Thursday, 3 November 2022

Spiritus: Special Croatian App Turns Graveyards into Museums

November the 3rd, 2022 - A very special application (app) by the Croatian startup Spiritus is turning graveyards into virtual museums, telling the stories of those lying at rest there.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Mladen Miletic writes, a team of Croatian tech experts from the Zagreb startup Spiritus has designed an application that turns cemeteries across the Republic of Croatia into virtual museums, and it has already attracted more than three million kuna in investments intended to expand this heartfelt idea to other European markets.

Through the application, the families of the deceased can write stories about their lives, as well as receive photo suggestions or stories about their loved ones that they may not have even known about. The Spiritus application was premiered in Vukovar, and on October the 31st, 2022, it arrived at almost all major cemeteries in the country.

"We've been preparing the project for more than a year now, and we hope that it will be recognised and supported by people. There are so many untold and inspiring life stories that we want to preserve for our descendants," explained Spiritus director Dino Jerkovic.

So far, the application has more than 700,000 memorials spanning more than 50 city cemeteries loaded into it, from Vukovar to Zagreb, Varazdin, Osijek, Karlovac and Split.

"We believe that every person who has ever lived has at least one story worth telling. These are often wonderful and inspiring life stories that will be forgotten over generations. We want to find such stories and enable families to keep hold of them forever," added Dino Jerkovic.

"We'd like to thank our previous partners for recognising the potential of this project and we're looking forward to future collaborations. The goal is that every family in Croatia has the opportunity to preserve the memories of their loved ones through technology. Pictures, stories and biographical information can remain indelible on the Internet, in fact they're eternal. As such, the memories of our grandparents can remain for all generations. Of course, we do check all of the content placed there. It's very important to us that all of the content on Spiritus is dignified and respectful of the deceased," concluded Jerkovic.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Croatian Photomath App Launches Engineering Blog on Medium Platform

February the 2nd, 2022 - The Croatian Photomath app has been a roaring success, having gained a lot of recognition very quickly. The team behind it have now launched an interesting engineering blog on the popular blogging platform Medium.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, the Croatian Photomath app has launched an engineering blog on Medium, an online platform with more than 100 million readers, where all those interested in getting better acquainted, as they say, "with life in the company" and everything they work on, can read about the ins and outs.

The creator of the Croatian Photomath app which works to help solve mathematical problems has announcing that they have something new in the works for months now, and their blogging project has now seen the light of day.

“We wanted to create a space where we can share our knowledge and experience with the community and show how, why and what engineers at Photomath do. We're going to write about how we work on our products, projects and technologies, and we can expect stories about #LifeAtPhotomath and interesting engineering topics at least twice a month,'' they announced from Photomath.

They currently have twelve active authors, and training is being prepared for a dozen more. So far, five topics have been published.

In one of the texts, Petar Alilovic, Android Tech Lead, presented Photomath's current news, revealing, among other things, that the users of the application are not only students but also parents and teachers. Last year, 5 percent more parents and 13 percent more teachers used this impressive maths app.

Among students, it is most often used by high school graduates, but it seems that after high school they stop using it, unless they choose a profession related to mathematics. According to data from last year, the Croatian Photomath app has been downloaded more than 220 million times worldwide, of which ten million users use the application every single day for various purposes.

According to Photomath's founder, Damir Sabol, the market potential is in a billion students who have to learn mathematics during their mandatory education and sometimes beyond it. Their largest market is across the pond over in the USA, followed by Russia, Italy, Brazil and Indonesia, while here in Croatia, they interestingly don't have as many users as they have abroad.

Last February, the Croatian Photomath app secured a massive 23 million US dollar investment from the American fund Menlo Ventures to further develop the app.

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Friday, 26 November 2021

Croatian PlantOn App Offers Users "Garden in Their Palm"

November the 26th, 2021 - The Croatian PlantOn app allows its users to access their garden ''in their palm'' from wherever they might be.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, Goran Markovanovic and Mario Salai from Slavonia created the Croatian PlantOn app, which provides its customers and producers with a "garden in the palm of your hand" experience, with direct connections between the user and the grower permitted with ease.

The user of the Croatian PlantOn app is directly connected to the producer from whom they have rented the garden, while the same producer grows vegetables for the user and sends them all of the crops from their garden to their home address.

By paying for the service, the buyer provides farmers with a fixed monthly income throughout the year, and the family does not have to worry about the placement and sale of their vegetables.

