Friday, 1 July 2022

FINA World Championships: Croatia to Fight for Bronze Medal against Greece

July 1, 2022 - Spain beat Croatia 10:5 in the FINA World Championships semifinal match on Friday. Croatia and Greece will play in the match for 3rd place. 

Croatia met Spain in the FINA World Championship semifinals in Hungary on Friday night. Italy beat Greece in the first semifinal match 11-10 and thus booked their spot in the final for the second time in a row. 

Croatia had the chance to book their fourth World Championship final. After the great victory against Serbia, Croatia faced Spain, which boasts the former best water polo player in the world, Felipe Perrone.

Good support was expected from the stands from Zagreb, Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Split, and Rijeka.

The last match between these two national teams was one year ago at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where Spain won 8:4. Interestingly, Croatia played against Spain three times at the World Championships, and all three times Spain celebrated.

Match Report 

1st quarter

Spain won the sprint and first attack of the match and scored for 1:0. Zuvela equalized for Croatia in the next attack for 1:1. Spain scored for 2:1 with less than 4 minutes to go in the first quarter. Bukic equalized for 2:2 in the next attack. Croatia took the lead with 1:44 left - Kharkov scored for 3:2! Spain equalized with 17 seconds on the clock. The first quarter ended 3:3. 

2nd quarter 

Croatia won the first sprint but was unable to score in the first attack. Spain retook the lead for 4:3 with 6:04 left. Spain went ahead 5:3 with just over 5 minutes to go. Croatia was not able to score in this quarter and allowed Spain two goals. It was 5:3 for Spain going into halftime. 

3rd quarter 

Spain's keeper was brilliant to keep them ahead and denied Croatia several opportunities in the 3rd quarter. Spain scored their first goal of the third quarter for 6:3 with 3:28 on the clock. Bukic finally scored for 6:4 Croatian with just over 3 minutes to go. Spain scored for 7:4 with 1:45 on the clock. Basic scored or 7:5 Croatia with 30 seconds on the clock. 

4th quarter 

Spain won the sprint in the final quarter. Spain scored for 8:5 with 7:37 to go in the match.  Spain scored for 9:5 with 3:39 left in the match and then 10:5 with under 3 minutes left. The match ended 10:5 for Spain. 

Croatia and Greece will play for 3rd place.  

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Friday, 10 December 2021

2021 World Championship: No Quarterfinal for Croatia Women's Handball Team

December 10, 2021 - The Croatia women's handball team lost to Spain 23:27 (9:12) in the decisive match which would only lead them to the quarterfinals with a victory. Croatia will play against Austria on Sunday, though the match carries no weight. 

When the PCR test results arrived an hour and 15 minutes before the game, the Croatia coach received the final confirmation that he had all the players available, except those who have been in isolation due to the coronavirus, including Mićijević, Dežić and Krsnik.

Ana Debelić scored the first goal of the match in the third minute. Croatia took the lead with a goal by Blažević for 3:2, but Carmen Martin equalized to 3:3, and brought the first lead to Spain in the ninth minute from the counter (3:4).

Blažević was accurate for 5:5 from a penalty in the 12th minute, but Spain took a 5:9 lead in the 18th minute. 

Blažević reduced the score to 6:9 from another seven-meter throw in the 20th minute, Fernandez brought Spain to +4 in the 24th minute, and a minute later Debelić scored from the counter for 7:10.

Blažević scored a penalty for 9:11 and Croatia attacked from only one goal behind, but Fernandez brought Spain to 9:12, which was the final result of the first half.

The second half started with a Spain goal for 9:13, and in the 34th minute, Spain was up 10:15. Two goals by Larissa Kalaus followed, and in the 38th minute, Carmen Martin scored from the penalty spot for 12:17 and forced Šoštarić to take a timeout. 

Blažević scored for 14:17 and Croatia came back to 2 goals behind. Carmen Martin brought Spain back to 14:18 and in the 43rd minute, Blažević's shot landed on the crossbar. It was then 15:19 for Spain. 

