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Poco Loco Cocktail & Tapas Bar – Your New Favourite Spot in Dubrovnik

15 August 2021 - Poco Loco Cocktail & Tapas Bar is no longer a new name in Dubrovnik's hospitality scene. This bar-turned-restaurant has occupied the central location of Buniceva Poljana Square for quite some time now. This square in the heart of the city's historical centre is a popular nightspot. It sits behind the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary and is a hit with locals and foreigners alike.

Dubrovnik is not a young destination. This city has been a travel hotspot for decades and an important port for international travellers for centuries. With this in mind, the offer of local restaurants and bars is quite substantial. However, the sheer number of hospitality businesses does not always automatically mean there is enough diversity on offer. When it comes to the wine and dine scene of the city, most of it is divided between more or less serious restaurants and generic bars featuring rather uniform drinks lists. Thankfully, the winds of change are blowing, and we see fresh ideas slowly but surely taking centre stage. Poco Loco Cocktail & Tapas Bar is a great example.

New Restaurant to Watch in Dubrovnik


Poco Loco has been a popular bar and a less than popular restaurant, but it entered 2021 thoroughly different with brand new management. As a result, it is now one of the city's most interesting wine and dine locations. Under the watchful eye of the manager, Marin Nanić, who amassed quite an impressive experience in the fields of hospitality and tourism, Poco Loco is sure to please even the most discerning customers. Fresh forces in the kitchen came out with an exciting menu featuring a mix of international and local favourites. The food offer is perfect for those looking to grab a quick bite on the fly, as well as those looking to enjoy a slow dinner in one of the city's most vibrant corners.

Food and Drinks at Poco Loco


Guests can enjoy a wide range of tapas-like starters. For example, Viska Pogaca, bread with sautéed anchovies and tomato, is a traditional dish of Vis Island. It is absolutely delicious but difficult to find in local restaurants in Dubrovnik. Octopus ragout is one of their specialities for main dishes and provides a great follow-up. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients and simple recipes produce dishes that are delicious, colourful and textured. Dishes are selected to offer as much freshness and diversity as the setting itself. With this in mind, it would be hard to decide if the show's real star at Poco Loco is the food or the drinks on offer.


You will not go wrong with a lovely selection of Croatian wines from various regions that make up the wine list. There are some wonderful examples offered per glass, so you don't have to worry about food pairing that can be quite limited if you order a bottle to share. However, Poco Loco's cocktails are something special. The cocktail list perfectly sums up the philosophy behind this restaurant and bar. It is imaginative and energetic. It offers plenty for those looking for some all-time favourites but rewards handsomely those willing to try new things (think: The Black Jack). Do not miss enjoying a refreshing cocktail at Poco Loco, either as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink.

Don’t Miss It


With its delicious and interesting food, creative drinks list and location known as one of the most entertaining spots in the city, Poco Loco Cocktail & Tapas Bar should be on your radar regardless of whether you are going out as a couple or a group of friends. Poco Loco is a perfect choice for those wishing to experience Dubrovnik's zest for life. It is a place that will give you plenty of energy and will want only your curiosity in return. So plan your visit at the start of your Dubrovnik holiday as you will surely want to come back.


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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Croatian Top Burger Brand: Submarine's Recipe for Success

According to the founders of Submarine, the top Croatian craft burger restaurant chain, a burger doesn't have to be exclusively fast food. It can be enjoyed slowly as a delicious and balanced meal on a plate at a table accompanied by loved ones, a dog or good music. Their company is growing year after year and will finish 2019 with 32 Million HRK in revenue.

Largest Croatian Brand of Craft Burgers

As Boris Orešić/Novac/JutarnijList reports on November 15, 2019; a burger can also be savored in a space decorated to attract attention. If anyone is interested in seeing how their burger is made, they can look right into the kitchen, which is not separated by walls or partitions, but part of a well-designed environment complete with yellow accents. Submarine's newest restaurant on Tkalčićeva ulica opened about a month and a half ago and is the sixth to open in Zagreb. Add another Submarine in Rijeka and that makes seven in Croatia. In fact, there are eight, because another restaurant in Zagreb exclusively prepares meals for delivery throughout the city.