“The Croatian PlantOn app also opens up new employment opportunities for local farmers, and better quality control and product quantity planning reduces the risk of overproduction, unnecessary production and food waste. When a user asks to rent a garden, they can do so even when planting has only just begun, so the crop can be already fully sold, which provides family farms with security and additional motivation, and direct delivery ensures the better hygiene and freshness of the vegetables. The PlantOn system enables income to be kept in the hands of the ''small'' people, who will retain purchasing power and improve the economy of the more rural parts of Croatia,'' said Markovanovic.

All activities from the field are available to tenants via the Croatian PlantOn app so they can see their garden at any time. In this way, the customer gets healthy, locally grown foods easily and they even know exactly how they've been grown and where they've come from.

As Markovanovic and Salai added, the delivery of fresh vegetables from Slavonia and Baranja gardens is possible to all parts of Croatia. They have three packages - Family (eight types of vegetables), Custom (the buyer chooses everything down to the last bit) or Business, which is intended only for business entities (this is done only with large areas with the cultivation of crops of choice). In addition to growing vegetables, the app also offers seasonal nutrition tips and different recipes.

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Friday, 26 November 2021

Innovative Croatian ScanShop App Being Tested Out by NTL

November the 26th, 2021 - The large shopping chain NTL (Narodni trgovacki lanac) has been testing out the innovative new Croatian ScanShop app in its stores.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, the NTL chain is starting to test out the Croatian ScanShop app in its stores, which allows the customer to independently scan the desired items in the store via their own mobile phone and thus skip the queues for the cash register. This is a practice already common in some large Northern European chains, such as the British Tesco.

The Croatian ScanShop app allows shoppers more time to select their products instead of standing and waiting in lines at the checkout, it reduces frustration for the customer and makes the experience more positive in general. It also provides the user with personalised content based on their shopping list and previous purchases, as well as all information about the product(s) or various promotions in individual stores.

"We're glad to have the opportunity to be the first to test out an innovative Croatian product and check the technical and operational possibilities for its implementation. With the support of small technological start-up companies, our goal is certainly to provide our customers with even greater customer satisfaction. The introduction of the Croatian ScanShop app potentially opens the possibility for the better use of the time of our employees so that they, instead of at the checkout, are at the service of customers when they're shopping and are actually choosing products,'' said the director of NTL, Martin Evacic.

As part of a European Union (EU) project, the Croatian ScanShop app has reached a stage where it is ready for use in stores, but continued testing in real conditions is a necessary prerequisite for the further development of the application to reach its full potential.

"We're happy that NTL has recognised us as a possible partner and allowed us to test out our application in real conditions. In this phase, the Croatian ScanShop app development team improve things with the support of NTL employees, and we hope that the knowledge from the test phase will enable ScanShop to progress even more, and with the support of investors, it will be available to the general public and as many stores as possible,'' said Luka Buljan on behalf of the technology team developing the application.

The development of the application was supported by European Union funds, which emphasises the financing of radical innovations with the potential for success. The total value of the project was 1.6 million kuna, of which EU funds financed 85 percent.

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Friday, 25 June 2021

First Croatian COVID-19 Testing App Issued by Dubrovnik’s Marin Med Polyclinic

25 June 2021 – Dubrovnik Marin Med Polyclinic released an app that allows people to order COVID-19 testing.

Travelling in the time of the pandemic has been interesting and sometimes quite frustrating. The situation in 2021 is much better than the previous year, but there are still some hoops that need jumping through in order to get to your dream vacation. One of the most important things to consider when travelling is the need for COVID19 testing. In Dubrovnik, Marin Med Polyclinic is one of the most efficient and hassle-free places where you can do this. Now, they’ve made the entire process even easier by developing a mobile app that enables people to sign up for testing remotely. The name of the app is fit4traveldubrovnik and it is the first of its kind in Croatia.

How Does it Work?

The majority of guests coming to Dubrovnik will need to take an official COVID test before flying back home. By using fit4traveldubrovnik you streamline the process of acquiring proof of being COVID-free before your trip. The app enables users to schedule the testing and choose from the available testing locations. You also pay for the testing through the app. Within a maximum of 24 hours, you will receive the test results via email.


Marin Med has set up a new testing spot in front of Dubrovnik’s Grawe Building in the business district of Gruz. This way, the testing is done in an easy and fast manner without the need for entering the building. Dr. Rikard Lenz, the director of Marin Med emphasised the entire process of scheduling testing, paying, and receiving results can be done via the app, making in-person visits needed only for the actual testing. In fact, with the outdoor testing spot now available, persons in need of a COVID test need to generally spend just a few seconds, up to a minute at the testing site. This makes the entire process not just very fast, but also extremely safe. For more information on getting tested for COVID19 in Dubrovnik, check out the official website of Marin Med.

