Thursday, 16 February 2023

Slovenian VC Fund Silicon Gardens Has Eye on Croatian Startups

February the 16th, 2023 - The Slovenian VC fund Silicon Gardens has its eye on Croatian startups, and Split Tech City has entered into an agreement with them.

As Josipa Ban/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Split Tech City, the first association of the Split technology community, has entered into an agreement with the Slovenian VC fund Silicon Gardens. The fund will invest between 50 thousand and 1 million euros in Croatian startups, providing a spring in the step of many.

It goes without saying how important this agreement is for the Croatian and more specifically the Dalmatian technology scene. Toni Trivkovic, the founder and president of Split Tech City, explained that Luka Abrus, one of the founders of the Five agency, initially connected them with the Slovenian Silicon Gardens.

A fund with a different mission

"After the first contact was initially made, we soon realised that we share many values. We also like the fact that Silicon Gardens is about smart capital, i.e. capital with which the startup also receives mentoring," Trivkovic points out. The agreement, as he explained, is that Split Tech City proposes interesting Croatian startups to the Slovenian VC fund, that is, it connects them.

"After that, the Slovenian VC fund will evaluate a startup, and if someone doesn't pass, they'll receive guidelines on what needs to be done in order to make it more attractive to investors. Regardless of the outcome, the startup makes the best of the situation," said Trivkovic, adding that this cooperation will significantly improve the Split technology scene, where there weren't very many opportunities to get bigger investments in the recent past.

Cooperation with Silicon Gardens will change that. And we're talking about a different fund that was designed by the founders of startups with successful exits, that is, that were sold out of the ownership of the companies they founded. Their slogan is ''founders for founders'', and in addition to capital, they offer mentoring and contacts to startups, which gives the investment added value, i.e. smart money.

The first Silicon Gardens fund, SGF I, was founded back in 2014 by 20 private investors, who invested 300,000 euros in it. The value of the second fund, SGF II, which has existed since the pre-crisis year of 2019, stands at a whopping six million euros, and they're also about to establish a new, third fund, which will have about 30 million euros of capital in total.

That third fund, according to Kristian Asani, the head of community and programmes at Silicon Gardens, should be ready for investment this June. With its launch, as he pointed out, they're turning to larger investments across the entire region, which includes Split. "The ecosystem for Croatian startups is still in its development phase, and I'm sure that there will be good opportunities for investment," Asani points out.

Split as a tech Mecca

Trivkovic says that he hopes for the first investments in 2023, but he doesn't want to speculate when it comes to how many there will be in the end. Everything will depend on the quality of ideas and projects of Split's local startups, he says. In addition to that, he doesn't want to reveal yet whether they already have potential candidates to propose to the fund.

Split Tech City, a community that has existed since 2015, has successfully gathered together 85 companies. The founder of this technological community added that, in addition to investments, they have also agreed on other collaborations with Silicon Gardens, such as workshops for Croatian startups. "It will be a dynamic collaboration and we'll have at least two activities on an annual basis," announced Trivkovic.

With this cooperation, he also hopes to attract young technology companies from all over the Republic of Croatia, as well as the wider region, to Split. And while fifteen years ago the situation in the second largest Croatian city was such that young people moved away and even abroad due to a lack of opportunities, with the change in work trends, i.e. the possibility of working remotely, this is also changing. Split is thus becoming an increasingly common choice for a place to live. Split Tech City has heavily contributed to this turnaround.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Croatian DOK-ING Attracts Attention in Warsaw Combat Engineer Conference

February the 14th, 2023 - The Croatian DOK-ING company more than succeeded in attracting significant attention at the recently held Combat Engineering conference in the Polish city of Warsaw, marking yet another important move for the company.

Croatian companies are being thrust into the limelight across Europe and indeed the rest of the world, for the Croatian DOK-ING company, a recent event in Warsaw is likely to pay off.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the recently Combat Engineer conference in the Polish city of Warsaw managed to successfully gather together an impressive number of niche experts (800 of them in total), in both the industrial and military fields. They then had the opportunity to network, discuss, learn and shape the future of military engineering, and the very successful Croatian DOK-ING company saw it as an excellent opportunity to present its winning innovations.

The focus was primarily placed on advances in technology development and service-based solutions, as well as on understanding future threats and their various solutions.

