Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Much Loved Croatian Zmajska Pivovara Enjoys Million Euro Revenue

September the 8th, 2021 - The Croatian Zmajska pivovara (brewery) has been around for a while and is often considered to have been the catalyst for the blossoming and very popular Croatian craft beer scene. It has experienced an increase in revenue and has developed a few new looks.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Sergej Novosel Vuckovic writes, the anniversary of it having been seven years since the launch of the first ''dragons'' (zmajevi) was marked last weekend by the Croatian Zmajska pivovara. The celebration took place in ''the dragon's nest'' in Jankomir, and on that occasion, the company's products were visually refreshed, after the new logo was unveiled back in July.

At the ceremony, called Zmajevo novo ruho (The dragon's new round), the new labels from the Croatian Zmajska pivovara brewery that practically kicked off the local revolution of craft brewing, and which is still in progress, were presented.

The visual aspect of Pale Ale, Porter, Pozoje and other favourites are now in line with the top quality of the product, said the owners of the brewery, Andrej Capka and Hrvoje Cirjak, emphasising that the new visual is more modern and direct, and yet still recognisable.

“It captures the essence of the Croatian Zmajska pivovara and and the main values ​​of the brand: leadership, independence, uncompromisingness, inspiration, courage, and mastery,” they stated from the company.

This brewery has otherwise very much been stabilised and become known as the flagship of the Croatian craf beer scene, a scene that already has more than 100 small independent players on it, and 45 types of beer have been placed on the market so far from Jankomir.

Since back in 2014, 1.5 million euros have been invested in plant and equipment, today, the Croatian Zmajska pivovara has revenues of around one million euros per year, with a growth rate of 20 percent, they say. They also ended pandemic-dominated 2020 in a positive light, despite the impossibility of using the hospitality and catering industry as a sales channel due to lockdowns, which spilled over to part of 2021, too.

“We have twelve full-time employees all year round. Our beers are available to customers through the network of almost all Croatian retail chains. We also export successfully, so far we make about 10 percent of our sales abroad,'' concluded Capka and Cirjak.

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Croatian Brewing Sector Performs Well Despite Coronavirus Crisis

Last year, the Croatian brewing sector did excellently, they generated slightly more than 2.3 billion kuna in total revenues and a consolidated profit of 284.4 million kuna, which is 17.8 percent more than was recorded back in 2018. The Zagreb brewery (Zagrebacka pivovara) has done brilliantly this year, regardless of the ongoing crisis.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes on the 6th of August, 2020, in 2019, as a characteristic precursor to the turbulent period of business under the negative effects of coronavirus on the economy, the Croatian brewing sector managed to do surprisingly well, as referenced with the accompanying figures above.

According to Fina's data, which is traditionally published on the topic on the occasion of the International Beer Day on August the 5th, last year, a total of 92 enterprises operated in the Croatian brewing sector, which is four more than were registered as in operation back in 2018.

However, in this regard, a new question arises as to how many employees they had in total. Namely, Fina's announcement states that in 2019, there were a total of 1592 employees in this activity, which is an increase of 2.5 percent when compared to 2018. However, this is a slightly smaller number of employees compared to Fina's earlier announcement related to the Croatian brewing sector for back in 2018, in which they state that 88 enterprises employed 1622 employees. If this data has been taken into account when analysing the latest trends, then it wouldn't be the stated 2.5 percent of last year's growth, but in actual fact a decrease in the number of employees in the beer industry of about 1.8 percent in 2019 compared to 2018.

Additionally, according to Fina, last year's framework represents another 1.4 percent decrease in total revenue in the Croatian brewing sector when compared to back 2018, followed by an increase in total expenditures of 2.1 percent, with slightly more of the total number of enterprises in this segment operating at a profit than there were in 2018, ie 44 such enterprises (47.8 percent).

