Tuesday, 19 January 2021

World Handball Championship: Croatia Defeats Qatar (26:24)

January 19, 2021 - In the final match of Group C, Croatia defeats Qatar (26:24) and takes first place in Group C!

Croatia and Qatar met in the last game of Group C at the World Handball Championship in Egypt. Croatia and Qatar had played only one official match before tonight's duel, and Qatar celebrated sensationally with seven points at the opening of the Olympic Games four years ago.

Both national teams had already secured a spot in the next round.

Croatia v. Qatar Recap

Mamic scored the first goal of the game for 1:0 Croatia. Pesic made a great save to keep Croatia ahead after Qatar's first attack. 

Duvnjak scored for 2:0 just under 3 minutes into the game. Qatar scored their first goal seconds later - 2:1.

Maric made it 3:1 for Croatia in the 6th minute, and again in the 8th minute for 4:2.

Strlek scored for 5:3 in the 9th minute and again for 6:3 in the 11th. 

Strlek scored his third goal to make it 7:5 three minutes later. 

Mamic scored his second goal of the game for 8:6 in the 15th. 34-year-old Cupic scored for 9:7 in the 16th. 

Qatar scored their second 7-meter throw for 9:8. Croatia's star goalkeeper Marin Sego made his debut at the 2021 World Champs in the 19th minute. Recall, Sego was recovering from an injury and missed Croatia's first two matches against Japan and Angola. 

Qatar received their third 7-meter throw in the 21st minute, which Sego brilliantly saved to keep the game 9:8.

Mamic put Croatia back to +2 for 10:8 in the 21st.

Croatia certainly welcomed Sego's return, as he saved yet another 7-meter throw for Qatar in the 22nd minute! 

Martinovic scored for 11:10 with four minutes to go in the first half. Qatar equalized for 11:11 seconds later. 

Sego remained stellar in goal, saving yet another 7-meter throw in the 28th minute! Mamic put Croatia back in the lead at 12:11 with less than two minutes to go.

Martinovic scored with 3 seconds to go for 13:11 at the half. 

Qatar opened the second half with a goal for 13:12 in the 30th minute. Croatia received a 7-meter throw in the 31st minute - Cupic scored for 14:12. 

Maric increased Croatia's lead to +3 - their biggest lead of the game yet. It was 15:12 in the 34th minute. 

Musa scored for 16:14 in the 36th minute. 

A fake by Mamic resulted in yet another goal for the 26-year-old - 17:14 for Croatia.

Croatia's oldest player at the World Champs, Zlatko Horvat, scored his first goal of the game for 18:15. Maric scored for +3 in the 42nd minute - 19:16. Horvat scored a crucial lob for Croatia three minutes later - 20:18. 

Martinovic found the back of the net for 21:19 in the 47th minute. Strlek scored for 22:19 with 12 minutes to go. 

The flawless Marin Sego saved 4/4 7-meter throws to keep Croatia ahead. Maric brought Croatia back to +3 with 10 minutes left. Strlek scored again for 24:22 with seven minutes to go. 

Horvat made it 25:23 in the 54th minute. Strlek scored on an empty goal with five minutes to go for 26:23! 

Cervar called a timeout with two minutes to go. 

Croatia was given a 7-meter throw with less than 30 seconds to go -  Strlek missed to keep the game 26:23. 

The game ended 26:24 for Croatia! Maric was named the player of the match. 

Unfortunately, Japan defeated Angola (30:29) in the earlier Group C game and transferred the point won against Croatia to the second round. This means that Croatia could not transfer all four points to the continuation of the competition, even by beating Qatar. Croatia thus carries three points to the second round, Qatar two points thanks to the victory against Japan, and Japan one point. 

It is already known that Argentina and Denmark from Group D await Croatia and Qatar in the main round, while the third rival will be known after the match between Bahrain and Congo. 

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

World Handball Championship: Croatia Tops Angola in Group C (28:20)

January 17, 2021 - Croatia tops Angola in the second match of Group C at the World Handball Championship in Egypt. 

The Croatia handball team met Angola in the 2nd match of Group C in Borg El Arab, Egypt. 

Croatia had a more than shaky start against Japan in the first match on Friday, collecting just one point from a 29:29 draw a few seconds before the end. If Croatia wants to be a realistic prospect for a medal, they can no longer make a mistake in the group stage to ensure they can transfer enough points to the second round.

