Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Info Centre for Croatian Earthquake Damaged Property Owners Opened

March the 16th, 2021 - A new information centre for the owners of property damaged in the Croatian earthquake-dominated 2020 has been opened as conflicting and confusing information about who has the right to what continues to circulate.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, the Reconstruction/Obnova Information Centre represents the joint information centre of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property, the Reconstruction Fund and the Central State Office for Reconstruction and Housing. 

The new centre will be open every working day, including Saturday and will be at the service of all those whose properties were affected by the Croatian earthquake, both that which occurred this time last year in Zagreb and the one which hit Petrinja in December. The new centre is located at Ulica kneza Mislava 2, and according to a statement from the relevant ministry led by Minister Darko Horvat, its opening coincides with a week of major decisions concerning citizens' rights as a phase that precedes the beginning of the process of organised construction or complete renovation.

All the preparatory activities that have been planned have been successfully implemented in the past (almost) one year, both in terms of adopting the legislative framework and structure of the Reconstruction Fund, and the staffing of a legal team consisting of a large number of employees of the Ministry itself, which will, through its engagement and decision-making, resolve specific rights in all cases of earthquake-damaged property.

This unique contact point in communication between residents and the administration was established to help those from the City of Zagreb and surrounding counties, whose properties were damaged in the Croatian earthquake of March 2020 or indeed others, by officials in one place who will provide advice and give people all of the necessary information related to the renewal process itself.

It is a procedure that begins with the submission of applications, includes the collection of all of the necessary documentation and everything related to the implementation process, and as they say, legal support within this centre will be provided by the Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb.

According to the records of Horvat´s department, the requests received so far exceed 3350, in relation to which a large series of decisions concerning citizens' rights can be expected this week.

"Now we´re entering the fourth process - organised construction and then complete reconstruction, not only of Zagreb but also of the four counties around it. Additionally, funds from the Solidarity Fund have arrived and the total amount of 5.1 billion kuna has been activated, public calls have also been announced,¨ explained Minister Darko Horvat.

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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Banija Earthquake Damage Estimated at €5bn, Says Jutarnji List

ZAGREB, 13 March 2021 - The direct damage of the devastating earthquakes in the Banija region on 28 and 29 December is estimated at a little over €5 billion, which is about 10% of Croatia's GDP, Jutarnji List daily said on Saturday, citing unofficial figures.

If one adds the direct damage caused by the March earthquake in Zagreb and its environs, the total is about €16.6 billion or HRK 124.5 billion, just a few billion kuna less than one annual state budget or 32% of GDP.

The estimates after both earthquakes were done by World Bank consultants in cooperation with the Construction Ministry and the Regional Development and EU Funds Ministry.

Eventually, the damage caused by the December quakes could rise to €5.5 billion. It covers the three counties affected - Sisak-Moslavina, Karlovac, and Zagreb - but it's clear that most of the damage was caused in towns and villages in Banija.

After the Zagreb earthquake in March 2020, the damage was estimated at €11.6 billion, twice as much as the damage estimated after the December tremors in Banija, which makes sense given that the areas affected in Banija are mostly rural, with people living in houses. In Zagreb, tenements were damaged too.

The damage was calculated also by density of locality and type of building as well as property prices, which are much higher in the centre of Zagreb than in Glina, Petrinja or Sisak.

According to the latest information, 37,512 buildings have been reported as damaged in Banija and 31,550 have been inspected, with 4,009 receiving a red label, meaning they are unusable, and 6,918 receiving a yellow label, meaning they are temporarily unusable.

In Zagreb, 38,600 buildings have been inspected, with 4,436 receiving the red and 8,318 the yellow label.

Croatia applied for money from the EU Solidarity after the Zagreb earthquake and an application is being prepared for Banija. The deadline for applying is 23 March, but the government will do so by the end of next week, Jutarnji List said.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Croatia Earthquake Included on European Parliament Agenda

ZAGREB, 15 January, 2021 - At its plenary session next week, the European Parliament will discuss aid to Croatia to alleviate the consequences of a devastating earthquake that struck the country, Croatian MEPs announced on Friday at an online press conference organised by the European Parliament Office in Zagreb.

MEPs Valter Flego, Predrag Fred Matić and Željana Zovko announced the agenda of the plenary session due to take place in Brussels from 18 to 21 January.

One of the topics on the agenda is the provision of relief to the areas of Croatia that were devastated by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck on 29 December.

The basic idea of the proposed resolution on the alleviation of the consequences, initiated by Valter Flego (IDS, Renew), is to draw attention to the fact that recovery from the earthquake will be a long process. The document will be put to a vote on Thursday.