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Monday, 10 May 2021

Croatian Aircash App Boasts 150,000 Active Users, 150 Million Kuna Turnover

May the 10th, 2021 - The Croatian Aircash app has been gaining inpopularity, and that will more than likely continue to occur as the app allows its users to pay only half the price of a parking ticket, which is something commonly received throughout Croatia.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, the Croatian Aircash app is a revolutionary way of sending and receiving money in the Croatians sense. It cuts out paying for a large number of services by making it available in one single click and bypasses all the shortcomings of banks, from standing in linse, entering numerous pieces of information and waiting for the money to "reach" the recipient.

Avoiding all of the headache that the often outdated process in banks cause has been offered by this Croatian app, which is otherwise the very first digital wallet and the country's fastest growing fintech with more than 150,000 active users who have a monthly turnover of more than 150 million kuna.

As an electronic money institution (IES), the Croatian Aircash app is licensed by the Croatian National Bank (HNB/CNB) to operate in accordance with all laws of Croatia and the European Union. Today, they're constantly among the top three apps in their segment on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, and recently Aircash was recognised by Huawei Croatia with its addition to the AppGallery store, which has 500 million active users per month worldwide, which Aircash sees as a great opportunity due to the large number of Huawei users in Croatia.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of Aircash users who were provided with contactless payment for various services such as sending money, paying bills, parking, telecom vouchers, the top-up of ENC devices and the like was only increasing. Aircash business manager Damir Smigmator says that 2020 has shown how digital wallets are becoming more recognisable because people want fast, secure and easy payment that guarantees privacy. Research shows that the transition to digital payment methods could lead to the re-establishment of balance in the global economy. The novelty they introduced to the Croatian market is the possibility for payment at PBZ ATMs without the need for accounts held there and without cards, which proved to be a big hit.

“In the Croatian Aircash app, the user requests a payment at a PBZ ATM, after which they receive a unique code (OTP - one time password) for the payment, which they then enter at any PBZ ATM and they can then securely withdraw that money. With all these locations, payment is possible to any bank account opened in a Croatian bank with one click from the app,'' explained Smigmator. The average age of an Aircash user is around 30, and they're especially proud because their mobile wallet is also used by older people too.

The Croatian Aircash app story started back in 201, when after the original idea came to be, the development and study of often complex CNB regulations began. Just one year later, they received a license from the Payment Institution (IPP). The quality of their service was then first recognised by INA, which enabled users to send and receive money with a quick payment throughout the Republic of Croatia, which at the time, stated Smigmator, was an absolute novelty on the market.

“We've noticed some shortcomings when it comes to IPP that have started to limit us when doing business, especially in the planned entry into the EU market. We concluded that we want to offer customers across Croatia and the entire EU a better experience, so we started a change in the Electronic Money Institution (IES), which we got at the end of 2019. As we grew in terms of our business, so did our number of employees. At the moment, there are 25 of us, we're all highly educated and we like to say professional in the work we do,'' said Smigmator.

In addition to INA and PBZ, they have established cooperation with many successful companies out there on the market, in various spheres of business. The Croatian Aircash app is readily available at all petrol stations in the country (INA, Tifon), at all Tisak and iNovine kiosks, users can buy Playstation and telecom vouchers for all teleoperators in Croatia (Telemach, HT, A1, Tomato and Bonbon) and much more. It is also interesting that almost 20 percent of their users don't even live in Croatia, and most Croats who work and live abroad use Aircash to send money to their families or to pay for various bills and utilities.

Aircash is entering the EU market too, first to Germany, Austria and then to neighbouring Slovenia.

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Monday, 22 March 2021

Plaja-Beach Finder: Croatian App to Digitalise All of Country's Beaches

March the 22nd, 2021 - One Croatian app, Plaja-Beach Finder, made by a man from Split, will place all of Croatia's beautiful beaches on one platform for tourists in order to answer the (in)famous ''Where's the beach?'' question.

As Morski/Jurica Gaspar writes, after eight weeks of the StartIT academy, a mobile application was created that will digitalise all beaches in Croatia. The Plaja-Beach Finder mobile app has been available for download since January the 24th this year, and has been downloaded more than a thousand times so far.

''I initially came up with the idea for a mobile application that would showcase all the beaches near you, I thought it up after many years in tourism (more specifically fifteen years) because of the most common question asked by each guest during their very first contact with a tourist worker - where is the beach?'' Dejan Grepo said.