Dino Isasegi, the sales manager of the Croatian DOK-ING company, gave a presentation on how robotics can improve solutions for the advanced implementation of the above.

After the presentation, military experts showed great interest in the Croatian DOK-ING company's set of impressive products and their experience in post-conflict zones, which proved that their MV-10 machines are an excellent solution for anti-tank mines.

With the war still raging in Ukraine following the shock Russian invasion this time last year, more and more in the military field are looking at the Republic of Croatia as an expert in dealing with post-conflict situations as it has had the unfortunate experience of war itself a mere thirty years ago. While the geopolitical situation is dire, current events are likely to prove important for numerous domestic companies.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Croatian 404 Agency Overtaken by German-Swiss MYTY

February the 7th, 2023 - The leading group of German and Swiss agencies MYTY, which is based in Berlin, has taken over the largest Croatian communication agency 404 and Shape 404, a technology company that is part of the wider Croatian 404 group.

As Marija Crnjak/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Croatian 404 agency has become the very first domestic agency to participate in the consolidation process on the European market, and this is also MYTY's first foray from the DACH region into Southeastern Europe.

The Croatian 404 agency claims that they are working towards greater business success, which is the result of long-term investments in quality, and this all brings them the opportunity to work with some of the best agencies and clients from both Germany and Switzerland.

This is the fastest growing European initiative that consolidates communication, marketing and technology agencies, and MYTY brings together ten agencies spanning 26 offices across Germany and Switzerland. The group is known for bringing together the best agencies in their respective fields, while all agencies within the group retain their complete independence and own brands.

The same will happen with the Croatian 404 group, whose founders Nikola Vrdoljak, Martina Pintaric and Zoran Stekovic have become partners in the company.

It is otherwise the largest Croatian communications agency of all with more than 80 clients from the region's strongest industries, while Shape 404 is focused on technology projects. The group employs 180 employees and back in 2022, they achieved a very impressive non-consolidated income of almost 16 million euros, or 25 percent more than the year before.

"We've been researching and looking into what our next step should be in terms of the development of our group for a long time now and we finally found a partner who offers and sees the future in the same way as we do. MYTY is a step forward that will allow us to provide our clients with an even better and more advanced service, and our teams will get to work for new challenging clients in foreign markets.

The Croatian 404 agency will continue to operate completely independently, under the same brand, and will contribute to the development of the entire group with its knowledge and teams. We're focused on our clients who are primarily leaders in their own industries, digital challengers and leaders within the tech sector,'' said Nikola Vrdoljak from the Croatian 404 agency.

MYTY says that this is the next step in the internationalisation of their group.

"404 is one of the most awarded agencies in Southeastern Europe and is becoming a centre for the continuous expansion of the group in that same part of Europe. With more than 80 clients, including major brands such as Adidas, Uber, Huawei, Coca-Cola and McDonald's, the agency is laying the foundations for further expansion. For both 404 and Shape, this integration is a big step forward, since MYTY offers the possibility of cooperation with the best agencies and clients in Germany and Switzerland," the German-Swiss group announced yesterday.

“We're very excited about their addition to the group, with 404, we aren't only leaving the DACH region for the first time ever and gaining access to a new geographic market, but we're also able to additionally expand our capabilities and capacities in the areas of international communications and product development," said David Rost, the co-founder and CEO of the MYTY Group, on the occasion of the takeover.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Zagreb Tehnika Company Expects Jobs Worth 55 Million Euros in 2023

February the 7th, 2023 - The Zagreb Tehnika company is expecting to contract jobs worth a massive 55 million euros this year, and it is the selected contractor in a procedure being carried out by the Diocese of Sisak. They'll soon begin work on the structural renovation of a number of churches.

As Suzana Varosanec/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the aforementioned works on the churches will kick off the phase of the so-called visible renovations, after an "invisible" but extensive set of preparations in which the Diocese of Sisak will take the lead.

The legal deadline for the introduction of contractors into the work is eight days from the signing of the contract, and as it was concluded on January the 25th, it is to be expected that the preparation will begin this week, as confirmed by the director of Tehnika Bojan Horvacic.

