Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Luka Modrić EURO 2020 Goal in Running for Best of Tournament!

July 13, 2021 - The incredible Luka Modrić EURO 2020 goal against Scotland is in the running for the best goal of the tournament! 

Luka Modrić's goal in Croatia's win against Scotland (3:1) was included among the ten most beautiful goals of the European Championship, and the most beautiful will be decided by the fans on the official website of the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Luka Modrić scored for 2:1 against Scotland in the 62nd minute. It was a masterpiece, a blow with the outside of the boot.

With this goal, Modrić entered Croatian football history as the oldest Croatia scorer at the European Championships. He scored at the age of 35 years and 286 days. Modrić is also the youngest scorer for Croatia at the European Championships. At EURO 2008 against Austria, he scored a goal at the age of 22 years and 273 days.

Certainly, the Czech Republic goal by striker Patrik Schick, who scored in the first round of Group D from the center, has the best chance of a prize. The Czech Republic had a counter and Schick shot from the middle of the pitch, going over the head of goalkeeper David Marshall.

Among the nominees for the award are Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, Paul Pogba, Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Chiesa, Alvaro Morata, Mikkel Damsgaard and Andriy Jarmolenko.

The selection of the ten most beautiful goals was decided by the Uefa technical commission, which includes Packie Bonner, Esteban Cambiasso, Fabio Capello, Cosmin Contra, Corinne Diacre, Jean-Francois Domergue, Dušan Fitzel, Steffen Freund, Frans Hoek, Aitor Karanka, Robbie Keane, Gines Melendez, David Moyes, Mixu Paatelainen, Peter Rudbk, and Willi Ruttensteiner.

The final decision will be made by the fans by voting on the UEFA website. You can vote here.


LUKA MODRIĆ (CROATIA - Czech Republic 3-1, group)

Andriy Jarmolenko (Ukraine - Netherlands 2-3, group)

Patrik Schick (Czech Republic - Scotland 2-0, group)

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal - Hungary 3-0, group)

Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium - Denmark 2-1, group)

Paul Pogba (France - Switzerland 3-3, 4-5 11m, the round of 16)

Lorenzo Insigne (Italy - Belgium 2-1, quarterfinals)

Federico Chiesa (Italy - Spain 1-1, 4-2 11m, semifinals)

Alvaro Morata (Spain - Italy 1-1, 2-4 11m, semifinals)

Mikkel Damsgaard (Denmark - England 1-2, semifinals)

Source: HRT

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Sunday, 11 July 2021

Croatia Water Polo Team Wins Sardinia Cup ahead of Olympics!

July 11, 2021 - In the 2nd round of the Sardinia Cup in Cagliari, Croatia defeated the host Italy 15:12. Since they also beat Russia the day before (14:5), Croatia took home the winning trophy with a maximum of 6 points.

The match proved to a solid extent that this is still a preparatory period. In the second quarter, Croatia won 6:1, and a quarter later, Italy celebrated 6:2. The first quarter was equal with alternating team leads (1:0, 1:2, 3:2, and 3:4 for Croatia). With the goals of Miloš and captain Bušlje, Croatia took the lead at 6:3, Renzuto reduced it, but immediately afterward, Bukić, Lončar, Obradović, and Fatović scored for 10:4 for Croatia at halftime.

Italy managed to reduce Croatia's advantage to just two goals for 12:10 Croatia. In the last quarter, the hosts were just one goal behind on two occasions (11:12 and 12:13) but could not equalize. Obradović shook Italy's net at 11:12, a goal by Michael Bodegas reduced Croatia's lead (12:13), and two consecutive Croatia goals followed. Bukić scored with less than three minutes to go, and 53 seconds before the end, the left-handed Joković scored for the final 15:12.

Italy and Russia will play for second place on Sunday at noon. Croatia will return to Split and Zagreb via Rome on Sunday. After that, they will have three days off and then the final gathering in Zagreb on Thursday, July 15. Croatia travels to Tokyo on Monday, July 19. 