Croatian Tourist boards continue to spend money on the totally unnecessary printing of maps

Extensive research has been done with tourist boards and all types of tourism workers from down in Dubrovnik all the way up to Pula and everyone has agreed with the same thing; guests ask this question more than they do anything else.

The answer to the question of where the beach is so far has been offered through paper printed maps that are impractical, wasteful and cause complication in explaining a very, very simple answer to the millions of foreign visitors Croatia receives each and every summer season.

''The Plaja-Beach Finder mobile app works to show you the nearest beaches, beach-related news and weather forecasts, depending on your current location. Using this Croatian mobile app, you can search beaches by map, category, ie type of beach (sandy, pebble, nudist…) or by search engine to simply enter the name of the beach, city, place or by radius by specifying the radius in which you want to search beaches your current location,'' explaind the creator of the application.

Croatia actually has three times more beaches than we think it has...

In agreement with the Association of Persons with Disabilities, the category of beaches for persons with disabilities has also been added into the app, so for the first time they will have an insight into the beaches that are accessible to them with all of the appropriate facilities.

''For each beach there is a detailed description entered by the Tourist Board, as well as their location, content on offer and pictures. In addition to the navigation option, there is an option via which you can virtually view each beach via 360 View. The user can leave a comment as well as a rating for each beach, thus creating a ranking by quality, which greatly facilitates how people choose the most suitable beaches for their needs and wants,'' the app's creator added.

A very important feature of the Plaja-Beach Finder mobile application is that it can be used in Offline mode too, meaning that accurate navigation to chosen beaches can be used without the need for an Internet signal, which will greatly help people out, especially foreign guests who visit the coast.

Tourist Boards have the opportunity to contact all users of the mobile application about events in their area.

''An interesting finding during the undertaken research is that in the Croatian Register of Beaches there are about 1600 beach locations, but with my detailed research this number is actually much higher, there are even up to three times more beaches than we think there are, which puts us at the very top in the number of beaches not only in Europe but throughout the whole world,'' said Grepo.

''New beaches are entered daily at the request of local tourist boards, we already have beaches in all counties across Croatia and total entry is expected in the middle of May,'' he continued, adding that in just one month they've successfully digitalised over 15 percent of the Croatian coast in cooperation with numerous local tourist boards up and down the coastline.

The signing of a cooperation agreement is underway with the tourist boards on the coast, which have recognised the potential and need for the Plaja-Beach Finder mobile app and accept it as a tool for providing answers to visitors in the upcoming tourist season.

''The Plaja0Beach Finder mobile app also has potential for the international market, it's being prepared for presentation at tourism fairs in London and Berlin as a Croatian product intended for all tourist destinations on the coast. We're also arranging cooperation to present the mobile app in the Croatia Full Off New Beginings campaign under the auspices of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) for the 2021 season. The potential of the mobile app was also recognised by the University of Split, which gave us space to work in the most modern newly opened Technology Park in Split. After 1000 years of using paper maps, I believe that the time has come to use the digital technological possibilities that are available to all of us today on our mobile phones, and thus make our lives easier,'' concluded the app's creator, Dejan Grepo.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New Zagreb Bus Station App Will Enable Mobile Ticket Purchase

January the 27th, 2021 - When it comes to Croatia and digitalisation, things move extremely slowly. A snail's pace is quite fast in comparison, but the pandemic has actually forced the country to move more quickly, and as a result, many more things can now be carried out online. The new Zagreb bus station app is one such development.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, if you want to travel by bus from Zagreb down to the Dalmatian city of Split, you can make a ''pilgrimage'' to the box office at the station itself or "scroll" through the station's web application, manually enter your credit or debit card details and wait for the purchased ticket to arrive in your e-mail inbox. That outdated model should now finally change with the advent of the much needed Zagreb bus station app.

Zagreb bus station has finally decided to enter the 21st century, thus developing an advanced mobile application for the selling of bus tickets from any Apple or Android device. They have announced a tender worth one and a half million kuna, which is looking for a company that will turn their idea into reality, and after signing a contract with the cheapest bidder, the brand new Zagreb bus station app should be live and up and running in about four to six months, Vecernji list reported.

''There's been a drop in the number of tickets sold, so the development of new modern channels is needed,'' they explained from Zagreb bus station when asked why they are now focusing on the Internet and smartphones. They also pointed out the basic functionalities of the future application which currently has several working names, Busticket, Findmybus or BusScanner.

