Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Heavy Rain Fills 11 Imotski Lakes To Almost Record Highs

January 20, 2021 – Famous for its Red and Blue lakes, there are in fact 11 Imotski lakes located around the Dalmatian hinterland city. Due to high rainfall, their rising water levels are nearing the highest point in living memory

Inaccessible without advance preparation and experience, visitors to the Red Lake in Imotski can only admire the spectacle from the upper edges. The lake is referred to as 'red' because of the red clay colour of the rock face which surrounds the water below. There's a challenge traditionally tasked to those brought here – see if you can throw a stone from the brim into the water. It's harder than it looks. The walls are steep and wide, the water a good long way below. Except for now. Like the water in all 11 Imotski lakes, the water level is currently at the highest point is has been for as long as anyone can remember. The height of the water in the Red lake alone exceeds 309 meters.

AnyConv.com__RedLakeCroatia.jpgImotski's Red Lake © Tieum512

Heavy rainfall over recent months is the cause for the high and rising water levels in the 11 Imotski Lakes. In December 2020, about 700 litres of rain per square metre was recorded in the area, practically filling all 11 Imotski lakes, as well as the river Vrljika.

High water levels are recorded in Galipovac Lake, Lokvičićko Lake (or Mamić Lake), Prološki lake and the Knezović lake. The water level in the Vrljica River is still high. Along with the picturesque Green Lake, named after the beautiful, icy turquoise green appearance of its water, the 11 Imotski lakes are an appealing topography for hikers, walkers and climbers to explore. Accurate data on the height of the water in Imotski's Blue and Red Lakes was recorded within the past few days.
imotle.jpgPhoto of Lokvičićka jezera, one of the 11 Imotski lakes, taken by Josipa Rimac Vlajčić and a team from the Imotski Mountaineering Society during a mid-January expedition © HPD Imotski Facebook

In the Blue lake – the one closest to Imotski centre and a popular summertime swimming and recreational site - the current water level is at 91.5 metres. It is still rising. Whether the water level will reach the record 102 metres recorded in 2012 will depend on rainfall within the region over coming days. Rains do not necessarily have to fall in Imotski to fill this or some of the other 11 Imotski lakes – they are fed by underground channels which flow from Bosnia.

Reporting on the rising water in Slobodna Dalmacija, local photographer and writer Braco Cosic informed that Imotski-based surveyor Ante Škeva had measured the current water level of Red Lake as a quite considerable 309 metres on Tuesday. If there was ever a time to take on the challenge of hitting its water surface with a stone, it is surely now.

Monday, 21 September 2020

VIDEO: Football Match Played at Bottom of Blue Lake in Imotski for 15th Time

September 21, 2020 - The bottom of the Blue Lake in Imotski dried up at the end of August, which could only mean one thing - the traditional football match between the Vilenjaci (Elves) and Vukodlaci (Werewolves).

An Imotski tradition that has been held 15 times is a football match between the Elves and the Werewolves, played on the muddy bottom of the Blue Lake. While this spectacle is unique because of the makeshift football pitch, it is also special because there are no rules, and the result is always a draw, reports Dalmatinski Portal.

"It is a rivalry between those on the north and those on the east side of the lake. We Werewolves are charming people who would go to the other side of the lake and spend nights with fairies. After that, we didn't want to be with our wives anymore, so the mothers-in-law came up with the idea of waiting for the full moon when the fairies bathe in the lake; they bought that water and gave it to their daughters-in-law to spray on their chests," says the legend of the Werewolves, Petar Mustapic.

When the rifle fired, the teams descended to the bottom of the lake—the Elves on one side, and Werewolves on the other. The Werewolves' descent is accompanied by shouts and drums while they are greeted by the Elves with music and applause at the bottom. After presenting the teams, the mayor leads the kick-off.


Matches at the bottom of the Blue Lake have been played since the Second World War, and Sunday, this spectacle was held for the 15th time. Two halves of 30 minutes each are played, and the result is always a draw. Josko Mustapic explains why.

"If the hated enemy won, there would be blood up to the knees, so this way, we both win," he said.

Although they have no rules, that is no reason not to have a referee. And his job is particularly special - he hands out yellow cards that clearly say, 'Ne seri' and red cards that say, 'Ne pizdi.'

The role of the referee was taken over by Postenjak, and for this occasion, they even had VAR.

The last time the game was played at the bottom of the Blue Lake was in 2017.

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Most Bizarre Football Match Ever Held at Bottom of Blue Lake in Imotski

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, the bottom of the Blue Lake in Imotski held one of the most bizarre football spectacles ever.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Imo-Adventure Back After 8 Years

After eight years, Imo-adventure returns to Imotski! This year on September 10, a new beginning will mark one of the best one-day adventure races in Croatia.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Quality of the Blue Lake Water: Excellent for Bathing!!

The results from the first quality check of the season at the Blue Lake in Imotski are out. The samples were taken on Monday June 15, 2015 on these locations:

Beach at the Jezeranska part "A"

Beach at the Jezeranska part "B"

Area "Skakala"

Area up to the "cove"

The water temperature was 21 ºC and the results are: excellent for bathing.


Happy swimming and bathing everyone!! Enjoy the beautiful Blue Lake in Imotski.