Before the match against Angola, it was announced that Lino Cervar could no longer count on Luka Cindric, whose injury only worsened after playing against Japan. One of the best Croatian players left the national team camp for Barcelona where he will receive treatment. Cervar called up Janko Kevic in his place. 

Before Sunday, Croatia had never played Angola, which lost to Qatar 30:25 in the first match of the tournament. 

Angola v. Croatia Recap

Angola opened the game with a goal in the first attack for 1:0. Horvat equalized for Croatia from 7-meters - 1:1. Horvat missed Croatia's next chance 7-meter shot in the 4th minute.

Strlek scored for 2:2 in the 5th minute. Croatia took the lead in the 6th minute for the first time at 3:2. 

Angola was leading by 2 goals in the 14th minute (5:4), but Mamic came back for Croatia with a goal in the 15th (5:4). 

Cupic scored from 7 meters, closing Angola's lead to one goal in the 18th minute (6:5).

A very quick turnaround with two goals in the 19th minute gave Croatia the lead - 6:7. 

Mamic scored for Croatia's very first +2 lead in the 21st minute - 6:8. 

It was 9:9 with four minutes to go in the first half - and 10:10 with three to go. 

The first half ended with Croatia up by one goal - 11:12. 

Brozovic scored for Croatia to open the first half and keep Croatia up by one - 12:13.

Cupic scored from 7 meters to put Croatia up by two in the 33rd minute - 12:14.

Croatia was up three goals for the first time of the match in the 38th minute, and up by four one minute later - 13:17.

Cupic scored from 7 meters to give Croatia the biggest lead yet - 13:18 in the 40th minute.  

Maric scored for 15:19 Croatia in the 43rd minute, and Mamic scored for 16:20 in the 44th! 

Cupic scored his 6th goal of the match in the 46th minute for 16:21 Croatia. 

Martinovic scored two minutes later for 16:22 - Croatia's biggest lead yet. Martinovic scored from 7 meters moments later to increase Croatia's lead yet again - 16:23. 

Thanks to another Martinovic goal, it was 17:24, and Jaganjac scored for 17:25 with five minutes to go. 

In the final minute, Croatia was up by 7 goals - 20:27. Mandic scored the final goal of the match for a final score of 20:28 for Croatia!  

Croatia's goalkeeper Pesic was named the player of the match. 

Recall, three teams from the group advance to the second round. Croatia's Group C intersects with group D, which includes Denmark, Argentina, Congo, and Bahrain.

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Luka Cindric Drops Out of Croatia Handball Lineup for Rest of World Champs

January 17, 2021 - Key Croatia national handball team player and FC Barcelona Lassa member Luka Cindric has dropped out of the World Championship in Egypt due to injury.

Before the match against Japan (29:29), it was announced that Cindric could miss the match due to a minor injury he suffered playing with Barcelona, but ultimately played.

Cindric played 42 minutes against Japan
Recall, Cindric spent 42 minutes on the court and scored four goals from 10 attempts against Japan. In addition, he had four assists and lost two balls.

"Cindric felt less pain and is suffering from an old injury. We will see how he feels, maybe everything will be fine, and he will play today. We will not take risks if it is not necessary," said assistant coach Hrvoje Horvat ahead of the game.

RTL commentators Goran Sprem and Petar Metlicic agreed with him, but Cindric obviously felt good enough to play.

Cindric also had injuries in the last two national team competitions
For coach Lino Cervar, there is now no other alternative in the center back position except Janko Kević from Nexe. Igor Karačić is also in Egypt, but he is recovering from inflammation of the pubis symphysis (groin area) and should be ready for the second round of the competition.

In the last two competitions, the 2020 European Championship and the 2019 World Championship, Cindric had major problems with injuries and could not adequately help the national team. Maybe that's why he had a great desire to play against Japan.

In the second match of Group C, Croatia will play against Angola on Sunday at 6 pm, and on January 19 against Qatar in the last match of the group stage.

Source: Index.hr

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Friday, 15 January 2021

World Handball Championship: Croatia and Japan Draw in 1st Match of Group C (29:29)

January 15, 2021 - Croatia and Japan draw in the first round of Group C at the World Championship in Egypt. 

After the tournament host Egypt and Chile opened the 2021 World Handball Championship on Wednesday, and a day later seven more first-round matches were played, the Croatia handball team met Japan to begin their Group C campaign at the World Championship in Egypt. 

On Thursday, coach Lino Červar wrote off four players for the first round of the competition, thus cutting the player list to 16 names to begin Croatia's journey at the World Champs.

