Monday, 15 July 2019

Chinese Police Officers in Croatia Given Phones to Answer to Tourists

Both Total Croatia News and other Croatian media have written about the eight Chinese police officers, who have arrived in Croatia for the tourist season, to help with the increasing number of Chinese tourists on the Croatian coast and in other tourist destinations.

Today, there's a second part to that news, one that Chinese tourists should know about, so we're helping spread the word about it, as the Croatian Interior Ministry website reports.

The eight Chinese police officers were given four mobile phones and dedicated lines, where they will answer in Chinese and help with any questions and make sure Chinese tourists are safe in Croatia. The phone lines are localised, and if you call +385 99 386 0465 a Chinese-speaking officer located in Zagreb will answer you; if you're in or around Dubrovnik call +385 99 386 0466;  in Zadar +385 99 386 0467 and the final number is located at the Plitvice Lakes, a favourite destination for Chinese tourists: +385 99 386 0468.

So, if you need some help from a Chinese-speaking police officer, dial one of those numbers closest to you, and from the other side you might hear:


(Halo, who's calling?)

There are other international police forces in Croatia during the height of the tourist season, as we've reported both this year and in previous years, as well as the control centre in Zadar, dedicated fully to the safety of the tourists in Croatia during the season. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Iva Nikolić Presents Pearl of the Adriatic to the Chinese, Incredible Promo for Dubrovnik

It's no secret that Chinese tourists love Croatia, particularly Dubrovnik, and now things are being taken one step further in an incredible promotion of Croatia's southernmost city.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Plenković and Chinese Counterpart Discuss Potential Areas of Cooperation in Budapest

Andrej Plenković met with his Chinese counterpart in Budapest, Hungary, where closer ties and further cooperation between China and Croatia were among the topics of discussion.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Number of Chinese Tourists in Croatia Surpasses Last Year's Record

Croatia is one of the top 25 fastest growing countries for arivals from China. But, what is exactly attracting the Chinese to come and visit Croatia?