It was 17:21 in the 46th minute, but in the 47th minute, Spain went up +5 (17:22) and then +6 ( 17:23). Kalaus was excluded in the 54th minute and Campos scored from the penalty spot for 19:25. 

Croatia then lost hope, and in the 55th minute, Gassama scored for 19:26. It was soon 19:27 for Spain. Šoštarić then called a new timeout, after which Croatia scored four goals in a row for the final 23:27. Croatia at least mitigated the defeat but was left without a spot in the quarterfinals.

Valentina Blažević (7) and Ana Debelić (4) were the best for Croatia, and Barbosa (6) led Spain. 

Source: HRT

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Monday, 2 August 2021

Croatia Water Polo Loses to Spain in Final Group B Match, Plays Hungary in Quarters

August 2, 2021 - Croatia water polo loses to Spain in the fight for first place in Group B on Monday. Croatia will thus play Hungary next in their quarterfinal match, while Spain will meet the USA.

The Croatia water polo team played their last game of Group B against Spain. It was the match for first place in the group, and Croatia only needs a victory to sit at the top. 

Given that Spain is currently at the top of the group, and Croatia lost to Australia, the draw would lead Spain as the first in the quarterfinals.

Coach Tucak announced that the great Paolo Obradović, the hero of the great victory against Serbia, would not play due to a rib injury. T

The first-placed team plays the USA in the quarterfinals, and the second against Hungary.

1st Quarter

Spain opened the game with a 5-meter penalty which they scored for an early lead. Croatia missed on its first attack and Spain came back in their next for a two-goal lead. 

Another penalty for Spain was awarded with 5:30 to go, Bijač saved it to keep the game only 2:0 to Spain. Croatia hit over the game in their next attack. Bijač was brilliant in goal to keep Spain ahead by only two goals with 2 minutes to go as Croatia continued to shoot over Spain's goal. 

Luka Bukić scored Croatia's first goal for 2:1 with less than a minute to go, which is how the first quarter ended. 

2nd Quarter

Both Spain and Croatia missed out on scoring in their first few attacks. The first goal of the 2nd quarter was only scored with 3:46 to go. It was 3:1 for Spain. 

That was the only goal scored in the 2nd quarter, which ended 3:1 for Spain. 

3rd Quarter

Macan scored to open the 3rd quarter and brought Croatia back to -1 for 3:2 Spain. Spain came back for 4:2 with 6:12 to go. Bukić scored a rocket from the outside for 4:3 20 seconds later. Spain went back up to +2 with 5:32 to go (5:3). 

It was 6:3 for Spain, their highest advantage yet, with 4:23 left on the clock. Croatia was unlucky in their next attack to keep Spain ahead. 

Spain made it 7:3 with 27 seconds left in the 3rd. 

4th Quarter

Both sides missed their first attacks to start the final quarter. Fatović scored the first goal of the final quarter for 7:4 with 5:23 left in the match. 

Marcelić was in goal for Bijač to finish the game. It was 8:4 for Spain with 2:41 left. Marcelić saved Spain's final attack to end the game 8:4 for Spain.

This was Spain's 5th win of the Olympic Games. Croatia will thus play Hungary next in the quarters. 

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Monday, 28 June 2021

EURO 2020 Round of 16: Croatia Eliminated After Losing to Spain in Extra Time (3:5)

June 28, 2021 - Croatia has been eliminated after losing to Spain (3:5) in the EURO 2020 round of 16 in Copenhagen on Monday. 

Croatia and Spain met in Copenhagen on Monday for their EURO 2020 round of 16 match. The match was played at Parken Stadium and officiated by Cuneyt Cakir from Turkey.

Unlike the group stage, Croatia had the support of many fans, with over 5,000 estimated at Parken Stadium today. 


