Saturday, 12 June 2021

March for Life Held in Sisak

ZAGREB, 12 June, 2021 - A March for Life was held in the central town of Sisak on Saturday for the second year in a row, with the participants expressing their respect and love for both unborn and born children.

The participants walked through the town's centre singing and rejoicing, "expressing their solidarity, respect and love for both unborn and born children, their mothers, fathers and grandparents, for our families and Croatia," the organisers said in a statement.

The coordinator Terezija Tržić said that they were marching for all women needing their support, love and help, as well as for social, legal and any other protection of unborn children.

"We never ever 'help' mothers terminate the life of their children. The woman is the mistress of her own body, but the moment she becomes pregnant, she carries another body in her own body - the body of her son or daughter. A pregnant woman is already a mother," the statement said.

Another coordinator, Boris Prpić, said that today was a special day because they were again marching for life after a string of earthquakes had devastated this area last year.

"Surveys show that 75 percent of women who have had an abortion say they did it for economic reasons or because of community pressure. It is therefore our responsibility to care about protecting life from conception to a natural death. We want to encourage the government to take concrete measures to help mothers," Prpić said.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Three Judges and a Local Entrepreneur Arrested under Charges of Corruption in Croatia

9 June 2021 – Police apprehended three judges from Osijek this morning in a case seemingly involving serious corruption in Croatia.

Croatian judicial system has been a point of controversy throughout recent history. Still, it is rare that the police actually get a cause for arrest. Three judges from Osijek, Darko Kruslin, Zvonko Vekic, and Ante Kvesic, were apprehended this morning. This comes after charges brought forth by controversial football manager Zdravko Mamic.

Zdravko Mamic and his brother Zoran Mamic have their own problems with the law. They were recently found guilty of extracting 116 million Croatian Kunas from Dinamo Zagreb football club by the Croatian Supreme Court. Zoran Mamic was the acting club manager at the time. They are currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia seemingly unable to work out extradition with the local government.

Accusations of Corruption reports Zdravko Mamic supposedly delivered a USB memory drive to USKOK (Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime) back in October. It contained evidence of various corruption acts the judges committed. He later held a press conference in which he made various accusations of racketeering, accepting bribes, and secret meetings during ongoing cases. He claimed judge Vekic asked him for help in obtaining a higher professional function and extorted €500,000 that he planned on dividing with Kruslin and Kvesic. Mamic said he paid the money in order to have the charges against him dropped. He also mentioned another €100,000 EUR being paid through Zoran Mamic and Drago Tadic – the arrested entrepreneur. On another occasion, Zdravko Mamic supposedly had given Darko Kruslin an expensive watch as a gift. Kruslin later returned the timepiece when Mamic's case went to court in Osijek.

When reading through the entire set of accusations, it becomes clear the men involved had socialised on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, these social circles that feature people holding high positions in various branches of the government and controversial entrepreneurs are nothing new in Croatia. If this case turns out to be valid, it will be an interesting precedent for the future. Having a long-time controversial figure like Zdravko Mamic putting in motion such an important corruption case is a perfect irony to cap the story off.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Caterers Want Extended Working Hours in Croatia During EURO 2020

June 9, 2021 - Restaurant and bar owners are looking for extended working hours in Croatia during EURO 2020, beginning on Friday, June 11. 

The first extended weekend, better epidemiological situation, and the sun brought a smile to the faces of tourism workers after a long time. In Split-Dalmatia County, there were 75 thousand overnight stays and 17 thousand arrivals. While the numbers aren't quite like before, there is a reason for optimism and hope for a successful season, writes HRT.

About 4,000 domestic and foreign guests were resting in Split last weekend, and 8,000 passengers traveled through the airport on Saturday and Sunday. There were 75,000 overnight stays throughout the county. 

"In June, we mainly recorded 'last-minute' arrivals, according to flights and vaccinations. Most often, those who are vaccinated come. Everyone is eager to travel and a very good season awaits us. If we do everything well, then we can talk about the off-season that could bring us income," said Barbara Markovic, vice president of the Croatian Family Accommodation Association.

The European Football Championship begins on Friday, and restaurants and bars are not giving up on their request to extend their working hours.

"We were already looking for working hours until midnight. Now is the time to do it. It would be fine to have longer working hours during the EURO. The weather is warmer, people will watch matches outside, and that will contribute to economic activity. There is no need to be afraid," said Jelena Tabak, president of the National Caterers Guild.