There are also two Submarines in Belgrade. Little by little, Submarine has become the largest chain of craft burger restaurants, not only in Croatia but throughout the entire region. And soon there will be yet another.

Croatian Co-owner and CEO Dragoljub Božović, one of the founders of the entire project, reveals to us that they are opening a restaurant in Trešnjevka and on Nova cesta near the Doma sportova.

It all started in June 2014, when they opened the first restaurant on Frankopanska ulica in Zagreb.

They say that they enjoy exploring different kinds of locations, like the restaurant on Tkalčićeva, which is in a popular pedestrian zone heavily dependent on tourists and located in downtown Zagreb. It is housed in an older building, which provides a specific charm and the feel of a hut made of natural materials. The yellow pipe typography of the sign has become a recognizable symbol for the brand as it appears at all Submarine locations and in original messages on walls. “Don’t panic, it’s organic,” reads one, and is the obviously the message that guests like the most. Music from Submarine radio plays from speakers.


Luka Jureško/Operations Director and Dragoljub Božović/Co-Owner and General Director at Submarine | Photo Credit: Darko Tomaš/CROPIX

Complete Brand Experience

 “We want our guests to have a pleasant experience at Submarine; one that is more than just gastronomic. Music is a very important component, so we agreed to partner with Yammat FM, which arranges our music playlist. The playlist, updated daily, features Croatian and international music that we identify with: urban, cheerful and positive. All seven Croatian Submarine restaurants play the same music from this exclusive radio program 24 hours a day. To further introduce ourselves to our guests, we offer voice content and programs in addition to music,” explains operations director Luka Jureško, 38, who joined the Submarine team two and a half years ago. As a political scientist, he previously worked mostly in public relations.

Dragoljub Božović, 38, from Rijeka, reveals that he is an economist who, before joining Submarine, was mainly involved in sales and had no experience in the restaurant industry. Along with Alexander Lazinic, he came up with the idea of ​​opening a burger restaurant, and moved to Zagreb where he has enjoyed considerable success.

“While traveling around the world, we realized that the restaurant scene was beginning to change, and that people were increasingly eager to enjoy simple food in a comfortable atmosphere. The fast and casual dining concept provides guests with quick relaxed service provided by servers in a format like a traditional restaurant. Basically, we offer three basic types of dishes: burgers, fries and salads. Our concept was to use only local foods. A burger does not have to be a bad quality meal at all. We wanted to offer meals that I would want my child to eat. Our guests understood this very quickly. Once the restaurant on Frankopanska was well established, we started to expand, which has been our goal from the very beginning,” says Božović.

From Croatian Farm to Table

Regarding the question of non-Croatian menu offerings; avocado is the short and clear answer. Tuna, he adds, is also unfortunately not from Croatia because Adriatic tuna is exported. We source our beef from Croatian farms, potatoes from Lika, cheese from Ludbreg, sausage from Slavonia, truffles from Istria, and pancetta from the Dalmatian hinterland.

They work with about ten family businesses. This year, they have already ordered 150 tons of potatoes and have cooked around two million burgers in five years. They only use Zvijezda mayonnaise without preservatives. Their menu must be of superior quality, they insist. Therefore, this kind of burger doesn’t go for HRK 20. At first, their guests were mostly young people. However, as they successfully spread the word that a burger can be a healthy meal; people of all ages, and often families with children, began to arrive. On Sundays, the children's menus are free of charge.

They called themselves Yellow Submarine at first, and they chose that name precisely because of their favorite Beatles song. They wanted to obtain a copyright for that name, but that idea did not garner the approval from the owner of the Beatles copyright. Therefore, they removed “Yellow” from the name, although the company is still called Yellow Submarine.


Submarine on Radnička ulica in Zagreb | Photo Credit: Submarine

Steady Continued Growth

After opening the flagship restaurant on Frankopanska in 2015, they opened a second restaurant in Radnička ulica; then one in Belgrade. They tell us that they wanted to see how their concept would work in business zones and abroad. In both instances, they have been successful.

