Thursday, 21 July 2022

Novak Djokovic Visits Dubrovnik: Tennis Star Arrives After Wimbledon Win

July the 21st, 2022 - Novak Djokovic visits Dubrovnik following his recent outstanding Wimbledon win. One of the best tennis players in the entire world is likely hungry for a break from the pressure, and what better place to find that than in the Pearl of the Adriatic and on its nearby Elaphite islands?

Djokovic is no stranger to Dubrovnik or to the Croatian coast, spending a lot of time here either for leisure or in the organisation of various tennis related events. The Serb, who rose to fame quickly and is currently ranked a wildly impressive number seven in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals, has won 21 Grand slams. 

Novak Djokovic visits Dubrovnik and the wider region often, and he's just one of a string of celebrities making appearances along the Croatian coast, the most recent of which being the Beckhams, who also visited the area, showcasing their time spent on the Elaphite islands (primarily Lopud), which lie just north of Dubrovnik on the mainland on Instagram.

Novak couldn't let a visit to the Pearl of the Adriatic slip by without a visit to BOWA, a very popular restaurant on the island of Sipan, which does well in attracting big names from across the board, as reported by The Dubrovnik Times. Djokovic is known for his outward friendliness, and was more than happy to engage with staff at the restaurant, taking selfies with them and relaxing in the Mediterranean atmosphere that draws countless visitors to Dubrovnik, the nearby islands and the extreme south of Dalmatia year after year.

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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Roman Abramovich Sails 600 Million Dollar Yacht to Croatian Waters

September the 19th, 2021 - Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich is no stranger to Croatia, his love for it made quite clear with his frequent arrivals here on one of his jawdropping vessels. The man often described as Russia's richest is in Croatia once again, on his 600 million US dollar yacht.

As Morski writes, Russian billionaire and owner of the Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich sailed into Croatian waters on his new luxury yacht Solaris recently.

The imposing vessel for which the richest man in Russia paid around 600 million USD was filmed in the sea near Croatia's southernmost city of Dubrovnik, more precisely just across from Plat in Zupa Dubrovacka (Dubrovnik Parish), as reported by

For a man whose fortune is estimated to stand at a whopping 18 billion dollars, the price he paid for this vessel isn't a big slice of the cake, and "My Solaris" is one of the eight yachts he has on his property card and is the most expensive of all he currently owns, but it isn't the most expensive he's ever had.

Roman Abramovich's current yacht of choice is otherwise one of the most advanced vessels of today and was being built for six whole years in order to satisfy all of his specific desires. The yacht was built for exploration purposes and is equipped with ABB energy management technology. It is 140 metres long and has as many as 48 cabins, a heliport, a swimming pool, a gym, restaurants and more.

His most expensive yacht so far was the Eclipse, which cost about half a billion dollars. The yacht "Eclipse" is already a well-known guest in the Dubrovnik archipelago and was last filmed there back in May this year. The annual maintenance of this extravagant vessel alone costs an incredible 60 million dollars, and it takes more than a million dollars to fill its tank.

Roman Abramovich is very rarely snapped by cunning photographers during a walk through Dubrovnik along Stradun, because he prefers hidden coves and more privacy. Russia's richest man can be seen more often on the nearby islands of Mljet or Sipan.

He came here with his first wife Irina, and immediately after he divorced her in 2007 in one of the most expensive divorce lawsuits ever, it was in Dubrovnik that he appeared in public for the first time, with his now ex-second wife, Russian businesswoman Dasha Zhukova.

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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Neil Patrick Harris Makes Anniversary Instagram Post with Photo From Hvar

September the 9th, 2021 - American actor Neil Patrick Harris was recently seen holidaying on the Croatian coast with his husband and two children, and he clearly can't get Croatia's premier island of Hvar out of his head as he makes an Instagram anniversary post mentioning the Dalmatian island once again.

As Morski writes, this summer, the well known actor from the popular American show ''How I Met Your Mother'' enjoyed cruising the Mediterranean in the company of his husband and two children. An unmissable stop for the family this year was, unsurprisingly, the stunning Dalmatian island of Hvar, where the actor has been coming for the last few years.

