Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Cafes Again Allowed to Serve Customers Indoors

ZAGREB, 1 Sept, 2021 - Cafes in Croatia are again allowed to serve their customers indoors as of 1 September after they were closed for nine months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the new rules announced by the national COVID-19 response team, cafes and restaurants can stay open until midnight, customers must be seated while drinking and eating and must wear face masks before taking their seats and when going to the toilet.

In late November 2020, the national COVID-19 response team ordered cafes to close their indoor premises for business, allowing only those with terraces to operate.

Catering establishments have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis over the past 18 months. "Many have been exhausted physically, psychologically and financially. There are cafes that will not be able to operate indoors because they lack staff, and there are also those that do not have terraces, so it will be a little easier for them after they were closed for nine months," the head of the independent association of cafe and restaurant owners from Zagreb, Žaklina Troskot, told Hina.

She noted that about 1,100 closed catering establishments would not reopen and that 10,000 jobs have been lost in this sector since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Friday, 11 June 2021

Outdoor Seating Areas of Coffee Shops to Stay Open Until Midnight as of Tuesday, Jutarnji List Reports

ZAGREB, 11 June 2021 -  After a major relaxation of epidemiological measures, it is expected the measures will be eased further, Jutarnji List daily said on Friday, reporting that as of Tuesday coffee shops will stay open until midnight, but they will still be limited to outdoor seating areas.

As a source close to the national COVID-19 crisis management team told the daily, one of the new measures would definitely be related to longer working hours for hospitality establishments, which could then stay open until midnight instead of until 11 p.m.

We need to keep up with the tourist season and allow our and foreign guests to enjoy the summer as much as possible, they said.

Indoor seating areas of coffeehouses will not be allowed to reopen as that would pose an epidemiological risk, Jutarnji List daily finds out. Also, most coffee shops have outdoor seating areas where guests can be without significant restrictions and owners of hospitality establishments are allowed to work.

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Anything but Silent: First Bar in Croatia With a Staff of Deaf People

A heartwarming example of successful social entrepreneurship coming our way from Zagreb

Monday, 27 June 2016

Dogs Terrorize Coffee Drinkers Across Croatia

There has never been a more serious threat to consumers of this addictive drink, prompting a reaction from the Sanitation Inspection Office.