Croatia is the favorite of Group C, which also includes Angola and Qatar.

Croatia v. Japan Recap

Strlek put Croatia in the lead in the first minute for 1:0, though Japan equalized moments later from a 7-meter shot for 1:1. Japan took the lead in the 3rd minute for 1:2.

Strlek scored the equalizer for 2:2 in the 5th minute. Japan scored for 2:3 in the 6th, and 2:4 in the 7th. Japan was up by 3 goals in the 10th minute, up by 4 in the 11th, and up by 5 just moments later.

Martinovic gave Croatia life again in the 12th minute for 3:7 and again for 4:7 in the 14th. 

Mamic scored for 5:8 in the 15th and Maric for 6:9 in the 16th.

Japan was up by 5 goals in the 19th minute - 7:12. 

Horvat scored for 8:12 in the 20th minute. 

Japan had its biggest lead in the 22nd minute - 8:14. Martinovic scored for 9:14 moments later. 

Japan took advantage of Croatia's shaky defense and scored in almost every attack. Croatia missed many certain goals, which came back to haunt them. 

Horvat scored for 11:16 in the 25th minute. 

With one minute to go in the first half, Cindric scored for 14:17, which was the result going into halftime. 

Maric scored for Croatia to open the second half and bring them only two goals behind - 15:17 in the 31st minute. Cindric scored for 16:18 in the 33rd minute. Cupic made it 17:19 in the 37th.

Japan was up by four goals in the 39th minute. 

Maric scored for 18:21 in the 40th minute. Horvat scored for 19:22 in the 42nd. 

Duvnjak finally scored for 20:22 in the 43rd minute and again for 21:22 in the 45th. Cindric scored for 22:23.

Croatia finally equalized in the 48th minute thanks to a Brozovic goal for 23:23! It took them nearly all game.

Duvnjak made it 24:24 with 10 minutes to go and Maric scored yet again for 25:25! 

Cindric scored for 26:26 with 7 minutes to go and 25:25 with 5 minutes to go.

Cupic scored from 7-meters with 3 minutes to go - 28:28.

Cupic scored for 29:29, which was the final result of the game.  

The three best teams from each group will advance and transfer points to the next round. 

In the second round, there will be four groups with six national teams each, and the two best will advance to the quarterfinals, from which they will play by knockout until the end of the competition. 

Group C intersects with Group D, which includes Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain, and DR Congo.

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Thursday, 14 January 2021

2021 World Championships: Croatia Handball Team Eager to Lift Country's Spirit

January 14, 2021 - The Croatia handball team will open the World Championships on Friday against Japan for their first step to the gold medal. 

While some national teams already had to cancel their appearance at the World Championships in Egypt and the World Handball Federation (IHF) scrambles to find replacements, the Croatia handball team is waiting for the start of the competition. A new round of testing has shown that Croatia has no reason to worry. The complete delegation is negative on both tests that were conducted upon arrival in Egypt.

Coach Lino Cervar has one special task until the first match against Japan on January 15 - to mentally prepare the players for what awaits them in Egypt, first at Borg El Arab hall in Alexandria, and hopefully later in the second and final round in Cairo. It is essential that everyone stays healthy and follows the strict instructions of the doctors, but also the hosts. The experiences of other national teams show that only one infected person can bring unrest to the entire team and destroy everything they have been carefully building for months.

The Croatia handball team stays at the Tolip North Hotel, about 80 kilometers from Alexandria, or the hall where they will play. This hotel hosts all national teams and journalists who follow the competition in groups C (Croatia, Japan, Angola, Qatar) and H (Slovenia, Russia, Belarus, and Korea). It is a bubble that can only be left when going to matches, and only with special transport and escort of the competition organizers.

But unlike a similar bubble at the European Handball Championships recently in Denmark, there is room to walk here; you can even get to the sea, especially if temperatures remain around 17 degrees. Unlike Korea, Japan, and Belarus, Croatia is located in the annexes/villas of Hotel Tolip. There are three players per accommodation, which is approximately 120 square meters.

On Wednesday, Croatia held their first training session in the hall where they will play. They had their last real training on Monday night. 

Marin Sego, member of the Croatia national team:

"Impressions are good, the accommodation is good, the temperature is fine, it's not too warm. We had two tests yesterday, settled into a room until the results came, and thank God, we were all negative. This morning we had breakfast, a walk and stretching and in the afternoon we go to the gym for training. We can take a walk in the fresh air within the resort. We already watched the video of Japan; they are fast and quite dangerous. We have to be focused on our game, and I don't think there should be any big problems."