His Instagram profile is full of photos and videos where he can be seen enjoys the joys of the Croatian Adriatic sea with his family, jumping into the crystal clear water from various locations on ​​the island of Hvar.

Neil Patrick Harris recently posted a photo on his Instagram profile in which he and his husband David Burtka are standing together without a T-shirt, in their bathing suits in front of a beach club on Hvar, which is excellent free promotion from the actor for the island which is famed for boasting the most sunshine.

''Seven years ago today, we got married in Italy. Last week, we were swimming in Croatia. Who knows where we’ll wind up next, but there is no one I’d rather travel the world with than you, David Burtka. Your adventurous spirit combined with your nurturing heart continues to impress and inspire. Our children are so fortunate to be surrounded by your love, your dedication, and your light. We all are. Happy anniversary, bubba. Can’t wait to see what happens next. @dbelicious #grateful #anniversary'' writes the actor.

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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Neil Patrick Harris Once Again Enjoys the Croatian Summer With His Family

August 26, 2021 - The latest to join the list of celebrities who have visited the Croatian coast this year for their summer holidays is actor Neil Patrick Harris, who is enjoying the Adriatic Sea with his husband and children.

Some come to tour the islands in luxurious yachts, others prefer to go unnoticed, and there are also those who are not afraid to reveal their location on social networks, even if it is a discreet family outing, and it must be difficult not to share the best moments and landscapes of your Croatian holidays with your followers.

American actor Neil Patrick Harris, known for his roles in Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989-1993), How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014), and more, joins a list that includes celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan or Bono, who chose Croatia as the ideal destination to spend their summer vacations this year.

The 48-year-old actor is on the island of Hvar, where he has arrived with his husband, David Burtka, and their two children, twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. Among the most recent projects of the renowned actor, it is worth highlighting the fourth installation in the Matrix saga, to be released this year, and in which he will play a role that has not yet been detailed.

It is worth adding that Croatia is not a new destination for the actor, as the host of awards such as the Tony, Emmy, and Academy Awards also visited the country in 2019 and 2020. Specifically, Neil Patrick Harris seems to be in love with the island of Hvar and the Gariful restaurant.

The popular Barney Stinson from the acclaimed series How I Met Your Mother has already been captured by the cameras of photographers and tourists and seems to be in good company not only of his family but also of friends, with whom he is seen sharing on a yacht.

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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Basketball Legend Magic Johnson Returns to Dubrovnik!

24 June 2021 - Magic Johnson returns to Dubrovnik with his wife on holiday. This is his second time in the city he fell in love with last year.

If there ever was a globally recongisable name in the world of sports, it is that of Magic Johnson. This legendary American reached the pinnacle of basketball success while playing for LA Lakers. He was also one of the key players in the original „Dream Team“.

He played 13 seasons for LA Lakers and won three NBA Most Valuable Player awards. The basketball Hall of Fame honoured him two times, once for his games under LA Lakers and once for his contribution to the success of the USA national squad. His average assists record still stands to this day. There are many other sporting achievements in his career, but aside from those, he made headlines in 1991 by announcing he has contracted HIV. Magic Johnson did much to raise awareness of the deadly disease and dispel myths surrounding it.

Fan of Dubrovnik

As Dubrovacki Vjesnik reports, Magic Johnson's visit to Dubrovnik means he kept his promise of returning to the city. Johnson visited Croatia last year. While enjoying Dubrovnik's Stradun he told a member of the media he finds the place beautiful and will be returning. Not even a year has passed and he is once again seen smiling with his wife Cookie on one of Croatia's most beautiful streets. It is unclear if Johnson will continue the trip to other parts of the country as he did last year.

Regardless of his travel plans, low numbers of guests on the streets of Dubrovnik seem to be attracting plenty of wealthy travellers who aim to avoid crowded destinations. While many in the city complain about lack of travellers and revenue, half-empty city streets are a perfect draw for guests looking to enjoy the medieval city without the hassle of overcrowding.