It is unlikely that the national pride and fanfare that accompanied the World Cup in Russia will be repeated, so it is difficult to expect the fan madness of 2018. Caterers believe that the EURO can be watched in a calmer atmosphere and with respect for epidemiological measures. However, it remains questionable whether the Croatian National Headquarters also believes in that, concludes HRT.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

CNN in King's Landing: Richard Quest Embraces Dubrovnik Culture

8 June, 2021 – CNN's Richard Quest is in Dubrovnik preparing his story on the city and Croatia's travel industry. He seems to still find time to have some fun in the process.

Big time celebrities are nothing new in Dubrovnik. Still, when one of them is travelling to actually do a report about the city, it inevitably raises plenty of interest. Richard Quest is a CNN International news anchor and editor. His show Quest Means Business is vastly popular.

Dubrovnik is hosting Mr. Quest for a few days as he is currently doing a piece on the state of city's tourism. Today, the local Tourism Board released some interesting photos from the filming in the city's historical centre. Lazareti, ancient quarantine complex just outside of the Old Town centre, is the home for Folklore Ensemble Lindo. This organisation preserves traditional folk songs and dances as well as historical costumes of the area. It is synonymous with Dubrovnik local culture. In the photographs Quest is seen visiting Lazareti and interviewing one of the members of Lindo. He also apparently joined in during the rehearsal as we've also seen him in full traditional costume.

 Photos Courtesy of Dubrovnik Tourist Board:


(With Dubrovnik Tourist Board director, Ana Hrnic)







Important Promotion at the Crucial Moment

It seems like the filming is going well and everybody is in high spirits, which only makes us more impatient to see the end story. We have reported earlier on the main topics of CNN's Dubrovnik story. The discussion will mainly revolve around the most important questions of the day for many citizens of Dubrovnik. These include lifting of COVID related restrictions in Croatia and the state of the travel industry.

With important topics like this, amazing backdrop of medieval Dubrovnik glistening in the sun, and Richard Quest in his full local costume, this promises to be a very interested promotion for Dubrovnik and Croatia. With the rise in the interest of travellers from American market, this is certainly the type of news Dubrovnik Tourist Board was hoping for at the beginning of the summer. Don't miss CNN's report from Dubrovnik on Thursday 10th of June.

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Sunday, 6 June 2021

Belgium Tops Croatia 1:0 in Final Friendly before EURO 2020

June 6, 2021 - Belgium tops Croatia in the final friendly match in Brussels on Sunday. 

The European Championship starts next Saturday for Belgium in St. Petersburg against Russia, and for Croatia a day later at Wembley against England.

Five days ago, Croatia played only 1:1 against Armenia.

"We made a historic result three years ago. This is not the same team that was at the time. We have a young team that has talent but needs time to play. I hope we repeat a good result. It is true that we are playing against the best team in the FIFA rankings and we have great respect for them, but we want to achieve the best result. It's a big challenge for us, but the game is played six or seven days before the first match at the Euro, the most important thing is that there are no injuries," said Dalic before the match.

Zlatko Dalic led the team in accordance with the announcements. Three changes were made compared to the Armenia friendly - Kovačić strengthened the midfield instead of Vlašić, Rebić played on the right wing instead of Brekalo, while Petković replaced Kramarić at the top of the attack.


Belgium: Courtois - Alderweireld, Denayer, Vertonghen - Castagne, Tielemans, Dendoncker, Chadli - Mertens, Carrasco - Lukaku

Croatia: Livaković - Vrsaljko, Vida, Ćaleta-Car, Barišić - Brozović, Kovačić - Rebić, Modrić, Perišić - Petković

In the first five minutes, Croatia controlled the game and didn't allow Belgium to enter their half. Belgium's first chance came in the 11th minute when Brozović was careless and gave the ball to Chadli, who hit over the goal from the edge of the penalty area.

Belgium became increasingly dangerous as the match continued and hit the crossbar twice in the 31st minute. Perišić threatened a minute later but his shot was blocked. 


Slobodan Kadic

Belgium finally scored in the 38th minute. A mixup in the Croatia defense allowed Lukaku to score from close range for 1:0. Petković found Perišić for a chance in the 42nd minute but he was offside. 


Slobodan Kadic

Gvardiol made his debut at left back instead of Barišić to start the second half and quickly confirmed his spot on the Croatia team. A great ball in the box by Gvardiol in the 52nd minute found the head of Petković who aimed at Courtois. 


