Monday, 6 September 2021

HRK 3.5m Set Aside for Croatian Diaspora Projects For This Year

ZAGREB, 6 Sept 2021 - Croatia has set aside HRK 3.5 million (€467,000) for this year to support projects by Croatian diaspora organizations in 29 overseas and European countries. 

Grants will be awarded based on a tender issued by the Central State Office for Croats Abroad. Applications are accepted by 1 October.

Diaspora organizations are invited to submit projects of importance to their development, culture, education, science, sports, and tourism, as well as those that contribute to the preservation of the national identity and promote relations between the diaspora and Croatia.

One organization can submit not more than two projects or programs, and grants range between HRK 5,000 (€667) and 80,000 (€1,067) per project.

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