Sunday, 24 July 2022

Porcijunkulovo Festival to take Place in Čakovec from 28 July to 2 August

ZAGREB, 24 July 2022 - The 58th edition of the Porcijunkulovo festival will take place in the northern city of Čakovec from 28 July to 2 August, the organisers announced at a press conference earlier this week.

The festival has evolved from a traditional Franciscan feast of Our Lady of the Angels to become the main summer attraction in this part of Croatia, featuring a diverse programme of cultural, educational, gastronomic and entertainment events.

The festival opens at 7pm on Thursday 28 July with a fireworks display.

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Storm in Northern Croatia: Varaždin, Čakovec and Koprivnica Damaged

May 28, 2022 - Last night, a major storm in northern Croatia affected the areas of Varaždin, Čakovec, and Koprivnica, tearing down trees, public lighting, and flooding streets. The inhabitants of Varaždin, informed in advance, parked their cars in underground garages.

A new storm in the north of the country, the wind in Bukovac uprooted a tree

A strong wind accompanied by heavy rain and pea-sized hail hit the north of Croatia last night after 10 pm, reports

From the field, the worst was in the area of ​​Štrigova, Ludbreg, and again Veliki Bukovac, where a strong wind knocked down a tree near the NK Bukovčan playground. The hail was small, but it was pouring heavily, and the wind was strong and took some parts off the roofs of people trying to protect their homes from the damage caused by hail the size of tennis balls on Wednesday afternoon.

Varaždin residents hid cars in underground garages

In Ludbreg, citizens report that it looked as if "heaven and earth had merged", but so far there is no information about the damage. There was also a hailstorm in Gornji Međimurje, but it is not yet known if anything was damaged.

The people of Varaždin frantically hid their cars in underground garages last night for fear of hail and new damage that many suffered on Wednesday. However, apart from heavy thunder and showers, there are no reports of damage in Varaždin, and fortunately, there was no hail.

Storm in Podravina: Felled trees and lighting, flooded underpasses

The storm hit Koprivnica and the surrounding areas. At around 11:30 pm, a stormy wind and heavy rain, which in some places turned into hail and thunder, ravaged Podravina. The stormy wind destroyed trees all over the city of Koprivnica, and the heavy rain made the road impassable, reports Glas Podravine.

The aforementioned local portal states that the wind not only destroyed the trees, but also public lighting infrastructure. Underpasses, roads, and pavements were also flooded. Emergency services quickly went to the scene and cleared the roads.

The wind broke off parts of many trees and part of the roads were temporarily rendered unusable. Firefighters are still removing fallen trees from the roads. Traffic was suspended until further notice over the Koprivnica underpass, which was also totally flooded. 

In Koprivnica, 16 liters of rain per square meter fell, and in some villages, such as Torčec, even more. Emergency services are on the ground to enable the smooth flow of traffic.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Međimurje Wins Financial Times Award Again

ZAGREB, 16 March 2022 - Međimurje County has been given the European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/23 award by one of the most reputable world economic magazines the Financial Times, its fourth such award, among 160 larger or smaller regions and more than 350 cities in the European Union.

County Prefect Matija Posavec, who received the award in Cannes on Tuesday, told a press conference on Wednesday that the award was not a coincidence and that Međimurje has been recognised as one of the most favourable areas for successfully doing business in Europe thanks to a system that connects the economy and education, among other things.

It is an award to a proud Međimurje that combines all those values of our people, who are productive and diligent, Posavec said, underscoring that over the past two years of the coronavirus pandemic, Međimurje's economy continued to grow as it has been over the past 15 years.

Posavec highlighted several examples of a good entrepreneurial environment such as the Technological-Innovation Centre, the Međiurje Energy Agency and the Čakovec Metal Hub as well as the first scientific-research centre that is owned by a county government. He announced the opening of a regional competence centre in the next month.

"Results do not come overnight, but we are always thinking two steps ahead, and today we are thinking about what will happen tomorrow, which is our wish to become a pilot project in our health system and to apply artificial intelligence here too," said Posavec.

The director of the REDEA Public Institute for the Development of Međimurje County, Sandra Polanec Marinović, said that due to COVID-19 it was necessary to adapt to new criteria.

"We also presented those sectors that have the greatest potential for post-pandemic recovery, concentrating on new rapidly-growing sectors such as eMobility, as well as presenting the IT sector and creative industries," she said, recalling the huge municipal investments in business zones.