"We played another great tournament and deservedly won it. This is a good overture to the most important thing that follows, the Olympic Games. I'm looking forward to a good game. Although we witnessed a phenomenal game in the first two quarters, I am sorry that we did not stay in the same high rhythm until the end. We got into some trouble in the third quarter, which is good to be happening to us now, in these tournaments. But we knew how to react and pull ourselves together. I am glad that we had a game like this, which was not a one-way street, but that we got into certain problems and reacted in a good way and won," said coach Ivica Tucak. 

"We did what we imagined. We fixed the game, but it’s still far from our best. I am sure that these few days off that follow will come in handy, after which we will make good use of the preparations in Zagreb and go to Tokyo in ideal shape," concluded captain Andro Bušlje. 

Source: HVS

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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Czech MEP Dita Charanzova Accuses Croatia of "Changing Conditions for Entry Every 2 Hours"

July the 10th, 2021 - As so-called Covid passports continue to cause confusion and irritation, Czech MEP Dita Charanzova has accused Croatia of adding to the issue by ''altering the requirements for entry into the country every couple of hours''.

As Iva Badanjak/Novac writes, European Union (EU) member states issued more than 200 million Covid certificates (EU digital green certificates) in one week, meaning that almost every other EU citizen has downloaded their digital certificate proving their vaccination status, that they have a recently obtained negative test or that they have recovered from the new disease.

European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders presented an analysis to the European Parliamen on the current state of the implementation of EU regulations on digital covid certification.

Reynders expressed his satisfaction with the state of affairs so far, but warned that the regulation is still at an early stage and technical problems need to be resolved.

"I'm happy to tell you that most member states do exempt fully vaccinated or recovered persons from testing or quarantine requirements," Reynders said.

The EC Commissioner called on countries outside the European Union to link their certificates to the European system and revealed that the first country to be accepted into the European covid certificate system would be Switzerland.

EU regulations on digital covid certification officially came into force on the 1st of July, although some member states started using the certificate as early as June. The European Parliament has advocated a coordinated approach to travel measures that will allow EU citizens to re-enjoy their right to free movement without imposing additional restrictions such as quarantine, self-isolation and additional testing.

Spanish MP Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar (S&D) said that the idea behind the introduction of digital EU covid certification was to relaunch the Schengen zone, ie to increase the confidence of EU citizens and those living legally in the bloc who want to move and travel freely again.

"There are still difficulties in this initial phase of adjustment in terms of developing the infrastructure and technology needed to receive and send these certificates. Also, some member states still don't issue all three types of certificates and have introduced a six-week scheme. They're still concerned about the slowness of vaccination and obstacles to free movement. The deadline for the implementation of this regulation is one year and we hope that this will allow us to solve all obstacles in that period," said Lopez Aguilar.

MP Jeroen Lenaers, on behalf of the European People's Party MPs' Club, said that "200 million small steps back to normal" have been made in less than four months.

A majority of MEPs called for the introduction of free testing in all EU member states, as this would mean an even greater increase in tourist travel.

"This document is extremely important for the resumption of tourism. The data is encouraging. We have a positive tourist season ahead of us. We've seen an increase in the number of hotel reservations, we're currently at 80 percent of reservations since 2019. We supported this document provided it isn't an obligation We're calling for the introduction of free testing for all tourists,'' said MEP Annalisa Tardino (Identity and Democracy Group).

Her party colleague, Nicolaus Fest, was among the fiercest critics of the introduction of this Covid certification at the plenary session.

"The EU's strategy for Covid certification and vaccination has completely failed. We heard today that, not only are there restrictions on travel, but there are also forms for the location of travellers. There is no unity in terms of regulations and this digital certification isn't a great achievement. The only thing the EU has taken care of is its own pharmaceutical industry enrichment programme. The anti-covid strategy has been a mistake since the beginning and has now proved unsuccessful. Huge amounts of money, billions of euros, have been thrown into the wind and protection through vaccination hasn't been achieved."

The non-harmonisation of rules at the level of the entire EU was especially criticized by Czech MP Dita Charanzova (Renew), who accused Croatia of changing the conditions for entry into the country very couple of hours and causing more issues than there already are.

