Tuesday, 9 March 2021

2020 Sees Drop in Marriages, Rise in Life Partnerships in Croatia

ZAGREB, 9 March, 2021 - A total of 36,257 births were registered in Croatia in 2020 as against 36,553 in 2019, the Večernji List daily said on Tuesday, quoting data from the Justice and Public Administration Ministry.

In 2020 there were 15,163 marriages, of which 6,497 took place in a religious ceremony and 8,666 in a civil ceremony. This is as many as 4,779 fewer marriages than in 2019. Last year also saw 66 life partnerships between persons of the same sex, an increase of 47 life partnerships compared to 2019. Most life partnerships were registered in Zagreb and in Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Istria counties.

A total of 59,814 persons died in 2020, an increase from 54,050 deaths in 2019.

On 31 December 2020, there were 4,610,461 voters on the electoral register, of whom 3,709,444 lived in Croatia and 901,017 abroad.

Most out-of-country voters were from Bosnia and Herzegovina (322,298), followed by Germany (118,587) and Serbia (115,492).

The citizenship of 178,867 voters was not known.

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Monday, 10 August 2020

Number of Births Higher Than Number of Deaths in Only Ten Towns

ZAGREB, Aug 10, 2020 - The number of births in 2019 was higher than the number of deaths in only ten out of 128 towns in Croatia, says the Monday issue of Jutarnji List daily.

Figures provided by the national statistical office show that the number of births was higher than the number of deaths in Opuzen, Imotski, Kastela, Novigrad/Cittanova, Zapresic, Cakovec, Korcula, Solin, Pazin and Metkovic. Among those communities, only one is a bigger town, Cakovec.

As for county capitals, the most negative demographic trends were recorded in Vukovar, where last year only 194 children were born while the number of deaths was 405.

Zadar fares the best, having almost the same number of births and deaths, 686 and 705 respectively.

There were no new births in four communities - Ervenik and Kijevo in Sibenik-Knin County, Sucuraj in Split-Dalmatia County, and Ribnik in Karlovac County.

Collective data shows that 36,135 children were born in Croatia in 2019 - the lowest number since 1900, when demographic record-keeping started, while 51,784 people died.

Not counting emigration, Croatia's population in 2019 shrank by the size of a town like Porec.

The vitality index, which shows the number of births per 100 deaths, is 69.8 in Croatia. Not one county had a vitality index exceeding 100.

The number of births has been decreasing steadily since the mid-1990s while the number of deaths has been more or less stagnating.

Preliminary data for 2020 warn that the negative trends will continue - in the first six month of this year there were 150 fewer births than in the same period last year, the daily says.