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Visit Omis: The Summertime Holiday Winter Dreams Are Made For

17 December 2020 – Missing adventure, escape, breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled nature? Visit Omis in 2021 - with 20 kilometres of perfect beaches and crystal-clear seas, the mighty Cetina river and an atmospheric Old Town, it's the summertime holiday that winter dreams are made for.

P3292991_Panorama1Omispastel.jpegThe pretty pastel shades of buildings in Omis contrast beautifully against the sheer, grey, karst rock which rises sharply behind © Omis Tourist Board

The cold outside is often reason enough to spend most of winter indoors. It's a good time for wrapping presents or even wrapping yourself in blankets. Perhaps, if it snows, you'll sit by the window, daydreaming. With a chill in the air, there's no better dream than that of next summer. In the warmth of the summer sun, you can forget all about those blankets and staying indoors. It's time for escape, adventure, the great outdoors, to hit the beach and to swim in the sea.

IMG_1367.jpegCrystal-clear waters run along the length of the Omis riviera © Omis Tourist Board

In 2021, the City of Omis will once again welcome winter's dreamers. From Springtime to October, visitors will come and enjoy its extended summer, many of them returning as they do every year. Because, once you visit Omis, there really is nowhere else that can match its incredible offer.

P4220074.jpegA spectacular landscape, with the lush Cetina river valley cutting through the Dinaric Alps to flow into the sea at Omis - you can see the island of Brac in the distance © Omis Tourist Board

The unique experience when you visit Omis is a product of a singular history and geography. Standing on the mouth of the Cetina - the largest river in Croatia to drain into the Adriatic – Omis and its surrounding riviera is not only filled with pristine and peaceful beaches, it also has waters that, for hundreds of years, have connected the city far into the hinterland. When you visit Omis, it is this riverside positioning that gives its unmissable adventures, culture, heritage and nature.

Omisborderedbypines.jpegThe Cetina river is the largest to flow into the Adriatic in Croatia and helps give Omis a truly unique offer © Omis Tourist Board

Omis has been inhabited since at least Roman times. Today, the winding, narrow streets of its Old Town are a pretty promenade with a distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere. Walking down these stone-paved pathways, intriguing architecture built over centuries is revealed – an unexpected city square opens up, seating drinkers and diners. Above them, the walls of an ancient church and beyond, the spectacularly lit Mirabella fortress that stands impressively above the town. You can easily walk to the top and look over the Old Town and river or, by day, take the path further back, up to the 15th century Starigrad Fortress. Its walls are renowned to hold one of the greatest views in Croatia, the island of Brac dominating the skyline, further still, the island of Hvar. Both can be toured by boat on day trips when you visit Omis.

puljizomis.jpegThe atmosphere-filled Old Town of Omis © Marc Rowlands

Besides venturing out to sea by boat, taking to the waters of the Cetina river is the best way to get the most from the unique offer when you visit Omis. You can kayak from the town into the nearest sections, watching as the pastel shades of Omis buildings are replaced by the towering, epic cliffs of grey karst rock, sometimes dotted with brave and experienced free climbers. Then, suddenly, the river widens to become flanked by reeds, then fields and trees. Birds sit atop the water or fly overhead, fish dart below you in crystal-clear waters, insects and frogs can be heard coming from some hidden place. The whole landscape seems alive, yet silent except for the sounds of nature – you can't hear a single car engine, not the buzz of an overhead cable, only the dipping of your oar in the calm waters.

SamirKurtagi6Cetinabasin.jpegThe still and silent Cetina river valley near Omis, perfect for kayaking and reconnecting with nature © Samir Kurtagić / Omis Tourist Board

Further up the river, the sounds are not so silent. Thrillseekers scream as they fly down the longest run of ziplines in Croatia – a series of eight lines, at times rising 150 metres above the river, the scenery of mountains and surging river is breathtaking, as feet whistle over high treetops. Further up the river, rapids produce white waters perfect for rafting. Although an action-packed run of over two-hours duration, it's an undemanding course taken by many families with children as young as six. Between the fast-moving sections are waterfalls that spray the air and peaceful pools where you pause to swim. At one of the largest stands a huge picnic area, serviced by a restaurant specialising in the rustic cuisine of this part of the Dalmatian hinterland. Thick-crusted, homemade bread is made within metal bells atop wood fires, the perfect accompaniment to local cheeses, prosciutto and seafood.

