Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Croatia Women's Handball Team Takes Silver at Mediterranean Games

July 6, 2022 - The Croatia women's handball team lost to Spain in the final of the Mediterranean Games, taking the silver medal in the end. 

The Croatia women's handball team lost to Spain 25:29 in the Mediterranean Games final in Oran. It is the second silver medal in the history of this Croatia national team. In addition, they have one gold and two bronze medals.

Spain opened the match brilliantly. After less than 6 minutes, they led 0:4. Croatia was also further depleted by the injuries of Lucija Bešen and Andrea Šimara during the tournament.

Little by little, Croatia came to -1 (5:6) in the 11th minute. It was also Croatia's biggest series of three consecutive goals in the first 30 minutes. Spain responded even stronger, and their streak ended at four straight goals. In the 18th minute, they had a double advantage (6:12).

Spain's biggest advantage was six goals about seven minutes before halftime. However, Croatia reduced it to -4 (13:17), leaving the game open for the second half. 

Croatia kicked off the second half with a 6:3 series and managed to get to -1 (20:19). Unfortunately, they couldn't get back ahead. Spain brought in fresh legs from the bench, and Croatia felt a lot of fatigue. Entering the last ten minutes, Spain again led by four goals. 

It was goal for goal at the very end, and Spain wisely stayed ahead and deservedly celebrated 25:29. With nine goals from 19 attempts, the best for Croatia was Katarina Pavlović, while Stela Posavec scored four goals. The best for Spain was captain Carmen Campos Costa with nine goals.

"The final match against Spain started worse for us. We conceded three or four goals in the first few minutes, so we were immediately forced to call a time-out. Nevertheless, we played one brave game, one good game that was decided by the details related to physical preparation. We should not forget that Spain had 18 days of preparation for these Mediterranean Games, and we had only five days of preparation, and well, in some details, that was the deciding factor.

I can only say that I am incredibly proud of these girls for all that they endured in these 20 days, from Prelog to Algeria. We didn't have the slightest problem; the girls behaved the way players representing Croatia should. They did their best and achieved what few expected. We reached the final, and we did not embarrass ourselves in that final. We played a very, very good game. Those couple of foul shots and technical mistakes put us in a situation to lose, which means nothing. We showed at this tournament that Croatia has a future, that Croatia has a heart, and that these are still the majority of players who usually do not have a chance to play for Croatia. Still, each of them showed a heart and a huge desire to be a part of what is called Croatia in the future national team," said coach Nenad Šoštarić.

In the bronze match, Serbia beat Portugal 26:22.

Source: HRS

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Monday, 4 July 2022

Croatia Women's Handball Team Tops Serbia for Mediterranean Games Final!

July 4, 2022 - The Croatia women's handball team advanced to the Mediterranean Games final in Oran after defeating Serbia 31-20 (16-12) in the semi-final match.

The Croatia women's handball team is in the Mediterranean Games final in Oran! They defeated Serbia, a favorite in the tournament, by 11 goals.

Croatia opened the game well and Tena Petika scored for 2:0, which gave Croatia security. For the majority of the first half, Serbia went for goals, but in the 15th minute, Croatia took the lead again. Katarina Pavlović lifted Croatia to +3 in the 20th minute and in the 28th Croatia went to +5.

The second half was even better - Croatia reached 23:15 in just 10 minutes and Serbia had lost hope. Croatia's defense remained solid and the offense kept the advantage for a quiet finish. Croatia was even better at the end in a clash when the defense excelled and we scored easy goals. 

Katarina Pavlović and Tina Barišić scored eight goals each. Lana Jarak was excellent in the second half scoring 7 out of 7 goals. Antonija Tucaković was also great in goal, making 13 saves. Aleksandra Vukajlović scored eight goals for Serbia.

"Today, we primarily played as a team and had an excellent defense, which can be seen from the 20 goals conceded. We played smart, we prepared well for this match. We are very proud of this result, the medal won, and we are going to show in the final that the game against Spain was just one bad day and try to win the gold," said Sara Šenvald.

This is the third women's handball final at the Mediterranean Games. Croatia has won one so far in 1993 against France and lost one in 1997 also against France. Croatia thus returns to the final after 25 years.

In the second semi-final, Spain defeated Portugal 28:26 with great difficulty. Carmen Campos scored 10 goals, and Minciiuna six for Portugal.  

The final will be played on Wednesday at 15:00. Before that, Serbia - Portugal will play for bronze.

