Thursday, 25 February 2021

Bookings for Dubrovnik Explode after Boris Johnson's Plan to Ease Lockdown

February 25, 2021 - Bookings for Dubrovnik explode after Boris Johnson's plan to end restrictions by June 21. 

Jutarnji List reports that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that England is finally moving towards easing measures had a tremendous effect on tourism. According to British and world media, the world's largest travel company TUI recorded an increase in bookings from the British market by as much as 600 percent compared to previous days. Good numbers are coming from other companies.

EasyJet, for example, says that demands from the British market have tripled, and Thomas Cook is recording a 75 percent increase in traffic from the British market.

British interest in travel has also found Croatia, especially Dubrovnik, which is very much looking forward to welcoming Brits on holiday this year.

As Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković confirmed for Jutarnji List, booking from the British market increased immediately after Johnson's announcement that England plans to implement the measures in four phases, with the ultimate goal of abolishing all measures by June 21.

"Of course, immediately after that announcement, we felt the effect. Dubrovnik hoteliers have confirmed an increase in bookings from the British market in the amount of 30 to 40 percent compared to previous days, which makes us especially happy. These bookings mostly refer to the summer season, but hoteliers are hoping for a good September and October, especially with regard to vaccinations," Franković said.

According to foreign media reports, most Britons eagerly awaiting travel this year will, logically, opt for their traditional markets - Greece, Spain, Turkey, but Portugal and Italy will also benefit, according to Skyscanner, which on the day of Johnson's announcement saw growth in bookings of more than 100 percent compared to the day before.

Good announcements from the British market come just ten days after TUI UK announced that it would re-launch 15 lines to Croatia from May to three airports, Pula, Dubrovnik, and Split. There will be five direct daily lines from five UK cities to Pula from May to October, eight daily lines from eight UK cities to Dubrovnik, and two daily lines to Split. 

The return of TUI UK is good news for domestic tourism after traffic between these two markets was suspended last year, so in the 2021 season, if the epidemiological situation does not worsen, higher numbers of British tourists are expected than last year.

In the 2020 season, namely, only 127,129 Britons were recorded in Croatia, of which they achieved 685,000 overnight stays, only 14.8 percent of the year before.

In 2019, 898,000 Britons stayed in Croatia, recording 4.6 million overnight stays.

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Friday, 31 July 2020

Dubrovnik Mayor Writes to Boris Johnson: We Need British Tourists

July 31, 2020 - After British media announced that a two-week quarantine could be introduced for tourists returning from Croatia, Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him to look at Croatia by region, and not as a whole, when making a decision. reports that in a letter to the British Prime Minister, Mayor Frankovic reminded that the British are traditionally the most numerous guests in Dubrovnik and that a relationship based on friendship has been developed for decades.

"I know that you are well acquainted with this part of Croatia, and that is one of the reasons why I am addressing you personally.

The total number of positive COVID-19 cases from the area of the city of Dubrovnik is three, and currently, over eight thousand tourists are in our city.

We are making every effort at all levels to maintain a favorable epidemiological picture and provide all our guests with a pleasant and safe stay," reads Frankovic's letter to Johnson.

Franković pointed out that Dubrovnik is one of the safest European destinations for travel with detailed protocols in all situations, including procedures if the number of infected people starts to grow.

"Taking all the above into account and respecting the fact that Dubrovnik tourism depends on the United Kingdom market, I ask you to look at Croatia and its regions when making decisions, and not just as a whole," concluded Frankovic.

Frankovic also sent a letter to Prime Minister Johnson to the Croatian Embassy in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom Embassy in Croatia.

According to British media reports, Croatia, along with Belgium and Luxembourg, could join Spain, for which a two-week quarantine was imposed last weekend.