Zipline Croatia.jpeg© Zipline Croatia

Here, away from the shoreline of the town, countless small villages appear on the roads between the river and mountains. Life in these villages looks remarkably like it did a few hundred years ago. The same fruits and vegetables and vines still grow around the traditional houses, many of them ending up on the tables of the fine restaurants you'll dine in when you visit Omis. The same meals are prepared, such as Soparnik, one of Croatia's most authentic dishes – you can only find it in the small region surrounding Omis. The same folk dances are preserved, and the same songs fill the air. You can hear many of them in Omis itself – the city hosts a famous 55-year-old festival of klapa (acapella) music, its singers dressed in traditional clothes, their voices echoing around the stone streets of the Old Town in the same way they have for hundreds of years. The chamber music evenings and one of the most important guitar festivals in the region add to the wonderful entertainment and atmosphere of balmy summer evenings you have when you visit Omis.

soparnik.jpegSoparnik, one of the most authentically Croatian foods in the country. It comes from the hinterland behind Omis and it's unlikely you'll find it anywhere else © Marc Rowlands

FestivaldalmatinskihklapaOmi_UNESCO_pjaca.jpegThe 55-year-old festival of klapa music in Omis © Omis Tourist Board

Of course, no trip to the Adriatic is complete without time spent on the beach and swimming in the sea. And, when you visit Omis, you're in one of the best places anywhere in Croatia to enjoy it. Relatively undiscovered, the Omis riviera has a wide range of options to suit all. Want to stay close to town? Visit Omis city beach – it's right on your doorstep, popular with families and its waters famously clean. It is extremely rare to find a huge sandy beach like this, right in the heart of the city.

IMG_0240.jpegOmis city beach, a huge stretch of sand, moments walk from the centre - there's plenty of room for everyone © Omis Tourist Board

A short ride down the coast offers a 20-kilometre stretch of perfect small-pebble beaches, shaded by scented pine trees, sitting on impossibly clear waters. Pretty hamlets and fishing villages like Nemira, Stanici, Ruskamen, Lokma Rogoznica, Medici, Mimice, Marusici and Pisak allow you to chose between peaceful seclusion, diving and watersports or flavour-packed lunchtime dining in a traditional Dalmatian tavern.

nemira1beach.jpegThe village of Nemira, one of the countless pristine beaches along the 20 kilometres of the Omis riviera © Omis Tourist Board

This winter has long to go. We will be inside for quite some time yet. But, that gives us plenty of time to dream of next summer. Of all the places you think you'd like to be, once the warm days return, the City of Omis and its riviera should be top of the list. Unique in its offer of adventure, nature, culture and heritage, there really is nowhere else like it on the whole of the Adriatic.

daybreakoveromis.jpegDaybreak over Omis, as seen from the restaurant balcony of Hotel Villa Dvor. The hotel's restaurant is the best place to take coffee in town, the view is spectacular © Marc Rowlands

This article was written by TCN journalists based on first-hand experience of visiting Omis and was subsequently approved by Omis Tourist Board

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Cetina Adventure Club Announces 9th Cetina Adventure Race!

May 28, 2019 - After eight incredible adrenaline races, the Cetina Adventure club has announced the 9th Cetina Adventure Race! 

Milan Šabić (159).jpg

Milan Šabić

This year, under the auspices of mystery, with a secret starting location and scheduled checkpoints, will once again test the limits of physical and mental endurance. The race consists of three disciplines: trekking, kayaking and mountain biking, with additional tasks that will be placed as a bonus challenge to competitors on the road to the finish. The beauty of the Inland Dalmatian landscape will also prove to be demanding but will reward with every effort: canyons, steep mountain trails, dense forest rivers, and the Cetina are in any case breathtaking.


