Sunday, 15 January 2023

2023 World Handball Championship: Croatia Back on Track, Beats USA 40:22

January 15, 2023 - After losing to Egypt on Friday, Croatia found their rhythm and beat the USA 40:22 in the second match of the 2023 World Handball Championship.

Croatia was after their first victory against the USA in Group G of the World Handball Championship on Sunday in Sweden. Recall Croatia lost to Egypt in the first round on Friday 22:31. 

The USA defeated Morocco 28:27 on Friday to earn its first World Championship win, breaking their 25-game losing streak.

Before tonight's game, Croatia played one match against the USA at the World Championship, in 2001 in France, when they won (41:12).

Losing to Egypt did not threaten Croatia's chance for a spot in the second round of this competition, but it made the path to the quarter-finals a bit more difficult, which was the first goal of this new Croatia team.

Josip Šarac was in the lineup for tonight's match, while Zvonimir Srna watched the match from the stands. 

Match recap

The USA did not take advantage of their first attack, but Croatia did. Karačić scored for 1:0. Blanco leveled the score for 1:1 in the 3rd minute. 

Musa scored after a nice assist from Šarac. Ian Hueter scored, but Šarac quickly countered. The USA took the lead at 4:3 in the 6th minute. 

Musa made it 4:4 two minutes later. After goals from Jelinić, Šarac, Glavaš, and Karačić, it was 9:5 for Croatia in the 12th minute. And it was 12:5 for Croatia in the 14th minute. 

After a few goals from the USA, it was 13:7 for Croatia in the 17th minute. Glavaš scored a penalty for 14:7 in the 19th minute. 

Jelinić scored for 15:7 in the 22nd minute. In the 26th minute, Šarac made it 17:8. Cindrić scored his first goal of the game in the 29th minute. 

The first half ended 20:10 for Croatia. 

A nice play and goal by Karačić opened the second half. Šarac scored his 5th goal of the game in the 34th minute and scored again for 25:12 in the 36th minute. 

Mihićev scored his first goal of the game one minute later. Karačić scored his 5th goal in the 43rd minute for +15 - 30:15.

With 10 minutes to go, Croatia was up 32:18. 

Karačić scored for 33:18 in the 52nd minute. With this result, Croatia has mathematically secured their spot in the second round. 

With five minutes to go, Croatia led 37:20. 

And with a minute left, it was 39:22 for Croatia. Mihić scored the final goal for the game for 40:22. 

Croatia's next game is against Morocco on Tuesday, January 17, at 20:30. 

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Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Croatia Gears Up for 2023 World Handball Championship in Poland and Sweden

January 3, 2023 - The 2023 World Handball Championship will be held in Poland and Sweden from January 11 to 29.

The 2023 World Handball Championship will be played in Poland and Sweden from January 11 to 29. This means the Croatia men's handball team is finally back in action!

Croatia gathered on New Year's Eve and began final preparations for the World Championship. As part of their final preparations in Poreč, the Croatian Handball Federation traditionally organizes the Croatia Cup. Croatia will thus face North Macedonia in Poreč on January 6 and Israel on January 8. Tickets for all Croatia Cup matches can be purchased at The price of a single ticket is 8 euros (60.28 kn). 

At the 2023 World Handball Championships, Croatia will play in Group G, hosted at Husqvarna Garden in Jönköping, Sweden. Croatia will play against Egypt, the United States of America, and Morocco.

The format of the competition is the same as in the last World Championship, so a total of 32 national teams will be divided into eight groups of four teams. 

The three best national teams from each group advance to the second round, which brings crossover groups (A-B, C-D, E-F, G-H). From these newly formed second-round groups, the two best teams will advance to the quarterfinals, where the knockout phase of the tournament begins. 

Group G meets Group H, which includes current world champions Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain, and Tunisia. That second round will be played in Malmö, in the Malmö Arena.

Group G (Jönköping)

1st round, January 13
18:00 Morocco - United States of America
20:30 Egypt - CROATIA

2nd round, January 15
18:00 Egypt - Morocco
20:30 CROATIA - United States of America

3rd round, January 17
18:00 United States of America - Egypt
20:30 CROATIA - Morocco

Group IV (Malmö)

1st round, January 19
G1 - H3
H1 - G2
G3 - H2

2nd round, January 21
G2 - H3
H2 - G1
G3 - H1

3rd round, January 23
G1 - H1
G2 - H2
G3 - H3

January 25
? - ? (Gdansk)
? - ? (Stockholm)
? - ? (Gdansk)
? - ? (Stockholm)

Semi-final (Stockholm)
January 27
18:00? - ?
23:00? - ?

