Friday, 27 August 2021

Cafes to be Allowed to Reopen Their Indoor Sections as of 1 September

ZAGREB, 27 Aug 2021 - Cafes will be allowed to reopen their indoor sections as of 1 September, on the condition they comply with epidemiological restrictions to be defined by the public health institute, the head of the national COVID-19 response team, Davor Božinović, said on Friday.

Answering questions at a news conference, he said that cafes would continue to work until midnight, but that not all details regarding the reopening of their indoor sections or discos had been defined.

Božinović noted that in all talks held so far, cafe owners had presented firm guarantees that their guests and employees would comply with epidemiological restrictions.

One such meeting was held on Friday.

Božinović told reporters that cafes' indoor areas had been closed, among other things, also due to the large number of tourists and people working on supervising compliance with epidemiological restrictions but that the end of the season, the vaccination rate and other parameters had made it possible to allow cafes to reopen their indoor sections.

Božinović said those parameters as well as the organisation of work in the autumn were discussed at today's meeting with representatives of the national association of restaurant and cafe owners.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Jutarnji List: Croatian Cafes Open on Monday 15 February (and Gyms too)?

February 2, 2021 – The wait is over! In less than two weeks, Croatian cafes and gyms will open, if infection numbers continue on their current downward trajectory

With the spring season just around the corner, people will soon be able to once again enjoy coffee on the sun-filled daytime terraces of Croatian cafes. If Coronavirus infection numbers continue on their current downward trajectory, Croatian cafes and gyms will open on Monday 15 February. All businesses will still have to operate under strict epidemiological measures.


Deputy Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff, Davor Božinović, spoke about the forthcoming concessions on Croatian cafes and gyms, but a fuller picture of how the concessions will actually look was discovered unofficially by Croatian daily Jutarnji List. It was published in the evening of Monday 1st February 2021. The good news soon travelled across Croatia. It will come as a great relief to many independent business owners who have not been allowed to operate.

Business owners have been increasingly on edge over recent weeks, with protest openings of Croatian cafes and gyms threatened to take place in defiance of the current ban on operations (indeed, some did). Owners of Croatian cafes were particularly irked by the seeming inconsistencies in current measures – fast food outlets, gas service stations and bakeries were all permitted to sell coffee to go. People took advantage of this and thereafter congregated on the streets outside such businesses to enjoy their drinks. But, Croatian cafes were still not permitted to service people wishing to drink on outside terraces in almost exactly the same manner.


Monday 15 February has long been announced as the next review date for the imposed Coronavirus measures. But, until now, nobody was certain in which way – if any – measures would be relaxed.

Under unofficial plans, from Monday 15 February Croatian cafes will be able to serve coffee and drinks to be consumed on outside terraces, with strict epidemiological guidelines in place.

Croatian cafes and gyms opening on 15 February will be conditional on a continued downturn in infection numbers and the absence of new Coronavirus strains appearing in Croatia

The re-opening of Croatian cafes and gyms is wholly dependent not only on the continuing downturn in numbers of infected but also on the condition that new strains of Coronavirus - specifically those first detected in the UK and South Africa - do not appear in Croatia between now and then.

"If the indicators are good, if the numbers go down, we will certainly not be reluctant to react,” Deputy Prime Minister Davor Božinović said, regarding the 15 February review, “our aim to strike a balance between everything - with an emphasis on health care - has brought us to a position where Croatia has the least stringent measures in the EU."

Coronavirus infection numbers in some other European territories remain at an alarmingly high rate, although a corresponding relaxation in measures for some regions of Italy was similarly announced over recent days. This is the second time since the start of the pandemic that stricter measures imposed by the Croatian government – and a widespread public observance of these measures and other guidelines - have successfully produced the intended results.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Coronavirus: Croatia's Residents Can Hardly Wait for Cafes to Reopen

As Novac writes on the 9th of May, 2020, the coronavirus-induced state of affairs in the country has brought many changes with it, but Croatia's undying love for a certain warm, caffeinated drink hasn't changed. The fact that Croatia's residents can hardly wait to get out and drink coffee on the terraces of their favourite cafes with their loved ones again has been confirmed by the latest research by the Hendal agency and the Croatian company Franck, which was conducted in May.

The coronavirus epidemic has negatively affected a significant number of Croatia's residents (87 percent), mostly the inhabitants of Dalmatia, in their emotional lives as well as in a practical sense, since the epidemic broke out, most stated that they had felt dissatisfaction (53 percent), anger (29 percent) and sadness (29 percent) due to the new situation. Interestingly, as many as 34 percent of citizens, primarily men, stated that the coronavirus epidemic and the restrictions that came with it caused them to experience boredom in their daily lives, while 28 percent felt lonely but also sad, and in the latter, women in particular stand out. On the other hand, about a third of citizens (34 percent) tried to maintain a positive attitude and hoped that life would return back to normal soon.