Slobodan Kadic


Croatia: Livakovic, Juranović, Vida, Ćaleta-Car, Guardiol, Modrić, Brozović, Kovačić, Vlašić, Petković, Rebić

Spain: Simon, Azpilicueta, Garcia, Laporte, Gaya, Koke, Busquets, Pedri, Sarabia, Torres, Morata


Slobodan Kadic

Spain possessed the game at the start and even had an early chance approaching the 2nd minute. Livaković was there for an easy save. 

Spain had another chance in the 5th minute which they missed in front of the goal. Croatia tried a quick counter but Kova played it out. 

Croatia was shaky in the first 10 minutes, which Spain used to calmly and confidently play the ball up the pitch. 

Gvardiol stopped the Spain attack with a ball to Petković who was fouled by two Spain players for a free kick. 

Spain had another dangerous chance in the 12th minute but shot outside the net. Rebić tried to find Vlašić at the top of the box in one of Croatia's few attacks of the half thus far, but the Spain defense had no issues retaking possession. 


Slobodan Kadic

Livaković made the one-footed save of the tournament in the 15th minute, and with the help of Gvardiol, the ball went out for a corner.  

A quick Croatia counter-attack in the 17th minute saw quick one-twos between Gvardiol, Petković, Brozović, and Vlašić but no progress was made. Croatia was saved by the hand of Livaković yet again two minutes later.

But a catastrophic Spain mistake put Croatia in the lead one minute later - and it was 1:0 Croatia thanks to an own goal in the 20th minute! 

The goal gave Croatia just the momentum they needed as they continued attacking in the 5 minutes that followed. Rebić was taken down in the box which Croatia called for a penalty (with no luck), and Vlašić hit the side netting moments later. 

Vlašić dribbled through the Spain midfield to find Kova who shot just over the post.

A corner for Spain in the 31st minute was the biggest threat they had since the beginning of the half. Another Spain corner in the 36th minute resulted in a shot *almost* on goal, but it went out for a Croatia goal kick.  

A series of shots on goal and incredible saves by Livaković ultimately became too much for the Croatia defense, and Sarabia equalized for 1:1 in the 38th minute. 

Spain had two corners in the 41st minute - the latter of which was cleared by Rebić's head.

Juranović had a good cross into the box with two minutes to go in the first half but the Spain keeper stopped the play. Kova played the perfect through ball to Rebić one minute later which was only just too quick for him. Morata tried putting Spain ahead moments later but shot over the goal. 

The match ended 1:1 at the half.  

Dalić made one sub to start the second half - Kramarić came on for Petković. 

A Spain free kick from 30 meters out was cleared by Vida three minutes in. Vlašić tried for a quick Croatia counter once the ball was cleared but took a long first touch. 

Brozović switched the pitch to find Juranović who attacked up the right wing, cut in, and tried finding Kramarić. 

Spain maintained possession again for the first 10 minutes of the second half. A cross from the left found the head of an unmarked Azpilicueta in the box for the Spain lead. It was 1:2 for Spain in the 57th minute. 

Rebić just didn't have it this time, and after missing a great chance on the left side, Dalić subbed him off Mislav Oršić in the 67th minute. With just under 25 minutes to go, the Croatia fans grew even louder. 

Kramarić was one-on-one with the keeper one minute later which was called offside. 

Spain subbed off Sarabia for former Dinamo star Dani Olmo, and Garcia for Torres in the 70th minute. A Spain goal was called offside a minute later. 


Slobodan Kadic

Dalić went in with yet another offensive sub, this time calling off Juranović for the fresh legs of Josip Brekalo. There were 15 minutes to go. 

A quick Spain free kick from the midfield line found Torres unmarked on the right side. He scored for 1:3 Spain in the 77th minute. 

Dalić made two more subs - Budimir came on for Kovačić and Pašalić for Vlašić.


Slobodan Kadic

A mixup in the Spain defense and a series of blocked shots in front of the goal saw Oršić score for 2:3 with 5 minutes to go! 

The ref added 6 minutes to the end of the match. Kramarić had a shot on goal which was called offside.