Slobodan Kadic

Mertens had a dangerous opportunity for Belgium moments later was weak in is shot. 

Croatia looked good at the opening of the second half but still did not create opportunities. In the 61st minute, Dalić subbed on Pašalić, Vlašić and Kramarić for Modrić, Kovačić and Rebić.

Croatia possessed well in the 10 minutes that followed. Brekalo came on for Petković in the 69th minute. Vlašić shot for Croatia after what felt like ages, but it was an easy save for Courtois. 


Slobodan Kadic

Oršić came on for Perišić in the 80th minute, and Eden Hazard entered the match for Belgium one minute later. 

Belgium had a massive chance in the 88th minute but two brilliant saves by Livakovć kept it 1:0. Brekalo had Croatia's best chance of the game in the 90th minute which was famously saved by Courtois. The match ended 1:0 for Belgium.

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Friday, 4 June 2021

Zlatko Dalic Sends Message to Fans Ahead of Croatia and Belgium Friendly

June 4, 2021 - Zlatko Dalic faced the press on Friday ahead of the Croatia and Belgium friendly this weekend, sending a message that the team understands their obligation to fans in Croatia. 

The day before the flight to Brussels, where Croatia will play their last pre-Euro friendly against Belgium, coach Zlatko Dalic sent a message to Croatia fans. He pointed out that the national team is aware of its obligation to the Croatian people. He spoke about the problems in the national team, the pros and cons of the draw against Armenia, and the expectations from players who are dissatisfied with their status. One of them is Andrej Kramarić, who, after 20 goals scored in the Bundesliga this season, is not safe among Dalić's starters. A few days ago, he advised the media to ask Davor Šuker what he would say after such a season.

Are there any things you are happy with from the Armenia match (1-1)?

I am satisfied with everything except the result. We had minor injury problems. We did the rest as expected, but the draw with Armenia left a bitter taste. In that game, we had to win 4-0 or 5-0, not draw 1-1. I am dissatisfied with this result. Plus, we created 5-6 percent chances, and we didn't do that in three games in a row at the beginning of the World Cup qualifiers against Slovenia, Cyprus, and Malta. We were nonchalant and irresponsible and did not realize them. We were not specific, and that is a minus. It was easier to score than to miss those chances, and if we had done that, the result would have been expected for me. I'm not happy with a draw like this. The atmosphere would be nicer because the result always brings positivity. But when I saw that we ran 118 kilometers and had a lot of high sprints, I am still satisfied.

What is the situation with injured players - Lovren, Brekalo, and Gvardiol?

Lovren works according to a custom program; he is getting better. Gvardiol and Brekalo are injured, and we will take care of them to the maximum. If they are not one hundred percent ready for training today, they will not be ready for the game. There is no point in forcing them now and forcing them to work one hundred percent; if they don’t feel the best, that’s not right. They are not ready, and we are waiting for them. According to the latest findings, everything will be ok.

What will be the focus during the training at the end of the preparations?

Belgium will be a great test to work on tactics for England and a defensive break. We will see what is not good in that game on Sunday, and we will correct it in the next 5-6 days. We will refresh the team and make the lineup.

What do you expect from the match against Belgium?

It is a big challenge for us, we are playing against the first national team in the world in the FIFA rankings, and it is great preparation for England. In that match, Croatia must show its quality, strength, especially in the defense, and resist such an opponent, who has great individuals. Next, we need to learn lessons from that game and correct the shortcomings that need to be corrected by England. Belgium will show us whether we are on the right track or not.

Does the result matter? Would winning mean a lot for confidence?

The result is always important. I told the players that after Armenia. A positive result brings a positive atmosphere, self-confidence, and, in addition to the fact that we have to look for our game, we also have to look for the result. The result raises and motivates you even more, especially against the best team in the world.

Scotland has corona; as many as seven players are unavailable to the coach.

They have seven players with corona, but they still played 2:2 with the Netherlands and led until the last minute. It is a problem that accompanies us all; tests are every day, and players are constantly under psychological pressure. It’s a burden, we constantly think about it and be careful, but little can be done there. We have to learn to live with it.

Do you know the starting lineup for England?

We know roughly the starting lineup, but we’ll leave that to ourselves. We will try everything in today’s training, and over the course of tomorrow, we still have to do some things. It is important that we standardize, determine the starting lineup, and give tasks to our players to be ready for what awaits them.

What do you think Kramarić looked like against Armenia, and is there any doubt between him and Vlašić when it comes to the starting lineup?