Match for third place (Stockholm)
January 29
18:00? - ?

Final (Stockholm)
January 29
? - ?

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Sunday, 16 October 2022

Croatia Handball Edges Out Belgium in Dramatic 2024 EURO Qualifying Match

October 16, 2022 - After a thrilling second half that went goal for goal, the Croatia handball team beat Belgium 30-27 in Hasselt as part of the EHF EURO 2024 qualifiers. 

After beating Greece in the 1st EHF EURO 2024 qualification round, a new challenge awaited the Croatia men's handball team. On Sunday, Croatia played in Hasselt against Belgium, a national team that has made great strides in the last few years and is rapidly approaching major competitions.

Hrvoje Horvat took 18 players to Belgium. He decided to spare Ivan Pešić, Veron Načinović, and Vlada Matanović. The first two missed the first match, and instead of Vlado Matanović, Horvat took Luka Lovre Klarica to Belgium. 

Qualifications for EURO 2024 began for Croatia on October 12 against Greece. The 2024 EHF European Men's Handball Championship will be hosted in Germany from  January 10 to 28, 2024. This will be the 16th handball Euros and the third to feature 24 national teams. 


Belgium: Lettens, Brixhe, Serras, Braun, S. Spooren, Colman, Vandebeeck, Vancosen, Kedziora, Danesi, Glorieux, Qerimi, Gille, De Beule, R. Spooren, Deekens

Croatia: Marić, Duvnjak, Šarac, Karačić, Musa, Cindrić, Mandić, Lučin, Jaganjac, Kuzmanović, Martinović, Šipić, Šego, Glavaš, Klarica, Jelinić

Match report

FULL-TIME Croatia managed to beat Belgium in a tough match - 27:30

59' Lučin brings Croatia back to a two-goal lead with less than a minute left in the match

58' Croatia goes back up to two goals. Lučin and Duvnjak lead Croatia. Belgium calls a time-out

57' Qerimi continues brilliantly, finds the pivot with an excellent ball behind Croatia's defense. Glavaš misses a chance to score, and Belgium equalizes

53' Tin Lučin manages to bring Croatia to a two-goal lead, but Belgium immediately responds 

50' The game is goal for goal; Jelinić keeps Croatia level with two goals, while we have no solution for Belgium's attacks

46' After Cindrić's goal, Qerimi returns. Croatia fails to stop Belgium's attacks

43' Kuzmanović is excellent in goal with his seventh save, preventing Belgium's new lead. Jelinić brings Croatia back to one goal behind

39' Horvat loses patience and calls a time-out. Belgium takes its first lead in the match

38' Belgium equalized, Croatia started to struggle in the attack 

36' Croatia's defense suffered. Belgium failed to equalize only because of two great reactions from Kuzmanović

33' Martinović continues brilliantly, but Qerim responds on the other side. Marino Marić enters the pivot position for the first time in today's game

31' The second half begins in Hasselt, Croatia has a two-goal advantage, and Belgium has the first attack

HALFTIME: Croatia leads 15:13 in Hasselt, Belgium, but it is far from what was expected against Belgium

30' Martinović and Lučin bring Croatia back to a two-goal advantage

28' After an excellent defense, Kuzmanović passes the ball to Belgium, who returns to one goal behind 

25' Croatia plays on the outside line; the defense is still the biggest problem; Karačić, Lučin, and Martinović keep Croatia at three goals ahead 

22' Croatia does not capitalize on three attacks in a row, Belgium returns to just a goal behind, time-out called by Hrvoje Horvat

15' The first time-out of the match was called by Belgium. Croatia is good in the attack but allows too much in the defense

12 'Driving from the outside line and with David Mandić's goal, Croatia reached a comfortable three-goal lead

9' Croatia does not manage to break away; the game is goal for goal

4' Two consecutive goals by Belgium and a short lead before Luka Cindrić's goal to equalize

2' Domagoj Duvnjak scored the first goal of the match

1' Croatia went for its second victory against Belgium in the 2024 European Championship qualifiers

Source: Jutarnji List

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Monday, 4 July 2022

Croatia Opponents Revealed in 2023 Handball World Cup Group Stage

July 4, 2022 - Croatia will face the USA and two yet-to-be-revealed African teams in the 2023 Handball World Cup group stage in January. 