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Monday, 31 May 2021

Famous Boxer Saul "Canelo“ Alvarez in Dubrovnik on Honeymoon

May 31, 2021 – Boxing world champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in Dubrovnik on social media enjoying his honeymoon.

Dubrovnik is definitely no stranger to famous visitors. Throughout its long history, this city welcomed well-known guests from all fields of human endeavour. For locals, it is interesting simply to wait and see which familiar face will appear in the city next.

Many rich and famous people arrive in Dubrovnik trying to pass „under the radar“ with varying degrees of success. Others are open about their experiences and promote the city on their social media outlets. One such visitor to Dubrovnik is Saul „Canelo“ Alvarez. This Mexican-born boxing world champion is currently spending his honeymoon in Dubrovnik, enjoying the city vistas. His bride Fernanda Gomez is a business owner with quite a following on Instagram herself, although her 900,000 followers pale in comparison with her husband’s 9.5 million. The couple is enjoying themselves in Dubrovnik and is happy to share that with the world. It is the kind of PR all destinations are hoping for.

Impressive Career

Alvarez has won a number of world champion titles in several weight categories. He currently holds a world champion title in the super middleweight category under WBA (Super), WBC, WBO, and Ring Magazine titles. Dubrovacki vjesnik reports he earned around €150 million during his career so far, making him one of the best-paid fighters in the world. There was a controversy surrounding his last contract with DAZN which was worth an astounding 365 million. The money was guaranteed to Alvarez for the agreed 11 matches. He backed out of the deal claiming breach of contract by DAZN.

Regardless of the financial side of the story, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez currently remains one of the most interesting and successful boxers. He has 59 official fights under his belt out of which he won 56 and only lost once. He managed to record 38 wins by knockout.

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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Formula 1's Bernie Ecclestone Visits Beautiful Island of Korčula

As Morski writes on the 17th of August, 2019, on Saturday afternoon in front of Hotel Korčula, a beautiful yacht named "Petara", owned by no less than Formula 1 owner Bernie Eccleston, was moored. The name of the yacht was taken from the names of Eccelston's two daughters, Petra and Tamara.

Bernie is otherwise listed as one of the richest people in the United Kingdom, and it's long been known that he is a big fan of the beautiful island of Korčula, becoming a somewhat ''traditional'' guest. In other words, there hasn't been a summer in recent years in which the Brit hasn't visited Korčula. Back in 2010, he was also interested in buying HTP Korčula, an idea which never came to fruition in the end, according to a report from local portal Korčula onlinečula online.

Bernard Charles Ecclestone, better known in the spotlight as Bernie Ecclestone, is a successful British businessman and one of the leading men of Formula 1.

His father was the captain of a fishing boat, and young Bernie, from the tender age of sixteen, dropped out of school so that he could fully devote himself to what he loved doing the most, and most importantly, what he wanted the most. 

That craving, which paid off and unbelievably so, was car racing. After several races, he stopped competing in 1951 and returned in 1957 as a manager of the Connaught team. He purchased the Brabham team back in 1972 and Nelson Piquet became the 1981 and 1983 World Champion.

In the 1980s, he took an enormous financial risk by becoming the president of the Formula 1 Constructors' Association, but it paid off, as the sponsors made a lot of profit. He sold Brabham in 1988 and moved to Gstaad for two years, and in 1996, he founded a new company, Formula One Management, which sells distribution rights to the International Automobile Association located in Geneva.

His ex-wife Slavica Ecclestone, a Croat, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, began her modeling career in the 1970s in Zagreb, Korčula online reports.

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Extreme Railway Journeys With Chris Tarrant - The Balkans

Fancy experiencing Croatia by train? Let one of British TV's most well known faces be your guide!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Yacht Which Hosted Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo in Dubrovnik

Not all celebrities in the Pearl of the Adriatic need to be people...

Friday, 18 August 2017

Well Known American Photographer on ''Assignment'' in Dubrovnik!

Yu Tsai, a renowned American fashion photographer of Taiwanese origin has arrived in Dubrovnik, not on holiday, but on business.

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