But then it happened - Croatia came back to equalize in the 2nd minute of added time - Pašalić scored for 3:3! The match went to extra time. Two 15 minute halves were played. 


Slobodan Kadic

Croatia had a great attack in the first minute and Oršić just shot over the goal! Another huge opportunity for Croatia came in the 95th minute with multiple shots on goal all saved by the Spain defense. 

Not long after, Morata was found alone on the far post to score for 3:4 in the 100th minute.

Busquets was subbed off for Rodri in the 101st minute. 

Kramarić had a shot right at the keeper in the 102nd, which wasn't enough. Spain came back to score again for 3:5 in the 103rd. 

The second half of extra time started with a stellar through ball by Oršić to Budimir who shot just wide of the goal. But there was not much time left for Croatia to get two goals...

Dalić subbed off Modrić for Ivanušec in the 113th minute. Spain attacked in the final minutes, hindering Croatia from making it past the midfield line. It was a decent effort from Croatia, but not enough. 

The match ended 3:5 for Spain. 

Spain plays against the winner of France and Switzerland, which we will find out tonight from 9 pm. 

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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Croatia Fans on Ferry from Germany to Denmark (PHOTOS)

June 27, 2021 - Croatia fans were spotted traveling on the ferry from Germany to Denmark on Sunday ahead of the round of 16 clash against Spain on Monday in Copenhagen. 

The Croatia national team will play their decisive round of 16 match against Spain tomorrow in Copenhagen, and unlike all Group D matches in London and Glasgow - Croatia fans are able to travel to Denmark with no problem. 

The Croatian Football Federation announced ticket sales earlier this week, which saw all 3,500 tickets in the Croatia sector sell out within hours. The Federation announced an additional 250 tickets for fans on Saturday, costing 1400 kuna for Category 1 and 950 kuna for Category 2. 

The excitement of fans and euphoria similar to that of the 2018 World Cup is hard to escape, and a red-and-white-check spectacle in Copenhagen is expected. 

Just a little over 24 hours before kick off, we are given a look into how Croatia fans across Europe are making their way to the Danish capital. 


Tino Ostojić

Like these Croatia fans, for example, traveling from Nuremberg and Munich, Germany to Denmark by ferry!

Stay tuned as TCN will be reporting live from Copenhagen tomorrow. 

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Sunday, 27 June 2021

HNS Statement: Apart from Perišić, No Other Croatia Players in Self-Isolation

June 27, 2021 - Are other Croatia players in self-isolation apart from Ivan Perišić? A look at who traveled to Copenhagen this morning. 

Ivan Perišić, the best scorer and one of Croatia's best players in the EURO 2020 group stage, has contracted COVID-19. 

Perišić tested positive on Saturday and cannot play in the round of 16 match against Spain in Copenhagen on Monday.

Instead of going to the match in Copenhagen, Perišić is going into self-isolation.

HNS issued a statement on whether there are other Croatia players in self-isolation:

"After the Croatian Football Federation received a test that showed that Ivan Perišić tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the medical service of the Croatia national team informed the competent epidemiological service about the situation and showed that the national team complied with all prescribed measures of the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters, as well as the measures of the UEFA Return to Play protocol.

According to the submitted information, the competent epidemiological service assessed that the measures were respected and that apart from the positive Ivan Perišić, who must undergo 10 days of isolation, other players and members of the staff and delegation should not go into self-isolation. The national team will fly from Pula to Copenhagen on Sunday at 10:35, where they will play against Spain in the round of 16 of the European Championship on Monday at 18:00.

We are aware that something like this can happen to any national team and individual. That is why we respect all the measures of the Headquarters from the first day, as well as the UEFA protocol, to prevent the possibility of isolation for several players. In the context of the new situation, the medical service is doing its best to prevent the possible spread of the virus, as we did successfully during the autumn when we had similar individual cases during the Nations League. This includes antigen testing that confirmed that there are no other infected members of the team. We are sorry that Ivan will not play against Spain, and we hope that COVID-19 will pass as quickly as possible and with as few symptoms as possible," said the doctor of the national team, Dr. Saša Janković.

