Sunday, 25 October 2020

VIDEO: Instagram Monkey Hangs From Croatia's Highest Building

October 25, 2020 - Teenage British daredevil Adam Lockwood is the first Instagram monkey to have been filmed hanging by one hand from the 340-metre-high chimney of the thermal power plant in Plomin, Istria - the tallest building in Croatia

In the latest installment of his social media posts, teenage British Instagram monkey Adam Lockwood has posted a short video of a recent visit to Croatia. Posted to his 'thelittlenuisance' Instagram page on Friday, the video shows Adam hanging by one hand from the top of the 340-metre chimney of the thermal power plant in Plomin, Istria. The chimney is the highest structure in Croatia.

In the text which accompanies the video posting, Lockwood thanks a Croatian peer for inviting him to the country in order to tackle the climb. He also thanks the Croatian accomplice for the video footage, implying that Lockwood was accompanied on his illegal entry to the site – and filmed – by a local.

The chimney and plant are under the authority of the national Croatian electricity company HEP. Both HEP and the Croatian police are investigating how the pair gained access to the site in order to make the heart-stopping climb.

This is not the first illegal ascent Lockwood has made. This Instagram monkey has over 34, 000 followers on that particular platform and has posted pictures of himself atop buildings in Malta, Madrid, Barcelona, Edinburgh and in Italy. In previous videos he has half0heartedly used the excuse of not being able to understand 'warning' and 'no entry' signs that he comes across because he does not understand the language they are written in. If accompanied this time by a local, this is an excuse he cannot use for his climb in Istria.

Instagram monkey Lockwood said that he and his accomplice illegally entered the property of the thermal power plant at 2am to avoid the workers. The actual ascent of the chimney took two hours. The pair are said to have climbed down again the following night, having spent 21 hours within the compound. Lockwood has a further 8000 subscribers to his Youtube channel which has several videos of similar ascents he has previously made.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Brexit Brits in Croatia: Outreach Meetings Scheduled in Dubrovnik and Split

As the majority of you will know, I've been writing articles to try to keep you up to date with Brexit and the unfolding situation over in the United Kingdom.

Numerous articles have been written to update, inform and attempt to answer your questions on what Brexit with or without a deal means for you as a British citizen with legal residence in Croatia. 

The first article, which can be read here, covers what would happen if Theresa May's deal (withdrawal agreement) is adopted by British Parliament.

The others cover the situation as it unfolded. As individual EU member states came forward with their proposals for UK citizens following the UK promising to protect EU citizens in any scenario (be it deal or no deal), and after a request for a ''generous and pragmatic'' offer from the EU, Croatia finally shed some light on the situation here, citing special measures.

With little else to go on, we wrote an article on the steps British residents in Croatia affected by Brexit can take to ensure they're secure. You can read that here.

Eventually, MUP spoke out and offered guidelines in the event of any Brexit scenario, this echoed much of what we had already written. It can be read here and also contains our advice written in italic font. Here is the original on their website.

For a breakdown of the legal jargon which surrounds this issue and what it all means in the real world, click here.

Given the fact that very little help is being offered to Brits living in the rest of the EU in general, a generous sum was allocated to help out those who are struggling with residence applications and registrations forms.

As Theresa May stepped down after her withdrawal agreement was rejected three times by parliament, Boris Johnson entered Number 10 and prorogued parliament. Until MPs managed to pass a law making no deal illegal, the threat of a no deal Brexit became very real once again. That is now unlikely again, and a further extension is expected, but just in case it happens, click here for all you need to know.

Please note that there is no need to panic as long as you are a British citizen correctly registered and with a valid residence permit of either type (privremeni boravak/temporary residence or stalni boravak/permanent residence). If you hold permanent residence already, there is nothing for you to be concerned about.

I keep seeing very concerning comments from various individuals about people being ''kicked out'' of countries, this simply is not true. Croatia has made it quite clear that it will protect its legal British residents regardless of the outcome of Brexit, through transitional arrangements that will have no end date. This will allow you to continue your life in Croatia exactly as you did before.

