Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Jutarnji List: Croatian Cafes Open on Monday 15 February (and Gyms too)?

February 2, 2021 – The wait is over! In less than two weeks, Croatian cafes and gyms will open, if infection numbers continue on their current downward trajectory

With the spring season just around the corner, people will soon be able to once again enjoy coffee on the sun-filled daytime terraces of Croatian cafes. If Coronavirus infection numbers continue on their current downward trajectory, Croatian cafes and gyms will open on Monday 15 February. All businesses will still have to operate under strict epidemiological measures.


Deputy Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff, Davor Božinović, spoke about the forthcoming concessions on Croatian cafes and gyms, but a fuller picture of how the concessions will actually look was discovered unofficially by Croatian daily Jutarnji List. It was published in the evening of Monday 1st February 2021. The good news soon travelled across Croatia. It will come as a great relief to many independent business owners who have not been allowed to operate.

Business owners have been increasingly on edge over recent weeks, with protest openings of Croatian cafes and gyms threatened to take place in defiance of the current ban on operations (indeed, some did). Owners of Croatian cafes were particularly irked by the seeming inconsistencies in current measures – fast food outlets, gas service stations and bakeries were all permitted to sell coffee to go. People took advantage of this and thereafter congregated on the streets outside such businesses to enjoy their drinks. But, Croatian cafes were still not permitted to service people wishing to drink on outside terraces in almost exactly the same manner.


Monday 15 February has long been announced as the next review date for the imposed Coronavirus measures. But, until now, nobody was certain in which way – if any – measures would be relaxed.

Under unofficial plans, from Monday 15 February Croatian cafes will be able to serve coffee and drinks to be consumed on outside terraces, with strict epidemiological guidelines in place.

Croatian cafes and gyms opening on 15 February will be conditional on a continued downturn in infection numbers and the absence of new Coronavirus strains appearing in Croatia

The re-opening of Croatian cafes and gyms is wholly dependent not only on the continuing downturn in numbers of infected but also on the condition that new strains of Coronavirus - specifically those first detected in the UK and South Africa - do not appear in Croatia between now and then.

"If the indicators are good, if the numbers go down, we will certainly not be reluctant to react,” Deputy Prime Minister Davor Božinović said, regarding the 15 February review, “our aim to strike a balance between everything - with an emphasis on health care - has brought us to a position where Croatia has the least stringent measures in the EU."

Coronavirus infection numbers in some other European territories remain at an alarmingly high rate, although a corresponding relaxation in measures for some regions of Italy was similarly announced over recent days. This is the second time since the start of the pandemic that stricter measures imposed by the Croatian government – and a widespread public observance of these measures and other guidelines - have successfully produced the intended results.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Summer Gathering at Verde Brunch & Cafe in Zagreb

The latest oasis in Zagreb’s cozy corner on Martićeva 63 is Italian style VERDE brunch & coffee bar. VERDE has prepared a series of artistic and educational entertainment, as well as culinary facilities for this upcoming weekend.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

TWINS: The First Cafe on Riva with a Tranquil Private Balcony

Riva is the meeting hotspot in Split and on a sunny day, lines of people wait to catch a seat for a coffee with sea vistas. Although the Riva vibe is special and lively, sometimes I just want to take in the moment in peace so I can be thankful for where I live as I get to observe local life passing by.

I was so glad to discover a private cafe balcony on Riva where there is only space for two, a perfect hideout in the city providing just that serene spot I'd been searching for. The very first cafe as you step onto Riva as you exit Diocletian's basement is TWINS and above its bustling terrace seating is a miniscule balcony which the cafe caters to. I often retreat to this spot as I am still in the heart of the city action, yet away from the city stress; a perfect vantage point for some blogging extravaganza.

The best thing about it is also its proximity to my favorite, Le Maison de Sarah just below, a haven for French bakery goodies. On a blogging-crazy morning, I'll pick up a brioche and venture on to my little balcony office to type away and when a meeting is scheduled, I'll ascend the stairs to the conference room, the cafe seating on Riva.

Other than affordable coffees and a great hideout, TWINS knock out reputable cocktails, gathering quite the hip crowds after sunset.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Crème de la Crème: Cakes à la Française in Split

Ilićev prolaz 1; www.cremedelacreme.hr

A French inspired cake shop and café in a passageway by Marmontova shopping street.

Beautifully fitted with white and pastel tones you feel you stepped right into the renowned Ladurée on Champs-Elysées, Paris; especially with the compulsory colourful double-decker macarons taking its spot in the window display.

Crème de la Crème offers chocolate galore with also sorts of cake combos featuring this irresistible ingredient, as well as an awesome little cupcake selection and their famed New York style cheesecake. For morning visitors, a warm croissant and fresh orange juice is available to energize your day. Crème de la Crème is another spot in town brewing the prestigious Illy coffee brand.

If you want to indulge in your sweet procurement outdoors, they service an area in the courtyard at the end of the passage, but its wisest to notify your presence at the counter before taking your seat to avoid being forgotten.

Monday, 20 May 2013

No Stress Café and Bistro: Try Boškarin, a Supreme Istrian Delicacy

(Iza lože 9) 

Located right next to the 15th century City Hall on the famous Pjaca (Narodni Trg), the urban chique décor of this al fresco café and bistro definitely draws curiosity and as you flick through menu crafted by Croatian masterchef Željko Bremec, you are definitely tempted to have a seat.