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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Zlatko Dalić Ahead of Spain: Who Will Replace Ivan Perišić?

June 27, 2021 - Who will replace Ivan Perišić in the EURO 2020 round of 16 match against Spain? Zlatko Dalić addresses the press. 

Croatia will play the EURO 2020 round of 16 match against Spain on Monday at 6 pm in Copenhagen. Today, a press conference was held at which coach Zlatko Dalić and midfielder Marcelo Brozovic addressed the press, reports Jutarnji List.

The main topic was the match against Spain, although most questions were related to Ivan Perišić dropping out of the Euros after he tested positive for COVID-19. 

Perišić has to be isolated for ten days, which means he would miss the other knockout phases until the final. 

Zlatko Dalić announced that he will not change the concept of the game, which proved to be a winner, and that he has a real replacement for Ivan Perišić.

"I spoke to Perišić, he is upset, it's a shock, at the last minute we were left without the best player from the group stage. We have to adapt to that. He will be our fan. God willing that everything will be fine and we will pass, so he will join us in 7-8 days. We will play for him too. It is not easy for him, he lived for it, he is in great shape, he scored two goals, but it happened," said Dalić for Perišić and added:

"Spain certainly arranged the game so that they have a more defensive player on that side who would dedicate himself to Perišić. Now they might change that and put in a more offensive one again. We will go with the player who is most similar to Ivan."

Dalić did not say who will play on the left wing.

"I have said before that we have the best selection of players in that position. There is Brekalo, Rebić, and Oršić, who play it naturally in their clubs. If we agreed differently, Kramarić and Ivanušec are here. We are going for a natural solution; we will not think much; I believe that the replacement will be of good quality. Hard to be on the level of Perišić, but he can give a lot. So we’re not going to change much because we’re going to have to spin a couple of players; we’re going to play with the same option as it was before."

Is there a fear that there will be more infected?

"It was a shock for all of us, but we have been living under stress for more than a month. We are ready for that, we adhere to everything, and we are not afraid of anything. We do everything to prevent that from happening. I hope that it won't disturb us a lot and that we are ready for the game."

Spain is quite confident. Do you follow their media?

"We should not care who says what, whether someone underestimates us or not. We respect everyone, especially Spain, which is one of the best teams in Europe by tradition, and they are not happy to play with us either. We will not underestimate them; we will be maximally motivated and responsible, and it will be seen who is best in the end. We know what we want; it’s to move forward."

Will Ćaleta-Car play stopper?

"We will not change much; that is evident. If we rotated more positions to the players, that would not be acceptable for this game. It’s not my idea; it’s not my experiment. Let's go with the same game."

This time, Croatia will have the real support of the fans.

"It will be much nicer and more pleasant than in the first three games where it was really hard. The fans mean a lot to us, and we will do everything not to disappoint them."

One Spanish journalist asked Dalić if he agreed with Ivica Olić that the odds are 50:50 or is Spain still the favorite?

"We are playing against an excellent national team, but we can't say they are better than us. Although I have huge respect for the Spain coach and a team that knows what it wants. I believe in our team. But I don’t want to say we are worse than anyone; the chances are equal."

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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Ivan Perišić Tests Positive for COVID-19; Can't Play Against Spain

June 27, 2021 - It's the news everyone in Croatia has been dreading: Ivan Perišić, one of the most valuable players in the Croatia national football team currently competing at the Euro championship, tested positive for COVID-19 and will be sidelined for a while!

He's definitely not the first player in the UEFA EURO 2020 to suffer the same fate. Less than a week ago, the Scotland team had to play against Croatia without one of their key players, Billy Gilmour. However, this news absolutely changes a lot for the Croatia national team, which has been struggling through the group phase of the competition, and before their match against the favorites Spain in the round of 16. 