If there is a no deal Brexit, all you will need to do is exchange your residence card for another one, but its validity and type will remain exactly the same. If you hold permanent residence, it will still be permanent residence. Much more detail on that is provided here.

If you are a British citizen living in Croatia and you have not yet registered your residence, please do so as soon as possible in order to have your rights protected.

We'd like to announce that the British Embassy Zagreb will be holding an outreach meeting for British citizens living in Split on October the 12th, 2019, and then again in Dubrovnik on October the 14th, 2019.

The locations and times will not be shared publicly, but will be provided to all those British citizens living in Croatia who register that they'll be attending either the Split or the Dubrovnik outreach meetings by contacting the email address provided below.

You need to register that you'll be attending by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You'll then be provided with the exact times and locations of the meetings. Please specify which one you'll be attending, and remember to bring your British passport along with you as a means of identification and as proof of your British citizenship.

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Friday, 30 August 2019

Brexit: £3 Million Grant to Help UK Nationals With EU Residence Forms

August the 30th, 2019 - The Brexit process is still ongoing, and with backlash directed towards British PM Boris Johnson as he decides to prorogue parliament, after saying he isn't inclined to do such a thing just several weeks before, the political situation in the UK is far from improving.

Many are calling the prime minister's actions unconstitutional, and firmly believe that trying to force through a no deal exit by shutting down parliament in a parliamentary democracy is undemocratic. As British MPs scramble to pass legislation to force the PM's hand to stop a no deal exit, let's look at any updates there might be for British citizens living in the rest of the European Union, with a focus of course on Croatia.

As the Brexit process has dragged on, I've written several articles about what Brexit, be it with or without a deal, means for Croatia's resident Brits. Let's look at what we know so far, with links provided.

The article on what Brexit with Theresa May's now likely dead deal (withdrawal agreement) means if this affects you can be read here.

The article on what Brexit means if this affects you in layman's terms can be found here.

The article on how to prepare for all possible Brexit scenarios can be found here.

The article on the amendments to Croatian law to allow the continuation of residence rights for British nationals after Brexit (in the case of a no deal) can be found here.

TCN had a meeting with the British ambassador and we agreed to be a source of updates for British nationals in Croatia, you can read that here.

MUP issued some guidelines after we did, and our article explaining them and providing advice can be found here. MUP's original post on their website can be found here.

Please note that given the fact that Brexit day has been delayed multiple times (and could be again), the dates mentioned in these articles are indeed now false, so please ignore them, however, the information in them remains accurate.

Here's our latest article on what a no deal Brexit means for Croatia's resident Brits. It details how you can secure your residence, and how Croatia will protect your residence rights through transitional measures with no end date, providing that you have correctly registered your residence. If you haven't done so yet, make sure to do it before October the 31st, 2019.

Little help has been given to British nationals living in the EU, many of whom were not allowed to even vote in the referendum in 2016. The UK has unilaterally promised to guarantee the residence rights of EU nationals in the UK, through the Settlement Scheme. The EU's instruction to member states was to be ''generous and pragmatic'' in giving residence rights to British nationals in their countries. Croatia has done so, and the link I provided above will explain what that means and what you need to do in detail.

As the BBC reports on the 30th of August, 2019, British nationals in the EU are finally getting a Brexit shaped bone thrown to them by the government, at long last, and a £3 million fund has been set up to help UK nationals resident in the rest of the EU with residence formalities.

The scheme can be used by anyone, but is aimed primarily at those who might find themselves less able to deal with it all alone, such as pensioners, disabled people, those living in remote areas and those who require help with translation. The scheme will be carried out by volunteer organisations and charities.

As the BBC writes, Dominic Raab wants to help UK nationals ''get ready for Brexit, whatever the circumstances''.

Make sure to stay up to date with our dedicated politics page for more on Brexit and what it means for you.

Click here to find out how to register as a British/EU citizen before the end of October and get a registration certificate and/or a residence card, if you have not yet done so.