This means that works on the buildings can begin soon, and the deadline for completion is seventeen months for one church located in Zazina, and fourteen months for the other two. The contractor companies GME from Sunja and Spegra from Split were chosen for the construction and renovation of the Sisak Cathedral and five other sacred buildings.

The value of the works contracted by the Zagreb Tehnika company reaches a total of 8.1 million euros - 3.3 million for the church in Zazina, and 2.4 million for the others. Capacities have been secured for this, although the Zagreb company will soon already be filling up its book of this year's contracts.

Opportunities on the market for builders are currently favourable and there is plenty of work, but there is still a lack of workers to be had, which, like others, Tehnika has to solve by importing foreign labour, and subcontractors are successively used. Today, this company employs 314 workers and about 60 more people through agency hiring, and due to the growing volume of work, new employment is also underway.

"We're hiring for regular employment, we have a constantly open tender through which we're looking for engineers, foremen, carpenters, rebar workers and masons. I believe that we can attract them by offering a generous income, challenging business opportunities for additional improvement and education, and advancement through the system," said Horvacic, adding that the average salary is close to 1,000 euros.

The share of foreign workers within the Zagreb Tehnika company currently stands at around 30% - they employ Ukrainians, Turks and Georgians, and the current level of contracted jobs for 2023, as well as those about to be signed, amounts to slightly more than 30 million euros, which is a 100% increase compared to same period 2022. The plan for this year is about 55 million euros of contracted jobs.

The ratio of deals signed with investors in the public and private sectors is 70:30, but corrections to that figure are coming, as a wave of contracts with private investors is expected in just a few months.

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Thursday, 2 February 2023

Croatian Q Agency Enjoys 840% Growth in Five Year Period

February the 2nd, 2023 - The Croatian Q agency can rightfully boast of its success, having enjoyed very impressive growth of 840 percent in just five years. Things aren't going to slow down there, however, with further plans in the works.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, the Croatian Q agency, one of the largest domestic digital agencies currently present on the market, achieved some extremely impressive business results last year.

Their revenues grew by 44 percent to around 19 million euros (144 million kuna). Such average growth has been achieved by the Zagreb agency for the last five years now, more precisely since 2017, when they were founded, and when they amounted to ''only'' 15 million kuna. As such, the Croatian Q agency grew by 840 percent in just five years.

BBC, Nestle, Pfizer...

Next year, Filip Ljubic, the co-founder and executive director at Q revealed more at the company's first gathering with journalists. He announced that they're expecting revenue growth of 40 percent, but that will all depend on the state of the market, which is currently very turbulent and whose tremors the company is already feeling.

"We feel that it's now much more difficult. Just the other day, completely unexpectedly, a client from London cancelled their cooperation with us. We now have the same situation we had at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, when we had to work a lot more, have a lot more meetings and travel more in order to be able to arrange a job. Now we're in such a situation again, and we had to hire three new people for sales,'' explained Ljubic.

Despite the extra work involved, it's certainly not difficult for the Croatian Q agency to roll up their sleeves, because if it was difficult for them, they simply wouldn't have been able to create a list of clients like The Times, Coca Cola, BBC, Manpower, Vodafone, Novartis, Nestle and Pfizer in just five years. Those are just some of the 40 or so clients who use the services of this Zagreb-based agency for the development and design of their various mobile and web applications (apps).

Some other interesting names also joined in the last year, and the Croatian Q agency also entered the Middle Eastern market. "When the war in Ukraine broke out and the energy crisis began, we thought about which markets we'd be safest on. The decision fell on the Middle East because there certainly won't be an energy crisis there. On top of that, they operate with a strong dollar, and these are potent markets that are growing strongly," revealed the executive director of the company, which has two clients there - Takamol and Al Salam.

On that market, said Goran Kovacevic, Q's finance director, their monthly income is around 300 thousand euros, and in addition to conquering new markets, last year Q acquired the agency Flipkod, thus increasing their number of employees to more than 350.