Ivan Cupic, member of the Croatia national team:

"The most important thing is that all the results are negative, that is what we hoped for, and why we are satisfied, that is the first step. We are isolated here in the accommodation and hang out with each other. We will spend two days before the match analyzing Japan, talking to each other, and welcoming the opening of the World Championships with maximum concentration. We are all experienced and collected enough; we know it is a long tournament. There will certainly be a bit of positive nervousness, but I believe we will take that first step already against Japan. Because of the whole situation that is happening in Croatia, in all these troubles, our thoughts are there as well, and I hope that we can help people forget about the problems for two to three hours and try to make them a little happy."

Source: HRS

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Final Croatia Handball Player List for World Championships in Egypt Announced

January 12, 2021 - Coach Lino Cervar has announced the final Croatia handball player list of 20 players who will travel to Egypt for the World Handball Championships.

The best news is that Igor Karačić is on the list, who was previously dropped due to recovery from injury, reports HRS.

"The players did their best, and of course everyone would like to play in the World Champs, but we had to choose 20. I have to praise the players for their attitude towards the national team, but we already have two wings in that position, and Lovro Mihić understood that it was a logical decision. Šime Ivić has been called up several times and is always in the national team, but we already have two left-handers. At this moment, when we have Cindrić and Karačić, who did not train at full strength today, as well as Duvnjak, who is exhausted, we had to give priority. They have, of course, contributed to our work. Igor Karačić is going with us, he works under a special program, and I think that in the end, when needed, he will do his best," said Červar after the list was published.

Croatia will play against Qatar, Angola, and Japan in the first round of the World Championships. The top three teams from each group go further. Croatia wants to reach the maximum number of points (4) in the first round, as they transfer to the second round. Croatia's first match is on January 15 at 6 pm Croatian time (7 pm local time) against Japan. Two days later, at the same time, Croatia will meet Angola, and on January 19, again at 6 pm, Qatar awaits her.

Due to the coronavirus, the World Handball Federation (IHF) allowed each national team 20 players to compete in Egypt. The World Championships are played in Alexandria. Croatia will leave today by charter from Zagreb.

The World Championships in Egypt will be Croatia's 14th. Croatia has not missed a single World Championship since it became independent, and thus won one gold medal (2003), three silver (1995, 2005, 2009), and one bronze (2013). The bronze medal from Spain from eight years ago is the last Croatian medal at the World Championships.

There is a strong motive for this generation to end this dry spell. Croatia is in seventh place together with Denmark when looking at total medals won. France leads with six world titles, one silver, and four bronze. Croatia has played 111 matches at the World Championships so far and has 82 wins, 4 draws, and 25 losses.

Final Croatia List:


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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Snowstorm Postpones EHF EURO Cup Match between Croatia and Spain in Madrid

January 9, 2021 - The handball match between Croatia and Spain in the 3rd round of the EHF EURO Cup, which was supposed to be played in Madrid on Saturday, has been canceled due to a snowstorm that closed the Madrid airport and caused problems in the Spanish capital.

The Spanish capital, Madrid, has experienced a snowstorm, unlike anything the capital has seen for the past 50 years, causing dozens of cars to be trapped in the snow. Commuter rail traffic has also been suspended. Winters in Madrid are otherwise dry and quite mild, and according to the latest information, many streets are impassable, because plows are practically non-existent and all traffic is collapsing. The last time such heavy snow fell in Madrid was in 1971.

The match was to be played from 6 pm in Madrid's "Palacio de los Deportes", or the WiZink Center, where Real Madrid and Estudiantes basketball teams play.

Croatia and Spain are participating in the EHF EURO Cup since they were the finalists of the last European Championships, in which Spain celebrated. Hungary and Slovakia are also in the group as the hosts of the next European Championships. 

“Our handball team changed its schedule and adjusted it to the new circumstances. The players returned to their rooms at the Sheraton Hotel to sleep, and training is planned for the afternoon,” the Croatian Handball Federation announced.

Recall, the first duel was played in Porec on Tuesday. Croatia topped the European Championship in a rematch of the 2020 final, 31:28

As previously known, the Croatia national handball team will travel to the World Championships in Egypt on Tuesday, January 12, in the morning. Croatia is in a group with Japan, Angola and Qatar. The first meeting is scheduled for January 15 against Japan at 6 pm.