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Monday, 25 April 2022

Queens of Shock: Croatia Qualifies for Women's EHF EURO 2022!

April 25, 2022 - In the great atmosphere of Žatika Hall in Poreč, the weakened Croatia women's senior national team defeated the Czech Republic 33:30 in the 6th round of Group 4 qualifiers for the women's EHF EURO 2022, thus qualifying for the tournament hosted by Slovenia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia at the end of the year!

Croatia started with Ivana Kapitanović in goal, Paula Posavec and Ana Turk on the wings, Ana Debelić as the pivot, and Ćamila Mičijević, Valentina Blažević and Dejana Milosavljević in the outside positions. Stela Posavec entered the defense instead of Valentina Blažević.

Croatia opened the match well, with Ivana Kapitanović especially good in goal. She amassed four saves in the first six minutes! Croatia took the 4:1 lead, and the Czech Republic scored their only goal from seven meters. Unfortunately, Stela Posavec was injured in those moments, so the coach had to switch up the defense. The main Czech threat, Marketa Jerabkova, was left without a shot in the first ten minutes, so the visiting coach quickly pulled her to the bench. But after one technical error, one counter, and a great save, the Czech Republic quickly returned to the match.

After only ten minutes of play, the Czech Republic changed its defense. They went from 6-0 to 5-1. Nevertheless, Croatia managed to keep its lead. After the first quarter, Croatia was up by three goals - 7:4. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic again made good use of the new exclusion and again came to just one goal behind. In the 21st minute, they equalized and then took the first lead in the game at 9:10. The Czech Republic then went on to score three goals. 

Croatia called a time-out. Four minutes before the half, the Czech Republic went up by two - 10:12. A minute and a half before halftime, Croatia was even, and the Czech Republic took the lead at halftime for 13:14. 

The second half did not start according to plan. In less than three minutes, Croatia missed three clear chances, and the Czech Republic increased its advantage to two - 14:16. Slight nervousness was more obvious both on the court and in the stands.

But Croatia did not give up. In the 41st minute, they equalized at 18:18 and a minute later took the lead - 19:18. A full eight minutes after, it was goal for goal. The Czech Republic was the first to burst under pressure. In the 48th minute, Croatia went up by three - 24:21.

At one point, the Czech Republic again threatened to come back, but Croatia found new strength and went up by three in the 52nd minute for 27:24, repeated it in the 54th at 28:25, and once again in the 56th for 29:26.

Two minutes before the end, Croatia was again up by three goals and confirmed the victory in the final minute!

With this victory, Croatia has thus qualified for their 12th European Championship in history. The "Queens of Shock" will defend the bronze in Slovenia, Montenegro, and North. Macedonia from November 4 to 20 this year.

Ivana Kapitanović marked this match with 20 saves. Valentina Blažević scored 9 goals, Dejana Milosavljević scored 5, and Ćamila Mičijević scored 5.  

Source: HRS

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Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Croatia Women's Handball Team Prepare for Crucial Euro 2022 Qualifiers

April 19, 2022 - Croatia women's handball coach Nenad Šoštarić gathered the team in Zagreb on Monday before their final two and absolutely must-win Euro qualifiers.

There were 21 players on the primary player list, which was published ten days ago, including five goalkeepers. Three of them, or the first three goalkeepers, suffered injuries. Monday's gathering showed that Tea Pijević is dropping out. Ivana Kapitanović is also suffering from pain. Lucija Bešen received the green light from her doctor to play on Saturday, but she hasn't trained for ten days and is also in question, reports HRS.

That is how Antonija Tucaković found her place in the national team, who has been defending the goal for Podravka Vegeta for the last few months. After a long time, Gabrijela Bartulović (formerly Bešen), the older sister of Lucija Bešen, who has been playing for the Hungarian team NKKA Dujnavarosi since this season, is again on the national team.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the bad news. Captain Katarina Ježić will also miss these two games due to injury. Although she arrived in Zagreb, there is also a doubt that Ćamila Mičijević will play, and she had already missed two matches against France. When adding that there is no Larissa Kalaus, it is clear that coach Nenad Šoštarić has some big problems and shoes to fill. 

The national team gathered in Zagreb at the Westin Hotel, where it will stay until Tuesday before traveling to Graz. After that, Croatia will play Ukraine at the Raiffeisen Sportpak Hall on Wednesday, April 20 at 18:00. This is the 5th round of qualifications for EURO 2022, which was supposed to be played in Zaporizhia, but it was transferred to Austria due to the war in Ukraine. After that, the national team will go directly to Poreč, where they will play against the Czech Republic on April 24, also at 18:00 in the last match of the 4th qualification group.