The resolution will bring the Commission's attention to the importance of reducing and overcoming bureaucratic obstacles, monitoring the state of the public and private sectors, the need to revitalise the economy and provide maximum support for the reconstruction of the affected areas. It will also invite the Commission to ensure maximum support for the Croatian government in addressing the consequences of the earthquake, Flego said.

"I am pleased that on Thursday we will get a strong resolution representing the European Parliament's position on aid to Croatia," Flego said, thanking his colleagues for their cooperation.

Željana Zovko (HDZ, EPP) also said that the resolution was a sign of strong parliamentary support for Croatia.

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbovic: Come to Help, Not to Take Selfies

January the 3rd, 2021 - The Petrinja earthquake which struck central Croatia, affecting numerous areas including both Glina and Sisak, has attracted international attention. The Petrinja Mayor, Darinko Dumbovic has issued a warning to those who just want to come to the devastated city to take pictures - Don't bother.

As Index writes, Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbovic appeared on the show Nedjeljom u 2 (Sunday at 2) on HRT, and told people that if they plan to visit Petrinja just take selfies, photos of the damage and then leave without offering any help, to not come at all.

"The whole city has been destroyed. The most important thing now is to set up a system and act operationally. As for those who deal with statics, I want to communicate directly with them, as for those facilities that were destroyed, we want to be able to solve pressing issues in 24 hours, in 48 hours and then in 78 hours,'' he said.

He also called all the roofers to come to Petrinja.

"Come to Petrinja, you'll be paid for your time. We have the money and none of that is questionable. Please, come and let's organise everything. So, information, communication, the engagement of the profession and organisation. We expect all that for tomorrow," Darinko Dumbovic assured.

When asked how ordinary people can help and what the message from earthquake-stricken Petrinja is for them, he answered:

"The message I want to send out intended for every ordinary person is as followed: if they come to my city to come to take pictures for a souvenir, to just come take a selfie here, don't come. If they give the town money on its giro account - thank you! All those who want to help can also help with building materials and the like,'' Darinko Dumbovic concluded.

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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Croatia-Shaped Cloud Appeared in the Sky Above Sisak After Quake

January 2, 2021 – Shortly after the terrible earthquake that hit the area of Sisak-Moslavina County, the sky above Sisak sent a symbolic message – a beautiful cloud that looks like Croatia on the map appeared above the city!

In the moments of the terrible earthquake that hit Sisak, Petrinja, and surrounding places on Tuesday, which damaged over 2000 houses, an unusual cloud appeared in the sky above Sisak. Few people managed even to notice it, but one child realized – the cloud is in the shape of Croatia on the map. His sister hurriedly captured the moment – she took a photo of the symbolic cloud, which was later shared across social media.

Their mother, Antonija Kmetović, first posted the photo on her Facebook profile. She explained to Jutarnji list how they survived the earthquake and how the significant photo was created.

"We were in the apartment during the earthquake. Everything was breaking, moving, shaking, thundering. The four of us were falling over. We clung to the door frame and begged it to stop. It seemed like an eternity. When it stopped, collapsed closets clogged our hallway. We barely got out, barefoot, hugging, and crying. I left my mobile phone to my children and ran to the apartment to get jackets and shoes. They were standing in front of the building with their neighbors while my husband was removing the closets so that we could walk through the buried hallway," Antonija describes the horror moments they survived in the quake.

"My son saw strange clouds. He is studying geography, so he is interested in maps and longitudes and latitudes. So my daughter immediately photographed the sky. There is no filter or editing. Pure gratitude that we are alive and that we managed to escape outside, that it stopped shaking," says Antonija.

Shortly after the earthquake, she posted a beautiful photo of a cloud in the shape of Croatia on her Facebook profile with the description "God, save Croatia." Their apartment cracked after the devastating earthquake, but she and her family are okay. They are happy that nothing happened to them.

"The apartment cracked, but I think we were fortunate that the building was well built, even though it is over 60 years old. When I see what happened to others, this is happiness to heaven," concludes Antonija.

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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Petrinja Earthquake Distinctly Alters Grounding of Devastated Town

January the 2nd, 2021 - The Petrinja earthquake was absolutely devastating for a multitude of reasons, and while there is never a good time for an earthquake to strike, during the middle of a pandemic in winter couldn't possibly have been worse for a tired, downtrodden population and a weakened economy.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Sotiris Valkaniotis, an international expert on tectonics and paleoseismology, posted a graphical representation of the Sentinel-1 data on landslides triggered by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in the area. Analyses of satellite radar images from the Sentinel-1 platform are being published across social media, which further reveal the dramatic nature of the horrendous Petrinja earthquake and those which followed in the wider Petrinja and Glina are in recent days, reports N1.