Out of 92 enterprises operating in this activity, ten are exporters (9.1 percent more than in 2018) who earned 253.2 million kuna on the foreign market, which is 18.4 percent less than in 2018. They also recorded a higher number of importers (26), which is an increase of 44.4 percent when compared to 2018, as well as a 7 percent increase in imports, which amounted to 414 million kuna. This, according to the aforementioned Fina report, resulted in an increase in the negative trade balance by 110 percent - from 76.6 to 160.8 million kuna.

The largest total revenue - 1.1 billion kuna was generated by Zagrebačka pivovara (Zagreb brewery), which was also the largest exporter. Last year, the company had 577 employees who earned a handsome average monthly net salary in the amount of 11,791 kuna. It showed a positive business result - 234.1 million kuna in 2019 compared to 233.2 million kuna in 2018, when, according to Fina, it had 560 employees who took home an average monthly net salary of 12,728 kuna, which means that there was an 8 percent decrease in take home pay.

Heineken Croatia generated total revenues in the amount of 673.3 million kuna and is in second place in 2019 according to the above criteria, while the positive operating result amounts to 64.1 million kuna. Last year it had 326 employees and seems to have had the highest net salary in the entire industry. The average monthly net salary of 12,157 kuna represents a decrease of about 9 percent when compared to 2018, when it amounted to 13,310 kuna, while in 2018, the company employed 321 employees.

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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Daruvar Brewery Continues 180-Year Production Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

As Novac/Filip Pavic writes on the 10th of April, 2020, the oldest Croatian brewery, the Daruvar brewery (Daruvarska pivovara) has turned to modernisation during the coronavirus crisis. The Daruvar Brewery, which has been celebrating 180 years since its inception, is now selling its beer online and delivering to home addresses.

''People can order it by e-mail and pay by card to reduce any contact between our sellers with customers,'' explained Siniša Lukač, the director of the Croatian brewery that has been producing beer for almost two centuries in the same location, Count Janković's estate in the very heart of Daruvar.

Production and sales, he added, didn't stop even during the Homeland War, and coronavirus isn't going to make it grind to a halt, either.

Delivery is free of charge and the minimum order is a package of twelve bottles. All this can be ordered by residents of Zagreb, Daruvar, Pakrac, Lipik and the surrounding areas, Nova Gradiska, Novska and the surroundings, as well as Virovitica, Bjelovar and Zabok.

''Since the cafes and restaurants are closed and the shops are crowded, we decided to meet people halfway so they don't have to run the risk of going to the shop and waiting in lines. In this way, we're contribute to the reduction of social contact and respecting the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters to the greatest extent possible,'' emphasised Lukač.

One interesting fact is that the Daruvar brewery is still the only brewery outside of the Czech Republic that produces beer according to traditional Czech technology, and last year, their Fifth Element beer recorded a 30 percent increase in sales, with an additional 25 percent increase in sales for another beer - Staročeško.

Back in 2014, the Daruvar brewery also turned to craft production, a move which saw it introduce Fifth Element among others.

Considering the fact that the Daruvar brewery produces about 250,000 hectolitres of beer a year, during these trying ''coronavirus times'', they say that they are recording a decline, as are all breweries.

''It's clear that beer is not the first choice for people when buying supplies, people have other priorities now. Our production has fallen by 30 percent, and we don't yet know what will happen next. Demand for beer is currently diminished, but that's why our beers are on the shelves of all major shopping centres. It's important that we use this moment for collective awareness. Let's buy Croatian, maybe it's fifty lipa more expensive, but it's not of dubious quality,'' Lukač stated.

Despite all, he noted, the jobs of all sixty Daruvar brewery employees are safe - there will be no layoffs. They have, as he pointed out, people who have worked with them for years, entire generations of families.

''I'd like to note that this brewery has been operating over three centuries, it has seen through two world wars and the Homeland War, and now a global pandemic. It has operated through five countries - the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia, and independent Croatia, it has never stopped producing and doing business. We'll do our best to make sure that no matter what, our beer reaches our customers,'' he concluded.

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