Croatia lost to Ukraine in the 1st round of qualifications in Rijeka (22:23). After that, Croatia beat the Czech Republic away and was defeated twice by France. At the moment, Croatia has two points. Since Ukraine has the same number of points but two games less, the calculation is obvious. Croatia must win both remaining games to be among the two best teams in their group and advance to the European Championships, where they could defend the bronze medal won at Euro 2020.

The European Championships will be held in Slovenia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia at the end of the year.

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Friday, 13 August 2021

Croatia Women's Handball Team Draws Group G at World Championships in Spain

August 13, 2021 - The Croatia women's handball team draws Group G at the World Championships to be held this December in Spain. 

The Croatia women's handball team will play in Group G at the World Championships to be held in Spain from December 2 to 19 this year, and its rivals will be the second representative of Asia and the first and third representatives of South and Central America, the draw in Castellon decided on Friday. 

Croatia was the winner in the draw and in the end, avoided all other European selections in the first round. Croatia's rivals in Spain will be found out after the Asian Continental Championships in Jordan from September 15 to 25, and South and Central America in Paraguay from October 5 to 9.

South Korea won the title at the last Asian Championship, with Japan in second, and it is likely that is who Croatia will face. The bronze was won by China, and in fourth was Kazakhstan.

In South and Central America, Brazil should be expected in Croatia's group. Brazil is followed by Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile in terms of value.

The 2021 Women's Handball World Championship, in which 32 national teams will take part, will be played in Castellon, Torrevije, Leiria, and Granollers.

Recall, the Croatia women's handball team won the bronze medal at last year's European Championship. The Netherlands will try to defend its World Championship title from 2019.  

2021 World Championship Draw:

Group A: France, Montenegro, Angola, Slovenia

Group B: Russia, Serbia, Cameroon, Poland

Group C: Norway, Romania, Asia 3, Asia 4

Group D: Netherlands, Sweden, North America and the Caribbean, Asia 5

Group E: Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Group F: Denmark, Asia 1, Tunisia, Congo

Group G: CROATIA, Asia 2, South America 1, South America 3

Group H: Spain, Austria, South America 2, Asia 6

Source: HRT

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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Highlights of the Week: 5 Top Events in Croatia from April 12-18, 2021

April 18, 2021 – Apart from the news about TCN's CEO Paul Bradbury being sued by the Croatian National Tourist Board, this week has been full of many other exciting yet inspiring news stories. Here are TCN's five biggest events in Croatia from April 12 to 18, 2021.

With the worsening epidemiological situation and tightening measures in four Croatian counties on Monday, the week didn't start very promising nor positive. However, a lot can happen in seven days, and we list five top news stories from Croatia.

Highlights of the week: Croatian National Tourist Board sues Paul Bradbury

Croatian media have been flooded this week with the news about the two lawsuits against TCN's CEO Paul Bradbury, submitted by the Croatian National Tourist Board because of Bradbury's criticisms of their work.



Namely, CNTB filed two lawsuits against Bradbury, one for a Facebook joke he posted and the other for statements he said in an article on the Croatian portal Index. There was simply no stopping talking about these controversial lawsuits that appalled and disappointed the public this week. Read all the details about the first and second lawsuits in our articles.

Highlights of the week: Rimac Automobili presented a new incredible campus

On the list of people who promote Croatia in the best possible way, Mate Rimac takes one of the leading spots. His company Rimac Automobili never ceases to surprise with the novelties, such as the latest news about constructing the impressive new campus with numerous facilities.


Source: Rimac Automobili

See the impressive video and photos of the forthcoming Rimac campus that stunned the whole of Croatia this week.

Highlights of the week: Many fantastic flight news for Croatia

Although all travel is currently questionable due to the epidemiological situation, hope is still restored by numerous information about flights to and from Croatia published this week.

Thus, for example, Israeli El Al and Arkia flights to Croatia continue, as well as Austrian flights, Polish LOT, Finnair, and Eurowings.


Split airport by Romulić and Stojčić

And even though Croatia will have to wait a bit longer for introducing direct flights from the USA, from this week, the travelers can get from Sarajevo to Chicago by Eastern Airlines.

Highlights of the week: Croatia women's handball national team won HEP Croatia Cup

Croatian athletes do not stop surprising us positively from week to week!

After defeating the current world champions, the Netherlands, the Croatia women's senior national team also defeated the former world champions Brazil and won the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč.