"From the very beginning of all this, I've been in favor of a simple solution that will reopen Europe without restrictions. But in practice this looks different. Croatia changes the conditions of entry every few hours. The chaos is growing. If this continues, we'll soon need another GPS to pass through all measures and restrictions. I'm appealing to EU member states not to surprise us anymore like this and to strive for maximum freedom of movement in Europe,'' Czec MEP Dita Charanzova bluntly said, taking a swipe at typical Croatian complications.

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Friday, 9 July 2021

Croatia Water Polo Team for Tokyo Announced

July 9, 2021- The Croatia water polo team for Tokyo has been announced by coach Ivica Tucak, two days earlier than originally announced. A look at the final team that will represent Croatia at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The Croatia water polo team coach, Ivica Tucak, has announced a list of 13 players he is counting on at the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23 - August 8). Croatia will open its Olympic appearance in Group B on July 25 against Kazakhstan, followed by Serbia, Spain, Australia, and Montenegro.

In relation to the 19 players that the coach has had so far in the preparations, goalkeeper Toni Popadić, center Luka Lozina, defenders Hrvoje Benić, Andrija Bašić, and Rino Burić, and forward Franko Lazić have dropped out.

"The decision fell on a slightly faster team. My vision is that with a player more in the outside line, we gain speed, and we will compensate the position of a defender with some players, if necessary with the center because we now have Obradović who can play at 2 meters. So, we have somewhat wider possibilities," said coach Tucak after the announcement.

"The decision is not easy, these are never simple. I thanked all the players because they all gave their maximum in these preparations. I especially thanked Burić and Popadić who were at the Olympic qualifiers in Rotterdam. Especially Popadić because if it weren't for his defense against Russia on penalties, we wouldn't be on our way to Tokyo today. This is what is safe for me, even after consultation with associates, the best that Croatia can offer in Tokyo," concluded coach Tucak.

Before Tokyo, the national team will still play in the tournament in Cagliari - Sardinia Cup. Croatia will play its first game on Friday at 20:30 against Russia, while on Saturday at 19:00, they will play against the hosts Italy.

After the end of the tournament, on Sunday, the national team members will go home and gather again in Zagreb on July 15, when they will continue their preparations until they leave for Tokyo.


1. Marko Bijač (Olympiacos)

2. Ivan Marcelić (Mladost) 


3. Luka Lončar (Pro Recco)

4. Josip Vrlić (without a club)


5. Andro Bušlje, kapetan (Olympiacos)

6. Marko Macan (Waspo 98 Hannover)

7. Paulo Obradović (Jug Adriatic osiguranje)


8. Lovre Miloš (without a club)

9. Maro Joković, zamjenik kapetana (without a club)

10. Xavi Garcia (Jug Adriatic osiguranja)

11. Ante Vukičević (Marseille)

12. Luka Bukić (Jadran Split)

13. Loren Fatović (Jug Adriatic osiguranje)

Source: HVS

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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

8,000 million HRK Allocated for Croatian Promotion through International Sports Events, Croatian Athletes

July 7, 2021 - HRK 8 million has been allocated for Croatian promotion through international sports events and Croatian athletes. 

Members of the Croatian National Tourist Board at the 79th online session adopted a Decision on selecting partners and approving funds for marketing cooperation with organizers of international sports events and top Croatian athletes in 2021. HRK 8 million gross has been approved for the implementation of mentioned collaborations with selected partners. The session was chaired by the Minister of Tourism and Sports and the President of the Croatian Tourist Board Nikolina Brnjac in the presence of the Croatian Tourist Board director Kristjan Staničić, reports HRTurizam

As director Staničić pointed out, out of the total of 8 million, the amount of 4.3 million was approved for cooperation with top Croatian athletes and national sports federations, while 3.7 million was approved for marketing cooperation with organizers of international sports events.