The track is 100 to 120 kilometers long, and male, female and mixed teams can participate. The time limit for completing the race is 14 hours. The race begins at 7:00 (from 5:30 to 6:30 equipment will be delivered at the start), and the technical meeting will take place the day before the race from 17:00 to 19:00 (the meeting includes picking up the starter packages). The location will be sent to all contestants at a later date.


Required personal equipment: 

• Bike (MTB) for both participants. If someone cannot get an MTB, they can ride a trekking bike (up to one per team) with a minimum tire width of 2.0. The maximum distance is 30 meters between competitors in the same team. Racing bikes are forbidden.

• Helmets - it is necessary to have them while cycling and kayaking. They have to be worn to the finish.

• bottle or flask with water (minimum 0.75 liters).

Required team equipment: 

• topographic map (provided by organizer), 

• mini first aid, 

• compass, 

• cell phone, 

• forehead lamp

Recommended equipment:

• dry bag, 

• cell phone protection from moisture and water.

The organizers ask all teams to adhere to the strict rules of the time for the technical meeting and equipment delivery, otherwise, they will not be able to compete. Applications are made at

The registration requires a complete payment at the start

Payment Details: 

• Klub avanturističkih sportova Cetina Adventure

Put Župića 39, 21230 Sinj
• IBAN: HR152390001-1100518242, HPB d.d.

• Payment Description: CAR 9 + Team Name

Start includes: 

• checkpoint card, 

• racing t-shirt, 

• cooked meal after race and drinks,

• Hydrating stations with water, energy drinks, fruit and chocolate, 

• volunteers, 

• first aid, 

• storage and transportation of bicycles and kayaks, 

• insurance by HGSS.
Prizes: For the first three teams, a prize pool worth HRK 5,000 is secured: 

• for 1st place: 2500 kuna, 

• for 2nd place: 1500 kuna, 

• for 3rd place: 1000 kuna, 

For all additional information, you can contact the race director "Cetina Adventure Race 9" by calling the number +385 (0) 95 723 3921 (Boris Erceg) or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Nikola Belančić (00000002).jpg

Nikola Belančić

For those desiring a less extreme adventure in nature and a more urban, entertaining feel, the Cetina Adventure club has also organized the City Challenge "Cetina Adventure", which is for the whole family, with no age limit. The challenge is designed in such a way that with the help of a map and instructions, the participants should find the default points in the city of Sinj. You can run for 30 minutes or 2 hours. Everyone is invited to get to know the city of the Alka and the Miraculous Lady of Sinj!

There are three categories: • Children (1-12 years with parents, children older than 12 years participate only, but with the written consent of parents signed on the day of the race) • Women • Men

Event information:

Name of the race: CITY CHALLENGE  "Cetina Adventure”

Location: Split-Dalmatia County, Sinj

Date of the race: 8.6.2019. at 5 pm

Organizer: Cetina Adventure Club 

Race Type: Individual

Duration: 1-2 hours (limit 2 hours) 

Length: 8 km

Number of competitors: 500

Start: In front of the Youth Center (Disko klub Piccadilly), Glavička 29, 21230 

Finish: In front of the Youth Center (Disko klub Piccadilly), Glavička 29, 21230
The technical meeting will take place an hour before the start of the race, at 4 pm

Personal equipment: Sneakers, t-shirt provided by organizer

Event registration: the applications are made at and last until 31.05 until 23:59, after this deadline there is no option.

Start: 40 kn, 60 kn for parents with one or more children

Payment at the start: The registration is considered a complete payment

Payment Details: Klub avanturističkih sportova Cetina Adventure

Put Župića 39, 21230 Sinj

IBAN: HR152390001-1100518242, HPB d.d.