"We are aware that something like this can happen to any national team and individual. That is why we respect all the measures of the Headquarters from the first day, as well as the UEFA protocol, to prevent the possibility of isolation for a larger number of players. In the context of the new situation, the medical service is doing its best to prevent the possible spread of the virus, as we did successfully during the autumn when we had similar individual cases during the Nations League. This includes antigen testing that confirmed that there are no other infected members of the team. We are sorry that Ivan will not play against Spain, and we wish him that COVID-19 will pass as quickly as possible and with as few symptoms as possible," said the doctor of the national team, Dr. Saša Janković.

Perišić, playing for Inter Milan, is one of those players a team can always count on to bring his zest, many miles, and positive attitude to any game. And, yeah, sometimes he scores, seemingly out of pure spite. He played 104 games for Croatia, scoring 30 goals. The latest two goals he scored at this EURO championship, where he scored against the Czech Republic in a 1:1 draw, and against Scotland, where he added an assist. In the 3 games played so far, he was arguably the best Croatia player at the championships.

Playing against Spain is not easy under any circumstances, and playing against Spain without one of the most important players in the team seems almost impossible. Let's just hope that nobody else tests positive before the game on Monday evening in Copenhagen. Also, the rest of the players in the Croatia national team should find additional motivation to show what they know against the favorites, partially for Perišić as well!

Ivan Perišić will not be able to play before the EURO final, on July 11th at the Wembley Stadium. We're wishing him an uneventful recovery, and returning to football on Wembley on that day, with Croatia in the finals!

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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Croatian Invasion in Copenhagen: Croatia Sector Sells Out against Spain!

June 24, 2021 - The Croatia sector at Parken stadium in Copenhagen has sold out for Croatia's round of 16 match against Spain! 

Within four hours after the start of ticket sales for the EURO 2020 round of 16 Croatia-Spain match, Croatia fans bought all available tickets for the Croatia sector at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, HNS reports. 

Ticket sales for the Croatia sector began at 11:00 am on Thursday via Uefa's ticket portal, and tickets could be purchased using access codes. At around 15:00, all available tickets for the Croatia sector were sold out, which will thus be filled to capacity in the EURO 2020 round of 16 match against Spain, played on June 28 at 18:00 in Copenhagen.

On Friday, June 25, the free sale of tickets for neutral fans will start via the Uefa ticket portal, if there are unused tickets from other quotas available to Uefa.

The Croatian Football Federation recommends all fans, regardless of the country they come from to Copenhagen, follow the current information on the rules of entry into Denmark on the official website of the Danish authorities.

The rules for entering the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen can be found on the official UEFA website.

Croatia and Spain have played a total of eight games, winning three, drawing one, and losing four. If you ask the bookmakers, Croatia will record their fifth defeat on Monday because Spain is the big favorite of the match. The odds on their victory dropped to 1.60, and Croatia's climbed to a whopping 6.00.

Recall, Croatia lost to England at Wembley, drew against the Czech Republic in Glasgow, and defeated Scotland in Glasgow to win second place in Group D. Spain drew against Sweden and Poland but topped Slovakia 5:0 for second place in Group E. 

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Croatia and Spain to Meet in EURO 2020 Round of 16

June 23, 2021 - Croatia and Spain will meet in the EURO 2020 round of 16! 

In the EURO 2020 round of 16, the Croatia national team will play against the second-placed team from Group E, which is Spain.

After beating Scotland and finishing second in the group, Croatia knew they would play the second-placed team of Group E in the round of 16 on Monday in Copenhagen. There was total chaos ahead of the final round and all four teams had a chance to be second. 

Spain outclassed Slovakia 5:0 and did their part, but Sweden went up 2:0 and held a solid first place in the group. 

But when we thought it was the end, Lewandowski scored for 1:2, and six minutes before the end, he scored again. It seemed then that Croatia would face second-placed Sweden.

However, in the 94th minute, Claesson scored for 3:2, and Sweden finished first in Group E. 

The Croatia and Spain match is scheduled for June 28 in Copenhagen at 18:00. 

More soon...


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