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Monday, 10 January 2022

Čakovec High School Teachers Welcomed Students in Original Way (PHOTOS)

January 10, 2022 - On the first day of the second school semester, Čakovec high school teachers dressed up as famous movie and television characters. 

As was well established in the previous weeks and then recently confirmed by the Minister of Education, Radovan Fuchs, school classes would return today to start the second semester of school. Despite the record increase in positive cases of coronavirus, especially after the Christmas and New Year celebrations and in the midst of the omicron variant, the Ministry of Education confirmed that the classes would be given face-to-face throughout the country. Until now, they reported, they had not received any requests from any school to teach virtual classes. This exception would be given to those schools that, due to the omicron variant, had limited staff to teach classes from the classroom.

The news is good for the Ministry itself, which ensures that face-to-face classes are essential to ensure quality education and for the emotional well-being of students, something that surely sounds just as good for teachers and parents. However, we wonder, how do students feel about it?


When it comes to high school students, we imagine that after the Christmas and New Years' break, they wish they were still resting at home. The chilly temperatures in the middle of winter can be a turn-off for getting back to school. However, as eMeđimurje reports, Čakovec high school teachers have come up with a great idea to receive their students in the best way and raise their spirits to face a new school semester.

The teachers of the Josip Slavenski High School in Čakovec came up with an interesting idea and delighted everyone. In an original and funny way, they wished the students a happy return to school after the winter holidays. Teachers from the Čakovec Gymnasium decided to cosplay some of the most famous characters in film and TV series.


''ET still wants to go home, the blonde from Harvard breaks stereotypes, Peaky Blinders spread fear and trepidation... No, don't be afraid, you're not stuck on a holiday binge! Your teachers, disguised as heroes from famous films and series, are waiting for your return. They want to show you that, despite all the challenges they pose to you, they are just people, cheerful, and well-intentioned. Welcome back to school in 2022 and we wish it will be a great year for everyone!'', reads the message for their students.

See below for more of the costumes and characterizations made by Čakovec high school teachers from the Josip Slavenski gymnasium:










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Saturday, 6 November 2021

County Prefect Candidate: All Governments Have Pushed Roma Issue Under the Rug

ZAGREB, 6 Nov 2021 - Darko Zver, the candidate of the Fokus party for the Međimurje County prefect in a snap election, told a news conference in Čakovec that all the Croatian governments "have pushed the issue of ethnic Roma in Međimurje under the rug."

One of the planks of Zver's agenda is to address the problems facing a sizeable Roma community in that part of Croatia.

Zver also criticized parliamentary deputy Veljko Kajtazi, who represents ethnic Roma in the national legislature, over his statements on the topics concerning local Roma members.

If elected, Zver promised "drastic changes" in social welfare benefits, education training, and employment.

He said that the county authorities must financially support training and retraining for the most sought-after occupations.

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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Pilot Project Introducing Roma Mentors Launched in Čakovec

ZAGREB, 5 Oct, 2021 - In an effort to increase employment of the Roma community in Međimurje, the Justice and Public Administration Ministry has launched a pilot project for Roma mentors, which was presented in Čakovec on Tuesday.

The pilot project is being implemented within a project to improve the protection of human rights and public security through strengthening capacities in probation services. The project is valued at €2.1 million and it is being financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Part of the funds is earmarked for the employment of six Roma from Međimurje County for a period of 19 months as Roma mentors.

 After attending training, which will be conducted by Czech experts with experience in similar projects, the Roma mentors will provide support to probation offices, the police, employment service, public health institute, state inspectorate and other social welfare and educational institutions.

State-secretary in the Ministry, Josip Salapić, underscored that the project is aimed at totally including the Roma minority in society.

This is the first project of this kind in Croatia, the head of the prison system and probation administration, Jana Špero said.

An advisor in the Interior Ministry, Vladimir Faber, said that a lot is expected from this project.

"It will enable two-way communication between institutions and Roma communities and between institutions themselves," Faber said, adding that the biggest problem in Roma communities is poverty, social exclusion, poor education, crime among minors, which can be changed with mutual communication.

President of the Kali Sara Roma alliance in Croatia,  Suzana Krčmar, underscored that the Roma will always offer their hand and be open to everyone, especially those who are their friends.

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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Holocaust Memorials Put Up in Čakovec, Prelog

ZAGREB, 2 Sept 2021 - Memorials honoring Holocaust victims were put up in the northern Croatian towns of Čakovec and Prelog on Wednesday, with Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor expressing hope that the memorials, called Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks), would prompt young people to ask themselves who those victims were. 