Payment Description: GI 7 + competitor name

Start includes: 

- Map with checkpoints,

- racing t-shirt, 

- hot meal after racing and drinks, 

- refreshing water stations, 

- energy drinks, 

- fruit and chocolate bars, 

- volunteers, 

- first aid, 

- insurance by HGSS.

Awards are secured for the first three places in three categories. 

For more information, please contact the club's secretary (Ankica Župić) at +385 (0) 99 232 4637 or by posting on the Cetina Adventure Facebook page. 

Find the first City Challenge in 2013 in the video below. 

Monday, 29 April 2019

Sinj Trail: Round 6 of Dalmatian Trail League Moves to Sinj Next Month!

Aprill 29, 2019 - After last year’s highly successful race, which was attended by more than 250 runners from several European countries, the sports club Cetina Adventure again invites all nature lovers, runners, recreationalists, the old and young, walking enthusiasts and really, anyone interested to join the competition on May 11, 2019!

This year's race has three length categories: Bara category (11 kilometers), category Čoja (22 kilometers) and, for the most courageous, the Alka category, which is 33 kilometers long.

Category Details:

Category Bara: With a length of 11 kilometers (390 meters uphill), the Bara passes near all the major sights and is intended for walkers, families, and recreation, as well as anyone who wants to try trail running for the first time. The race starts in front of the church of Our Lady of Sinj, continues to the end of the beautiful Alkar courtyard and the asphalt road climbs to the Old Town and to the church of St. Michael. Descending, the trail leads to a wide macadam path and ascends to the lungs of the town of Sinj, Pavića Nebesa. It passes along the entire length of Pavića Nebesa through the beautiful pine and oak forests and continues to the northern side of Pavića Nebesa on a wide macadam path towards the finish. The track is circular, not technically demanding and is entirely marked by signs, mountaineering markings, and strips. 


Category Čoja: With a length of 22 kilometers (1000 meters uphill) the Čoja begins the same way as the Bara trail, up to the crossing at Lučane, whereupon it continues on asphalt road one kilometer to the entrance to the protected landscape of Sutina and climbs to the highest peak, Visošnica (907 m ). Up to the top, the trail is marked. From the top of Visošnica, on a broad macadam route, it descends to the Sutina Canyon, through Perjanica and one of the most beautiful parts of the Sinj region, passing the mountain stream Sutina almost from the spring to the return to Pavića Nebesa and the finish. The track is circular, marked with mountaineering markings, strips, and signposts for the direction of movement. It is intended for experienced competitors and recreationalists.


Category Alka: With a length of 33 kilometers and an ascent of 1700 meters, the Alka starts just like the first two categories, and halfway at Pavića Nebesa, it separates on a wide macadam path and climbs to the most beautiful view of the town of Sinj on top of Visoka (896 m). It continues on a demanding hiking trail to the top of Visošnica, from where it descends into the Sutina Canyon. The Sutina Canyon is on the left side and from the canyon, it climbs to its northern peak Bukovac, from which it looks towards Visoka, the Kamešnica, the Dinara and Svilaja. From the peak of Bukovac it goes all the way along the direction of Svilaja to the Kačar area. It is again connected to the technically demanding downhill of Plišivica from where it flows into Lučane and moves towards the finish on a wide macadam path. The trail is also circular, marked with mountaineering markings, strips, and signposts. It is intended for experienced competitors and recreationalists.


Required Equipment:

• cell phone

• competitive card, race card and instructions (provided by the organizers on the day of the competition)

• ID card

Recommended equipment:

• gloves

• astro foil

• personal first aid

• whistle

• rain protection 

• water 

• dry clothes

Children under the age of 14 can only take part in the Bara category, but only accompanied by parents or guardians and with their signed consent.

Children from 14 to 16 years of age can independently participate in the Bara and Čoja categories, but must have the signed consent of the parent or guardian.

Children between the ages of 16 and 18 can take part in any stage, but must have the signed consent of the parent or guardian.

For all the participants of the race, Cetina Adventure from Sinj will also prepare exciting starter and prize packages. To secure the full starter package, you must register and pay for the race by 1 May 2019. Entries will be possible after this date as well as on the day of the race, though the organizer does not guarantee a full starter package.