Along with the satisfaction of their long list of clients, the satisfaction of their employees is the most important thing for the agency, which, in addition to Zagreb, has four other offices - in Belgrade, London, Zurich and the Philippines. "Our philosophy is that when employees and clients are satisfied, no matter what crisis comes, everything somehow works out," said the co-founder of Q, an agency that has been awarded the best employer for three years in a row now.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Croatian Orbico Group to Open Largest Logistics Centre in Zdencina

January the 31st, 2023 - The Croatian Orbico Group, a well known company headed by entrepreneur Branko Roglic, is set to open its biggest logistics centre yet, in Zdencina near Zagreb.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, the largest European distributor of consumer goods, the Croatian Orbico Group is continuing strongly with its development policies this year. With new investments financed primarily from the company's own funds and carried out according to the proven best model of cooperation with developers, Orbico's largest logistics and distribution centre is starting to be realised.

"With the investment of the company Orbico Hrvatska (Croatia) in Zdencina, a place situated along the Zagreb-Karlovac route, the construction of the first phase of our new logistics centre covering approximately 40,000 square metres is now beginning. We plan to move into it at the beginning of 2024," announced Roglic after the contract with the contractor was signed.

In the continuation of the project at the same location, a second phase is expected through the expansion of the centre to include another 20,000 m2. With this, the Croatian Orbico Group is sticking with the characteristic transformation processes of its business, all led by digitisation and robotisation and investments in logistics.

The new logistics centre is in the function of business optimisation through cost reduction, and the location itself was chosen based on the same assumptions of economy, productivity and the profitability of business.

Record revenues in 2022

For more than half a year, they considered several locations for a new investment, including nearby Sveta Nedelja, the home of Rimac Automobili, as well as near the Hungarian-Croatian border. In the end, the calculations showed that Zdencina in Zagreb County is ideal for a number of reasons for the new momentum of Orbico's business in Croatia.

The company already owns a number of warehouses across the country, and since a few years ago a large logistics centre in Dugopolje, as their main one in Dalmatia. With the new centre in Zdencina and further on the link with the existing one in Dugopolje, Orbico is completing a concrete solution for the biggest distribution problem in Croatia, which manifests itself in highly pronounced seasonality.

"When it comes to the distribution of goods, the main issue in Croatia is how to solve seasonality in the ratio of 1:17. This means that you need 1 tow truck for distribution in the winter, and as many as 17 in the summer, and I think this is the most difficult problem for all distributors in general. Under these conditions, you should also have optimal human resource management," explained Roglic.

The investor in the new project is Orbico Hrvatska with around 1,250 employees out of a total of 7,500, and its activities in 2022 totalled a record 520 million euros in total revenue. The entire system boasts operations in 20 European countries, all of which also enjoyed business growth, generating an impressive 3.2 billion euros in total revenue last year.

In its expansion and development on the basis of the adopted business plan in the medium-term period, i.e. on the horizon of 2028, Orbico should generate revenues of 6 billion euros, which means that it will become twice as large as it is today. Within its current framework, growth is being achieved using the leverage of modern logistics, meaning that the Croatian Orbico Group is leading the way with investments in more than 200,000 m2 of storage space and a total of five LDCs. In addition to Croatia, there are also new logistics centres in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Around 40 million euros was pumped into this investment

For this investment, which is still in the stage of tendering for the selection of developers and contractors, it was stated that the amount involved was around 40 million euros. Roglic hasn't revealed how much the post-pandemic crisis with the additional factor of inflation affected the final amount of the investment for now, but he did make sure to clarify that the company will first work under lease in the new centre, and that after the lease expires, Orbico will take over the facility fully.

"Through the rent, we pay for the investment and realise more new projects in cooperation with developers who are building our new logistics capacities. This is the best way to develop a business, especially when it takes place in several countries. Orbico operates in 20 different European countries, and we're continuing to grow at a good pace, and I must highlight the fact that we don't take loans. After some time has passed with our lease of the new LDC in Zdencina, we will buy the logistics centre," concluded Roglic.

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Thursday, 26 January 2023

Former Split Software Agency Typeqast's New Name is Valcon

January the 26th, 2023 - One year has passed since the former Split software agency Typeqast was taken over by the Dutch company Valcon, and it is now operating under that same name.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Split software agency Typeqast began operating in the largest Dalmatian city back in 2017 as a team consisting of 11 people, and in the first year alone they grew to 45 employees. They celebrated their fifth birthday with almost 450 employees and 70 active projects, engaging in work mainly for clients across Western Europe in countries like Great Britain, as well as across the pond over in the USA.