We have three safe matches at the Euros, and the line-up against England will certainly be different compared to Scotland and the Czech Republic. Kramarić, Vlašić, and even Pašalić are very close to the team, but it depends on the opponent. There is no place for dissatisfaction here, no place for disagreement. I’m in charge of the team I put together and put the guys inside.

Who do you think are the Euro favorites?

Nine teams are rightly shooting for the European title at the moment. The world champions France, then England, who have a great young team and play at home, and Portugal as the current European champions. These are the teams that are in the narrowest circle. There are also Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium. Everyone has a chance, and this will be a challenging and uncertain European Championship.

Do you have a message for the fans after Croatia's poor results lately?

I also said this to the boys during the meeting: the Croatian people are waiting for us and expect good results. The people want to rejoice again, and we must accept that responsibility. This team did many good things, but during the three years behind us, it got a little lost, and the results were not great. However, we left behind our goals, all of which we had set. We really miss the fans; we know what synergy we have with them when the stands are full. I hope that we will be good again and we have a great obligation to the Croatian people.


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Thursday, 3 June 2021

Croatian Coast Is No Longer Red On The ECDC Map

June 3rd, 2021 - The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) has released an updated corona map of Europe and the Croatian coast is no longer red!

Jutarnji reports, as seen on the map, the Croatian coast is no longer marked in red, according to the ECDC coronavirus traffic lights system. This is great news for Croatian tourism, just in time for the summer season. Namely, the ECDC map, as far as European tourists are concerned, is considered the most relevant indicator of the safety of a particular destination.

The color chart shows the 14-day incidence of coronavirus in each European country per 100,000 inhabitants. 

The Croatian coast is marked in yellow on the updated map, just like most of Europe. The northern part of Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, and a large part of Spain and France, the extreme south of Italy, and the Benelux countries are still marked in red. 

The map was posted on the official ECDC Twitter account along with a color-blind version of the map. 

The daily number of Croatia cases, specifically along the coast, has decreased, and with the vaccination rolling out, Croatia is confident to have a better season and welcome more tourists than last year. 

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Croatia Sued by European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg for Coronavirus Lockdown Measures

June 2, 2021 – One Croatian man is suing Croatia through the European Human Rights Court for the lockdown measures imposed last year.

The last 15 months were difficult for many people around the world. COVID19 related lockdowns and restrictions made life less than enjoyable for the majority of the population. It wasn't easy living with the fear of the virus and the potential effects of the disease it causes. Lack of socialisation, financial problems and spending long periods of time indoors were perhaps even worse. Taking all this into account, it is easy to understand how the situation frustrated many. Some even decided to sue their governments for a breach of human rights.

The Case reports a gentleman from Croatia is suing the government for restrictive measures implemented last year. He started the lawsuit back in April of 2020. Measures that restricted travel outside of the area of residence and those prohibiting gatherings in groups larger than five persons are the ones he has the most problems with. According to him, these measures encroached on his civil rights and prevented him from practicing his religion. European Convention on Human Rights protects civil and religious freedoms. European institutions take this document very seriously. This is why Croatian representatives with the European Court of Human Rights will have to speak on behalf of the Croatian government and respond to the accusations.

Croatian Constitutional Court already confirmed all the decisions made during the COVID19 pandemic were justified and were not unconstitutional. According to them, these measures were important in preventing large-scale epidemics and minimising human casualties. Still, not everyone is convinced of the legitimacy of these decisions. Croatia is not the only country where governments are being sued for civil rights infringement. COVID19 might continue causing damages to national governments way after the pandemic subsides. The unprecedented situation the world found itself in called for immediate action. What will be the long-term effects of these decisions, we are still to discover.  

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Explore Croatia's Hidden Corners with GO Adventure, Your Private Tour Specialist

June 2, 2021 - Meet GO Adventure, your go-to private tour specialist ensuring your exclusive experience of Croatia is as authentic as possible. 

Now, more than ever, the promise of privacy is paramount. The appeal of small crowds and taking control of your holiday has taken precedence among travelers from all over the world. From tailor-made tours to off-the-beaten-path excursions, being in the power of your private tour is number one - and GO Adventure is there to make it happen. 


A team of 40 highly skilled individuals makes up GO Adventure, from guides with over 1000 hours on active excursions, drivers, logistics, and support to sales, office staff, and management.