"In addition to maintaining a high level of security, which in these circumstances is a basic prerequisite for the realization of tourist traffic, a very important part in creating content in destinations is having quality and attractive events. To this end, funds will be allocated for marketing cooperation with organizers of sports events that bring a large number of competitors and audiences to Croatia, as well as Croatian athletes and sports federations whose successes and performances around the world significantly contribute to the promotion and visibility of Croatia as a tourist country," said director Staničić.

Thus, in the category of athletes and sports federations, cooperation was approved with the Croatia water polo team, volleyball team, judo team, brothers Martin and Valent Sinković, brothers Šime and Mihovil Fantela, Sandra Perković, Tonči Stipanović, Dino Levačić, and others, while in the category of organizers of international sports events, the cooperation was approved for ATP Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag, CRO Race, Pannonian Challenge, WACT Zagreb 2021, Hanžeković Memorial, and Ivan Ivančić Memorial.

“With this Decision, we approved 18 collaborations in the category of organizers of sports events and 12 in the category of top athletes and sports federations. By providing support to sports events, athletes, and sports federations, we emphasize their value for the promotion of the Republic of Croatia. Apart from the sporting significance, all these events contribute to the quality and diversity of the tourist offer, while the successes of our athletes are an additional invitation to come to our country. I call on all event organizers to take maximum responsibility and respect for epidemiological measures because a good epidemiological situation is a key to the further interest of guests and the success of the tourist season," said Minister Brnjac.

Members of the council also adopted the decision to extend applications in the category of TOP events of the Call for expressions of interest for marketing cooperation with the organizers of TOP events in 2021, which will be open from July 7 to 21, 2021.

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Friday, 2 July 2021

Underwater Distance Communication - New Zealand to Croatia

July 2nd, 2021 - As part of the 'Improving Diver-Robot Interaction Capabilities' (ADRIATIC) project, funded by the Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global), scientists conducted a transglobal experiment, Underwater Distance Communication - from New Zealand to Croatia.

Poslovni Dnevnik reports, the global pandemic delayed the project by a bit, but it did not stop the development of an autonomous underwater vehicle on which Croatian and New Zealand scientists are working. The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Biomimetics Lab of the Institute of Bioengineering, and the University of Auckland conducted a transglobal experiment on Underwater distance communication - from New Zealand to Croatia. 

Scientists from the two countries, more than 18,000 kilometers apart, have found a solution to conduct a research experiment despite the global pandemic. Testing the New Zealand diving glove for communication with the Croatian Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), which was supposed to occur in the Adriatic submarine, was canceled due to the epidemiological situation. Croatian and New Zealand researchers have found a workaround - a glove diver and an autonomous underwater vehicle each dived on their own side of the world and conducted testing connected to the Internet. 

The experiment was conducted in such a way that a New Zealand diver, wearing an 'Adriatic' glove, dived into a 5-meter pool in the West Wave Aquatic center in Auckland and sent an order to an underwater vehicle located in the pool of the Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies (LABUST) in Zagreb. The ‘Adriatic’ glove detects the movement of the diver's hand and fingers with sensors process the movement and converts the obtained information into a command signal acoustically sent to the receiver in the pool. The signal is forwarded to the surface computer on the New Zealand side and then to a server located in Croatia. 

Here, the computer forwards the command to the shipper, which further sends an acoustic signal from the glove to the autonomous underwater vehicle to move in a given direction and a given manner. The glove features motion sensors from StretchSense of New Zealand - a spin-out of Biomimetics. Thus, the conducted experiment was completed. 

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Thursday, 1 July 2021

Split Olympic Basketball Qualifiers: Croatia Moves to Semis after Dramatic Win against Tunisia (75:70)

July 1, 2021 - Croatia moves to the semifinals of the Olympic basketball qualifiers in Split after a dramatic win against Tunisia. 

Croatia opened their Olympic qualifying campaign on Wednesday against Brazil at Spaladium Arena in Split. After three years, Croatia's best basketball player Bojan Bogdanović played an official game in the Croatia jersey again. 

After Brazil topped Croatia in their first game of the Olympic basketball qualifiers in Split on Wednesday (94:67), Croatia and Tunisia met on Thursday. The winner of the game would go to the semifinals. 