By 2016, they began operating restaurants on Slavonska avenija in Žitnjak, on Bogovićeva ulica and then on Marulićeva ulica in Rijeka. In 2018, they opened another Submarine on Bukovačka ulica in Maksimir.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to support small Croatian producers and have been sourcing domestic products, which guarantees quality. Therefore, we have hired a logistics company which has a warehouse in Sveta nedjelja, and groceries come from all our suppliers go there first. Then they are distributed to our restaurants,” Božović continues, adding that they currently have one hundred employees: most of them chefs, servers and restaurant managers.

They still manage to find employees in Croatia. However, the available workforce in the Croatian restaurant industry is lacking and they are seriously considering hiring employees from abroad; most likely from the Philippines, Nepal, and Syria. Even in business, they are open-minded and free-spirited by nature.

"We hope that the VAT for the restaurant industry will drop to 13 percent next year, at which point we’ll immediately increase wages. And we understand how important our associates are to our business. We regularly organize various training and team building sessions and breakfast meetings for our employees where we can discuss everything. Our employees thrive if they have desire, will and ambition. A server and chef can become a shift chef or restaurant manager. The restaurant industry can be extremely stressful and there isn’t any time of the year for rest,” Jureško points out, adding that they are busiest from spring to fall, when the terraces are open. However, they did extremely well during the Advent season last year.

The tourist season, in fact, now lasts almost the entire year in Zagreb, with a small pause from mid-January to the end of March. They are proud of the fact that a well-known international web site ranked them among the top 50 burger restaurants in the world according to strict criteria.

Competition Welcome

 “In recent years, a lot of craft burger bars have been opened in Zagreb and Croatia. In the meantime, some have also closed. Many have survived, however, and it is in our interest to have as many as possible and have a rich varied burger scene. We do not view others as hostile competition; quite the opposite. Today, a guest may eat a burger with us; tomorrow with someone else. The burger scene is growing all over the world. In London, for example, it increased by ten per cent last year. This scene is not a bubble, obviously. However, it isn’t enough to offer any kind of pastry, burger, salad or sauce; but to offer quality and consistency, and not deviate,” claims Jureško. Božović adds that the burger is comparable to pizza in that demand will continue to grow.

Therefore, he believes, it is realistic that new burger restaurants will continue to open and expand. And Submarine does not intend to stop expanding. Their income and number of employees grows from year to year. Last year, they made about HRK 20 million, and this year they expect to end up with income of HRK 32 or 33 million. They plan to continue to grow in the coming year and will invest most of their profits in expanding their business. Currently, they rent their spaces as they want to focus on the restaurant industry; not on real estate.


Submarine on Bogovićeva ulica in Zagreb | Photo Credit: Submarine

Location, Location, Location!

"We know what we want and how to be good at it. The restaurant industry is generally profitable. There is a lot of investment in this industry around the world because it often provides a quick return. We want to build a significant business. Next year we will open our very first neighborhood restaurant on Nova cesta, and there should be three more by the end of the year, and not just in Zagreb. We would like to open a Submarine in Split and Osijek and preferably in one more city in Dalmatia, perhaps Zadar or Šibenik. We are actively searching for Croatian locations, but it isn’t that easy to find space in a desirable location and for that there is no compromise. We have a solid brand and concept, and if you choose the right location, there is no cause for concern. We would like to have about twenty restaurants running in Croatia over the next few years. There are certainly opportunities in Karlovac, Varaždin, Pula, and Dubrovnik. Our goal is to expand our delivery service so that it covers all of Zagreb. We started delivering over a month ago and demand is very strong. It is becoming increasingly normal for people to order everything online and have the product they want arrive at their doorstep. This is a trend we simply cannot ignore and strive to be the best in it. Having quality partners is an essential key to our success,” Božović says, pointing out that they are partnering with a number of distinguished Croatian chefs, who are involved in creating new recipes, dishes and menus.

Top Croatian Chef Partners

Among the more prominent names are “MasterChef” winner Denis Zembo, two-star Michelin chef Mario Bernatović, TJ Caparas who has three Michelin stars, famous Croatian chef Mate Janković, and Lana Klingor; who is also known as “sLANA KUHArica.”

Their menu consistently offers the five same burgers. The additional three vary depending on the season. The most popular burger is the crispy smoked bacon burger with the so-called barbecue sauce. Also notable are the French fries, which are hand washed, cut and enriched with various accessories and sauces. Guests especially like the truffle fries with Grana Padano cheese, which became a best-seller shortly after they debuted. From day one, they have made their own mayonnaise-based sauces, which they use for both fries and burgers.

