Saturday, 9 October 2021

Blockademia: Croatian Solution to Fake Certificates and Diplomas

October the 9th, 2021 - A new Croatian crypto startup called Blockademia aims to solve the problem of fake certificates and diplomas, which is both morbidly ironic and innovative given that there are so many circulating in this country.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, one of the 46 cities around the world where the global Cardano summit was recently held was Zagreb, where the new Croatian crypto startup Blockademia was presented.

Blockademia's eponymous application (app) uses Cardano technology and provides a decentralised system for document authentication. As they explained, Blockademia ensures permanent, unchangeable and secure storage of proof of authenticity of any issued document and enables the simple and fast verification of the authenticity of all kinds of documents, diplomas, certificates and others.

They have been preparing their project for the last year, and now, according to director Marin Kramaric, the time has come to involve the public.

"Over more recent years, we've witnessed the growing abuse of fake diplomas at various levels in society, in our country and in the rest of the world. So, I think Blockademia is coming out at the perfect time and the interest will be great. We already have excellent feedback and interest exists, as this Blockchain component guarantees complete transparency and security where it's impossible to make a change once the data is entered. Blockademia's system solves the challenge of transparency and authenticity at all levels, and is applied not only for the authenticity of diplomas and certificates, but also for other documents such as contracts, video and audio recordings, source codes...

Everything we get in binary form can be recorded and written down in a blockchain, and later provide users with quick and easy access from anywhere in the world at any time. We chose Cardano as the first blockchain developed with an academic approach, and today it's positioned as one of the top three blockchains offering the highest level of decentralisation, security, sufficient speed and relatively low transaction costs,'' explained Kramaric.

After Revut, Blockademia is the second Croatian startup to sell tokens using Cardano blockchain technology. Their clients consist of institutions, laboratories, various companies and state and city administration bodies which issue documents that need to be protected from forgery.

"We're starting, of course, first locally, but we're soon planning for global expansion through a network of franchises. Our plans by the end of this year are to successfully complete the Private & Community Sale, and further hire and strengthen the team that will complete the project next year, and further contract the franchise model to have a franchise network in the world and customers from all areas over the next eighteen months. We have four models of the Blockademia system, which means everyone can find themselves in it. In the first two quarters of next year, we plan to complete the Blockademia application and test it with the first users. In the third quarter, we plan to complete the web and mobile application for verification and, we'd say in the last quarter of next year, we plan to be in full production of the system,'' said Kramaric.

The ACI token is a native token on the Cardano blockchain and will be used as a utility token by which all actions within the Blockademia application will take place. At the beginning of October, the first round of private sales of ACI tokens began, which will be followed by the first round of public sales on November the 15th, the second round on November the 22nd and the last round of community sales on November the 29th, which will then last until December the 6th this year.

''I must mention that this is primarily a community offer, and ACI tokens can only be obtained by replacing the ADA (native Cardano currency) with ACI. After completing all rounds of the token sale, we'll start with the development and integration of the platform itself. Big plans also require big investments. We're raising the funds so that we can realise all this in a year, the majority of which goes to franchise development around the world, as well as support and marketing. We have very good interest as well as the first potential users to test the system, and franchisors. There are always investors for good projects,'' noted Kramaric, whose team consists of 18 employees of various profiles; the base consists of IT and blockchain experts, in addition to marketing, finance, legal department, human resources and other departments.

After the token sale, when more intensive development and global implementation of the system start, further employment is expected, and Kramaric believes that blockchain technology is well accepted here in Croatia, who says that Blockademia's overall goal is to shape the world with truth

“Blockchain is actually an IT network, spread over thousands of mutually independent computers around the world, that is protected by strong encryption and other technologies. Once recorded, the data on the blockchain is permanent, publicly available and unchangeable, because no person or organisation has the ability to delete/change this data,'' he stated.

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