Source: Hrvatski rukometni savez

Highlights of the week: Klepetan returned to Malena again!

And to sweeten this week, the most famous Croatian love story got its happy follow-up. For the 19th consecutive year, the white stork Klepetan has returned from the south to the nest of his beloved Malena, continuing one of the most beautiful animal love stories in the world!

Spring may not have returned in the form we know, given that this week's temperatures in Croatia are more like autumn's, but it seems like the natural world is very much following its course.

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Croatia Women's Handball Win HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč!

April 17, 2021 - The Croatia women's handball team is the winner of the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč!

After defeating the current world champions, the Netherlands, the Croatia women's senior national team also defeated the former world champions Brazil and became the winner of the HEP Croatia Cup. In a tough match with a lot of equal play, Croatia did better at the end of the second half and celebrated 24:21.

Croatia only made one change compared to the match against the Netherlands, and instead of Nataša Miočinović, the young Ema Guskić entered the game. Marijeta Vidak remained in the stands as in the first match. On the other hand, Brazil included Gabriela Moreschi in the team instead of their official first goalkeeper Barbara Arenhat. Croatia opened the match with Tea Pijević, Andrea Šimar, Nikolina Zadravec, Ana Debelić, Dora Krsnik, Valentina Blažević, and Ćamila Mičijević.

Croatia took the lead first, then Brazil went to +1. After 10 minutes, it was 3:3, and in the final five minutes, it was 8:10 for Brazil with goals by Anastacio and Amorim.

Milosavljević helped return Croatia's lead from the seven-meter throw. The battle continued in the second half. Brazil was powerful and physical, but Croatia matched them well. The defense worked, Pijević was solid in goal, and in the 49th minute, Mičijević scored for 18:16, Croatia's first +2 lead.

Milosavljević's made it +3. Croatia kept that advantage until a minute and a half before the end when Mičijević was excluded. Brazil scored from the penalty spot. Croatia lost the ball in the attack, but Vieira missed, and Krsnik solved all doubts in the last seconds with a goal for the final 24:21.

The most efficient players for Croatia were Dejana Milosavljević with seven goals and Ćamila Mičijević with six goals. Tea Pijević recorded 10 saves. Bruno de Paula was the best for Brazil with five goals.

Croatia: Bešen (0+1), Pijević (10); Zadravec 1, Plahinek, Krsnik 1, S. Posavec 1, Mičijević 6, Milosavljević 7 (4), D. Kalaus, Ježić 2, Japundža, Franušić, Šimara 2, Debelić 3, Guskić, Blažević 1. TRENERICA: Snježana Petika.

Brazil: Moreschi (5), Arruda (5); De Paula 5, Arujo 1, Amorim 3, Barbosa, Araujo 2, Cardoso 5(3), Vieira 2, Guarieiro, Bitolo, Anastacio 2, Matieli, Da Rocha, Costa 1, Ventura. IZBORNIK: Jorge Duenas.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

HEP Croatia Cup: Croatia Women's Handball Tops World Champion Netherlands, Again!

April 15, 2021 - At the opening of the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč, the Croatia women's handball team defeated the Netherlands 24:23, showing that their magic from the European Championships in Denmark is still there.

They delighted us at the European Championships in Denmark, told the most beautiful story, and won the bronze medal, proving that there is hope in Croatia women's handball as well. The 'Queens of Shock' again surprised the current world champion, the Netherlands, to open the never stronger HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč.

In the first match after the Euros, Croatia again met the Netherlands, a team they beat 27:25 in the preliminary group in Denmark. Both national teams came with different lineups, and the Netherlands were without a couple of players due to COVID-19. Croatia was led for the first time by coach Snježana Petika, the first assistant coach to Nenad Šoštarić, who is in quarantine.

Croatia opened the match with Pijević, Šimar, Zadravec, Debelić, Mićijević, Blažević and Krsnik. 

Croatia took the 5:3 lead, followed by a 5:0 series by the Netherlands. Petika called a time-out at 5:8, and Croatia's turnaround followed. The defense was strengthened, the goals and counters were no longer missed. Wester defended well, but Pijević was even better. Dora Kalaus played an important role, and Croatia was up 13:10.

It was 20:15 for Croatia in the 46th minute, and just when everything seemed to be settled, the world champions did not give up so easily. In a dramatic ending, the Netherlands returned at 24:23 in the last minute, Rompen then defended the 7-meter throw of Blažević, but Croatia managed to defend, and in the end, celebrated the deserved victory.