“People want an experience. They want to enjoy themselves, and they know they will with us. And, that is priceless, "says Jureško, adding that they are constantly following the guests’ comments and feedback on social networks so that they can respond immediately if something is not right.

Dogs Are Welcome

They also are happy to point out that dogs are welcomed in their establishments, of course, provided they are decent, which is also true of humans. They also plan to offer a special dog menu soon.

“Everything starts with me. Just as I wanted a restaurant where my child would feel good, so I want my dog ​​to be comfortable and to cultivate good relationships with everyone. The goal is for everyone to feel good. We have traveled around the world and observed what others are doing. We saw a lot of different styles but haven’t copied anyone. It was challenging at first, because we were learning the business and it was not easy to consolidate our suppliers. Standardization is a big challenge. Like the bureaucracy,” says Božović, who is disturbed by the fact that restauranteurs in Croatia often get a bad rap.

His enthusiasm for this business has not wavered, he admits, and he’s been able to impart that energy to his associates, many of whom he has befriended, because they spend many hours working, socializing and having fun together.


Kitchen activity at the Submarine on Tkalčićeva ulica in Zagreb | Photo Credit: Darko Tomaš/CROPIX

Further Expansion

Their success, he claims, is due to the team's enthusiasm and hard work. He also reveals to us that they have already received many inquiries from abroad from people who would like to open Submarine franchises in various countries: from Germany, Italy, Sweden and Norway, to Qatar, Dubai and countries from the Far East. In the foreseeable future, this kind of expansion appeals to them. But for now, they want to stabilize their business and establish themselves a little more in the domestic arena. They plan to proceed step by step, without rushing, and will carefully consider their next business moves.

If everything goes according to plan, Submarine, an original Croatian brand, could become recognizable far beyond the borders of our country, but only on the condition that all restaurants maintain consistent offerings and quality. Today, that objective is no longer just a dream.

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To find a Submarine near you or order online, go here. And you can listen to their radio station here.


Wednesday, 3 April 2019

New Creative Menu of Le Bistro Features the Best from Local Producers

At the legendary Le Bistro of the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, accompanied by the scents of hyacinth and excellent DJ music, a new a la carte menu of Le Bistro was presented. It offers a range of quite seductive dishes. Chef Ana Grgić and her team of young and creative chefs keeps proving that she is a master and an artist of her craft.

 Le Bistro (4)

For this occasion, she prepared for the guests a series of tempting dishes and attractive bites at live cooking stations. Everyone gathered in the Le Bistro had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spring day on this lovely picturesque terrace in the heart of Zagreb. The presentation of the spring concept of the menu was attended by numerous regular guests of the restaurant, such as Ivana Marić, Karmela Vukov-Colić, Ashley Colburn, Vladimir and Marija Kraljević, who were among the first ones to have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes and grilled meats that will be part of the new menu.

In addition to the delicious snacks, the charming and well-run team of Le Bistro, led by restaurant manager Ivan Trbušić, served great wines. For starters, the Motovun winery Tomaz surprised the guests with the Rosé sparkling wine and Malvasia, while the Korak winery from Plešivica offered its Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling and Pinot Noir. The Istrian winemaker Franković from Buje offered Sauvignon, Malvasia and excellent Muscatel which was served with a selection of sweets. The exquisite dishes by Ana Grgić are even better when paired with the award-winning collection of extra virgin olive oils Oleum Viride of the Belić family from Istria, which has been the official Le Bistro olive oil for many years.

Ana devotes special attention to each particular ingredient, and only the locally grown ones, natural and healthy, found their way to her kitchen and her guest's plates. The spring menu includes homemade asparagus, aromatic Istrian truffles, smoked ham of the indigenous Slavonian pigs, and the famous potatoes from Lika. Lamb for the tasty lamb burger came from the green pastures of Gorski Kotar region and from black Romanov lambs. "This meat is of great taste, juicy and with no strong scent characteristic of lamb meat. It is easily digestible, and I was impressed by the breeding story", explained Ana Grgić, adding: "The spring offer of ingredients is impossible to resist. I wanted the menu to offer the top products from local breeders and highly-nutritional ingredients, from which I tried to create delicious and unusual combinations of dishes with the touch of French cuisine."