Online applications can be made on or via the link

The starting price for the Alka and Čoja categories is HRK 100, while for the Bara the price starts at HRK 70. Children up to 14 years have a 50% discount. Also, for the Bara category, a third member of the same family can race for free. 


  Klub avanturističkih sportova Cetina Adventure

• Put Župića 39, 21230 Sinj

• IBAN: HR1523900011100518242, HPB d.d.


• Description of payment: name and surname + name of the category in which you will perform (ex. Mate Matić - Alka)

Take the competition cards, directions and start packages to the check-in desk at the parking lot of the Sinj City Pool from 8:00 am to:

• 9:00 for the Alka category

• 9:30 for the Čoja category

• 10:00 for the Bara category

After signing up and picking up the starter packages, the contestants can leave their things and go to the start which is 500 meters away from the signpost, i.e., at the Alojzije Stepinac Promenade (near the church of Our Lady of Sinj).


• Awarded to the first three places in the men's and women's categories - for each category separately

• The 1st, 2nd, 3rd place team consists of representatives of a particular club in all three categories including men and women. It is necessary that the team has at least one representative in the category, and if there is more, only the member of the team with the best time in that category is counted. On the decision of the first three, they decide on the time of the fastest representatives, which are summed up for the final result (the order is not looked at in this case).


For all competitors coming by car, free parking is located in the area of the Primary School Marko Marulić (next to the Sinj City Pool), at the parking lot in front of the Sinj City Pool, in front of Kaufland, near City Bus Station and in front of Konzum. Competitors can also use city parking with a daily ticket of 10 kuna.


In case a competitor needs accommodation, they can contact the organizers who will try to arrange the accommodation at the best price.

For those who prefer to camp, there is the camp "Gajo" in the village of Lučane near Sinj where up to 7 tents can be accommodated. The camp has food and beverages, outdoor showers and sanitary facilities and friendly staff. It is completely free for race participants and their escorts. Campers can come up to two days before the race (just announce your arrival a week before).


Each competitor with his/her application agrees directly that he/she will compete at his/her own responsibility and be familiar with all race rules that he/she will abide for his/her own safety, the safety of other competitors and organizers, and is aware of the potential risks the competition contains.

The race rules and the Dalmatian Trail Leagues are available at

Additional information and possible changes:

• Check the Facebook page Cetina Adventure

For more information, please contact the club president (Roberto Živaljić) at +385 (0) 92 221 9514 or by posting on the Cetina Adventure Facebook page.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Five Things Not to Miss Along Dalmatia's Cetina River

Since back during ancient times, proximity to water meant life, and now even in the 21st century it is still exactly the same. One of the most rich rivers in Croatia is the Cetina river, found in the rocky Dalmatia region, which breathes life into everything near and surrounding it. Undoubtedly, this 105km long river offers an assortment of benefits to the local population from; powering several hydropower plants, acting as a source of fresh drinking water and being the back one to the growing Croatian family adventure tourism market.

From the water source’s majestic beginnings, at a height of 385 metres in the Dinara mountains to its humble end, emptying into the Adriatic Sea, the Cetina has many personalities to enjoy. In this article, I will tell you a little more about my favourite sections of the river and how to enjoy it safely and with full respect to nature.


Green World Holidays 

River tubing

River tubing is great fun, and not just for adults but also for active families holidaying in Croatia. Sitting in giant inflatable donuts, you’ll have the unique opportunity to descend down small river rapids powered only by your hands and feet. Located slightly north of the village of Kučiće, there is a perfect three-kilometre river section, with many memorable twists and turns. If you want to splash and have fun, and see the Dalmatian hinterland from a very rare perspective, then I can highly recommend this activity when visiting the Cetina river.