1st quarter

Bogdanović opened the scoring for Croatia with a 2pt fadeaway jump shot for 2:3. Bogdanović made two free throws to make it 4:5. Hezonja made 2/2 free throws for 5:5. 

Croatia took the lead at 7:5 thanks to a Hezonja dunk, and a layup seconds later made it 12:5! Hezonja was on fire. Tunisia called a timeout.

Ante Žižić nailed two free throws for 14:8. Hezonja scored his 10th point of the game for 16:8 with 2:27 to go. Žižić made a 2pt layup for 18:10. A Bilan dunk ended the 1st quarter 20:11.

2nd quarter 

Jordano scored a 2pt driving layup for 22:14 at the start of the 2nd quarter. Bilan nailed two free throws for 24:16. A layup and free throw by Bilan brought Croatia to 27:16 before Bogdanović made it 29:16 with 6 minutes to go. 

Žižić scored his 5th basket thanks to a free throw for the +10  Croatia lead (30:20). A Žižić dunk made it 32:20 and a free throw 33:22. 

Hezonja recorded his 13th point with a stunning 3-pointer for 36:22. Žižić was unstoppable, too, with a tip-in for 38:25. He scored again for 40:28 with just over a minute to go. Hezonja scored for a +14 lead (42:28) which was the score at the end of the 2nd quarter. 

3rd quarter 

Ukić started the 3rd quarter with a 2pt jump shot, but Tunisia came back to score 6 points for 46:36. Croatia's comfortable lead quickly diminished and they were only up 6 (46:40). Bogdanović nailed a 3-pointer to wake Croatia up for 49:40. Tunisia was only down by 4 with 5 minutes to go - 49:45. 

Hezonja scored a free throw and a 2pt jump shot for 52:47. Croatia was only up by 2 points with 2 minutes to go - 52:50. Hezonja scored for +4 (54:50). A shocking display by Croatia saw Tunisia take the lead thanks to a 3-pointer for 56:57 to end the 3rd quarter.

4th quarter

After a dramatic start to the final quarter, Bogdanvić scored a 3-pointer to put Croatia back in the lead by 2 (59:57). A tip-in by Marčinković made it 61:57.

Žižić dunked for 63:59 and Tunisia called a timeout. Hezonja scored for 65:62 with 4 minutes to go. 

A foul on Bogdanović saw him make both free throws for +4 Croatia with just under 3 minutes to go. 

Hezonja scored for 69:65 and a Tunisia timeout was called with a minute and a half to go. Croatia was only up by 2 with 38 seconds to go. Marčinković scored a 3-pointer to save the day for 72:67. Ukić then fouled for 3 Tunisia free throws - it was 72:79 with 18 seconds to go. 

With 6 seconds to go, Hezonja scored 1/2 free throws for 73:70. The game ended at 75:70 for Croatia. 

After the group stage, there is a day of rest, and on July 3, the semifinal matches are scheduled. Croatia will play Germany in the semis on Saturday. 

The final match is scheduled for July 4 at 7:30 pm. Only the winner of the tournament will qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Croatia's group crosses over with Germany, Russia, and Mexico.

The Split tournament and the other three hosted by Belgrade, Kaunas, and Victoria in Canada are all scheduled from June 29 to July 4, 2021. 

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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Exhibition of Croatian Beauties in Center of Budapest

June 29th, 2021 - The Croatian National Tourist Board in Hungary created a 20 photo exhibition of Croatian beauties, emphasizing UNESCO heritage at the popular Hunyadi Square in the center of Budapest. 

HTZ reports, the exhibition is set as part of the first Festival of Nations in Hungary, organized in cooperation with the Croatian Embassy in Hungary and the Eötvös 10 Cultural Center in Budapest, and all residents and visitors to Budapest will be able to see the photos until July 10. 