While creating the menu, a particular emphasis was placed on the sustainability that Ana has been promoting over the last few years as a distinguished ambassador of WWF's global Fish Forward Initiative. Among the appetisers, Ana has thus included the Adriatic shrimp from the Podvelebitski Channel which are caught in a way which protects the micro-ecosystem, encouraging fishers to follow the practice. Representatives of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) took the opportunity of the presentation of the new menu to bring attention to the alarming state of the sea and the necessity for sustainable use of resources.

Jadranski škampi, kadaif, pečeni krastavci, juha od kopra i krastavaca

"WWF Adria has the honour to work with the Esplanade Hotel on promoting the protection and sustainable use of natural resources. Trap fishing of shrimp in the Podvelebitski Channel is an example of good practices whereby fishers can live of their work long-term without endangering the species they fish and their habitat. This fishing is one of the most sustainable ones in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Esplanade Hotel, with the promotion of Podvelebitski shrimp, not only assures itself a constant supply of sea products but it remains the sustainability leader of the entire Ho-Re-Ca sector in Croatia. The consumption of sustainable fisheries products is a key element in the protection of marine resources not only in the Adriatic but in all seas of the world. Responsible practices protect not just the fish but millions of people around the world who depend on fish as a source of food and income," said Danijel Kanski, Marine Program Manager at WWF Adria.

Dimljeni rižoto sa sušenim trubama i kremom od komorača

Guests also had the opportunity to taste a variety of beautiful and creative spring-inspired delicacies that will be available on the Le Bistro menu. On offer were burratina panna cotta, salsa and avocado gel, marinated mackerel with crispy vegetables and quinoa, spider crab with fresh zucchini and crunchy tapioca, celery rosti with roasted trout caviar, smoked trout and warm celery cream, as well as Ana’s award-winning smoked risotto, which this year comes with dried chanterelles and fennel cream. The spring menu expertly combines fresh local flavours: salad with pumpkin comes with fresh goat cheese, dressing of pumpkin oil and roasted hazelnuts, chia seeds; smoked duck breast garnished with caramelised parsnip, teriyaki and bok choy; and vitello tonnato with caper leaf, sugared lemon peel and baby salad.

Panna cotta od burratine, salsa i gel od avokada, maslinovo ulje, rikola, rajčice

The spring collection of hearty soups brings together healthy ingredients. Oyster mushroom soup is served with aronia gel and roasted oyster mushrooms, while parsley soup is garnished with cottage cheese pithivier and pancetta crumble. Homemade raviolo is stuffed with smoked prawns, crab velouté, tomato cream and basil. Homemade noodles with truffles, foie gras and orange juice are a real treat on the new menu.

Glazirani teleći ossobuco, svježi bosiljak, basmati riža sa sušenim rajčicama i pinjolima

Among the main dishes, there is glazed veal ossobuco, fresh basil, basmati rice with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Ana has decided to serve seldom used zander in brown butter, smoked sweet potatoes, kale with chilli pepper, and she was inspired by traditional “fiš-paprikaš”. Monkfish is served in paper, turmeric root, leek, sun-dried tomatoes, lardo and sage, while striped red mullet is prepared with fennel and saffron marmalade, roasted artichoke, citrus velouté. Cuttlefish confit is rounded with roasted white polenta with herbs, romanesco broccoli cream and lemon juice.

Confit od sipe, pečena bijela palenta sa začinskim biljem, šenon krema, limunov sok

The meat selection offers beef fillet, pistachio crust, truffle potatoes, figs in Prosecco. In her spring menu, Ana also included the unavoidable USA striploin steak with shallot cream, onion confit, roasted mushrooms with thyme. Gourmets can also choose among a varied selection of delicious desserts inspired by spring colours and scents which are a perfect end to a meal. Lemon meringue combined with lemon curd and flaky lemon grass pastry or caramelised mango with ricotta and white chocolate will impress everyone, while chocolate fans will be delighted with warm chocolate cake with strawberries, mint and vanilla cream. The French chic in this springtime dessert menu is represented by mille-feuille with strawberries, mint powder and cocoa crunch, offer a rhapsody of flavours. The exotic note is provided by rum baba, caramelised pineapple and coconut cream.