Croatia will play in Group G, and its opponents will be the United States of America and two African national teams - the champion and the third-placed team from the championship there, which will be held in July.

Coach Hrvoje Horvat spoke about the interesting draw: 

"We wanted to avoid the European teams from the third and fourth pot, and let me remind you that Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and the Netherlands were there, and we succeeded. The champion of Africa and the third-place finisher from that continent certainly deserve maximum attention. Theoretically, it can happen that it will be Egypt and Tunisia, which is a completely different story, and the draw no longer looks so simple. But we'll see what happens. The good thing about all this is that we can already start scouting and analyzing them because the championship for these national teams starts in ten days. I would only like for us to be complete and not repeat a situation like at the European Championship in Hungary when we had corona. I do not doubt that Croatia will be in good form. It's a good draw in the sequel as well. I am an optimist and believe we will be great at that championship."

At the World Cup in January next year, 32 national teams will compete, which are divided into eight groups, and the group in which Croatia is in the second round crosses with group H, where Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain, and an African national team, which will take fourth place in the continental championship.

The Handball World Cup will be held from January 11 to 29 next year.

Handball World Cup 2023 (groups):

Group A (Krakow): Spain, Montenegro, Chile, Iran

Group B (Katowice): France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia

Group C (Göteborg): Sweden, Brazil, Africa 2, Uruguay

Group D (Kristianstad): Iceland, Portugal, Hungary, South Korea

Group E (Katowice): Germany, Qatar, Serbia, Africa 5

Group F (Krakow): Norway, Sj. Macedonia, Argentina, Netherlands

Group G (Jönköping): Africa 1, Croatia, Africa 3, USA

Group H (Malmö): Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain, Africa 4

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Sunday, 30 January 2022

2023 World Handball Championship Qualifiers: Croatia Learns Potential Opponents

January 30, 2022 - The draw for both rounds of the 2023 World Handball Championship qualifiers was held in Budapest on Saturday. 

The draw took place in two phases, as there are two qualifying rounds. Thus, the first to be drawn was the national teams that have already passed the first round of qualifications by groups, i.e., those ranked from 15th to 24th place at this European Championship, reports HRS.


The first matches will be played from March 16 to 17, and the return matches on March 19 to 20, 2022. The first-named national teams are the hosts in the first matches.

The second round of qualifications was then drawn. Russia and Ukraine could not face each other. Therefore, Russia was drawn first and will play against the winner of Slovakia - Belgium. The Croatia men's national handball team will thus play against the winner between Ukraine and Finland in the 2023 World Handball Championship qualifications, which is being played in Sweden and Poland next year. 


The Croatia handball team is participating in the second round of qualifications, played in two games between April 11 and 17 this year.  The return match is played in Croatia.

Six European national teams have already won their place at the World Championships. These are hosts Sweden and Poland, Denmark as world champions, and France, Spain, and Norway.

"We can be happy with the draw. Ukraine is a slight favorite in the match against Finland. We saw them at this European Championship. They showed several young, very talented players. They will certainly include three to four of the best who were not at the Euros. Most have experience playing in the Champions League. Finland is somehow the weakest of the Scandinavian countries, but it is certainly not to be underestimated. But if Croatia is right, and we have no reason to doubt it, we should move on without major problems. Especially before we play the return match at home," said coach Hrvoje Horvat. 

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Monday, 24 January 2022

EHF Euro 2022 Main Round: Incredible Comeback - Croatia Tops Iceland 23:22!

January 24, 2022 - While Croatia could no longer hope for the Euro semifinals, a win against Iceland in the third match of the EHF Euro 2022 main round keeps them in the running for 5th place, and potentially direct qualification for next year's World Championships. An incredible turnaround saw Croatia top Iceland in the final seconds of Monday's match. 

After losing to Denmark, ending their hope for the semifinals, the Croatia national handball team still has two more matches to play. The first was today against Iceland, followed by Wednesday against the Netherlands.

Croatia and Iceland had played five times so far at the European Championships before this match, with four wins: 29:28 (2008), 31:29 (2012), 37:28 (2016), 29:22 (2018), and one 26:26 draw in 2010.