Oikon Ltd. - The Institute of Applied Ecology posted the recordings on its Facebook profile, referring to doc. dr. sc. Mladen Viher from the Croatian Military Academy, which show that the wider area of ​​Petrinja dropped by more than 12 centimetres as a result of the Petrinja earthquake, while the area on the other side of the fault, around Glinska Poljana, rose by seven centimetres.

Sotiris Valkaniotis talked more about the magnitude 6.4 Petrinja earthquake, which was registered in the first moments after it struck by seismological measuring instruments with centres over in the USA. In another Twitter post, Valkanoitis posted another graphic, this time of the fault that was triggered.

"The biggest land rupture due to an earthquake in Europe since what occurred in Norway in 2016," he wrote.

He explained that the fault was between 15 and 20 kilometres in length and that there was a rupture in the direction from northwest to southeast just west of Petrinja.

Alen Berta also posted a graphical representation of what occurred on his Facebook page.

For more on the Petrinja earthquake and to see how you can donate money, food, humanitarian, sanitary and material aid, follow our dedicated section.

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Croatian Seismologist Kresimir Kuk Talks Earthquakes in Croatia

January the 2nd, 2021 - The Zagreb earthquake which struck back in March 2020, and the very recent Petrinja earthquake which devastated numerous areas across central Croatia including Petrinja, Sisak and Glina, will remain in Croatia's collective memory for years to come. I for one will never forget the deafening sound of the Zagreb earthquake. Croatian seismologist Kresimir Kuk has offered some expert words on such natural disasters.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, earthquakes, although dangerous, escape our capabilities and protocols as they are impossible to predict and are not really ''properly'' distributed over a period of time which can be followed and fully understood.

The shaken and tired residents of Banovina will unfortunately not be able to sleep peacefully for some time to come yet because the area will surely continue to shake for some time, Kresimir Kuk explained.

''The areas of ​​Istria, the Kvarner islands, Slavonia, especially Baranja, the eastern parts along the border... These are places where stronger earthquakes aren't possible,'' said seismologist Kresimir Kuk in conversation with RTL.

Unfortunately, Croatia was hit by two major earthquakes in 2020, the year of the global coronavirus pandemic, which is something not remembered over the last 100 years.

''Fortunately, such strong earthquakes happen in our area very rarely. In seismology, we don't speak statistically precisely, although we often hear a hundred years as a return period. So, this provides some time within which we hope that such strong earthquakes don't happen. But I repeat, that isn't the rule, it's merely a rough approximation,'' Kresimir Kuk concluded.

While earthquakes are sudden events which are totally impossible to properly predict, Kresimir Kuk concluded with certainty that the series of earthquakes across Banovina will last for several more months, varying in their intensity.

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Saturday, 2 January 2021

INA Donates 2.5 Million Kuna to Croatian Earthquake Relief Efforts

January the 2nd, 2021 - The Petrinja earthquake caused tremendous devastation, material damage and tragically - the loss of life. The Croatian earthquake relief funds set up to rebuild the affected central Croatian areas as quickly as possible have seen multiple generous donations.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after the INA Group was actively involved in providing the necessary assistance to the earthquake-affected areas, it has now decided to provide assistance with an additional 2,500,000 kuna. The funds will be donated to the earthquake-affected areas across Sisak-Moslavina County, and part of the funds will be directed to the reconstruction of the "Dr. Ivo Pedisic'' General Hospital which is located in Sisak.

In addition, the INA Group handed over some of its storage facilities in Sisak to the Civil Protection Headquarters. In this way, additional space is being provided for receiving humanitarian aid arriving in the earthquake-affected areas, which will greatly assist the competent services in the redistribution of aid to those who are most in need.

In addition, INA provided several days of fuel and gas cylinders for emergency services through INA cards to the Directorate of Civil Protection in Petrinja, which is coordinating the activities of the field services and units of the National Association of Caterers, who are preparing meals for the local population, the emergency services, members of the Red Cross and numerous volunteers who are working day and night out in the field. The fuel was donated in the same way to the HGSS (Croatian Mountain Rescue Service), which will deliver it to the affected population.

At INA's retail outlets in Sisak, Petrinja, Lekenik and Galdovo, free coffee and water was provided for the police, medical staff, professional and volunteer firefighters, members of the Civil Protection Headquarters, the Red Cross, HGSS and the Croatian army.