Source: HRS

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Thursday, 7 January 2021

2021 World Championships: Croatia Men's Handball Team in Action from January 15

January 7, 2021 - The Croatia men's handball team kicks off the new year with the World Handball Championships in Egypt! A look at Croatia's schedule. 

The first month of the new year is reserved for handball. The Croatia men's national handball team will begin 2021 at the World Championships, held from January 13 to 31, 2021, in Egypt. Croatia's rivals in Group C, which is being played in Alexandria, will be Qatar, Japan, and Angola.

It will be the first World Championships in an expanded edition. For the first time, 32 national teams will take part, which is divided into eight groups of four in the first phase of the competition.

In the second round, the three best from each group will pass and transfer the points won in mutual meetings. In that second round, there will be four groups with six national teams each, and the best two will advance to the quarterfinals, from which they will play by knockout until the end of the World Championships.

Groups A and B, C and D, E and F, and G and H will intersect. In the second round, the Cowboys' group crosses over with Group D, including Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

*All terms are in Croatian time

Group A
January 15:
Germany - Uruguay 18:00
Hungary - Cape Verde 20:30

January 17:
Cape Verde - Germany 18:00
Hungary - Uruguay 20:30

January 19:
Uruguay - Cape Verde 18:00
Hungary - Germany 20:30

Group B
January 15:
Spain - Brazil 18:00
Tunisia - Poland 20:30

January 17:
Tunisia - Brazil 18:00
Poland - Spain 20:30

January 19:
Spain - Tunisia 18:00
Brazil - Poland 20:30

Group C
January 15
Qatar - Angola 15:30
Croatia - Japan 18:00

January 17
Qatar - Japan 15:30
Angola - Croatia 18:00

January 19
Japan - Angola 15:30
Croatia - Qatar 18:00

Group D
January 15:
Argentina - DR Congo 18:00
Denmark - Bahrain 20:30

January 17:
Argentina - Bahrain 18:00
DR Congo - Denmark 20:30

January 19:
Bahrain - DR Congo 18:00
Denmark - Argentina 20:30

Group E
January 14:
Austria - USA 18:00
Norway - France 20:30

January 16:
Austria - France 18:00
USA - Norway 20:30

January 18:
France - USA 18:00
Norway - Austria 20:30

Group F
January 14:
Algeria - Morocco 18:00
Portugal - Iceland 20:30

January 16:
Morocco - Portugal 18:00
Algeria - Iceland 20:30

January 18:
Portugal - Algeria 18:00
Iceland - Morocco 20:30

Group G
January 13:
Egypt - Chile 18:00

January 14:
Sweden - Czech Republic 20:30

January 16:
Egypt - Czech Republic 18:00
Sweden - Chile 20:30

January 18:
Czech Republic - Chile 18:00
Sweden - Egypt 20:30

Group H
January 14:
Belarus - Russia 15:30
Slovenia - South Korea 18:00

January 16:
Belarus - South Korea 15:30
Russia - Slovenia 18:00

January 18:
South Korea - Russia 15:30
Slovenia - Belarus 18:30

Group I
January 21:
A1 - B2
B1 - A2
A3 - B2

January 23:
A2 - B3
B2 - A1
A3 - B1

January 25:
B1 - A1
B2 - A2
B3 - A3

Group II
January 21:
C1 - D2
D1 - C2
C3 - D2

January 23:
C2 - D3
D2 - C1
C3 - D1

January 25:
D1 - C1
D2 - C2
D3 - C3

Group III
January 20:
E1 - F2
F1 - E2
E3 - F2

January 22:
E2 - F3
F2 - E1
E3 - F1

January 24:
F1 - E1
F2 - E2
F3 - E3

Group IV
January 20:
G1 - H2
H1 - G2
G3 - H2

January 22:
G2 - H3
H2 - G1
G3 - H1

January 24:
H1 - G1
H2 - G2
H3 - G3

Quarterfinals (January 27)
II1 - IV2
IV1 - II2
I1 - III2
III1 - I2

Semifinals (January 29)
II1 - IV2 vs IV1 - II2

I1 - III2 vs III1 - I2

Final (January 31)
Bronze match (January 31)

Source: Gol.hr

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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

EHF EURO Cup: Croatia and Spain Replay Euro Handball Final in Porec (31:28)

January 5, 2021 - The handball teams of Croatia and Spain met in Porec on Tuesday as part of the EHF EURO Cup. 

The Croatia men's handball team played a preparatory match against Spain in Porec on Tuesday as part of the EHF EURO Cup. It was a replay of the Euro final in January when Spain beat Croatia 22:20 and took the European champion title.