Although dramatically weakened by the coronavirus, Iceland managed to beat France by eight goals in the last match and inflict their heaviest defeat at the European Championships.

Croatia still has theoretical chances for third place in their group, which could bring 5th place at the Euros.

Furthermore, the fifth-place could decide which team will go directly to next year’s World Championships, with no qualifiers to be played in March and April this year. Namely, the Euro medal winners have a secure place at the World Champs, and Denmark, as the current world champions, are also already in. If Sweden, which is one of the hosts of the World Champs, along with Poland, reaches the semifinals, it will mean that the winner of the match for 5th place, which will be played on Friday, will also secure a spot at the tournament. 


After Iceland missed in the first attack, Martinovic scored for 0:1 Croatia in the 1st minute. Iceland finally equalized going into the 2nd minute. 

Iceland took the lead in the 5th minute for 2:1. Iceland made it 3:1 in the 7th minute. Cindric scored for 3:2 in the 9th minute. 

Iceland scored from 7 meters for 4:2 in the 10th minute. Lucin scored for 4:3 in the 12th minute.  Martinovic scored his second goal for 5:4 a minute later. 

Iceland led by 3 goals in the 16th minute - 7:4 - and by 4 goals a minute later (8:4), and 5 a minute after that (9:4).

Cupic scored from 7 meters for 9:5 with 9 minutes to go in the first half. Iceland scored for 10:5 in the 22nd. Cupic scored from 7 meters again a minute later - 10:6. 

Cupic scored for 7 meters again for 10:7 in the 25th minute and again in the 27th minute for 11:8 with 3 minutes to go. Martinovic scored for 12:9 with a minute to go. 

Lucin scored for -2 (11:9) at halftime. 

Srna scored the first goal for Croatia in the second half for -1 - 12:11. Maric made it 13:12 in the 33rd. 

Lucin equalized for 13:13 in the 35th minute! Martinovic put Croatia in the lead moments later - 13:14! 

Lucin scored for 14:15 Croatia in the 37th minute. Pesic was stellar in goal to keep Croatia ahead. Lucin put Croatia up by two goals in the 40th - 14:16!

Lucin scored for +3 - 14:17 - in the 42nd minute. Maric scored for +4 a minute later- 14:18. Jelinic made it 14:19 in the 44th! 

Cupic scored from 7 meters again for 14:20 in the 46th minute. Lucin scored for 17:21 with 12 minutes to go. 

Iceland came back to -1 with 10 minutes to go - 20:21, and they equalized in the 52nd minute for 21:21. 

Iceland retook the lead in the 54th minute for 22:21. Nacinovic equalized for 22:22 with 2 minutes left! Gadza put Croatia back ahead with 10 seconds to go for 22:23, which was the final score of the game! 

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Saturday, 22 January 2022

EHF Euro 2022 Main Round: Denmark End Croatia's Semifinal Hope (27:25)

January 22, 2022 - Denmark ended Croatia's semifinal hope in the second match of the EHF Euro 2022 main round on Saturday night. 

The Croatia handball team played their second game of the European Championship main round against Denmark at 20:30. Denmark is the favorite not only in tonight's match but also to win the tournament, and Croatia needed a victory to stay in the game for the semifinals. 

Coach Hrvoje Horvat had Alilović, Pilipović, Čupić, Glavaš, Martinović, Ivić, Maraš, Cindrić, Gadža, Lučin, Slišković, Jelinić, Šipić, Marić, Načinović, and Gojun at his disposal tonight. Compared to the last game, Kristian Pilipović came in instead of Ivan Pešić, and right winger Mateo Maraš instead of left winger David Mandić.


Croatia didn't score in their first attack and Denmark scored for 1:0 in the 2nd minute. Cindric scored to equalize at 1:1 in the 4th minute. 

Denmark scored from 7 meters for 2:1. It was 3:1 for Denmark in the 5th minute. Lucin made it 3:2 a minute later. 

Lucin made it 4:3 in the 8th minute. Denmark scored for 5:3 in the 10th. 

Lucin scored for -1 Croatia - 5:4 - in the 12th minute. Denmark made it 6:4 in the 13th minute. Denmark was up by 3 in the 15th minute - 7:4. 

Alilovic made an incredible save to keep Denmark ahead only by 3 goals in the 16th minute, though they scored for 8:4 moments later, forcing a Croatia timeout. 