Last year at this time, they were acquired by the Dutch company Valcon, which sought to strengthen its technological and data business segment by taking over the Split software agency Typeqast, and one year after that acquisition, the Split-based agency became a full member of the wider Valcon Group. Accordingly, it now operates under a new name - Valcon - and boasts a new visual identity.

Valcon, which is otherwise a consulting, technology and data company, came into the Croatian sphere with the acquisition of the Split software agency Typeqast and further strengthened its ambitions for significant growth across the Southeastern European region. Through Typeqast, Valcon got its hands on a company with rich experience and knowledge in software development for both Western European and American clients and entered the challenging field of IT.

The former Typeqast, and the current Valcon, have offices in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek, the Netherlands, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania, and the aforementioned rebranding applies to all of those offices. Here in Croatia, Valcon continues to operate in the same way as it once did and through the same offices.

When it comes to this country, the agency has recently been increasingly involved in low-code development and have the largest team of all working on the Mendix platform. A Data team was formed within Valcon, which grew beyond all expectations in 2022, and significant growth is expected in the future as well.

A low turnover of employees, as well as increased employment, generated the need to expand the capacity of the agency's Croatian offices, so the Split, Osijek and Zagreb offices were all expanded.

Marko Baric, one of the co-founders of Typeqast and now the director of Croatian Valcon, believes that this partnership with Valcon has given the company additional strength and that it will speed up the next stages of development going forward.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

VeeMee: Largest Web Platform for Croatian Food Sales Coming Soon

January the 24th, 2023 - Despite being founded half a decade ago, the newly updated VeeMee platform is coming soon, and it aims to be the largest web platform for the sale of Croatian food yet.

As Josipa Ban/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the VeeMee platform, founded five years ago with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of domestic agricultural production, should be upgraded by the end of this year and thus become the largest market place, or online store of food produced in all of Croatia. This was announced by Marko Kozjak, the co-founder and director of VeeMee.

VeeMee has brought together more than thousands of Croatian food and agricultural producers, as well as some from Greece and Spain, and by the end of this year, Kozjak pointed out, all of them should have a unique online place to sell their products. The director of VeeMee explained that his main motive for starting the platform, which should be the largest in Croatia when it is launched, is the chaos that currently reigns strong in the online sale of local food.

"Just as an example, if someone wants to buy kale from a Croatian producer today, it can get extremely complicated for them. When they enter kale in the search engine, they'll get thousands of pieces of information about kale, but it will be difficult to find the actual producer, that is, the person from Croatia selling it.

VeeMee was conceived as a Google of sorts, but designed for people shopping for local food. When a consumer enters, again let's say kale, into our search engine, they will be able to select a region and get an overview of kale producers from that area, so they'll be able to buy their desired food easily and directly online.

Therefore, VeeMee's goal is to centralise the web shop, to unite manufacturers in one single place, because now they're scattered around and so often invisible to consumers," explained Kozjak. Currently, he stated, they're working on upgrading the VeeMee platform, on payment solutions and organising logistics.

"We want to enable more logistics options. We want to offer a solution to the route and cost of delivery to the small producers, and to the large ones the establishment of a central warehouse through which their sales would go," he said.

In addition to all of the above, for existing users who have a producer identity (PID) on the VeeMee platform, web sales would be a bonus as the price of the packages they currently pay for wouldn't increase, revealed Kozjak, adding that by launching a digital market place, their goal is to attract new, small producers who are want to carry out more web sales.

The additional competitiveness of the VeeMee platform is precisely the price, because the premium package paid by producers on the VeeMee platform is currently 300 euros per year, and when the market place, i.e. online sales, comes to life, the price will remain the same. VeeMee's solution should also increase internet sales achieved by Croatian agricultural products, which are currently very low, and which even the state platform, launched back during the coronavirus pandemic, failed to increase.

''By setting up the VeeMee web shop, peoples' orders will arrive via SMS, WhatsApp or email, and the manufacturer will then have to confirm it,'' explained the co-founder of VeeMee, who, together with his former partner Nikola Vid, launched the first neutral identification of origin (PID) and thus made it possible (through a QR code) for customers to digitally check the product and manufacturer, i.e. where the products are coming from and what path the food they're planning consume has taken to arrive to them.

