Thursday, 24 November 2022

Zagreb IT Company BISS Developing New AI Solution - Reverse 112

November the 24th, 2022 - The Zagreb IT company BISS, which works with artificial intelligence (AI) is currently working on a very innovative new solution which could see their revenues shoot up over the next year.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, the Zagreb IT company BISS is known for developing solutions based on AI, which make doing all kinds of business much easier for clients. They're mostly oriented towards the development of platforms in the field of delivery and public safety, and with this brand new solution they are currently developing, they are within reach of concluding a deal that should result in an increase in income of as much as one hundred percent in the next year alone.

"We've been developing this solution for several months now and have already demonstrated it in front of some of our clients. We're now waiting for the implementation of the contract,'' is all that Aleksandar Radovan, the director of development of the Zagreb IT company BISS, could reveal at this moment in time. What can be said is that this regards a solution that will change the public warning system, that is, automate it. They called it Reverse 112, and they have already made a proof of concept.

"The system is designed to work through public surveillance cameras. If you upgrade them by taking pictures from these cameras, you can detect various risky situations, such as car accidents, fires, floods, the gathering of too many people in too small a space and so on. The system automatically reacts and sends notifications to the services in charge of public safety,'' explains Radovan. In addition, this new system could be integrated with telecommunications operators and thus send notifications to all people, warning them of a certain disaster and giving them instructions on how to behave.

"When we had the coronavirus pandemic and the earthquake at the same time, people were sent conflicting information. Some people were told to go out into the streets, and others were instructed to stay inside. People were confused. With this system, which is centralised and authorised by the 112 service, people would receive a clear message and would know exactly how to behave. Thanks to Reverse 112, you wouldn't have to call 112, it would call you," explains Radovan.

He adds that the system, based on AI, virtual reality and autonomous security, is so advanced that it can detect, based on roaming data, whether or not the recipient is a foreigner and then send a warning message to them in their own language.

"Artificial intelligence was tried to be developed 50 years ago, but then the technology wasn't at a level that would enable its efficient use. Today we have the technology and huge amounts of data. Today, artificial intelligence can truly and efficiently solve many problems and bring automation to boring and repetitive jobs," said the director of the Zagreb IT company BISS.

Even their biggest client, the well-known company DPD, was skeptical of their Aimago solution, a package delivery management system.

"In the beginning, the solution was abstract to them, but when we showed them how it worked and what advantages it brings, they soon accepted it," Radovan points out. Not only did they accept it, but they asked that the software of this Zagreb development company, which employs 70 people, be continuously upgraded.

"We're currently improving its functionality so that it will be able to distinguish company packages from those of physical persons," says Radovan, adding that the goal of the system is to detect incorrect or wrong addresses in order to optimise delivery and reduce costs. Differentiating the packages of companies from individuals is important to DPD because they still have different contracts with companies, but they often have a larger amount of packages. Ultimately, all this data contributes to the better organisation of work, and then to greater savings.

DPD is currently the Zagreb IT company BISS's largest client of all, with which they have been successfully cooperating for a decade now, and thanks to which they generate 50 percent of their revenue on foreign markets. This share could also increase due to large projects in the field of public safety.

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Sunday, 21 March 2021

Zagreb Software Company Develops Motorway Traffic Reporting Solution

March the 21st, 2021 - One Zagreb software company has developed an innovative solution for the reporting of traffic and crowding on motorways.

As Novac/Bernard Ivezic writes, after Greece, Italy, Romania, the Netherlands and Lithuania, Croatia, like all other EU member states, will have to introduce the EU-Alert system in the next year. So far, sirens have been informing drivers on the country's motorways about sudden dangers and issues, and now they will send out SMS/text messages.

The Zagreb software company BISS, which also develops solutions for predicting motorway congestion and advanced mobile identification, has already developed its own IT solution for EU-Alert.

Aleksander Radovan, the development director of the aforementioned Zagreb software company, says that by developing technology that could be used in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, they came up with a solution they call "SMS alerts".

''This is a service by which people in a certain area, if there are problems, are sent out a targeted SMS/text message notification that something is going on, and this will soon become an obligation at the European Union level,'' explained Radovan.

He added that those who haven't heard the sirens for whatever reason will also receive the SMS notification. Such a notification, we learn, doesn't necessarily have to arrive via SMS, but other widespread communication systems can be used to send it, such as sending a message via messaging/calling apps like WhatsApp and Viber. Radovan stated that thanks to their own development of new products, they have further accelerated revenue growth. He estimated that last year, this Zagreb software company increased its revenue by 40 percent compared to what they earned back in pre-pandemic 2019, and in 2021, he expects the same dynamics of revenue growth.

''We work mainly for foreign clients and we have software products that make delivery and crisis management more efficient, and that's what is currently most in demand,'' explained Radovan.

As a result, this Zagreb sofrware company increased its staff from 15 to 40 last year despite economic woes and entered the artificial intelligence (AI) segment. The new project they're working on is the development of advanced mobile device identification, which would confirm a user's identity on their mobile phone and then allow them to use it as the ultimate identification device. BISS is developing this technology together with Hrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telecom) and Sedam IT.

This Zagreb software company is already testing another, its own, new product on Croatia's motorways. It is software that predicts downtime and accidents. It does this by collecting data on the road conditions, weather forecasts, information from road management companies and monitoring the movement of mobile phones and vehicles connected to the internet. Based on this, it can reduce crowds in the peak tourist season when things become very busy.

''Currently, the majority of our income comes from a solution for the anonymisation of data in accordance with GDPR and a system that provides accurate addresses on shipments,'' concluded Radovan.

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