During the exhibition setting, the director of the CNTB Representation in Hungary, Ivana Herceg, pointed out that Croatia is an everyday topic in Hungary these days, primarily due to the summer vacation on the Adriatic. "With this exhibition, the emphasis is not only on the coast but also on the continental part of Croatia and the rich cultural and natural heritage that Croatia abounds in," added Herceg, inviting Hungarians to visit Croatia in all seasons.

At the exhibition's opening, the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Hungary, Mladen Andrlić, and the Hungarian Parliament Lajos Oláh also addressed the audience. The entire program was enhanced by the folklore performance of students from the Croatian school and gymnasium in Budapest (HOŠIG). In contrast, in the evening, the Croatian film Comic sans directed by Nevi Marasović was shown at the open square.

CNTB Representation in Hungary last week held a presentation for members of the Hungarian Association of Travel Agencies (MUISZ). At the same time, a conference for Hungarian journalists will be organized tomorrow to present the latest rules on entering Croatia and returning to Hungary, current epidemiological measures in Croatia, new investments in Croatian tourism, airlines, the campaign "Trust me, I've been there," and the project "Safe Stay in Croatia" will be presented.

According to the eVisitor system, more than 51,000 arrivals and 215,000 overnight stays have been made from the Hungarian market in Croatia so far this year, increasing 107 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period last year.

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Monday, 28 June 2021

EURO 2020 Round of 16: Croatia Eliminated After Losing to Spain in Extra Time (3:5)

June 28, 2021 - Croatia has been eliminated after losing to Spain (3:5) in the EURO 2020 round of 16 in Copenhagen on Monday. 

Croatia and Spain met in Copenhagen on Monday for their EURO 2020 round of 16 match. The match was played at Parken Stadium and officiated by Cuneyt Cakir from Turkey.

Unlike the group stage, Croatia had the support of many fans, with over 5,000 estimated at Parken Stadium today. 


Slobodan Kadic


Croatia: Livakovic, Juranović, Vida, Ćaleta-Car, Guardiol, Modrić, Brozović, Kovačić, Vlašić, Petković, Rebić

Spain: Simon, Azpilicueta, Garcia, Laporte, Gaya, Koke, Busquets, Pedri, Sarabia, Torres, Morata


Slobodan Kadic

Spain possessed the game at the start and even had an early chance approaching the 2nd minute. Livaković was there for an easy save. 

Spain had another chance in the 5th minute which they missed in front of the goal. Croatia tried a quick counter but Kova played it out. 

Croatia was shaky in the first 10 minutes, which Spain used to calmly and confidently play the ball up the pitch. 

Gvardiol stopped the Spain attack with a ball to Petković who was fouled by two Spain players for a free kick. 

Spain had another dangerous chance in the 12th minute but shot outside the net. Rebić tried to find Vlašić at the top of the box in one of Croatia's few attacks of the half thus far, but the Spain defense had no issues retaking possession. 


Slobodan Kadic

Livaković made the one-footed save of the tournament in the 15th minute, and with the help of Gvardiol, the ball went out for a corner.  

A quick Croatia counter-attack in the 17th minute saw quick one-twos between Gvardiol, Petković, Brozović, and Vlašić but no progress was made. Croatia was saved by the hand of Livaković yet again two minutes later.

But a catastrophic Spain mistake put Croatia in the lead one minute later - and it was 1:0 Croatia thanks to an own goal in the 20th minute! 

The goal gave Croatia just the momentum they needed as they continued attacking in the 5 minutes that followed. Rebić was taken down in the box which Croatia called for a penalty (with no luck), and Vlašić hit the side netting moments later. 

Vlašić dribbled through the Spain midfield to find Kova who shot just over the post.

A corner for Spain in the 31st minute was the biggest threat they had since the beginning of the half. Another Spain corner in the 36th minute resulted in a shot *almost* on goal, but it went out for a Croatia goal kick.  

A series of shots on goal and incredible saves by Livaković ultimately became too much for the Croatia defense, and Sarabia equalized for 1:1 in the 38th minute. 

Spain had two corners in the 41st minute - the latter of which was cleared by Rebić's head.