The World Championships in Egypt is just around the corner, and the world's best handball players will kick off the competition on January 13. As the corona pandemic has changed a lot, some national teams will briefly stop their preparations for the World Championships this week to play their qualifiers for EURO 2022.

Some national teams, such as Croatia, Spain, Hungary, and Slovakia, are playing in the EHF EURO Cup. The EHF Cup is a preparatory competition in which teams that have already qualified for the 2022 European Championships participate - Slovakia and Hungary as hosts and Croatia and Spain as finalists in the 2020 Euros.

If it weren't for COVID-19, these matches would have been played in March this year. However, as the Olympic qualifiers were planned at the same time, this week was left as the only possible option to play.

Croatia hosted Spain at Žatika hall in Poreč on Tuesday. For both national teams, it was a great opportunity to test their form and see how ready the players are after four days of preparations for the World Champs. 

Croatia's Igor Karačić and Luka Stepančić had to cancel their participation in the preparations due to injuries. Marin Šego and Manuel Štrlek are still in the process of recovery, and Domagoj Duvnjak and Luka Cindrić just finished the Champions League and are fatigued. 

Spain coach Jordi Ribera brought his strongest side to Porec - and that means two great goalkeepers Gonzalo Perez de Vargas and Rodrigo Coralles. There is also Jorge Maqueda, Alex and Daniel Dujshebaev, Raul Entrerrios, Dani Sarmiento, Ferran Sole, and others. This national team won its first European title in Croatia in 2018 and defended it two years later. 

Croatia v. Spain Recap

Spain was up 0:2 for the first five minutes of the game, before Croatia finally scored their first goal in the 5th minute for 1:2. It was 2:3 for Spain in the 9th minute. Croatia equalized for 3:3 just before the 10th. It was 4:4 one minute later.

Croatia took the lead for the first time in the 12th minute - 5:4. Mandic scored for 7:6 in the 15th.

Croatia was up by 3 in the 17th minute - 10:7. By the 25th, Croatia was only up by 2 -  14:12, and with two minutes to go in the first half, it was 16:14. Croatia went into halftime with +3 - 17:14.

Croatia started the second half with a +4 lead - 20:16 in the 35th minute. It was 22:17 two minutes later!

Croatia achieved their biggest lead of the game in the 41st minute - they were up by 6 for 24:18! And +7 in the 44th!

In the 50th minute, Croatia led 28:23. With five minutes to go, it was 29:25. Spain reduced their lead slightly in the minutes that followed, but with less than two minutes to go, Croatia was up by 2 - 30:28. With 30 seconds to go, Duvnjak scored for 31:28, which was the final score of the game. 

Croatia and Spain will play the return match on January 9 at 6:00 pm in Madrid.

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Monday, 21 December 2020

VIDEO: Euro Handball Champions Norway Join Croatia to Sing Popular Croatian Sports Anthem

December 21, 2020 - If there is one thing Croatians know how to do best, it's singing and celebrating sports victories. Our Croatia women's handball bronze medalists couldn't help but continue the tradition at the European Championships, even tempting two gold medalists from the Norway squad to join along for a Croatian sports anthem. 

The Croatia women's handball team were the best sports surprise of the year, winning the bronze medal at the European Championships in Denmark after beating the hosts 25-19 (11-11) in the match for third place in Herning. 

This is the first medal in the history of the Croatia women's handball team.

After the medals were awarded to the three best national teams at the Euros, Norway, France, and Croatia, the Croatia team continued to celebrate on the floor of the hall in Herning.

At one point, they were joined by two Norweigian handball players and began singing "Neopisivo" (Indescribable), a Croatian sports anthem and hit among fans at all sporting events, originally sung by the Zaprešić Boys.

But you may be wondering why...

Namely, Marta Tomac is the daughter of Croatian coach Željko Tomac, who has been working as a coach in the Norwegian Handball Federation for years and is responsible for numerous medals in the men's and women's national teams.

His daughter, Marta, is an excellent handball player and a long-time member of the Norway national team. However, she often follows Croatian athletes, especially the Croatia national football team who won silver at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 08.32.20.png

Emilie Hegh Arntzen, the other Norway player, seen in the video, was born in Norway and has no connection with Croatia, but she sang the song anyway. 

Another big congrats to the Croatia women's handball team, who were absolutely brilliant throughout the Euros and won the hearts of fans all over Europe.

What a way to end 2020 for Croatian sport! 

Source: Index.hr

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