Green World Holidays 


All over the world, kayaking is enjoyed as a recreational sport and its particularly popular in Croatia. Our country is blessed with an abundance of pristine rivers, lakes and a stunning coastline, so there are no shortages of places to rent a kayak and enjoy a water adventure. From my experience as a guide, one of the best kayak routes can be found on the Cetina, as the water transcends from sparkling emerald waters to the blue signatures of the Adriatic Sea. This picture postcard perfect route also runs through Omiš, one of the prettiest towns in Dalmatia. Famed for its historical pirates, bringing fear to the whole of the Mediterranean sea throughout the 12th and 13th centuries.


Green World Holidays 

Although there are no pirates in Omiš now, I can still guarantee that this is one of the most memorable kayak experiences available. In addition, and unique to the Cetina river, guests can rent see-through kayaks, so as you paddle down the river you can explore the flora and fauna growing along the bottom of the river and enjoy feeling one with the water.

Mini rafting

As a qualified rafting guide for many years, I’ve been fortunate to have experienced the best sides to the Cetina river, and still to this day, one of my favourite activities is mini rafting. Unlike kayaking and river tubing, mini rafting is done on the northern part of the Cetina river, where you’ll find exciting river rapids and challenging waterfalls to descend. Going down the class 2 and 3 rapids (the scale is up to 6) in an inflatable canoe raft is an
adrenaline packed adventure. Along this section of the Cetina, adventurous families will discover one of the prettiest river beaches, called Stružica, which is very popular among the locals.

Professional tours typically conclude in the village of Blato na Cetini and over there you can have lunch in a little restaurant along the bank of the river. This has become a popular tour for family activity holidays in Croatia, allowing parents to better bond and connect with their teenagers, as they steer their own destiny along the Cetina river.


Green World Holidays 


Canyoning along the Cetina is an unmissable adventure activity when visiting this Dalmatian region. Expert guides help lead the way and help adventurous guests to plunge into these newly discovered rocky areas and clear waters, providing the most exhilirating and unforgettable experience. It’s a true treat to be able to swim underneath powerful waterfalls, flow down naturally formed chutes, and jump into emerald pools of water. It's more fun than you can imagine and that’s why it's an unmissable experience when visiting anywhere close to the Cetina river.

If you decide to do the extreme version (not for families!) you can abseil down next to one of the highest waterfalls in Croatia, Gubavica (56 metres high). The starting point is in the village of Zadvarje and the finish is next to the oldest power plant on the Cetina river, called Kraljevac. Unlike white water rafting, canyoning is ungraded. So before booking with any sports agency, ask the right questions and discuss what you can expect with the experience. Remember, no canyon is the same!


Green World Holidays 

White water rafting

White water rafting is the most popular activity on the river Cetina. The route that you pass along this section of the river is about 10 kilometres long and you will face Grade 2 and 3 rapids. The starting point is north of the village of Kučiće and concludes next to one of the most famous restaurants in Dalmatia, Radmanove Mlinice. On the river, there are a lot of agencies that provide eight-man rafting tours.

Active and sustainable tourism

I hope this article has inspired you to explore the river Cetina and please remember to respect nature. We only have a future if we look after our planet now and give back to the environment and local communities. To try these activities with an Eco-friendly travel company, then contact – Green World Holidays –– a company that believes in sustainable tourism to create wonderful family activity holidays in Croatia. See their INSTAGRAM STORIES –


Green World Holidays 

Follow our dedicated lifestyle and travel pages for more. If it's just inland Dalmatia you're interested in, give Total Inland Dalmatia a follow.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

First Sinj Trail A Success!

Did you participate in the very first Sinj Trail?

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

First Kamešnica Trail Race A Success! (Photos)

The first ever Kamešnica Trail Race was a success!

Monday, 29 January 2018

What Better Way to Begin February than with a Race on Kamešnica Trail?

The perfect way to kick off the new month in the natural beauty of Inland Dalmatia. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Cetina Adventure and TTK Strka Organize a Race for Charity

The club for adventure sports Cetina Adventure, in cooperation with TTK Strka, are organizing a short trail race in Sinj. The race is part of the winter league Strka and will be held in Sinj on January 14, 2017.

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