Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Meet the Wine Towns of Korčula - Čara

Continuing our look at the wine town of Korčula through the eyes of the excellent Croatia Draga blog, a journey inland to the heart of Pošip, the island's most popular variety - welcome to Čara.

A nice new blog has appeared on the scene in Croatia, with a passion for wine. Part Two of the Croata Draga's tour of the vineyards of Korčula, after last week's visit to Lumbarda

"Čara (that’s “char-a”) is probably the best known of the three wine towns, perhaps owing something to the dramatic view from the road of the main vineyards, which carpet a valley between the town and the PZ Pošip co-op, pictured at top. Co-operatives were largely formed during the Communist period, when growers were required to take their fruit to the co-op aside from a little wine made at home for family. The large valley in front of the co-op is subdivided into many parcels, where some families grow various vegetables alongside their vines. There are still quite a few wine co-ops in Croatia, but in Dalmatia PZ Pošip stands out for solid-quality wines made from the white Pošip grape."

To read the full blog, visit Croatia Draga.

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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Pošip Days to be Held on Korčula

The Tourist Board of Korčula, the Čara local administration, the Tourist Board of Smokvica Municipality and 14 winemakers from Čara and Smokvica would like to invite you to visit the 8th Pošip Days in Čara and Smokvica, taking place July 28 – August 3rd this year.