In addition to the a la carte offer, the menu includes meals prepared according to the strict BOSK gluten-free standard.

The wine list offers a rich selection of exceptional Croatian and international wines and sparkling wines, which will complement the dining experience, while the staff will propose to the guests those which best suit the selected dishes.

Ana’s perfectionist approach to gastronomy, the young and charming team of chefs and waiters, and the cosy, relaxed ambience of Le Bistro, are an excellent reason to spend time enjoying Ana's delicious meals. Bravo.

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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Croatian Restaurants in Anticipation of Michelin Stars Announcement

We are getting closer to mid-February, and the Croatian restaurant owners and chefs are getting more and more nervous: will there be new Michelin stars, will the current three be confirmed or perhaps even reinforced with additional ones, will the list of about fifty recommended restaurants be expanded? In the past two years, this was the time of the year when Michelin announced the names of restaurants that deserved a star or a recommendation, so the feeling of anticipation is quite understandable, reports Večernji List on February 10, 2019.

The first Michelin star in Croatia was presented in early 2017 to "Monte" in Rovinj, while the year later the acknowledgement for the quality of food, cooking skills and creativity was awarded to "Pelegrini" in Šibenik and the Dubrovnik restaurant with the unusual name "360°".

In addition to these three restaurants which many knew were great even before they received the stars, Michelin inspectors concluded a year ago that more than fifty Croatian restaurants deserved their special recommendation. The list was almost doubled compared to the previous year, so everyone is now waiting for the opinion of Michelin's inspectors for 2019.

Although the representatives of the world's most famous and most respected gourmet guide are still silent, it is expected that this year the first Michelin star could finally arrive in the Kvarner region. Industry insiders were surprised that in the last two years Michelin skipped this region known for its excellent restaurants and good food which is the reason why, in addition to Croatian guests, people from Italy, Slovenia and Austria often come to Kvarner for just a day or two.

The Kult Plave Kamenica writers have drafted a list of eight potential candidates for this year’s Michelin stars, which includes two restaurants from Kvarner, “Plavi Podrum” from Volosko and "Matsunoki" from Lošinj. The local restaurant insiders believe that Michelin might also award the "Boškinac" restaurant on Pag, and well as “Laganini” in Hvar, "Zinfandel’s" and "Noel" in Zagreb, "Batelina" in Banjole, "Lemongarden" on Brač, and "Vine Vault" in Rovinj.

We will know soon enough. The impatience is also growing due to the rumours that some of the restaurants have already received notices that they will be on the list of recommended restaurants. All Michelin awards bring more guests, and they are great news for tourism because more and more people want to eat top-notch food on holidays and some even choose the destination they will visit according to the quality of restaurants. The number of tourists who opted to visit Croatia primarily due to the gastronomy reached 29 per cent in 2017 when the Institute for Tourism conducted its latest research on the habits of guests.

All this is accompanied by the pressure and the stress for the restaurant owners who receive the Michelin stars. It was nice to see how delighted the owner of Rovinj's "Monte" Danijel Đekić was when two more Croatian restaurants received their stars, relieving him of the responsibility of being the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Croatia.

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Translated from Večernji List (reported by Radmila Kovačević).

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A Perfect Gourmet Life: Austria in Winter, a Hvar Vegan Specialty Restaurant in Summer

July 4, 2018 - For some, the tourist high season never ends. Meet the perfect gourmet combination, winter on the ski slopes of Austria and summer on Hvar. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Otto Barić: De Canavellis Contender for Top 3 Croatian Restaurants

A review of the latest fine dining option on the island of Korčula.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

De Canavellis Fine Dining Opens Its Doors on Korčula

A new option for fine dining on the island.

Friday, 15 June 2018

“Restaurant Croatica” Plaques and Book on Leading Croatian Restaurants Presented

The best Croatian restaurants honoured.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Coca-Cola Conference Gathers Croatian HoReCa Industry

Croatia’s hospitality industry learns about new trends.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Croatian Dream? From Fast Food Outlet to Two Hotels

A couple proves that business success is possible even in Croatia.

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