The Stolpersteine placed in the pavement in six locations in Čakovec and two in Prelog commemorate 28 members of the Jewish community and the event was organized by the Jewish community of Čakovec, Čakovec town authorities, the town authorities of Prelog and Međimurje County.

This is an exceptional idea that pays tribute to all families and innocent victims of the Holocaust, Ambassador Mor said, adding that the memory of the victims continued to live in the cities where their names were inscribed in public areas.

The head of the Jewish community in Čakovec, Andrej Pal, said that "certain historical facts falling into oblivion or even being denied contributes to the disappearance of the community that lived and worked in this area and helped develop it."

Pal noted that before World War II 1,200 Jews lived in Međimurje, of whom 700 were killed or went missing during the war.

Međimurje County head Matija Posavec said that with Holocaust remembrance Međimurje was being promoted as a tolerant, open and humane region.

"We have organized The Week of Jewish Culture, the local museum has organized numerous exhibitions, Eva Panich Nahir is an honorary citizen of Čakovec, and the State Archive has restored the Jewish register of births, marriages, and deaths, simply because Jews have left an important mark on Međimurje's economy, culture and overall development," said Posavec.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Three Continental Croatian Cities Cooperate in Name of EU Funding

August the 25th, 2021 - Numerous continental Croatian cities are hoping to get their hands on European Union (EU) Funds. Koprivnica, Cakovec and Varazdin are all on the hunt for EU cash injections following their recent decision on cooperation.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Ana Blaskovic writes, this year's Spancirfest not only turned the historic core of Varazdin into a festival stage once again, but also opened the door to cooperation between three continental Croatian cities: Varazdin, Koprivnica and Cakovec, all of which agreed on a joint application for individual European Union projects.

"We've agreed on the models of our future joint cooperation in applying for some EU projects and funds, where each of us is too small to be able to apply on our own,'' said Varazdin Mayor Neven Bosilj, who hosted Cakovec Mayor Ljerka Cividini and their colleague Misel Jaksic from Koprivnica on Monday.

According to Bosilj, these three continental Croatian cities are among the top six in the entire country in terms of employment and are the (probably rather unexpected) drivers of economic activities.

At the same time, these three continental Croatian host the largest traditional events in the country, such as the aforementioned Spancirfest which is held annually in beautiful Varazdin, whose edition this year has been being visited by about 20,000 people a day, Porcijunkulov in Cakovec, and the Koprivnica Renaissance Festival, all of which attract crowds year after year.

"Tourism doesn't solely exist down by the coast. These are the three most important tourist events not only in this part of the country, but in the whole of continental Croatia,'' said Bosilj.

Cividini stressed that they must not miss out on grabbing the opportunity for cooperation on projects that are opening up through the ITU mechanism and other European Union funds.

"Cooperation will take place through the economy, tourism, cultural development. Today, we've shown that we have the will and that we want to do this, and there are a lot of projects," she said.

"I think this is a good trigger for our agricultural production, traditional crafts, cultural development and everything that makes life what it is up here in the north," Jaksic said.

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Thursday, 20 May 2021

BREAKING FREE NEWS: Incredible Freddie Mercury Tribute by Čakovec Students

May 20, 2021 – Brilliant Queen and Freddie Mercury Tribute by Čakovec students boldly challenges prejudice, oppression and expectations.

When people think of Čakovec in northern Croatia, usually they're not thinking of a shockingly, progressive place. But, perhaps that's just why high school students of Josip Slavenski Gymnasium decided on this move. Certainly, the graduation photo of the school's 4 E class boldly counters all expectations.

Instead of the usual fun, frivolity and throwing of hats, the students decided for their end-of-term picture to challenge, provoke and confound everyone. The result is absolutely fantastic, 'breaking free' of all conformity.

In the Freddie Mercury tribute photo, the Čakovec students are all dressed as the iconic Queen frontman, as seen in the video to the band's unforgettable 'I Want To Break Free' single. In 1984, when the song was originally released, it caused quite the controversy.

Queen and Freddie Mercury 'I Want to Break Free'

In Europe, the release was well-received, the video adored and the song went to the top of the charts. But, in the USA, it was a different story.

Queen had not considerably troubled the charts in America since their breakthrough 1970s single 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. But, in 1984, the band released in the U.S. the American version of their multi-platinum 'Greatest Hits' album. A hit! Then, they followed it with a new single, 'Radio Gaga'. Again, a hit! After over a decade of releasing music, Queen were finally on the brink of breaking the most lucrative music market in the world.

