Tuesday, 19 January 2021

45 People With Fake PCR Tests Detained At Croatian Border In One Weekend

January 19, 2021 – 45 people tried to enter Croatia with fake PCR tests this weekend alone. They were caught by Croatian police, detained at the border and reported to the State's Attorney office. If found guilty, each faces a maximum penalty of three years in prison

Some 45 people tried to enter Croatia through the borders of one county with fake PCR tests this past weekend.

Travel from Bosnia and Herzegovina into Croatia currently requires the production of a negative PCR test or a doctor's certificate proving you have successfully passed through a COVID-19 infection in recent months.

Since the ban on entering Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina without a negative PCR test was introduced, fake PCR tests are increasingly being forged. Border police and customs officers at crossings in Brod-Posavina County have met many people trying to cross the border with fake PCR tests. But, this weekend a new record number of forged tests were found on the county's border crossings.

According to a statement from the Brod-Posavina Police Department, as many as 45 attempts to enter the country with fake PCR tests were discovered on Saturday and Sunday.


"At the Stara Gradiška border crossing, police officers determined that 43 persons, mostly citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented fake PCR tests issued in BiH at the border control. At the Slavonski Brod border crossing, two people were registered who gave forged tests," the Brod-Posavina police reported.

Police officers file criminal charges against all those suspected of committing the criminal offence of forgery of a document with the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Slavonski Brod. If found guilty, such persons face up to three years in prison.

The overall number of people detained on Croatia's border with fake PCR tests this weekend could actually be higher - the figures of 45 persons detained with fake PCR tests were released by the police of just one county in Croatia - Brod-Posavina County. A further eight Croatian counties exist along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each has border crossings between the two countries.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

New Coronavirus Testing Rules: Changed Times, Online Booking

October the 24th, 2020 - The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is continuing to put Croatia through its paces, particularly here in the heart of Zagreb where the numbers of newly infected people have soared over the last few days, causing alarm among many. There are now new coronavirus testing rules in force, which involved altered working times and the requirement to first book online.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 23rd of October, 2020, although the number of newly infected people recorded in the City of Zagreb on Friday was lower than it was the day before, the head of the City Health Office, Vjekoslav Jelec, said at yesterday's press conference of the Zagreb Civil Protection Headquarters that the epidemiological situation continued to be serious and once again asked citizens to make sure they continue to adhere to the epidemiological measures put in place in an attempt to slow down the spread of the new coronavirus.

The coronavirus testing rules have changed.

''The new working hours for testing at the Andrija Stampar Institute (Mirogojska) are from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00, and on Sundays and on holidays from 08:00 to 10:00. All persons must book their coronavirus test online regardless of whether they're paying for their test or coming to get test based on a referral from their family doctor,'' said the Andrija Stampar Institute's head nurse Cecilija Rotim.

"We need to strictly adhere to the anti-epidemic measures," Jelec warned. As of Friday, there are 580 newly infected people having been recorded in the capital, and as many as 894 people are now in self-isolation. Most of the new patients are the contacts of previously infected people, and 18 residents of homes for the elderly and infirm are positive,'' said the head nurse of the Andrija Stampar Institute, Cecilija Rotim.

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Saturday, 29 August 2020

Liburnia Riviera Hotels Donation Enables Most Reliable Coronavirus Test

As Novac writes on the 28th of August, 2020, Liburnia Riviera Hotels are proud of their long tradition of providing superior services and an outstanding experience to all of its guests, as well as care for the safety of guests during the current coronavirus pandemic, while at the same time offering a pleasant and carefree stay in Kvarner.

In order to provide all residents and guests in the region with the most reliable and accurate testing for the disease caused by the COVID-19 virus currently available on the market, with their donation worth 1.3 million kuna, Liburnia Riviera Hotels enabled the purchase of RNA isolation devices and reagents to the Institute of Public Health of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

The results of this test are available within 24 hours of sampling, and in emergencies - within just five hours. Such a possibility of testing for COVID-19 in Croatia and the country's immediate region is extremely important because Kvarner and the Liburnia Riviera Hotels are traditionally the favourite destinations of tourists who tend to come from an environment of up to 600 kilometres away. These visitors are generally from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Hungary - and the anti-epidemic measures taken in these countries have tightened. If necessary, Liburnia Riviera Hotels will provide its guests with PCR testing inside their facilities, and thus make the whole process even safer, faster and more comfortable for guests.

On the occasion of the recent presentation of the donation, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Prefect Zlatko Komadina said that this is a commendable gesture and expressed his satisfaction that the leading hotel company in Opatija has received a new ownership structure now dominated by experienced hoteliers who show that they want to invest. He emphasised that Opatija has great prospects for investments not only in hotel facilities but also in infrastructure and along the coastline. He welcomed them and said that in all their plans and further investments they can count on the help and support of the County.

The director of NZZJZ PGZ, Vladimir Micovic, emphasised the importance of public health and thanked Liburnia Riviera Hotels on behalf of all employees of the Institute who continue to work diligently not only during the epidemic, but also for the preservation of the of health of the local population and of tourists.

"It is in our interest that testing for citizens and guests is prompt, done on time, with the best possible technology, and your donation will certainly help us in that. We'll procure an automatic nucleic acid isolation device to help us speed up the process, which also complements our infrastructure. We'll also procure a large amount of tests in the amount of 900 thousand kuna,'' Komadina stated.

During the current tourist season, which has been heavily influenced by the spread of the coronavirus, nine of the 23 accommodation units belonging to Liburnia Riviera Hotels were opened. Furthermore, a total of 582 employees are currently providing top quality services to all guests, while applying strict security measures in all open hotels, accommodation units and restaurants to best protect health and provide the necessary safety. In addition, this hotel group has increased the frequency of cleaning, especially in the case of frequently used areas. The prescribed hygienic means used meet European standards and don't endanger human health.

Given the current coronavirus pandemic, the cancellation policy has been adjusted and guests have been offered the greatest possible flexibility in changing the length of their stay during these demanding times, as well as a 30 percent discount on normal prices.

''The coronavirus pandemic is continuously changing the circumstances in which we live and affects all aspects of life, including the ways in which we do business and how we travel. We're grateful to all of our guests who are currently staying with us, and their safety, as well as the safety of our employees, is a priority. With this donation, Liburnia Riviera Hotels wants to ensure the safety of the City of Opatija and the region as a tourist destination, and to provide residents and guests with the most reliable and fastest way of testing currently available on the market. As a long-term investor in the region, we're committed to creating long-term socially responsible partnerships, such as the one we have with the Thalasso Therapy Opatija team led by prof.dr.sc. Viktor Persic. Like all of our socially responsible activities, this donation is an investment in a partnership with the local community that has lasted for decades,'' said Waldemar Hirn, CEO of the Liburnia Riviera Hotel Heimo.

In addition to this significant donation, Liburnia Riviera Hotels presented the naval rescue ship "Nis Randers" a little earlier on this year, which will be used in the area of ​​Opatija and Kvarner as a whole. "Nis Randers" will contribute to the diversity of the tourist offer in the region.

The boat is available for rent to all tourists who are interested in a unique sailing experience on a naval lifeboat. However, if necessary, the ship will also be made readily available to local emergency services, and will greatly help them reduce the consequences of danger on the high seas and thus improve safety in the entire Kvarner region.

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