Guided by a mission to create value for their guests, partners, and co-workers, GO Adventure shares a passion for nature, adventure, and unexplored gems, heightened by top service to ensure your Croatia holiday is marked in your memory bank. 

With post-pandemic times on the horizon, GO Adventure's private tours are the perfect way to spend a multi-day active vacation in Dalmatia. 

So, how does it work?

GO Adventure wants to get to know you, first. Based on your wishes, the team will craft a unique itinerary tailored to the type of traveler you are. You will then get to personalize your outing, from modifying the schedule to altering the activities. Your private tour is in your hands. 


You get to decide if you want to explore popular destinations like the Blue Cave or Pakleni Islands, hop on an adrenaline-packed cycling or kayaking adventure, explore the sea on a secret fishing tour or head off the tourist tracks to hidden locations that even locals are hard-pressed to find.


You could even swim away from the crowds on an unparalleled boat tour around Croatia's lighthouses, visit volcanic islands, and enhance the afternoon by preparing a fish lunch with the fish you catch yourselves out at sea, or set off on a sunset rafting outing crowned with a campfire dinner under the stars. One thing is certain - nothing is out of reach. 


Each tour takes into consideration your age group and group factors, like if you're traveling with children, friends, or older couples, guaranteeing the comfort of each guest. 


GO Adventure tours also promote local suppliers, family farms, and Croatian products, assuring the authenticity of each destination for your memorable Mediterranean vacation. 

What does your private tour offer?

Depending on the tour, guests are promised a tailor-made itinerary, driver, and transfers to all desired locations. All boat trips include a skipper, adventure tours come with a specialized guide, and national park trips guarantee tickets and a front-of-the-line pass. You can even opt for a more luxurious boat on your island-hopping adventure, request VIP access, or ask that lunches and dinners be organized. Any extras will be tagged on your tour price. 


And that's not all. 

Each tour has a touch of luxury, too, as Mercedes V-class vehicles escort you from one destination to the next. At the same time, the accommodation offer is designed for your desires, from a variety of hotel types and categories, luxury rooms and apartments to villas with swimming pools and holiday homes. You can even choose camps or take the road less traveled for a night in the forest! 


In an effort to save time while planning your holiday and enjoy the guarantee of a carefree Croatia experience, GO Adventure is on-call as your personal tour guide. You can explore GO Adventure's private tours HERE

And if you’re not interested in a private tour? No worries! GO Adventure also offers one-day private or group tours and ready-made multi-day tours! 

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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Janša: Slovenia and Croatia Making Joint Efforts to Expand Space of Freedom

ZAGREB, 30 May, 2021 - Prime Minister Janez Janša said in Zagreb on Saturday that Slovenia and Croatia were two countries with similar histories and that nowadays "they are fighting together for the expansion of Europe and for all its parts to be free."

On Saturday evening, Janša arrived in Zagreb to attend a special concert in the Croatian National Theatre (HNK) on the occasion of Croatia's Statehood Day, observed on 30 May.

In reference to the early 1990s when his country and Croatia gained independence, Janša said that "those were the times of huge risks and courage both for Slovenia and Croatia."

"I can remember the steps we made to get rid of the yoke of the Yugoslav Communist system. Today, Slovenia and Croatia are members of the European Union and NATO, and we are together fighting  for the expansion of Europe and for all its parts to be free," said Janša, who was welcomed by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

Janša went on to say that the two countries were now able to help other countries and "want to expand the space of freedom."

He invited his Croatian counterpart to ceremonies in Ljubljana on the occasion of Slovenia's Statehood Day on 25 June. Six days after that holiday, Slovenia will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, and this will be the first time for Ljubljana to be the EU chair.

Janša congratulated PM Plenković on Croatia's successful chairmanship of the Council of the EU  in the first half of 2020 against a backdrop of "very demanding circumstances marked by the (COVID-19) pandemic."

Plenković, who described Janša as a friend and good neighbour of Croatia, said that he was confident that during the Slovenian chairmanship in the second half of this year, Croatia's Schengen and euro area membership bid would be strongly supported by Ljubljana.

He noted that the third remaining objective in the foreign affairs was Croatia's admission to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

As soon as we accomplish those three goals, we can say that we have fulfilled our tasks, having in mind the size of our country, Plenković said.

He pledged the further strengthening of Croatia's institutions, democracy and economy in the fourth decade of the country's independence.

We are committed to strengthening the social inclusivity and to the stronger positioning in the EU and NATO, he said adding also that Croatia was dedicated to green and digital transition.

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