Maras scored for 8:5 in the 18th minute. Lucin scored for 8:6 moments later. 

Glavas made it 9:7 in the 20th and Martinovic 9:8 in the 21st. Maras put Croatia back to -1 for 10:9 in the 22nd. 

Maric equalized for 10:10 with 5 minutes to go in the first half! Cupic missed from 7 meters with two minutes to go. 

Denmark led by two goals in the final minute of the first half (12:10). Maric scored for -1 - 12:11 to end the first half. 

Denmark opened the second half with a goal for 13:11. Maric made it 13:12 in the 31st. 

Denmark led by 3 goals in the 33rdd - 15:12. Cupic scored for 15:12 moments later. 

Martinovic scored for 16:14 in the 35th. Jelinic scored for 17:15 in the 36th. Martinovic made it 18:16 in the 38th minute. 

Maric put Croatia down to just -1 in the 40th - 18:17. Denmark was up 20:17 in the 42nd minute. 

Cindric scored for 20:28 in the 44th minute. Jelinic scored for 21:19 a minute later. 

Maric scored for 22:20 in the 51st minute. It was 23:21 for Denmark with 8 minutes to go. 

Maric scored for 25:22 in 56th. Cupic made it 25:23 with 3 minutes to go. Maric scored for 26:24 with a minute and a half left. Maric scored again for 27:25, which was the final score. 

Croatia plays Iceland next on Monday. 

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Saturday, 15 January 2022

EHF Euro 2022: Croatia Beats Serbia 23:20!

January 15, 2022 - Croatia beats Serbia 23:20 in the second match of Group C at the EHF Euro 2022 in Szeged, Hungary. 

The Croatia men's handball team met Serbia on Saturday night to advance to the second round of the European Championship in Hungary. Recall, Croatia fell to France in the first match of Group C on Thursday. 

Coach Hrvoje Horvat is still battling the coronavirus among his players. Today, Zvonimir Srna and young goalkeeper Matej Mandić dropped out of the squad. This match saw the return of Luka Cindrić, which was certainly a huge advantage for Croatia. 

The hall tonight was also sold out, with around 8,000 fans estimated and several Croatia fans in the stands. 


The match started with Croatia's first attack saved by the Serbia keeper. A controversial foul on Cupic saw Marsenic receive a 2-minute suspension and Croatia retook possession. Serbia received another exclusion in the 2nd minute of the match. Croatia scored the first goal with 2 extra players for 1:0. 

Croatia intercepted the ball on Serbia's first attack and Cupic scored for 2:0 in the 3rd minute. Martinovic made it 3:0 in the 4th minute! 

Serbia made it 3:2 in the 7th minute. Jaganjac scored for 4:2 one minute later. Serbia made it 4:3 in the 10th. An incredible goal by Martinovic made it 5:3 in the 12th. Lucin scored for 6:4 two minutes later. 

Serbia scored a penalty to equalize for 6:6 in the 16th minute and took the lead for the first time in the match in the 18th minute (6:7). Jaganjac equalized for 7:7.  

Cindric put Croatia back in the lead in the 22nd minute for 8:7.  

Serbia retook the lead in the 26th minute for 8:9. Cindric equalized at 9:9 in the 27th minute. Lucin put Croatia back ahead a minute later for 10:9. 

A quick counter-attack saw Cindric score for 11:9 going into halftime. 

The second half started with no goals from either side in the first 3 minutes. Serbia scored for 11:10 in the 33rd. Martinovic scored for 12:10 moments later. 

Martinovic made it 13:12 in the 37th. Two huge saves by Sunjic stopped Serbia's attacks. Cupic made it +3 in the 39th - 14:11. 

Martinovic scored his 5th goal from a penalty for 15:12 in the 41st. Cupic scored for 16:13 a minute later! 

Lucin scored for 17:13 in the 44th and again in the 46th for 18:15. 

Cupic scored for +4 in the 49th minute - 19:15. Lucin made it 20:16 in the 53rd. Martinovic made it 21:17 with 4 minutes to go! 

Cupic scored for 22:18 with less than 2 minutes to go. Goalkeeper Sunjic scored in an empty goal for 23:18! The match ended 23:20 for Croatia!

Croatia plays Ukraine in the final match of Group C on Monday, January 17 at 18:00. 

