnes, which is just three percent less than in the first three months of last year. The majority of its revenues continue to be generated by exports.

Cromaris delivered fish to Italy on a daily basis throughout the coronavirus epidemic, which was very demanding and almost unthinkable for many. It is now working on preparing new projects for new recyclable and sustainable packaging, expanding its range, organic farming and reorganising the processing process to maintain high growth rates.

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