Juranović had a good cross into the box with two minutes to go in the first half but the Spain keeper stopped the play. Kova played the perfect through ball to Rebić one minute later which was only just too quick for him. Morata tried putting Spain ahead moments later but shot over the goal. 

The match ended 1:1 at the half.  

Dalić made one sub to start the second half - Kramarić came on for Petković. 

A Spain free kick from 30 meters out was cleared by Vida three minutes in. Vlašić tried for a quick Croatia counter once the ball was cleared but took a long first touch. 

Brozović switched the pitch to find Juranović who attacked up the right wing, cut in, and tried finding Kramarić. 

Spain maintained possession again for the first 10 minutes of the second half. A cross from the left found the head of an unmarked Azpilicueta in the box for the Spain lead. It was 1:2 for Spain in the 57th minute. 

Rebić just didn't have it this time, and after missing a great chance on the left side, Dalić subbed him off Mislav Oršić in the 67th minute. With just under 25 minutes to go, the Croatia fans grew even louder. 

Kramarić was one-on-one with the keeper one minute later which was called offside. 

Spain subbed off Sarabia for former Dinamo star Dani Olmo, and Garcia for Torres in the 70th minute. A Spain goal was called offside a minute later. 


Slobodan Kadic

Dalić went in with yet another offensive sub, this time calling off Juranović for the fresh legs of Josip Brekalo. There were 15 minutes to go. 

A quick Spain free kick from the midfield line found Torres unmarked on the right side. He scored for 1:3 Spain in the 77th minute. 

Dalić made two more subs - Budimir came on for Kovačić and Pašalić for Vlašić.


Slobodan Kadic

A mixup in the Spain defense and a series of blocked shots in front of the goal saw Oršić score for 2:3 with 5 minutes to go! 

The ref added 6 minutes to the end of the match. Kramarić had a shot on goal which was called offside.

But then it happened - Croatia came back to equalize in the 2nd minute of added time - Pašalić scored for 3:3! The match went to extra time. Two 15 minute halves were played. 


Slobodan Kadic

Croatia had a great attack in the first minute and Oršić just shot over the goal! Another huge opportunity for Croatia came in the 95th minute with multiple shots on goal all saved by the Spain defense. 

Not long after, Morata was found alone on the far post to score for 3:4 in the 100th minute.

Busquets was subbed off for Rodri in the 101st minute. 

Kramarić had a shot right at the keeper in the 102nd, which wasn't enough. Spain came back to score again for 3:5 in the 103rd. 

The second half of extra time started with a stellar through ball by Oršić to Budimir who shot just wide of the goal. But there was not much time left for Croatia to get two goals...

Dalić subbed off Modrić for Ivanušec in the 113th minute. Spain attacked in the final minutes, hindering Croatia from making it past the midfield line. It was a decent effort from Croatia, but not enough. 

The match ended 3:5 for Spain. 

Spain plays against the winner of France and Switzerland, which we will find out tonight from 9 pm. 

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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Croatia Fans on Ferry from Germany to Denmark (PHOTOS)

June 27, 2021 - Croatia fans were spotted traveling on the ferry from Germany to Denmark on Sunday ahead of the round of 16 clash against Spain on Monday in Copenhagen. 

The Croatia national team will play their decisive round of 16 match against Spain tomorrow in Copenhagen, and unlike all Group D matches in London and Glasgow - Croatia fans are able to travel to Denmark with no problem. 

The Croatian Football Federation announced ticket sales earlier this week, which saw all 3,500 tickets in the Croatia sector sell out within hours. The Federation announced an additional 250 tickets for fans on Saturday, costing 1400 kuna for Category 1 and 950 kuna for Category 2. 

The excitement of fans and euphoria similar to that of the 2018 World Cup is hard to escape, and a red-and-white-check spectacle in Copenhagen is expected. 

Just a little over 24 hours before kick off, we are given a look into how Croatia fans across Europe are making their way to the Danish capital. 


Tino Ostojić

Like these Croatia fans, for example, traveling from Nuremberg and Munich, Germany to Denmark by ferry!

Stay tuned as TCN will be reporting live from Copenhagen tomorrow. 

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