As they pointed out, they miss spending time with people that mean the most to them more than anything (78 percent), taking trips and travelling (48 percent) and drinking coffee in cafes (44 percent).

The fact that Croatia's residents are chomping at the bit and looking forward to the reopening of cafes and terraces is shown by the fact that 47 percent of them will visit a cafe in the first week of them reopening to drink their favourite coffee, while a third (32 percent) say they will continue to wait until the situation stabilises even more.

The drink that the majority of people (71 percent) will order first will be coffee, and 57 percent of them would like to drink it with friends and with a partner (32 percent), of course with strict adherence to the anti-coronavirus measures which are still in place and the instructions of the National Civil Protection Headquarters. Residents of all regions of Croatia, and especially residents of Dalmatia, are looking forward to drinking coffee in cafes again.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic didn't really have a significant impact on the habits of 63 percent of Croatian residents when it comes to coffee drinking rituals, as evidenced by the fact that 66 percent of people, who usually have the habit of visiting cafes, will continue this habit in the exact same way they did before the epidemic. During the restrictions, for 47 percent of coffee lovers, only the location in which they drank their coffee changed.

"This situation has taught us a lot, and the most important thing is to be near to each other. Recent research shows that coffee is drunk on almost all occasions, and it's up to us to make that possible, of course with all precautions taken into consideration. We're working every day to alleviate what these new circumstances bring for our customers and consumers, so, we've provided coffee outside at additional locations, and now that the catering and hospitality industry is re-starting, we have all the capacities to support that ready,'' said Franck.

Earlier on, Handel's research, which was also conducted in collaboration with Franck in October last year, showed that Croatia is indeed a country of coffee drinkers and "let's go for a coffee" is still by far the most common (87.5 percent) invitation for socialisation among Croats.

The most popular types of coffee are ground (Turkish) coffee and espresso in a cafe that is drunk by almost 70 percent of respondents, and when coffee is mentioned, 28 percent of citizens cite the morning, 16 percent cite upon waking up, 15 percent cite the smell, while 14 percent mention Franck.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Romantic Cafés in Split

Split’s old city walls exudes so much romance so we have picked out a few cafes where you can take your partner for a quiet moment in the spirit of love. 

Caffe Galerija

(Dominisova 9)

This cute café down a skew passageway in the palace has such a homely ambiance with deep flower-upholstered sofas and busy bookshelves; perhaps slightly inspired by English countryside interiors. The small space has intimate corners, perfect for an afternoon reading session or a private conversation with your love. Although it’s housed right next to a myriad of bustling café bars, Galerija is tucked away enough to keep out all the noise from its more.

Caffe Teak

(Majstora Jurja 11)

Oozing with history and charm, this teak-toned café sits against the original wall of Diocletian's Palace. This cosy café is divided into three parts and reveals many romantic corners…for ultimate privacy; there are hidden treasures below in a Roman basement dug into the wall where you can sneak in a kiss or more

Kavana Luxor

(Kraj Sv. Ivana 11)

Luxor on Peristil might be the most popular café for tourist but it doesn’t make it any less original or romantic. Luxor offers romance all year round; in summer, grab a seat on the ancient steps of the Emperor’s square and listen to acoustic tunes under the stars, or in wintertime, tuck yourself into a love seat in the back room at the very left. Glaze at the ceiling mural and listen to the pianist play his winter more about their music nights here.


Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox

(Poljana Tina Ujevica 2)

It may be a cliché but going on a wine and cheese date is definitely one of the most romantic suggestions to come up with and Paradox will serve the best of both. The warm interiors and stone exposed walls provide just the right scene for a romantic play. Grab a spot by the window and glaze at life passing by outside... Read more


Twins Café

(The first café on Riva from the Eastern end)

A spot at a bustling Riva café might not be your idea of romance but you might not know that Twins café has a balcony on the first floor with space for only two. This romantic belvedere provides the perfect spot for privacy as you watch the Adriatic horizon and busy life on Riva. If you want to sweeten your date even more, grab a French brioche in the bakery more


Žbirac Café

(Bačvice Beach)

This no-frill beach café on the sandy Bačvice beach provides a perfect vantage point to leaping Picigin players in the popular sandy bay. Absorb the sunshine with your love on the lower deck in a corner tucked away from the buzz. This cafe is really a local beach lions. Flip flops, legs up, and a coffee in hand defines the laid back vibe in Žbirac... all as you look over the sandy beach below with Picigin games animating the scene. Best is sunset, when the sky turns pink and the beach crowd starts going home.


Figa Food Bar

(Buvinina 1)

During the day, Figa’s steps are perfect for a daytime conversation with your love. Enjoy a cocktail and vegetable focaccia on the ancient steps in this charming narrow alleyway as you people watch or glaze into your lover’s eyes... read more