Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Salona Archaeological Zone an Excellent Example of Modern Visual Communication

December 8, 2020 - One outstanding project in the Croatian Design Exhibition conceptualizes the Signage of the Salona Archaeological Zone.

HRTurizam reports that this year, at the Croatian Design Exhibition, works were presented in the professional and student section in eight categories: Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Design and Interaction Design, Packaging Design, Industrial / Product Design, Spatial and Graphic Interventions and Systems, Fashion and Clothing Design, Complete project/product and Concept/initiative /critical design.

The online exhibition and a new database of contemporary Croatian design were designed by Marina Jukić, programmed by Emanuel Blagonić, with Tina Ivezić and Matija Ferlin as the authors of the visual identity. A total of 497 works were submitted to the exhibition, of which 294 were selected by the Selection Committee. Since the first edition of the Croatian Design Exhibition held in 1999, this is the most extensive selection made as part of this biennial exhibition project.

In the professional section, 247 works were presented, while there were 47 in the student category. Visual Communications Design is, as in previous editions, the most comprehensive segment of the exhibition and includes 161 works. 

Of all the excellent works, the Signage of the Salona Archaeological Zone gives a positive example of modern visual communication in historical and cultural sites and is related to the tourism sector. Bojan Sivački and Lana Vitas Gruić are responsible for the concept and design, and the work was awarded special recognition in the category of Spatial and Graphic Interventions and Systems.


Bojan Sivački, Lana Vitas Gruić

The archeological complex of Salona is mostly dominated by ruins and flatness, so the visitor needs a lot of imagination to envisage the buildings that were once there. Inside the complex, a new, innovative system of signposts and interpretation boards has been installed, made of tempered glass that does not prevent the view of the environment, the project description points out.


Bojan Sivački, Lana Vitas Gruić

A description is engraved in them from the back. The illustration drawn according to the authentic archeological-architectural reconstructions of the building, viewed from a specially marked point, upgrades the stone remains to the observer's former real appearance.

An incredibly imaginative way to navigate through these ancient ruins, bravo to Bojan Sivački and Lana Vitas Gruić!

You can read more about this project and others HERE.

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Monday, 16 November 2020

Recognition for Lokrum Botanical Garden at Croatian Design Exhibition

As Morski writes on the 15th of November, 2020, the "Lokrum - Botanical Garden" project, which is otherwise the work of Studio Sesnic & Turkovic, received special recognition at the Croatian Design Exhibition 19/20 in the category of Spatial and Graphic interventions and systems.

The awards and special recognitions of the Croatian Design Society were announced on Thursday, November the 12th, in anticipation of the online exhibition of awarded works that will be held at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb from Saturday, November the 14th to December the 5th, 2020. A total of 497 works were submitted to the Croatian Design Exhibition, of which 294 were selected by the commission, 247 were professional and 47 were student works.

Namely, the author team of the company Normala and the design studio Sesnic & Turkovic prepared project documentation for arranging and equipping the Botanical Garden of the Lokrum Reserve, according to which the works were completed in the spring of this year.

Marko Sesnic, Goran Turkovic and Andrea Suznjevic participated in the preparation of documentation in the design segment, while Roman Silje, Milan Strbac and Tihana Vucic (Normala) were in charge of architecture. The artist Katarina Ivanisin Kardum (illustrations) also participated in the creation of the project.

To recall, the renovation of the exhibition part of the Lokrum Botanical Garden lasted six months, and began back in October 2019. Those works were performed by Araucaria d.o.o. from Zagreb, and the Institute for the Sea and Coast of the University of Dubrovnik, which takes care of the garden, actively participated in the development and implementation of the project. The rehabilitation and arrangement of existing paths in the length of 725 metres, the removal of damaged plant material and the planting of 195 new plant species with a total number of 1466 seedlings across 13 fields in the garden were performed. New urban equipment was also installed (benches, information and interpretation boards, an entrance portal, etc.)

The Lokrum Botanical Garden was founded back in 1959, and with its renovation, the Lokrum Reserve Public Institution revitalizsd its content and gave the garden a new lease of life for the enjoyment of future generations and as a basis for a new beginning.

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