Sunday, 25 November 2018

Port of Ploče: Complete Reconstruction of Damaged Area Planned

Ploče port suffered an unexpected blow (quite literally) thanks to a large tanker this past summer, and now a full reconstruction is due to take place.

As Morski writes on the 25th of November, 2018, over the coming few days, the second phase of the reconstruction of the tanker connection should begin after the damage that took place back in August this year, following the incident in which the "STI POPLAR" tanker accidentally struck the concrete, which resulted in the complete discontinuance of oil derivatives and other products via the otherwise significant port of Ploče.

Following some temporary repairs, the first tanker, named "SEPEN" carrying 3,500 m3 of oil derivates sailed into the port of Ploče three weeks ago.

The Ploče Port Authority, which deals with and takes care of the port's infrastructure as a whole, immediately took all of the many necessary steps to repair the damage as soon as possible and re-establish the traffic of the current cargo load through the Port of Ploče following the unwelcome incident.

In regard to the required works, the Port Authority, along with the "POMGRAD INŽENJERING" d.o.o. construction company from Split, the total reconstruction of the platform, as well as the removal of the collapsed concrete has now been agreed, in a move which encompasses the first phase of reconstruction of the damaged areas. The first phase has been successfully completed within the desired deadline, and the value of the completed works stands at about 4.6 million kuna, according to a statement on the matter from the Ploče Port Authority.


After the public procurement procedure is signed and the construction contract is signed, the Ploče Port Authority should begin with yet another phase of reconstruction of the damaged tanker connection, which implies the construction of completely new mooring area.

Estimates suggest that the works on the construction of the new area will last approximately 100 days and the value of the works will be estimated at approximately six million kuna.

For the period lasting until the complete reconstruction of the tanker connection, a temporary regime of sailing with the "Vlaška" channel was established, which implied certain unwanted limitations in terms of vessel size, as well as additional safety measures.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

What are the Construction Plans for Ploče Port?

Zoning plans of the Ploče Port to be devised as the port receives major investments.