More than 25 thousand tonnes of food is ''sitting'' behind that QR code, which allows customers to easily check their food's origin and traceability. It is precisely this concept that gives them a sense of security because they know where their food originates and what path it has taken before arriving at their doorstep. The manufacturers, through marketing campaigns run by VeeMee, get to enjoy more visibility, and suppliers get a verified manufacturer and traceability of their goods.

"Last year, our visibility on social media increased by 36 percent to 700,000 people," Kozjak pointed out. In addition, he added, their entire concept contributes to socially useful goals, such as reducing the amount of wasted food and greenhouse gas emissions.

"With smart logistics, we save more than a thousand tonnes of food annually from being discarded, and we reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by that much," said Kozjak, emphasising that they're focused on the end result in everything they do, and the same will be true with the VeeMee web shop.

The company, whose primary goal is complete data transparency when it comes to domestic agricultural production, food traceability and increased production, finances all of its new projects from its own income.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Varazdin Company Koka First to Receive Proven Quality Label for Poultry

January the 24th, 2023 - The Varazdin company Koka has become the very first company based in the Republic of Croatia to receive the Proven quality - Croatia (Dokazana kvaliteta - Hrvatska) label for its poultry meat.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Varazdin company Koka was the first to receive and use the aforementioned label for its poultry meat, which proves that the product was really produced within the framework of Croatian fattening capacities and the animals were fed with purely domestic grain.

Upon visiting the Varazdin company Koka's factory, Minister of Agriculture Marija Vuckovic noted that the first applicants for the same label were Croatian apple producers, followed by associated producers in the vegetable sector, egg producers, and those in meat processing.

"Producers in the pork sector are still in the process of getting their products marked with this label, and I'm looking forward to the readiness of our internationally recognised producer Vindija to take over and develop the Proven quality - Croatia label for domestically produced milk," said Vuckovic.

She also stated that the label that Koka's products carry from now on is indisputable proof that everything within that product has been produced right here in the Republic of Croatia according to exact and stringent specifications, from the breeding to the laying of the eggs to one-day-old chicks and their fattening up, all the way to the raising of the birds and food that they were fed on.

"It's a ''from field to table'' concept that promotes short supply chains and offers honest information about quality food to all consumers," emphasised Vuckovic, stating that slightly less than 700 million kuna has been contracted in the area of Varazdin County from the Rural Development Programme which offers funds for different investment projects and various types of support.

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Thursday, 19 January 2023

Much Loved Croatian Company Pipi Aiming for Foreign Markets in 2023

January the 19th, 2023 - The much loved Croatian company Pipi is set to spread its wings this year, with aims at conquering foreign markets and having them love the recognisable brand as much as the domestic market does.

As Mladen Miletic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Croatian company Pipi, known for its funny marketing campaigns for its famous drinks, has entered 2023 with reinforcements in the team, Marketing, sales and project manager Zoran Kosanovic was hired as an advisor to the company's Management Board, and will be in charge of co-creating strategic and development decisions of the iconic Pipi brand.

With this appointment, Kosanovic has officially joined the Pipi team, whose main focus for this year is to expand its share here on the domestic market even more, and to enter and conquer new foreign markets.

"By bringing in Zoran Kosanovic, we made an additional step forward in terms of our company's overall development. We've been joined by an investor from our niche who will help us to further capitalise on the potential of our brand. We did a great job with the rebranding of the Croatian company Pipi, we recently sent our first container of our products off to the USA, we made numerous contacts with other markets, and the goal now is to achieve growth abroad," said Pipi CEO Luka Diel-Zadro.

Zoran Kosanovic has otherwise worked in the FMCG industry for the past twenty years, holding the position of Marketing Director of Red Bull Croatia, and therefore bringing a wealth of priceless experience to the domestic brand.

He also worked in managerial positions at the Procter&Gamble company, he is one of the global pioneers of Shopper Marketing.

"Pipi represents a challenge for me, primarily because of the potential of the brand. It has been going on for more than fifty years now, it's always been innovative, different, and because of all of that, the challenge is greater. A special strength is the community which is all for the classic #bolimepipi philosophy, and the launch of the Pipi boutique was a small revolution within the niche of beverages," stated Kosanovic of his new appointment within the Croatian company Pipi.

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