British authorities are currently keeping a very close eye on the jump in the number of infected people in Belgium, Luxembourg and Croatia. This could deliver a major shock to the Croatian economy, which was hanging onto making up for as many losses as possible during August. The British market is among the most important in all of Europe.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Plenković and Johnson Want to Strengthen Relations

ZAGREB, February 25, 2020 - Croatia and Great Britain wish to continue strengthening mutual relations and to increase trade as well as strengthen cooperation in the area of security and defence, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said after meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London on Monday.

"We agreed to continue strengthening relations in the economic sense, to increase the volume of trade and cooperation in the field of culture, and to strengthen cooperation in the area of defence and security because we continue to be partners and allies within NATO," Plenković told reporters in London.

This was the first meeting between the two prime ministers since Great Britain exited the European Union on January 31.

Plenković invited Johnson to visit Croatia and he "who accepted the invitation with pleasure and now we just need to define a time."

In addition to bilateral relations, the two prime ministers discussed future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom.

Plenković said that during Croatia's presidency of the Council of the EU, a mandate for negotiations will be determined and that the EU's main negotiator will be Michel Barnier.

"Croatia's position is very clear. We wish the continuation of contractual, regulated relations, from the economy and trade to the foreign policy, security and defence," said Plenković.

"It would be good that, in that way, we secure predictability for enterprises and for citizens' rights. We are prepared for all scenarios, even if an agreement on contractual relations is not reached. As far as trade relations are concerned, they would be conducted based on the World Trade Organisation's rules, and as far as citizens' rights are concerned, we have adopted the relevant laws that regulate the status of a little more than 650 British citizens in Croatia, and we are also taking account of the ten thousand of our citizens who live in the United Kingdom," added Plenković.

Before meeting with Prime Minister Johnson, Plenković attended a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development investment summit for the Western Balkans.

"It is very important for the Croatian public to recognise that we have put our southeast neighbourhood high on the agenda of EU institutions," Plenković said, noting that now several member states are organising meetings with representatives of the six Western Balkan countries that will be held ahead of the Zagreb Summit in May.

"At the Zagreb summit we wish to adopt a new political narrative on the enlargement policy and the European prospects of our neighbouring countries for the next decade. Then for the European Commission to prepare an investment package that will enable economic development in those countries so we can see how they can be included in the Green Deal policy proposed by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. We also want those meetings to become regular after the Zagreb Summit, about every second year and not 15 years as was the case until recently," added Plenković.

He also underscored that he believes that a decision on opening accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania will be adopted before the Zagreb Summit.

"They are representatives of various investors who manage funds, who are familiar with Croatia and have previously reacted positively whenever Croatia issued sovereign bonds. During our term in office we have achieved a big step forward. We have a healthy and continuous growth of GDP. We are heading toward a balanced budget. We have been given investment rating by two rating agencies. Investors are interested in structural reforms, key priorities until the end of our term in government and plans for the future," said Plenković.

Asked about the situation with the coronavirus, he said that Croatia was acting very responsibly on the national plane and as the presiding country of the Council of the EU.

"We are exchanging information and following the developments in Italy. We will enhance preventative measures and checks and attempt to do everything in our power to protect Croatian citizens from the possible spreading of this epidemic, in agreement with Italy and other EU member states. All the institutions in Croatia that need to be, are engaged in this matter," concluded Plenković.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Previous Life of PM Boris Johnson: Brac Cycling Tourism Promoter

July 23, 2019 - Boris Johnson, the former champion of cycling tourism on Brac, is the new British Prime Minister. What does it mean for Brac-UK cycling relations?

So there we go. 

Love him or hate him the British Brexit Mad Cow Disease has delivered its verdict.

Boris Johnson is the new British Prime Minister, effective tomorrow. 

There are lots of people reflecting on Boris' colourful and varied career, and we thought we would add our own tribute. 

Being London Mayor or Foreign Secretary is all very well, but how about being a cycling ambassador for the island of Brac?

A role Boris played with distinction. 

And Brac is open for all, with or without politics. It is just a gorgeous island for cyclists, and those without a bike. 

Check out Boris on Brac in the video below. 

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Cycling in Croatia? Here is what you need to know