Željko Bremec is from Istria, known for its culinary richness, but moved to Split with his family to work in some of the best restaurants in the city. He has now entered the kitchen at No Stress and given the menu an overhaul. The Mediterranean menu has true bistro flair with dishes found nowhere else in the city. For a light lunch, there is a delicious selection of creative sandwiches, handmade pastas, and explosive salads. For a fish fiesta, try the herb-crusted fish fillet or why not one submerged in Champagne sauce? For lighter fare, nibble on the Stress Tapas…or perhaps the No Stress Tapas is more your thing.

Boškarin Istrian Ox

What No Stress has become famous for is their Boškarin and being one of (if not the only) to serve it in Split. Boškarin is the name for an ox with enormous horns that is indigenous to the Istrian peninsula. Boškarin is an Istrian delicacy and is an important ingredient in Istrian gastronomy and in fear of the species’ extinction, breeding programs exist for the protection of the Boškarin. In order to serve Boškarin on your menu, you need to be certified and educated in the proper preparation of this supreme delicacy from cutting, thermal treatment, spicing, ageing and the likes. Additionally, a restaurant must be a contributing member to the Agency for Rural Development of Istria (AZRRI)

On the No Stress menu you will find both Boškarin steaks and carpaccio. For creative cuisine and an urban atmosphere, sit on Pjaca and let life pass by as you take in the flavors of the region. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

No Stress Cafe and Bistro: Going Urban Chique on Pjaca

Located right next to the 15th century City Hall on the famous Pjaca (Narodni Trg), the urban chique décor of this al fresco café and bistro definitely draws curiosity; it positively drew mine… three times in one! This is a popular coffee spot for the city's elite and intellectuals for a morning chat as they observe who is striding across Pjaca in the latest fashion but as the sun starts to get, hip youth swarm to this joint to be seen on this popular square.

When the weather warms, an Istrian super-chef conquers the kitchen as he stirs up a selection of contemporary Croatian dishes crafted with premium ingredients. During one of my late summer nights, the chef started me off with a trio of seafood tartar; sea bream on bob beans, wasabi tuna on diced tomatoes, and shrimp on truffle cream cheese.

Moving on, I opted for the flavorsome beef fillet steak with aromatized potatoes, creamy truffle sauce and saffron.

With a constantly rotating dessert menu, I was served with a favorite creation of mascarpone cantuccini scoops with a wild berry sauce.

No Stress is also known to serve simple breakfasts during the season.

Sit back and don’t stress as you flavor local specialties at another dimension. This al fresco venue provides you with front row seats to Laganini, a Dalmatian expression defining their slow and laid back attitude to life.

Address: Iza lože 9, 21000 Split, Croatia


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lvxor Kavana: The Oldest Café in Split?

Grab a pillow from the pile and choose your spot on the Peristil steps, whether it be a midday chat with a friend, people watching, live music under the stars or a Sunday salsa show, Lvxor Kavana gives you the resource to absorb the city vibe.

Lvxor Kavana is located smack bang in the center of the palace action, on the Peristil Square adjacent to the Cathedral of St. Domnium (Sv. Duje). The name Lvxor (pronounced Luxor) refers to the Egyptian city where Diocletian brought the nearby sphinx and columns and the sign above the café door is clearly old. The interior of the café is magnificent and it is a tourist attraction in its own right; the medieval loggia, the marble circle on the floor, which is the base of the Temple of Venus, the exposed walls, and ceiling murals is a reminder of the many architectural histories this palace has passed.


The warm interiors of Lvxor offer a comfortable escape from the bura winds in the winter months where you can lean back and sip your tea and flavour some spectacular cakes amongst which the white chocolate cheese cake is a favourite. The upperfloor has a smoking and cigar room. During the summer months, Lvxor Kavana has live music playing on Peristil almost every evening from 20:00 and on Sundays the city’s salsa enthusiasts gather here to dance, encouraging beginners and tourists to join in on the fun.

Rumours have it that Lvxor Kavana is the oldest café in Split. Do you know?

Kraj Sv. Ivana 11

21 000 Split


 T: +385 (0) 21 341 082

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Bajamonti Restaurant & Café: Elegance on Prokurative

Bajamonti is named after the legendary mayor of Split who implemented the construction of the neo-Renaissance Prokurative where the restaurant sits today. Other than a picturesque sea view from the terrace, Bajamonti spans across two levels with dining in the gallery where you can observe the café life below. The 1920’s style elegant interiors pay tribute to cinema with subtle details such as classic movie posters; quite suitable as this location, just three years ago, housed the Marjan cinema.

The Bajamonti Café is a bustling hotspot for the city’s aristocrats as they sip their Lavazza coffee and flavour the cake selection of the day, and at times, a pianist plays soothing tunes in the background. The restaurant above has a seasonal menu with classical and international fare prepared with a contemporary twist. Bajamonti’s risotto selection are an isolated reason to pay a visit; the signature beef fillet risotto with balsamic vinegar, honey, Plavac Mali wine, and Mediterranean herbs is a treat for the senses.

Recently, Bajamonti has turned their focus on seafood and promise the freshest catch prepared with contemporary flair.

They also have a juicy steak menu with a selection of side dishes and sauces, home-made pastas, and the absolutely fabulous dessert assortment which is one of the most sumptuous in town. Even if you didn’t come for a meal, you can allow yourself to drool over a portion of figs cooked in prošek with a cinnamon mascarpone cream.


The wine list is concise with great representations of Dalmatia and Croatia available by the bottle and by the glass.

Trg Republike 1 (Prokurative Square)

21000 Split, Croatia

+385(0)21 341 033