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Monday, 26 April 2021

EHF EURO Cup: Croatia Handball and Ivano Balić Together Again!

April 26, 2021 - Croatia handball and Ivano Balić are together again as the new assistant coach will guide the national team to new victories this week at the EHF EURO Cup. 

The Croatia handball team gathered this morning in Zagreb ahead of the EHF EURO Cup matches against Slovakia and Hungary.

On April 28 (Wednesday) and April 29 (Thursday) in Varaždin, the national team will play two matches against Slovakia and then travel to play Hungary in Veszprem.

There are many new names on coach Hrvoje Horvat's list, and the most resounding is the reinforcement in his coaching staff. Ivano Balić is back, who will be the right hand of the new coach. The new goalkeeper coach is Ninoslav Pavletić.

The national team has had a turbulent year: for the first time in 21 years, they failed to qualify for the Olympics, and in January, they experienced a debacle at the World Cup in Egypt.

Croatia has won the two matches they've played in the EURO Cup so far. In Osijek, Croatia celebrated against Hungary 31:27, and then in January, just before the World Cup, they defeated Spain 31:28.

Captain Domagoj Duvnjak, Željko Musa and Igor Karačić have been spared.

"This is a new role. The coach and I speak the same language. There are a lot of young players; we will need more time and more work. I think everything will come on its own. I came back because handball is my life. The goal is to improve the overall game. Croatia has potential, and we can do it. I have always helped young people throughout my career, and it is a challenge for me; it fulfills me, and I think I can help. I have no ambitions to be a coach; I am here to help Horvat. The goal is for the national team to progress, day by day," said Ivano Balić. 

"So far, I've watched the games as a fan. We were better in France than in Egypt, but I wouldn't go back in time. We need to look to the future."

"Due to the situation with COVID-19, Martinović, Cindrić, Mamić, and Ivanković dropped out of the list. We stopped there. Our first goal is to select players who can play in both directions to reduce the substitutions. That has been a problem for us so far. We have a lot of new faces, especially in the pivot position. Every coach has time, and then when he loses the national team, he has very little time. We must not wander; we must not waste time on it. We have to work patiently and find players who will follow my and Balić's vision for Euro 2022 in Slovakia and Hungary. I also worked with Ivan when he was an assistant to Željko Babić, and I led the young national team. We clicked. The coaching staff must blow in the same sail."

Player list:




Coaching staff: 


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Sunday, 8 November 2020

EHF Cup: Croatia Men's Handball Team Top Hungary in Osijek

November 8, 2020 - In its first appearance in the EHF Cup in Osijek, the Croatia men's handball team defeated Hungary 31-27 (17-13).

Since the World Handball Championship will be held in Egypt from January 13 to 31, 2021, these matches serve as good preparation for the big competition ahead.

It was the first game for the Croatian 'Cowboys' in nine months when they won silver at the European Championships in Sweden. Coach Lino Cervar could not count on about 10 standard national team members due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite that, Croatia led throughout the match, and with a 5-1 series at the end of the first half, they turned an 8-9 deficit into a 13-10 advantage and went into halftime with 17-13. Still, Hungary opened the second half better and leveled the score at 18-18, but did not take the lead. In the last 10 minutes, Croatia led 25-24, and goalkeeper Sego stood out with three stellar saves, one of which was off a seven-meter shot. Croatia then managed to lead 28-25.

Manuel Strlek and Ivan Martinovic scored six goals each for Croatia, Domagoj Duvnjak added five goals, while the most efficient for Hungary was Richard Bodo with six goals.

After the great victory against Hungary, coach Lino Cervar commented on the match.

“After 10 months, the players showed a connection to the national team jersey. They came from all over Europe to play, risking getting sick, so hats off to our national team, the players who came here. I am also satisfied with the victory; of course, it is a victorious path that we continue from Stockholm. The players prepared differently since there were breaks. Therefore, such a situation was more for us to endure in such difficult conditions and without spectators, which I am upset about. What should be pointed out today is that they showed a desire to win."

With this victory, Croatia took the lead in the EHF Cup with two points from one match. Hungary, which played two matches, has the same number of points, while Slovakia, who did not play a single match, and Spain, who played one, have no points.

Croatia should play the next game in the EHF Cup on January 6 against Spain away, and only three days later, they should host the same opponent at home.


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