Camila Mičijević was again Croatia's top scorer with seven goals. In addition to goalkeeper Pijević, Krsnik should also be praised, who scored five goals, while Zadravec, D. Kalaus, Ježić, Šimara, Debelić, and Blažević added two goals each.

Brazil and the Netherlands will play in Poreč from 6 pm on Thursday (Planet Sport), while Croatia and Brazil will close the HEP Croatia cup on Friday (8 pm, RTL2).

Source: Jutarnji, HRS

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Monday, 21 December 2020

Senior State Officials Receive Bronze Medallist Women's Handball Team

ZAGREB, Dec 21, 2020 - After being welcomed at Zagreb airport, the bronze medallist national women's handball team was received at the National and University Library by President Zoran Milanovic, Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, and Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Brnjac.

Milanovic underscored that the handball team played intelligently. "If I were to compare that to Greek mythology, you would be something between Odysseus and Achilles. Neither the strongest nor the biggest but the best. You had against you Cyclopses who underestimated you. I noticed that that bothered you a lot. Considering I know the Danes, that doesn't surprise me. They are combative and think that weight and size can outwit intelligence and dexterity," said Milanovic.

"Thank you for the joy of the game because sport is first and foremost a game, a love, a passion and only then a state and a nation," he added.

Jandrokovic said that the team brought some joy in these difficult times. "Your victory and success are all the greater because we didn't expect them and there is nothing better in sport then when you are underestimated and arrive as an outsider and then achieve such a great result," he underscored.

Plenkovic said that he followed their games with great pride.

"You have made all of Croatia proud. Thank you for a beautiful sport story. I am truly happy that the women's national team has joined the success of men's handball. Thank you once again and sincere congratulations," said Plenkovic.

Minister Brnjac congratulated the team for this historic medal. "You have confirmed that athletes are our best and greatest ambassadors. This medal has brought us optimism and hope in these times," said Brnjac, congratulating coach Nenad Sostaric and his associates.

Croatia won the bronze medal at the European Women's Handball Championship in Denmark on Sunday after beating the hosts 25-19.

This is the first medal for the Croatian national women's handball team in major competitions.

Croatia has not competed in world women's handball championships since 2011.

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Croatia Women's Handball Team Wins First-Ever Bronze Medal at European Championships!

December 20, 2020 - The Croatia women's handball team topped Denmark in the bronze medal fight at the European Championships in Denmark! 

The Croatia women's handball team played their last match of the European Championships against the host of the tournament, Denmark, at 15:30 on Sunday. 

Croatia lost in the semi-final to the powerful France, which dominated every part of the game and celebrated 30:19.

Denmark offered much more resistance in the semi-final match to Norway but eventually lost 27:24. Denmark was the favorite for the bronze. 

Croatia v. Denmark Recap

Croatia scored the first goal of the match with a seven-meter shot for 1:0. Croatia scored for 2:0 in the 3rd minute and 3:0 in the 4th. Denmark scored their first goal in the 6th minute for 3:1 and came back for 3:2 in the 8th minute.

Debelic increased Croatia's lead to 4:2 moments later. Denmark equalized for 4:4 in the 10th.

Denmark took the lead for the first time of the match in the 12th minute - 4:5.  Denmark was up by two in the 14th - 4:6.

Debelic brought Croatia back to -2 in the 19th minute - 5:7, and a stellar Pijevic save stopped Denmark's next attack. Jezic scored for -1 in the 21st - 6:7.

Croatia equaled the score for 7:7 in the 23rd - and Posavec put Croatia back in the lead one minute later -  8:7!

Denmark took back the lead in the 26th - 8:9, but Croatia equalized seconds later. 

With three minutes to go in the first half, it was 10:10.  With two to go, Posavec gave Croatia the lead again for 11:0. 

The first half ended at 11:11. 

Croatia opened the first half with a goal for 12:11. Posavec scored for 14:12 in the 33rd. 

Croatia maintained the lead for the minutes that followed and were up by four in the 48th minute for 21:18. In the 50th minute, Posavec scored for 22:18! 

Simara scored for +5 with just over five minutes to go - 23:18 Croatia! Pijevic remained spectacular in goal. 

Croatia was up by 6 goals with just over three minutes to go, and it was 25:19 in the 57th.

Pijevic gave Denmark no hope - and Croatia held their 25:19 lead until the end! Katarina Jezic was named the player of the match.

This is the first medal in the history of the Croatia women's handball team! 

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