In addition to Croatian language, it will be available in English, German and Italian, and will offer tickets for as many as 7,000 stations across 34 countries and on two continents, Europe and North America.

To buy a ticket, the traveller may doesn't need to be pre-registered, although for those who do create an account there will be additional benefits, such as saving purchased tickets, loading physical tickets by barcode or entering a number, an advanced search and more.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Sportyn: Croatian-American Company Presents App for Sport Lovers

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes on the 16th of November, 2020, the Croatian-American company Sportyn INC presented the free Sportyn application (app) in Zagreb. By exchanging video content, as the main medium, the app enables the promotion of athletes on a global level, changes the image of sport scouting and financing the development of athletes, using all aspects of modern social networking concepts.

Experts in the field of developing new technological solutions from Sportyn are otherwise experienced entrepreneurs and world-famous sport ambassadors, and they consider this application a kind of revolution for the sporting community and redefining the path of young athletes to success.

Sportyn, they say, wants to become a platform to promote athletes globally, and is the first on the market to offer real benefits to those who are serious or amateurs in sport, such as athletes, spectators, coaches or scouts. It is the first and only platform in the world that, by the use of an advanced algorithmic search engine, enables agents and scouts, but also all sport lovers, to quickly find any athlete, amateur or professional, regardless of their age, country or sport, even if the athlete's name is completely unknown.

''Millions of talented athletes face the same problem today - insufficiently targeted visibility and connectivity with desired audiences, sport recruiters and organisations. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are massive channels that offer fast, unfiltered and typical content for viewing by the general population, but they lack the special focus needed for athletes, especially younger people, for competitions and sporting entertainment that is only served casually. This means that there are no real and functional filters, and the videos are scattered around and virtually invisible to the target audience for which they were created. Sport recruiters therefore don't rely on these channels as reliable resources or talent search platforms. We saw space for Sportyn there,'' said Ivan Ilecic, the founder and CEO of Sportyn Inc.

With the help of the special Sportyn algorithm, it is possible to rank and compare athletes according to different criteria. The platform will also contain detailed biographies of the athletes, their athletic characteristics, achievements, statistics, club history, contract and agency status. It is easy to use, available at, and the main communication tool is video clips lasting up to 60 seconds, which are archived and easily accessible, even if the data was published in the application as long as a few years ago. Special emphasis is also placed on data security.

"No matter what part of the world you live in and in what conditions you train in, Sportyn helps you show off your talent to a global sporting audience and those who, recognising your potential, can change your life literally overnight," said Ivan Rakitic, an ambassador of Sportyn.

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Monday, 28 September 2020

Jenz: Croatian Social Network App Proves Itself During Pandemic

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes on the 27th of September, 2020, this year during the lockdown, after 10,000 hours, 24 months of hard work and 300,000 euros of investment, the Zagreb software company Q Agency presented the Jenz mobile app, a Croatian social network where company employees can post official and entertainment content and connect better.

''As the number of employees in the agency grew and expanded rapidly, we wanted to improve communication and strengthen the culture within and among the teams. Jenz is an application that combines several communication and feedback tools. At first it looks like Instagram, full of photos and videos. In addition to the live feed, which is its most dynamic part, Jenz has eight features and contains a calendar of all activities in the company, anonymous surveys, Kudos sharing, the anonymous collection of feedback via Shoutbox and employee profiles with their contact information, their picture and a brief description of the person and their function in the company,'' explained Ana Cupic, Head of Communications at Q, who currently works with 160 people, from full-time employees to external associates.

More than a year ago, they made specifications and a workshop, formed a team of about 30 people from different fields and started making Jenz, which is known as a favourite for the Best Mobile App (BMA) award of the International Association of Experts and Developers which has been being awarded since back in 2012. The competition runs until the 31st of December. Many companies have recognised the value of the app in the pandemic because it facilitates and enhances two-way communication between employees and the company, creating a sense of connectedness and inclusion so interest in it grows from week to week.

"It used to be important, but it wasn't urgent. Now it's important and urgent, so Jenz suddenly got so much more attention as a solution,'' added Cupic, whose agency, as she says, approaches each client holistically, so the app adapts to the client, and not vice versa.

The need for such apps, added Cupic, is confirmed by Slack's research, according to which more than 91 percent of employees want to connect with their colleagues at work better. Before Jenz came into the hands of all employees, the agency selected about 20 ambassadors who instructed them in the principle of the app. Their first user in Croatia was the consulting and auditing company Deloitte Croatia, which employs about 160 people. According to Cupic, the reactions from Deloitte were above all expectations. The Jenz app is now ready for commercial use.

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