INA employees continue to show how big their hearts are by organising themselves and collecting the necessary humanitarian aid at locations in Rijeka, Zagreb and Ivanic-Grad, which will be delivered to the Croatian Red Cross, and some colleagues are using official cars to distribute this aid to the population or to assist machines in rebuilding activities.

After the first two mobile homes, an additional two were sent to Glina and the surrounding areas to ensure a safe roof over the heads of families whose homes were destroyed in the quake. Hotel Crosca in Ivanic-Grad has so far accommodated seven people and is available until its capacities are filled.

In its continued generosity to the Croatian earthquake efforts, INA Maziva also donated 620 litres of the necessary INA Dezinol disinfectant and larger quantities of INA Dezinol Plus disinfectant wipes, which will be distributed to the earthquake-affected areas via the Red Cross.

For more on the Petrinja earthquake and the ongoing Croatian earthquake relief efforts, follow our dedicated section.

Friday, 1 January 2021

List of Organisations and Institutions Accepting Petrinja Earthquake Donations

January the 1st, 2021 - Here is a list of numerous governmental and non-governmental organisations, institutions, as well as companies which have established solidarity funds to show support, solidarity and provide material assistance to the Petrinja earthquake victims throughout the heavily affected areas of Petrinja, Glina, Sisak and more.

Poslovni Dnevnik brings the list which has been cleared by the Croatian Public Relations Association, and the funds will be safely and securely sent to those who are the most vulnerable following the Petrinja earthquake.


Glas Poduzetnika (Voice of Entrepreneurs) is an association of private entrepreneurs, and they have opened a fund for donations to help citizens from Sisak-Moslavina County. The funds raised will be used to buy housing containers, heaters, other equipment, and construction materials.

Voice of Entrepreneurs Association, Pavletićeva 1, 10000 Zagreb

Bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d.

IBAN: HR6523600001502851531

Model: HR99

Note for call number: If the model HR99 doesn't pass, enter the model 00 and then a number.

Payment description: HUMANITARIAN ACTION

For payments from abroad: SWIFT: ZABAHR2X


The Croatian Red Cross invites all those who want and can help the victims of the Petrinja earthquake with a monetary donation to pay the donations into the following account:

Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

IBAN: HR6923400091511555516

Model: 00

Reference number: 770

For payments from abroad - SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2

Legal entities can contact the Croatian Red Cross at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For all residents of Croatia who want to donate material resources, a list of items needed has been published below. For a more detailed list, click here.

Food packages - flour, oil, rice, water, canned food, dry food
Hygiene packages - soap, shampoo, toilet paper, wet wipes, disinfectants, toothbrushes and toothpaste
Personal protective equipment (PPE) - medical masks, protective suits, gloves, antibacterial wipes, space disinfectants…
If you want to donate equipment, machinery or similar items, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which is the official address of the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

If you want to volunteer in person, register in the volunteer database at the following link: https://www.hck.hr/kako-pomoci/volontirati/29


Croatian Caritas is a humanitarian organisation that helps in emergencies, works to advocate for the most vulnerable groups and helps the poor.

You can make cash donations to the following account:

Croatian Caritas, Ksaverska cesta 12a, Zagreb

Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

IBAN: HR0523400091100080340

Reference number: 12-20

For payments from abroad: SWIFT / BIC: PBZGHR2X


After the earthquake in Zagreb back in March 2020, the SOLIDARNA Foundation launched Fund 5.5. for urgent donor action to help the citizens of Zagreb. Now, after the unfortunate events, the activities of this fund have been extended to cities, municipalities and villages that have suffered severe casualties in the last two days as a result of the Petrinja earthquake. Funds can be donated via: https://solidarna.hr/donirajte

The details for the account of the SOLIDARNA Foundation for crisis situations are as follows:

IBAN: HR2424020061500078406


Model: HR00

Reference umber: 01-2021



The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) is a voluntary, non-profit and independent employers' association that represents, promotes and advocates for the interests of its members. HUP has 32 branch organisations that advocate for the specific economic interests and needs of different sectors.

HUP has invited its members to make donations by paying through an account opened for the purpose of helping the victims of the Petrinja earthquake:

Croatian Employers' Association, Radnička cesta 52, Zagreb

Privredna banka Zagreb, Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb

IBAN: HR7123400091510359955

Reference number: the OIB from the company from which the funds are coming

Purpose: donacija HUP potres (donation HUP earthquake)


The City of Sisak has opened a special account for financial assistance and donations. In addition to Petrinja and Glina, the town of Sisak, where the regional hospital is located, was severely damaged by the Petrinja earthquake.