So, what did they do? For their next song, 'I Want To Break Free', the band decided to appear entirely 'in drag', as women, in the video. Although transvestitism is completely unrelated to homosexuality, perhaps the least intelligent members of society presumed this to be the idea of the band's singer, Freddie Mercury, who was gay. Not so. The idea for the video actually came from Queen drummer Roger Taylor.

American music television simply didn't understand the video. They refused to screen it. When they did, American audiences were either mystified or horrified. Well, this is a country that once elected Donald Trump for president. The response to this brilliant Freddie Mercury Tribute photo from the students of Čakovec might be comparable, in the least progressive sections of society. You know, the places where people still point to the sky when a plane passes. Or where the music of Queen is considered 'new'. As, perhaps, is electricity.

4 E Josip Slavenski Gymnasium, Čakovec, Freddie Mercury tribute

And yet, with this outrageous Freddie Mercury Tribute, these Čakovec students have proved themselves to be the best of the future generation. Bold, confrontational, committed and outright funny. In the Freddie Mercury tribute, they stand in front of the banner for the Festival of Alternative Čakovec. It's a deliberately inclusive event, intended to draw all sections of society. Anyone challenging their sense of fun must simply be regarded as the most miserable, moany and backward of all among us.

Just as the band Queen confounded some with their 1984 release, so too today will these Čakovec students with their Freddie Mercury Tribute. Luckily, there are many more young progressive people in Čakovec and Croatia - and Queen fans - than there are miserable, moany voices. Bravo class 4 E Josip Slavenski Gymnasium, Čakovec!

Monday, 19 October 2020

Vuplast: Cakovec-made Biohazard Bags Help Croatian and EU Hospitals

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes on the 19th of October, 2020, For more than 40 years, Vuplast has been producing and processing plastics, and during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, their degradable "biohazard" bag has been popular. It is made of 100% recyclable material, which decomposes when washed, without negative effects on the washing machine, and is used by hospitals, kindergartens and homes for the elderly.

“It feels wonderful when you're an entrepreneur and get one such recognition. We hope that they will recognise our positive business strategy ", said Ivan Marcius, head of business logistics at Vuplast.

Degradable and not harmful to the environment

"So far, we 've used more than 50 tonnes of recycled plastic that stood as waste and used it to fight the spread of the pandemic. By combining recycled PE-LD material and water-soluble PVA material, we've devised a way that damp clothing, bedding and textiles in general can be placed in such a bag, and it's safe to close it, too. We sell a set/box containing 100 yellow bags with a press for washing contaminated clothes, two red bags with a press for disposing of the rest of the yellow bags after the washing process because it can be used for further recycling, 102 laces for closing yellow and red bags, the confirmation of the disinfection of the product and the packaging process and instructions for use. They're strong and provide excellent insulation and are much more resistant to mechanical and chemical damage compared to 100% soluble washable bags. They can withstand up to 10 kilograms of textiles with proper handling, while for comparison, about 100 kilograms can be placed in 100% soluble PVA bags,'' explained Vuplast's Marcius. The project, which they themselves coordinated and led, employed 35 people during the largest orders.

Vuplast is also engaged in research in collaboration with their partner institutes and laboratories where they want to scientifically prove that 100% soluble PVA bags are more harmful to the environment. “When hospitals use our bags, we can recycle them after washing. When using a 100% soluble PVA washing bag, melt the complete bag and drain the material into the drain. We're the only manufacturer of such products and everyone feels safe when they use our bags. This was recognised by European hospitals and laundries that turned to our bags. We worked day and night to deliver our products to everyone,'' pointed out Marcius.

Their clients here in Croatia are mainly food companies, the pharmaceutical industry, utilities and hospitals. He says that he will earn more than last year, and this year they didn't ask for incentives and support for preserving jobs. The company also distributes toilet paper, sheets, kitchen towels, napkins and soaps, as well as producing PVC wrappers, folders, binders and liners. It currently has four employees, and new job positions are planned.

''It’s important that we have work to do''

Vuplast has customers all over the EU, and they recently exported bags for washing contaminated clothes to Switzerland. Them being chosen as the best entrepreneurial story will help them, the host added, to further market this product. They will apply for the Increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in manufacturing industries project in order to reconstruct their existing storage and production facilities and invest in the construction of a solar power plant that would be sufficient for their production.

''We'll also build new production facilities where we'll have the highest hygiene standards so that we can make further progress in packaging and production for large pharmaceutical companies. We're also planning a small logistics distribution centre for our products. It's important that we have a job and that our workers are satisfied,'' concluded Vuplast's Ivan Marcius.

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