Saturday, 27 February 2021

Porec Area Ready for Firefighting Season, Gets Five New Vehicles

February 27, 2021 – With five new vehicles, the Porec area is ready for the firefighting season, and is implementing the strategic EU project STREAM of climate change adaptation.

Under the chairmanship of Chief of Staff Denis Matošević, the City of Poreč-Parenzo and the Civil Protection Headquarters of Poreč held a meeting for preparing the fire season in the Porec area. Poreč Mayor Loris Peršurić also greeted those present and participated in the working part of the meeting.

As the regional fire commander too, Denis Matošević informed everyone present about last year's season, together with the Head of the Protection and Rescue Service of the Istria County Fire Brigade, Denis Stipanov. They adopted the work plan, financial plan, and operational implementation plan for the fire season.

They also discussed sites and areas for establishing appropriate command posts for fire fighting coordination. They also agreed that the Headquarters will be involved in cases when it is necessary to declare a major accident or catastrophe.

As Mayor Matošević mentioned, Poreč is ready for the fire-fighting season, and this year, they expect the delivery of as many as five new vehicles. With one larger forest extinguishing vehicle coming from the state budget, four new vehicles are under construction and their delivery is expected throughout the year. Additionally, in cooperation with the City of Poreč-Parenzo, they are implementing the strategic EU project STREAM of climate change adaptation.

"For us, this is an important and significant project that will provide us with valuable equipment worth 700,000 kunas. This will enable us to be one of the first fire brigades in Croatia that will be equipped to act in flood crisis situations," said Matošević.

At the end of the meeting, they concluded that the preparations for the fire season 2021 in the Poreč were made in a timely manner.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Valamar Riviera Inviting Porec Citizens and Sports Clubs to Use Future Pool Facilities

February 18, 2020 - Valamar Riviera, the Poreč Sports Community and the City of Poreč, have signed an agreement allowing the city's citizens and sports clubs to use the future pool facilities in the new Pical Zone. 

HRTurizam writes that the agreement continues the successful cooperation so far at the Valamar Diamant 4* Hotel, and makes a large indoor pool and an outdoor tidal pool available to the city and the Sports Community as part of the future Pinea Hotel in the Pical Zone. Thus, with the completion of the investment in 2021, the City of Poreč will receive significantly better conditions for the operation of sports clubs and recreation of citizens. The large indoor pool will be 25 meters long with five swimming lanes, while the outdoor tidal pool will be 50 meters long.

"With the construction of the Pinea Hotel in the new Pical Zone, Poreč, for the first time, is receiving a large indoor five-lane swimming pool, which will be open year-round and, as such, will be of particular importance to athletes and recreational people as well as citizens. We are pleased to provide top athletes with even better conditions for training water sports,” said Andrea Štifanić, Director of the Property Management and General Affairs Division at Valamar Riviera.

"Through this cooperation between the City, the Sports Community and Valamar, citizens will have the opportunity to use the pool. We are aware of the importance of this kind of sports infrastructure for many recreational athletes and athletes and will include it in our investment plan, of course, when addressing priority infrastructure projects such as kindergarten construction, waterfront construction, roads or housing subsidies,” said Poreč Mayor Loris Peršurić.

“By agreeing on the use of the swimming pool at the Pinea hotel, our swimmers and water polo players will have the opportunity to train better throughout the year in our City, and therefore, we expect an increase in the interest of children and young people to participate in these sports actively. Improving training conditions will certainly result in better sports results. Certainly, new opportunities for recreational water sports are being created. We are extremely pleased about the successful cooperation with Valamar Riviera, which has been following the sporting activities and successes of our member clubs and athletes for a long time,” said Alfredo Mendiković, President of the Sports Community of the City of Poreč.

Valamar plans to invest around 1.5 billion kuna in the Pical zone, which will make it one of the most attractive tourist zones in Croatia. In addition to 20,000 m2 of beaches, the citizens of Poreč will have a four-kilometer circular path for outdoor activities such as jogging and cycling and a 10-kilometer promenade.

Pinea Hotel will be positioned as a luxurious five-star hotel, will have the largest hotel event center in Istria, and a full offer for active holidays throughout the year, where in addition to swimming, there will be numerous other sports and recreational facilities for tourists and citizens.

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