Bank: OTP Bank

IBAN: HR9724070001500013097

Model: HR68

Reference number: 7706-(OIB)


A special account for donations to Petrinja has been opened by Hrvatska postanska banka. Citizens and companies can donate to:

The details are here.


The Petrinja Red Cross. The organisation is part of the Croatian Red Cross.

Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

IBAN: HR4323400091110024387

For payments from abroad - SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X


Glina has opened a special account with Hrvatska postanska banka for the payment of donations for the victims of the Petrinja earthquake. You can make donations to the following HPB account:

IBAN: HR8723900011500198462

Model: HR68

Reference number: 7765 - payer's OIB

For payments from abroad: SWIFT: HPBZHR2X


Currently, the most needed help is the clearing of the rubble of the affected areas, and anyone who has trucks, loaders and other such heavy machinery can help. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce, an independent professional and business organisation of all legal entities operating, bringing together 61 professional associations, 77 groups and 40 associations, is organising assistance with heavy machinery.

Companies that are ready to make their resources available can call 01 460 6747, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the Deputy Director of the Civil Protection Headquarters, Mladen Vinkovic, who is currently in charge of cleaning the ruins of the affected areas (mob: 091 1121 022)

More can be read (in Croatian) here: https://www.hgk.hr/apel-tvrtkama-za-pomoc-u-sanaciji-stete-od-potresa.


The Croatian Government has announced it will expand its earlier donation campaign, including donations for the Petrinja earthquake in Petrinja, Sisak and Glina, as well as other cities and municipalities affected by the disaster. The Ministry of Finance is the body monitoring the flow and spending of earmarked funds.

Donations of funds from taxpayers from the Republic of Croatia are paid into the following account:

Account: HR12 1001 0051 8630 0016 0 (Croatian state budget/Hrvatski drzavni proracun)

Reference to approval number: HR68 5444 - VAT Payer ID


UNICEF has launched a campaign to help earthquake victims and calls on all citizens, businesses and the media to get involved and help children and families in earthquake-affected areas with their donations. UNICEF has already launched the procurement of emergency supplies and equipment and, in cooperation with the institutions, is assessing long-term needs.

More can be found here.


Donations of financial resources for those paying from outside the Republic of Croatia are to be paid to the account of the Ministry of Finance at the Croatian National Bank.

ADDRESS: Croatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb 10000, Croatia


BENEFICIARY NAME AND ADDRESS: Republic of Croatia - Ministry of Finance, Katanciceva 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: IBAN: HR12 1001 0051 8630 0016

REMARKS: Earthquakes aid

For more on the Petrinja earthquake, follow our dedicated section.

Friday, 1 January 2021

Zagrebacka Banka Donates Million Kuna to Croatian Earthquake Victims

January the 1st, 2021 - Zagrebacka banka has donated the generous sum of one million kuna to the victims of the tragic Petrinja earthquake which struck Petrinja, Glina, Sisak and other areas across central Croatia recently.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in order to help residents of the earthquake-affected areas whose homes were destroyed, Zagrebacka banka will donate one million kuna to the Croatian Red Cross, which will direct the donation to those who are the most in need of help.

Along with financial assistance to residents, Zagrebacka banka will provide clients who had a residence or headquarters in Sisak-Moslavina County on the day of the earthquake, in the period from the 31st of December, 2020 to the 28th of February, 2021, with the temporary suspension of any collection measures, which includes the temporary suspension of the execution of standing orders and direct debits, without the collection of additional costs and the calculation of default interest in that period.

Zagrebacka banka will provide more permanent measures to clients affected by the Petrinja earthquake in the coming period in the form of a moratorium on loan repayment. The bank has stated that it plans to inform clients in more detail about all of the assistance measures on offer and the conditions of their application on the official Zagrebacka banka website.

"Aware of the role we have in supporting the community in which we operate, we're doing everything we can to help those who need help the most at the moment. In these difficult moments, we sympathise with all the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit central Croatia, and especially those who lost their loved ones,'' said Romeo Collina, President of the Management Board of Zagrebacka banka.

Many employees of Zagrebacka banka have personally participated in numerous organised humanitarian actions and are helping the residents of the affected areas. Zagrebacka banka would like to thank all employees of the emergency and rescue services, as well as all people from all over Croatia, who once again showed how big their hearts truly are and united in helping those who have suffered losses.

For more on the Petrinja earthquake, follow our dedicated section.

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